GH Update Monday 12/8/14

General Hospital Update Monday 12/8/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie is sitting alone at Kelly's hoping her phone will ring and very worried about Nathan. Lulu finds her and can see that she is lost in thought and doesn’t even want to talk about sales. Maxie admits to Lulu that she is a bit worried about Nathan.

Sonny is at Pentonville when he runs into Johnny Zacchara whom has been out of sight and out of mind since he's been put in prison. Johnny greets him indicating he might have some score to settle with Sonny

Carly finds Patrick at Mac's bar and she can see that he has someone on his mind. She assumes he is thinking about Robin. But he clarifies to her that it's Sam on his mind. Carly is surprised, not having talked to Patrick a while and being unaware of his relationship with Sam.

Sam is crying while at the station watching as Anna and the cops take Cesar Faison into custody and get the van ready to transport him away. Having no clue that Jason is not dead nor Sam just learned about her husband, Anna takes her aside and promises Faison will pay for what he did to Jason. Little does she know the real reason why Sam is crying. As soon as Sam is alone, out of nowhere when she least expects it, an unidentified person wearing a ski mask comes up behind her, covers her mouth and takes her away without anyone knowing.

At Elizabeth's home, Nikolas gets on the phone and wastes no time to alert the authorities that his grandmother is on the loose again. They both realize they haven't a clue whether Helena will show her face on Spoon Island and know not to put anything past that woman.

When Obrecht takes Britt with her to the docks to meet Helena. Helena remarks that she's never before met Obrecht's daughter and is intrigued to see that she is the offspring that Obrecht had with Cesar Faison. Obrecht is anxiously awaiting her daughter's father and confident that he will escape police custody just as Helena has promised.

As they put Cesar Faison in the van, nobody is able to see the unseen person grabbing a hold of Sam and appearing like he is taking her somewhere. She does not make a sound and Anna is completely unaware. When Anna and all the cops are completely distracted and unaware, the guy observes and sees this as the perfect time to fire shots.

When Maxie informs Lulu about her fears regarding Nathan in Pentonville, Lulu makes jokes about how Nathan could have gotten arrested. Would it have been for “slaying the ladies with that body of his”. They both joke about how Lulu can see that a man besides her husband has a great physique and has motivated Dante to stay in shape. They both admit that they are concerned about their respective men doing their police work putting Cesar Faison away knowing how it might be easier said than done.

At Pentonville, Johnny tells Sonny that since he's been in this place, he has gotten his life together with Yoga, meditation and his “chi”. Sonny asks Johnny if he remembers that he murdered his own father. Johnny tells Sonny he knows that Sonny murdered his son's biological father. He remarks that Sonny did one right thing by making sure that Carly did not have to be locked up with him by helping Sonny get away with murder.

Carly is intrigued to find out that Patrick and Sam have gotten to be friends with the possibility of more than friends. She asks how that went and why that failed. He tells Carly it failed because he lied to Sam about Jason.

At the station, Dante and Nathan join Anna while nobody is the wiser about the guy who has grabbed Sam, as they all get ready to do the honors of delivering Cesar Faison to prison. Anna remarks to Nathan that it's odd that he has not heard from his mother given how “deeply devoted” Liesl Obrecht is to Cesar Faison. Nathan asks his boss if she thinks his mother might be up to something. Anna asks him if he does not suspect that as well.

On the docks, Helena assesses that she knows about the “would-be” relationship between her grandson and Obrecht's daughter. In response to that, Britt admits to Helene that the whole reason she is there and not still living with Nikolas is because she lied to him and ruined his trust. She admits to Helena that she betrayed Helena's grandson and he wants nothing more to do with her.

After Nikolas finds out from Elizabeth that Helena did not make her presence known to her but did talk to Jason. He admits he finds it very odd that Helena would make her presence known to Elizabeth's new friend whom Helena does not know. What would she want with a complete stranger?

