GH Update Friday 12/5/14

General Hospital Update Friday 12/5/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

The man whom everyone now believes is the real Luke (now that Cesar Faison has been caught wearing the Luke mask) goes down to the basement unseen by everyone except for the real Luke (so far as we know so far this one is the real one who's been held in captivity all this while) who is tied to a chair, wearing the Miscavige clothes with duct tape over his mouth. The imposter removes the tape from his mouth and the real Luke warns him he can enjoy himself while he can since his time is running out. The imposter tells him that the PCPD has found the imposter who's stolen his identity. However, typically for them and unfortunately for Luke, they got the wrong man.

Anna goes to find Cesar Faison in the interrogation room and remarks how he seems to be very calm and not worried about his fate and she finds it odd since his situation does not look good for him. He remarks to her that just recently, it appeared he caused a little trouble for Dr. Drake and Mrs. Morgan.

Not far away, after their visit with Faison in the police interrogation room, Sam runs away from Patrick, shocked and furious to find out, for the first time, that he's known that Jason is in fact alive, yet has kept the secret from her until Faison confirmed it to them.. He urges her to wait and to talk to him. She demands to know if Faison is correct that Jason did not die on that pier over 2 years ago as everyone has believed all the while. Patrick does not deny it. He admits it's true that Jason did not die. She asks if that means that her husband is alive.

Helena finds “Jake” on the docks and he remembers Elizabeth telling him to beware of this woman. She tells him she finds it noteworthy that he is “active”. He asks what that is supposed to mean. He tells her he wants to know why she was at Elizabeth's house on Thanksgiving.

Nikolas appears on Elizabeth's doorstep and greets her. She's surprised to see him since it's been a while since they last spoke. He asks if he can come inside. She tells him she doesn't really have time to talk because she has to get to work. He tells her it won't take long. He just wanted to tell her she was right about Britt.... again.

Britt sits with her mom at Kelly's and asks Obrecht why it is she's telling her daughter she has a “feeling” that everything is going to be alright. She tells her mother she is happy for her but she is not in good spirits as she informs her mother that Nikolas is going to press charges against her and attempt to send her to prison for endangering Spencer.

Michael meets with a guy outside the Brownstone with the plan in blueprint for the AJ Quartermaine Clinic. He clarifies to the guy that he is not Mr. Corinthos. He's Mr. Quartermaine and informs him his father was AJ Quartermaine and not Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny in the weight room at Pentonville. He sits on a bench lost in thought while he remembers hearing Michael angrily declaring to him that he is not Michael's father. AJ was. He remembers telling Michael he needs to realize he raised him and did what he did for Michael's sake as Michael tells him it was not for his sake and Sonny used him as a pawn against AJ, Sonny did not care what he did to Michael and cost him his entire life with his father. And Michael adds the he will make him pay. Sonny notices a familiar inmate coming to confront him. It's Carlos Rivera, the innocent man who took the rap for the murder of AJ which Sonny committed and got away with until now. Carlos laughs to see that Sonny has now been brought to justice and relishes being able to intimidate and make him uncomfortable.

On the docks, Helena wants to “make nice” to Jake/Jason, aware that he has no memory of her and that she managed to leave before Elizabeth knew she was there when she entered the house on Thanksgiving Day. She tells him she realizes she did not introduce herself and is ready to shake his hand. He tells her he knows who she is. She's Helena Cassadine, who he now knows, is bad news.

Sabrina finds Michael outside of the Brownstone Building while he gets ready to put the plan into motion to build the AJ Center in honor of his deceased father. She asks if he has a minute. He asks what she wants. She tells him she owes him an apology.

At the Pentonville weight room, Sonny asks Carlos Rivera what he wants. Carlos asks Sonny if he still thinks he's the boss and reminds him of the night when he ordered Carlos to dig his own grave. Does Sonny remember that night, he asks? He reminds him he does. He remembers Sonny threatening to kill him in order to send a message to Julian but as it turned out, Sonny failed with that. He now knows that it was Sonny who killed AJ and who let Carlos go down for it.

It appears the real Luke only “knows” the imposter we see in front of him and has no clue about the Cesar Faison and the Luke mask. The “other” imposter tells Luke the person who wore the mask was not Larry Ashton as Luke mistakenly assumed. Yes, Larry “delivered” the mask for a very hefty fee. But the person to credit for wearing it and perfectly playing Luke was Cesar Faison. He declares that Cesar Faison is a valuable member of the team that includes himself (this fake Luke), Jerry Jacks, Larry Ashton and others. He knows about Faison's talent for making himself play other people. And now, Fluke tells Luke, Faison is “playing” the PCPD.

In the interrogation room, Anna demands to know about Helena Cassadine contacting him and intermittently visiting Luke at Miscavige, recently. What does Helena has to do with Faison's impersonating Luke the past few months?

