GH Update Tuesday 12/9/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/9/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Ned and Olivia were at the Quartermaine mansion watching a 3D movie. Olivia thanked Ned for convincing her to watch the movie there, instead of on her flat screen. Ned thanked Olivia for distracting him from his troubles with Alexis. He confided his fear that he and Alexis were over. They went back to watching the movie, and Olivia squealed and clung to Ned. He was startled, since Olivia had seen the movie multiple times. Olivia claimed that the 3D made the movie more life-like. Ned sensed that Olivia wanted to tell him something, and he encouraged her to open up. Olivia was gathering up the nerve to confess her feelings, when Alexis walked in. Olivia was going to leave, but Ned insisted that she stay and finish the movie, so she excused herself and went to make more popcorn. Alexis explained that she was there to apologize and admit that Ned had been right to call her out on Thanksgiving. Ned apologized for being overly defensive about his dad, and he explained that he was worried because Larry was still missing. Alexis confessed that she defended Julian because she didn't want to feel like she'd been foolish enough to fall for someone who had no redeeming qualities.

When Jake came home, Elizabeth noticed that he seemed exhausted, and she checked his pulse. Liz declared that he was showing signs of overexertion, and she asked if something happened while he was out. Jake replied that he couldn't tell her because he didn't want her to get upset. He also minimized his symptoms. Jake's behavior reminded Liz of Jason's reluctance to admit when he was hurt. Liz sent Jake upstairs to take a shower, while she got him dinner. Later, he came downstairs and they watched the news. A bystander had taken cell phone video of the standoff at the station. Liz was unnerved by the footage, but Jake was unemotional. Liz wondered how Sam got involved. Jake pointed out that Sam had no choice. Liz was shaken when she heard that Faison, not Ric, was the Jerome boss. Liz explained that she'd been reconnecting with Ric, and she'd backed off when he'd been arrested. Liz had changed her mind and decided to stand by Ric but he'd been killed, in an escape attempt, before she got the chance to tell him. She was guilt-ridden and wondered if Ric would be alive if he'd known she believed in him. Jake comforted her.

Maxie was at Kelly's preparing for Georgie's custody hearing. Alexis came in and asked if Maxie had seen Molly. Maxie hadn't. She asked Alexis if something was wrong. Alexis recalled being told that Ric was alive, but she didn't tell Maxie. Alexis left to check the library. Maxie was concerned because Nathan hadn't texted her back yet. Patrick arrived. He sat down and told Maxie he had a fight with Sam. Maxie was curious about the argument, but Patrick dodged the question and asked what Maxie was doing. Maxie filled him in about her hearing next week. She thought her chances were good, as long as she stayed away from Nathan.

Alexis made it clear that what Julian had done to Ric had been indefensible. She felt guilty for believing Julian over her own daughter. She didn't think Molly would forgive her, but Ned assured her that Molly would come around. Ned hoped Molly could find some comfort in Ric getting his name cleared after his death. Alexis confided that Ric was still alive, but Molly didn't know because she'd been avoiding Alexis. Alexis didn't think the truth would do much to help her relationship with Molly, but Ned offered some encouraging words. Alexis admitted that she was looking forward to seeing what happened next for her and Ned. Olivia returned, just in time to see Alexis and Ned kiss. Alexis left, and Ned asked Olivia what she'd been planning to tell him. Olivia explained that she was going to suggest spending New Years together, since neither of them had a date, but that wouldn't be necessary, now. Olivia claimed she was happy for Ned and Alexis. Ned offered to help Olivia find a date, and she bristled because she didn't want to be pitied. Ned told her she meant a lot to him, and that she was due for some happiness. Ned assured Olivia that the right guy was out there, for her. Olivia felt uncomfortable, so she put the movie back on and discreetly wiped away a tear.