At Pentonville, Johnny Zacchara tells Sonny he's glad that Sonny stuck up for Carly because her biggest crime was sticking up for him. He remarks that throughout the time he was with Carly, he knew that he would never be as important to her as Sonny is. Johnny tells him it's true that he never rated as much to Carly nor to Connie and was always in the shadow of the great Sonny Corinthos.

When Helena finds out that Britt's scheme to win Nikolas involved using Spencer, Helena's great-grandson and heir to the renaissance, she firmly tells Britt that is not ok and will not go unpunished. Britt and Obrecht both protest that Spencer is fine and back at the Cassadine house. However, they hear a voice informing them “not anymore” and all turn to see Spencer carrying a back-pack looking like he's run away from his father's home.

When Nikolas talks to Elizabeth alone in her home while “Jake” is out, he admits to her that he has grave concerns about her letting this strange guy whom she knows nothing about stay in her house.

While the guy who's grabbed Sam sees Anna and the cops distracted after putting Faison in the van and it's ready to move, he fires shots. They see he has Sam and drop their weapons as he tells them they better do as he says as he moves to get into the driver's seat of the van which appears not to have moved yet.

At Pentonville, Johnny Zacchara sounds “sensitive” when he talks to Sonny about the life and death of Connie. He tells Sonny she was a good woman. He got to know her and cared about her and he believes she deserved better than what Ava Jerome did to her. He reveals that he knows about all the things Ava has done, including manipulating Morgan and about how she is now on the run after she just had her baby girl.. Sonny remarks that Johnny is well-informed for being a prisoner. He tells Sonny he has his connections and for what it's worth he's sorry that Sonny is cut off from his child the way he is now. Some inmates appearing much less “friendly” than Johnny come by and interrupt their conversation.

At the bar, Patrick reveals to Carly just what Sam found out that he lied to her about. He informs her for the first time, that Jason did not die on the pier as everything thought. His heart was still beating at that point and there was a chance, she now acknowledges although neither of them have a clue what really happened to Jason. Patrick still mistakenly believes, however, as he tells Carly, that Jason is no longer alive and died as Robin falsely told him. She admits she doesn't know what to think remembering that Jason was her best friend whom she told everything. He was her conscience and soul-mate. She becomes very upset to believe that Jason was still conscious and fighting to stay alive and all the while she could have done something but was there screwing around with Franco. She tells Patrick she somehow knew that Jason was gone but told herself it was only wishful thinking and let him go.

At the docks, when Spencer appears, Britt rushes to him and asks what he's doing there. He informs her he is not speaking to his dad and very angry with him and the reason is her. He informs Britt that his dad told him she is a bad person and they are better off without her but he knows that is not true so when his dad refused to take her back, he (Spencer) fled the island. Britt asks him just where he thinks he's going. He replies wherever the wind takes him which is hopefully to where she is staying with Brad and he tells her he promises to not be any trouble. He wants to have fun and have them both enjoy having him there. She then informs Spencer that she does not live with Brad anymore. She does not live anywhere. He tells her in that case, he will join the merchant marine and see the world. Hearing that, Helena tells her great-grandson over her dead body.

After Nikolas expresses his concerns about Elizabeth letting a man whom she knows nothing about stay with her, she reminds him that Jake/Jason could barely walk, got discharged from the hospital with no one to help him. He doesn't have a home or job, friends or family and doesn't even remember his name. Nikolas tells her that means she doesn't know anything about him either. He tells her he understands how Elizabeth has a huge heart and that is why he loves her but that gets her into trouble.

After hearing that Robin Scorpio-Drake saved Jason and kept him alive for a while and remembering her last conversation with Patrick's estranged wife, Carly informs Patrick that Robin told Carly if she knew what Robin was secretly doing, Carly would praise her. Carly admits that Robin was correct about that as she now knows. She would worship the person who gave Jason another chance and who might have given her another chance with Jason.

The “masked gunman” holds Sam hostage and demands that the cops give him what he wants. Sam tells them they cannot cave in on this guy and let Faison get away just to save her. Anna, Dante and Nathan surround him hold their guns on the guy hoping to prevent him from driving away in the van that is supposed to take Faison away. Yet he is not about to drop his weapon until he gets what he wants.