On the docks, Jake/Jason tells Helena that Elizabeth told him enough about her. He declares to her that Elizabeth is a friend who helped him when he was in a desperate situation and had nowhere to go and no one to turn to. So, he says, she better listen when he tells her he won't let her do anything to hurt Elizabeth. Helena asks him what he would do to stop her. Jake/Jason replies whatever it takes. She tells him she's almost tempted to let him try and see him in action. However, she tells him, they have more pressing matters than Elizabeth. She looks at him and declares she is interested solely in him.

When Sam demands to know if Patrick has, in fact, heard that Jason is alive, he remembers hearing, when he last spoke to Robin, that Jason survived the gunshot and murder attempt from Faison, just as Faison confirmed to them. However, Robin informed him that she failed to save Jason while he was at Crichton Clark with her medical expertise (which was not true yet he's unaware of that). So, Patrick declares to Sam that Jason is no longer with us. He is not presently alive. Sam asks how Robin was involved in that. Patrick explains that his estranged wife did not leave to do humanitarian work in Africa as everyone first thought. Victor Cassadine forced her to do his unscrupulous research work for him and if Robin refused, Victor would let Jason die. She tried but failed to save Jason, Patrick explains, based upon what Robin last told him. Sam then demands to know when he first found out about this. Patrick admits it was when they went to Crichton Clark which was months ago, revealing that he kept this from her all this while. Sam furiously lashes out at him after learning this.

At Elizabeth's home, Nikolas fills her in on the most recent revelation about Britt and assures her he is done with Britt this time for good. She remembers when Spencer ran away months ago when they were all at the Lila's Kids Camp, how it appeared Britt saved the day and Nikolas got closer to her, they reconciled and later got back together and he and Elizabeth grew apart. When Elizabeth learns, for the first time about Britt's little secret plan with Spencer to manipulate and get her and Nikolas back by helping Spencer hide and worry his dad, Nikolas tells Elizabeth he knows she'd like to give him an “I told you so”. At first, she tells him she'd never gloat over anything so awful but later admits she would, in fact, like to tell him she told him so..

At Kelly's, Britt informs her mom that Nikolas intends to have her (Britt) prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and Anna will be thrilled to help him. Obrecht reminds her daughter she is not in police custody yet. She does not have to plead guilty. And she can leave and travel to a wonderful place with her mother and her father, Obrecht tells her as she smiles and sounds positive.

Faison informs Anna the last time he saw Helena Cassadine was when the two of them teamed up to get Lucky Spencer to do their bidding. She remembers that they brainwashed and forced something hideous upon Lucky. They both remember that he and Helena failed to program Lucky's mind the way they had hoped. He sounds calm and confident when he tells Anna that he “wonders” of Helena ever found a way to “master the technique”. He smirks at Anna knowing she hasn't a clue what he is talking about.

On the docks, Jake/Jason informs Helena that he didn't even know who she was until this morning. She tells him that he “did” in his “previous incarnation”. Hearing that, he is interested to find out he may have known her before the accident although she clarifies only briefly and that she was aware of his “formidable reputation”. She reveals to him that after his near death on the waterfront 2 years ago, she was able to revive him at the Crichton Clark facility, thanks to the efforts of his dear friend, Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake.

Sam pulls away from Patrick after hearing the startling revelation although he tells her she is not listening to him. Jason was already dead when he ran into Robin and found out that he did not die when everyone thought he did. She tells him that she was right there at Crichton Clark and he could have told her what he found out. Not long beforehand, she and Silas visited Crichton Clark. She could have done something if only she had known. He might have still been alive the earlier time. She could have been able to tell him Danny was his son as he never got to find out before he died. She cries and tells him she remembers that she and Jason finally worked everything out and were ready to be a family. But right after that happened, one morning she woke up and Jason was suddenly gone and he died. She never got a chance to say good bye or to be complete about the loss of her husband. She did not have a chance to at least go and hold Jason's hand and tell him she loved him. Patrick knew he was alive but did not tell her. He tells her he's sorry. She tells him sorry does not matter and demands to know why he did not tell her.

On the docks, after hearing Helena tell Jake/Jason about his friend Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake saving his life, he asks if Robin would be any relation to Patrick Drake. Helena replies yes. They were married. She chuckles as she tells Jake/Jason that not only was he Robin's patient. He was her greatest triumph. Helena comments that Robin was a “sour unpleasant little thing” but she was a brilliant scientist and doctor. He admits he does not remember Robin Scorpio-Drake. Realizing he doesn't remember anything. It's a likely possibility that Helena is merely taking advantage of that. She asks him if the name Jason Morgan sounds familiar to him. He replies yes. He's heard of Jason Morgan. She then reveals the bombshell to him that Jason Morgan is him.