Dante and Anna were on the pier looking for signs of Faison, because Anna predicted that Faison would try to avoid the roadblocks and escape into international waters. They heard a noise and rounded the corner and confronted the person. It was Jordan. Jordan had made the same assumption Anna did, and she'd arrived on the waterfront, just in time to see the boat speeding away. Anna received an update by phone – the boat Faison boarded had been abandoned, and a helicopter had been seen in the area. Dante asked what the next move was. Anna wasn't sure, so she told Dante to go check Nathan and told Jordan that the two of them would contact the Feds for help. Dante left. Jordan was frustrated that her eight month long investigation ended with Faison escaping from custody. She predicted that her boss would be furious. Just then, Jordan's boss, Bob arrived. He took Jordan to task for not supervising Faison's transfer. Anna clarified that that wasn't Jordan's responsibility. Bob noted that not only had Jordan failed to find out who the Jerome boss was, she'd also covered up the Jerome siblings' crimes. Jordan argued that she'd been forced to make judgment calls and that she'd put this assignment ahead of her own life. Bob concluded that Jordan hadn't been ready to handle this assignment, and he fired her. Jordan reminded Bob that she'd spent two years building a cover. Bob pointed out that Jordan had been involved with street pushers, not in organized crime. Anna defended Jordan, and Bob told Anna that her word didn't carry much weight anymore, due to what Anna did to Faison and the way she dragged Ric through the mud. Anna conceded that Ric and his family's ordeal had been unfortunate, but she felt that it was a necessary evil. She added that she was making arrangements to bring Ric home. Bob revealed that there was something about Ric that Anna didn't know. He told Anna that she was being kept out of the loop because people didn't trust her. Anna urged Bob to tell her what was going on. He did, and he blamed Anna for screwing up. Anna stood by her choices. Bob left, after warning the women that they'd be hearing from him again.

TJ was also at Kelly's, in the back, when Molly came in and surprised him. Molly was annoyed about Alexis's numerous attempts to contact her. TJ pointed out that Alexis didn't kill Ric, and he encouraged Molly to forgive her. Molly countered that TJ hadn't forgiven Jordan, even though she didn't kill TJ's dad. TJ felt conflicted; he knew Shawn had only been defending himself, but he felt that Tommy would never have snapped if it weren't for Shawn and Jordan's affair. Molly asked if he'd seen Shawn and Jordan. Shawn had kept his distance, which TJ appreciated, but Jordan had kept calling and telling TJ that there were things he didn't know. Later, Molly showed TJ a blog post she'd written about Ric. Molly knew that Julian, the man who framed Ric, would never print her article, so she planned to publish it online. Alexis walked in. Alexis was about to tell Molly Ric was alive, when Anna called and revealed that Ric was missing.

Two officers helped Nathan walk into GH. They explained that they didn't have time to wait for an ambulance. Nathan was placed on a stretcher and rushed into a room. He had a gunshot wound to the upper chest. Obrecht was already prepped for Nathan's arrival. She ordered everyone out of the way and began to tend to her son, who murmured Maxie's name. Meanwhile, Sam and Lulu tried to get details on Nathan's condition. Sam told the nurse that she was Nathan's cousin, but she was informed that they couldn't answer her questions unless she was immediate family. Sam felt like she was to blame for Nathan getting shot, but Lulu assured her that this wasn't true. Lulu thought that the gunman had made a lucky shot, but Sam was certain that the gunman was very experienced.

Lulu received a text from Maxie asking if she'd heard from Nathan. Lulu fretted about whether or not to tell Maxie what happened; she knew that Maxie would disregard the judge's orders and come see Nathan. Sam believed that Maxie had the right to know. Lulu took Sam's advice and called Maxie. Dante arrived and hugged Lulu. Obrecht exited the cubicle and told the group that Nathan would be fine, thanks to her. Dante wanted to see Nathan, but Obrecht insisted that he needed to rest. She told Dante to focus on finding the gunman. Dante assumed that the gunman had escaped on the boat along with Faison. Dante implied that Obrecht was involved in Faison's escape. Obrecht was disgusted that Dante would accuse her of having something to do with hurting her son.

Maxie brought Patrick up to speed, as she gathered her things and prepared to go to the hospital. Patrick reminded her that she wasn't allowed around Nathan. Maxie insisted on being there for Nathan, because she knew he'd be there for her if the tables were turned. Patrick didn't argue. He followed her out the door. They arrived at GH, and Maxie was told that Nathan couldn't have visitors. She ignored that and barreled into his cubicle. Obrecht followed and told Maxie to leave. Nathan made it clear that he wanted to see Maxie, so Obrecht relented and told Maxie she could stay for a few minutes. Obrecht told Nathan she was proud of him and she gently told him not to scare her like that again, then she winked at Maxie and left.

Maxie scolded Nathan for not ducking. Nathan chuckled and told her he didn't get shot on purpose. Nathan tried to persuade Maxie to leave before someone saw her and alerted Judge Walters. Maxie refused to go anywhere; she explained that she once dated someone who was shot and killed, and she was adamant that this was where she needed to be.

Dante asked Sam if she was hurt. Patrick was concerned when he realized Sam had been involved, and he urged her to get checked out. Sam insisted that she was fine, and she tried to give Patrick the brush off. Patrick didn't want to leave Sam, but Sam said that she wanted to be alone. Patrick assured Sam that he still cared about her, and he left. Dante told Sam he needed her statement. Sam vowed to find the gunman who helped Jason's killer escape.

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