At Kelly's, Maxie and Lulu talk about Maxie's up and coming custody hearing and her fears that it might not go the way she wants. Lulu, however, assures her that Judge Walters will have to see what a great mother she is and she will have a new year with baby Georgie and have Nathan in her life.

The cops continue to surround the guy who has Sam and is clearly not afraid of them although he is out-numbered. They all remind him that he has nowhere to go and no options left but he fires a shot and hits Nathan who falls to the ground.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that he's a fine one to talk about her trusting someone. Jake is an “unknown quantity”, she tells him whereas Nikolas put his faith back in Britt when he knew she was trouble. He realizes he cannot answer when she asks him how he could let himself be taken in again by Britt.

When Spencer shows up at the docks, Britt attempts to talk to him and persuade him to reconcile and go back to his father. He then faces Helena and tells her he's not going to listen to her and she needs to stay out of his business. He does not seem at all afraid or intimidated by her and she asks him if his father has ever taught him any manners or how to speak to his elders. He turns to Britt and Obrecht and asks them: “Who is this broad?” Obrecht replies she is Helena Cassadine, his great-grandmother. He faces Helena and tells her his father said he'd know her by the snakes in her hair. She tells Spencer they only come out for naughty little boys who don't mind there manners and asks if he is one of those. She tells him she won't have him off on a steamer like a low life seeking his fortune so he needs to return home because he does not have a choice. Britt then tells Spencer his great-grandmother is right. He needs to return home because he needs to be with his family.

After the guy has shot Nathan and demands they give him the keys so he can drive the van that will transport Faison somewhere other than where they want, Anna decides they have no choice and tosses the van keys to him. He then gets in and drives away although Anna, Dante and all mobilized cops fire shots again and again as the van moves. Yet nothing happens. The van keeps moving without so much as shattered glass or flat tire no matter how many times they shoot at it.

Carly tells Patrick although she is devastated that he and Robin made the choice to not tell her or anyone that Jason was alive, she realizes they must have been threatened by Victor Cassadine and had no choice. He tells her, however, that Sam told him that he made the wrong choice by assuming he had to spare her feelings by not telling her and it was not his call to make. She tells Patrick he needs to know that he was being a friend to Sam and not to give up if he believes he has a future with Sam. He tells her that maybe Silas was a better man for Sam. Carly tells Patrick he knows what Jason meant to Sam and Sam knows what Robin meant to him. And if he and Sam are right for each other, Carly tells him, that is all Jason would want. She encourages Patrick not to give up. He asks if she means like she is not giving up on Sonny. Johnny stands by while they get ready to gang up on Sonny and beat him up.

On the docks, Britt urges Spencer to go and make up with his dad. When he tells her he doesn't want to, she reminds him he's the only dad Spencer's got, and, she informs him, she is leaving Port Charles. He asks her how she could do that if he does not mean anything to her. She tells him he means more to her that he will ever know as she tells him that even if she and his dad did not work out, one good thing came of it; she met him. She cries and tells Spencer that we all have to do things we don't want to do and she knows he will be strong and make it without her. She then remembers that he helped his dad pick out jewelry for her. She gives it to him although he tells her it's hers. She tells Spencer it's his and she wants him to give it to some lucky girl some day. He asks her if she promises to come back to him and she tells him yes.

As Lulu is encouraging Maxie to believe she will prevail in her custody hearing and with Nathan, he has been shot and the others are worried he will bleed out after they time they have spent trying to negotiate with the armed man. Anna demands he not get up while she tries to control the bleeding and Sam helps her.

Nikolas thanks Elizabeth for letting him go on and on about Britt and tells her he should go.