At Pentonville, Sonny reminds Carlos Rivera it was Ava, and not himself who put Carlos up to taking the rap for the murder of AJ. Carlos tells him that he (Sonny) benefited from it when he (Carlos) was locked up. Sonny was out there free to look up at the stars, breath in the cool night air, make love to a woman. He reminds Sonny that he (himself) was picking bugs out of his food, staying up at nights listening to the rats climb the walls. He had to fight to stay alive. He asks Sonny if he ever once thought about him throughout that time. Sonny replies yes and he wondered why the hell Carlos would confess to AJ's murder. Carlos replies he did it for Sabrina. He did it for love.

Michael asks Sabrina what she has to apologize for. She replies that she got the idea that Ava killed AJ. She got that from a theory Carlos had but now realizes he was wrong. Michael tells her he realizes they both now know that Sonny shot AJ then hid behind Ava who forced Carlos to take the blame.

The “other” Fluke tells Luke how Faison was able to impersonate Luke long enough for Anna to arrest him. Luke asks why Faison, who's in enough trouble as it is, would risk further legal consequences just to play this other guy's sordid game. Fluke explains to Luke that his comrade and Luke's immortal nemesis, Helena Cassadine are seeing to that, as he smiles.

Jake/Jason tells Helena he knows it's not true that he is Jason Morgan. Elizabeth showed him a picture of Jason. He realizes, however, that he has a completely different face than he had before the accident and before the plastic surgery so it's entirely possible what she says is true. She reminds him that the accident was completely random. However, because of it, he has no memory or recollection of anything and no idea where his true loyalties lie. She tells him Jason Morgan has quite a striking story. A privileged son turns his back on his family and gets a job with a king pin and becomes a lethal assassin. He tells her he knows that Jason was married to Sam. Helena confirms yes. They should still be married, unless of course, Sam has declared him legally dead. He remembers Sam's son, Danny. She confirms that Danny is his son. He grows antsy and restless not knowing whether she is telling him the truth or not. She assures him she has no incentive to lie because Mr. Morgan is far too important to her. He then tells her he has to go and find Sam.

When Sam asks Patrick how he could not tell her that Jason was alive when he was, he replies that Victor threatened Robin. If Robin talked, Jason died. Sam reminds him she was Jason's wife. She and Patrick are friends and have trusted each other. He tells her he could not risk Victor finding out and did not want to give Sam false hope if Robin's research didn't work. She reminds him that Jason was her husband and she had a right to know. He tells her he wanted to tell her but noticed she was just starting to heal and was moving on with Silas so if he'd told her that Jason didn't die when she thought it did, it would have ripped her heart out and he didn't want to do that to her. She tells him he has no idea how she would react. He did not give her that choice. It was not his decision to make even if he believes he was doing the right thing. He tells her he's sorry and asks her if she can ever forgive him.

Michael asks Sabrina if she's heard when Carlos will get released. She tells him lawyers are working on it but it's complicated since although Carlos is innocent, he made false confessions. Michael tells her they cannot keep an innocent man in prison for a crime he did not commit and he tells Sabrina he did want to talk to her about something.

At Pentonville, Sonny is somewhat attentive when Carlos talks about his girl, Sabrina. Ava threatened to hurt Sabrina and her baby if he did not do what Ava wanted and then Sabrina was in the car accident where she lost her baby. Sonny concludes that Carlos obviously then assumed that Ava was responsible. He now knows that Ava did not cause the accident but was able to use it to her advantage. Sonny informs Carlos he knows all too well that Ava has committed murder. Carlos tells Sonny he knows she killed the woman Sonny loved, Connie Falconeri. Carlos smiles, laughs and tells Sonny that none of this matters to him anyway anymore because he's getting out of this hell hole today.

Sam cries while she assesses that she and Patrick have been working together on this case to find out who killed his son when all this time he knew about Jason. Although he tells her it's more complicated than that, she tells him it's pretty simple. He did not tell her about Jason being alive and then dying. Patrick again tells her he thought he was doing the right thing. She reminds Patrick that they were friends and she considered becoming more than friends with him. Now she knows that he knew this information that would alter her life yet did not tell her. What was he thinking? Was he playing God? Jason was alive and all she wanted was one more chance to tell him she loved him and she could have.

Before Jake/Jason gets up to leave after Helena has made her startling revelation to him, he asks her why he should trust her. If he's Jason Morgan, then how can she prove that? She replies a simple DNA test should suffice for that. He tells her if this is a lie to open up all the people in this guy's life to all that pain again, he promises he will make Helena pay. He gets up to leave but Helena tells him he needs to wait for one more thing. He needs to know that he works for her.