On the docks, Helena calls her contact and instructs them to tell her as soon as her great-grandson is safely back on Spoon Island. The masked gunman enters and coldly announces to the 3 women that he has “delivered their package” which is Cesar Faison. Obrecht rushes to Faison and smiles to see that he is free. The guy still wears his mask. Obrecht asks if this man who rescued Cesar will be accompanying them to provide security. Helena replies she has “other uses” for him while she takes him aside to the other room where the others cannot see or know who he is and she removes the mask. We see that it's the guy whom Elizabeth knows as Jake. Helena tells him he will follow his conditioning. She instructs him to remove the mask and clothes and change back into the clothes he had on before, return to Elizabeth, forget all that has happened and tell her he has been out spending the day looking for work, as he's told her. He says very little while she addresses him as “Mr. Morgan” tells him it's been a pleasure doing business with him and remarks she looks forward to his services in the future.

Faison asks Britt if she is coming with him and Obrecht. She tells him she's not certain and would like to say good-bye to Nathan. Faison then informs her that her brother has been shot by Helena's soldier who set him free and he's not certain Nathan will make it through the night. At that point, both Britt and her mom are worried and don't want to leave until they know that Nathan is alright.

Carly informs Patrick about Sonny's prison sentence and her near-brush with it until he cut a deal to prevent her from prison. Patrick tells her although he has no use for Sonny, he knows that she and Sonny will never be completely over each other.

At Pentonville, Johnny explains his motives to Sonny for why he does what he does while there. He tells him he cannot let anybody think that he's weak. At that point, Sonny attempts to fight the two guys but they manage to knock him down and assault him. Sonny does not want to appear afraid or like he's been hurt. He gets up from the ground, asking them if “that's all the got” although it looks like he's been injured as we see his face bloody with cuts and bruises. Johnny remarks to Sonny he bets he hasn't taken abuse like this since Deke and his belt. He reminds Sonny that if he says he's not beaten down by them yet, they still have time. He and his boys have nothing but time, he says as he smiles, laughs and smirks. He tells Sonny welcome to the rest of his life.

Carly tells Patrick she appreciates his optimism but Sonny is in prison and it's the end of her road with him. She tells him it doesn't have to be like that for him and Sam, however. They stand a chance at making it work, she tells him.

Sam puts pressure on Nathan's gunshot wound to control the bleeding. He is not worried but is losing consciousness. Lulu rushes to him and tells him he better be ok or Maxie will never forgive him.

Maxie is alone at Kelly's trying to stay calm but wonders why Nathan won't text her.

When Obrecht finds out her son has been shot by the soldier whom Helena hired, Helena assures her the guy told her it was not a “kill shot”. Obrecht does not trust her, however and demands to know how Helena could let her soldier endanger her son. Helena tells Obrecht that her son should not have interfered in Helena's soldier's plan. She reminds Obrecht that the main thing for her should be that Faison is free. She urges a hesitant Britt to come with them before she gets prosecuted but Britt tells her she cannot until she knows that her brother is ok. Obrecht urges her daughter to go with her father and she can stay back and find Nathan while Britt and Faison both escape and go on the lamb.

Lulu and Sam urge Nathan to stay awake and not go into shock while he's bleeding. Anna calls the paramedics. Dante returns and admits he tried and failed to prevent the guy from driving away with Faison. There is no sign of the vehicle or either of them, he tells her.

Faison seems very surprised to hear Obrecht tell him she cannot leave with him because her son has been hurt and she cannot leave him. He reminds her their daughter is there and they can finally be a family like she's always told him she's wanted. She tells him however that her son needs her. She gave him up once and cannot do it again. She tells Faison she's waited so long for him and knows she can wait longer. Helena tells them both they cannot linger, must say their good-byes and move out before it's too late. Britt cries. Obrecht goes to her daughter, smiles at her and tells her she loves her. They both cry and hug each other admitting that although they've had their issues, they love each other and are devastated to have to part. She turns to Faison and tells him he better take care of their daughter or he will answer to her. He tells her he wouldn't have it any other way and tells Obrecht he thanks her for never giving up on her. He promises they will see each other again when the time is right. Obrecht tearfully tears herself away from her daughter and her man. Faison walks to the boarding place and Britt follows him

Jason returns to Elizabeth as if nothing happened. She asks him how the “job search” went. He is silent.

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