At Elizabeth's home, she tells Nikolas she is sorry for all that has happened. He mustn't beat himself up for trusting Britt again, Elizabeth tells him. It just turned out Britt was not who he thought. She then finds out that Nikolas is unaware that Helena is back in town. He admits he has not seen the paper with being pre-occupied with evicting Britt. Elizabeth pulls out the paper to show him the article of Attorney Alexis Davis sighting Helena.

Helena tells Jake/Jason that during his stay at the clinic, he was conditioned to take her orders. She was worried that the memory impairment might block the conditioning but it hadn't. She explains to him that throughout the time he's been away and has lost his memory, he has, and he will continue, to follow her every wish and every order as she controls his every move.. She tells him he has been selected because of his superb skills. He asks selected for what.

Faison seems pretty confident that he can similarly control and brainwash Anna. Yet she laughs reflecting that if he knew of a way to make her want him, he would have done that years ago. He tells her he did. She reminds him he tried and failed and no amount of torture or manipulation or lies he tells or people he kills will never going to make her love him. He tells her he knows it gives her power to believe that he is a slave of his love for her. She laughs and tells him what he feels for her is not love. It's an obsession. He tells her she needs to know that “the spell” is broken. She asks him what spell. He tells her when she put him in that pit, she turned herself into someone petty, mediocre and no longer of interest to him and he declares to Anna there is no longer any challenge to her. She's no longer worthy of his love and has lost her power.

When Obrecht happily tells Britt she may accompany her and Faison as they run away together, Britt reminds her that her mother's lover has been arrested. Anna has him in custody. He's not going anywhere except back to super max. It's all over for her mom and Romeo, she tells her. Obrecht smiles and tells her not true. Her sources tell her otherwise.

Helena explains to Jake/Jason that he was going to be a member of an elite division of the WSB. Her brother-in-law, Victor Cassadine was grooming him for the program but he under-estimated Jason. Victor did not think Jason had the will to escape the clinic. She doesn't know everything about Victor's plan and never will because Victor is dead. She declares to Jake/Jason that he now works for her and he has no choice or free will whatsoever. She adds however he need not let that trouble him because she has the deepest appreciation for his skills and intends to utilize them to the fullest. He asks her how. She tells him she has a job for him to do.

While the anonymous unidentified Fluke who has proven not to be Faison nor Larry Ashton tells the real Luke that he will pull off his plan in having everybody believing he is the real Luke, the real Luke asks him who he is. Fluke tells him he may test and find out for himself if this Fluke is wearing a mask. His face is real. He is Luke and Luke is him. So that leads them to the next question which is how did he do it. How did he get Luke's face?

Obrecht tells her daughter she is confident that Helena Cassadine will get Britt's father freed from jail. She wants them to be a family where they can pursue scientific endeavors by day and gather together for dinner at night in their happy home. Britt scoffs at that idea but Obrecht tells her she is offering her a way out of imprisonment asking her what there is left for her in Port Charles and what she has to lose.

Nikolas asks Elizabeth just what happened when Helena showed her face at the door. Elizabeth replies she does not know because she did not see Helena. Her new friend and house-mate, Jake did.

Helena tells Jake/Jason she will have further instructions for him. However, if he fails to do what she wants, he will forget about their meeting and forget that he is Jason Morgan. She tells him even if he says he does not remembering being Jason, he knows how to do his job and she knows just how to put their plan into motion.

Michael tells Sabrina he did want to talk to her about the clinic he his building in his father's memory. He wants to offer her a job that will not interfere with her present job since his clinic is affiliated with GH. She then informs him she no longer works at GH. She got fired for letting her need for revenge take over her principles and she did something terrible. She asks Michael not to let the same thing happen to him and she walks away.

At Pentonville, Carlos gloats to Sonny about how he's done his time and is now getting out and now Sonny is going to have lots of fun. He's been talking to lots of people who hate Sonny and are relishing being able to give him what he deserves.

Patrick tells Sam he realizes she has every right to be angry with him but he wants to at least take her home and make sure she is ok. She demands he goes away and leaves her alone. He walks away.

Obrecht takes Britt to the docks to meet with Helena who questions their plan to run away with her.

Sam watches, alone as Anna and the authorities take Faison away. Anna assures her he will pay for what he did to Jason. Sam thanks her. As soon as Sam is alone and unseen, somebody comes up behind her and covers her mouth.

Fluke continues to “riddle” Luke with no answer while he holds him captive bound and gagged in the basement.

Sabrina runs into Carlos and they happily re-unite while he tells her he is back and determined to recover everything he lost.

Sonny is alone in Pentonville remembering Carlos reminding him that people hate Sonny and are ready to give him what he deserves while he's on prison. Sonny sees another familiar inmate. It's Johnny Zacchara.

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