GH Update Thursday 12/4/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/4/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Faison was in an interrogation room. Anna entered the room and coolly told Faison that they were still waiting to hear from the DA about his case. Faison asked Anna if she was angry at him. Anna hissed that she despised him. Faison felt that he was the one who should be angry at Anna for unfairly imprisoning him. Anna was adamant that Faison deserved more. She wished Faison was dead because of all the things he'd done to her and her family. Anna wondered why Faison had put her through so much emotional torture. She told him that he never had her and he never would. Faison felt that he and Anna became alike the moment she put him in the pit. Anna disagreed, since she didn't resort to killing Faison. She vowed to follow the law from now on and send Faison to prison. Faison grabbed Anna's jacket and pulled her toward him. “You say that all the time, but it never happens,” he said. Anna shoved him off. She composed herself and noted that his lawyer hadn't arrived. Anna was curious who Faison called last night. Faison refused to say. Anna knew he didn't call Obrecht, since she'd been at the station when Faison was brought in. Faison called Obrecht his greatest champion, but Anna thought Obrecht's devotion was a pathetic obsession. Anna felt that Obrecht was nearly as guilty as Faison. Faison pointed out that Anna was guilty too. Anna explained that she did what she did because the justice system failed her. Faison thought that Anna only used the law when it suited her. Anna told Faison that he deserved to be punished for what he'd done to Robin. Faison thought that he rescued Robin from a stifling life in suburbia. Anna argued that Faison ruined Robin and made her unable to come back to her family. Faison thought it was Anna's job to fix her daughter. Anna yelled that she couldn't give Robin what Faison took from her or convince her to come home to her child. Anna felt that the only thing she could do was get Robin justice and make sure Faison never came near her again. Faison countered that Anna couldn't keep him from going to Paris to see Robin. Anna yelled that Faison was going to Steinmauer for life.

Sam and Patrick arrived, and Anna left them alone with Faison. Sam demanded to know why Faison killed Jason. Faison coolly replied that it was just business. Sam was outraged by Faison's lack of remorse, and she added that he probably didn't feel bad about killing Patrick's son, either. Faison had no idea what Sam was talking about. Patrick told him about the accident. Faison revealed that Victor arranged the accident because he didn't want Patrick to tell anyone what Robin was doing with Jason at Crichton Clark. Sam countered that Jason had never been at that clinic and that he'd been dead for two years. Patrick looked uncomfortable. Faison explained that he'd fished the unconscious Jason out of the water and taken him to the clinic. Sam accused Faison of lying. Faison told her to ask Patrick. Sam ran of the room, and Patrick raced after her and told her they needed to talk. Sam demanded to know if Faison was telling the truth. Patrick admitted that he was.

Obrecht wept on the pier. She was distraught because Faison had been captured just after he'd told her that he was over Anna and that he wanted to be with Obrecht. Helena walked over and offered Obrecht a black handkerchief. Obrecht was taken aback, because she didn't realize Victor had succeeded in resurrecting Helena. Helena noted that she never got the chance to thank Victor because Obrecht killed him. Obrecht nervously explained that she killed Victor to protect her son. She thought that Helena should understand the desire to protect family. Helena snapped that Victor was her family, then she chuckled and told the frightened Obrecht to calm down. Helena admitted that she was never very fond of Victor. According to Helena, Victor was no Mikkos or Faison. Obrecht mentioned that she and Faison had been planning to run away together, but now he was going to prison. Helena revealed that she planned to break Faison out of jail, as part of a master plan she was working on. Obrecht was overjoyed and said she had no idea how she'd ever thank Helena. Helena smiled and said she (Helena) would think of something.

Nikolas was staring out the window, looking deep in thought. Spencer came storming in and demanded to know where Britt was. Nik explained that he kicked Britt out for having Spencer run away. Spencer clarified that running away was his idea. Nik replied that Britt should never have gone along with it. Spencer pointed out that Britt had been there to comfort Nik, so that he'd fall in love with her again. Nik stated that it was wrong for Britt to manipulate him (Nik). He added that he could never be with anyone who'd use his son. Spencer was sure that Nik and Britt would get back together, eventually. Nik was adamant that they were over. He regretted giving Britt another chance after what she'd done to Lulu. Nik pointed out that Britt allowed him to worry about Spencer. Spencer argued that Britt did it out of love, but Nik told him that you don't treat your loved ones that way. He apologetically reiterated that he was through with Britt. “You have to forgive her! I can't lose my mother all over again!” Spencer said. Nik told Spencer that Britt wasn't his mother, and Spencer replied that she was the closest thing he had to one and that he loved her. Nik stated that Courtney was the exact opposite of Britt. According to Nik, Courtney had been a good person who would never have endangered Spencer. Spencer snapped that he deserved to have a mother and he wanted Britt. He strode toward the door. Nik went after him and growled that Britt was a terrible person and they were better off without her. Spencer replied that he didn't care what Nik thought. Nik scolded Spencer for being disrespectful. “I'm not better off. I love Britt, and I hate you for making her go away” Spencer spat, before walking out.

A depressed Britt was at Kelly's. Brad walked in. He apologized for missing Thanksgiving dinner, and he explained that he spent the day with Lucas's family. Britt assured him that it was a good thing he missed it. Brad asked what was wrong, and Britt explained that she'd been forced to tell Nik the truth about her part in Spencer running away. Britt had feared that Nik would be enraged if he found out the truth, but instead, he'd been indifferent when he asked her to leave. Nik's reaction made Britt feel like she, and their relationship, didn't mean anything to him. Brad comforted Britt and asked why she didn't call him. Britt explained that she didn't want to bother him on Thanksgiving. Brad told her that they were best friends and that he'd always be there for her. Britt warned Brad that she'd be needing him a lot soon, because Nik was pressing charges. Britt left voicemail for Diane, but she confided in Brad that she didn't think she could afford her. Brad didn't understand why a doctor was having money troubles. Britt replied that she had a lot of student loan debt. Britt was touched when Brad promised to help her foot the bill. She told him she loved him, and he said it back. Brad left for work. Obrecht came in and told Britt to cheer up because everything would be alright.

Fluke was in the Quartermaine living room. He flashed back to the phone call he had with Faison. Faison assured him that the plan with the mask worked – everyone thought Faison was Fluke. Alice walked in and was pleased to see who she thought was Luke. Alice admitted that she'd sensed that the man who'd been around the past ten months had been an imposter. Fluke demanded to know why she didn't do anything about it. Alice stammered that she tried to, but no one believed her. Alice mentioned that she got sick and had a heart transplant, just after hearing Fluke and Tracy plotting about ELQ. Fluke softened and he put on a concerned act about Alice's health. Fluke assured her that he'd been teasing her when he asked why she didn't rescue him. Alice grinned and said she had a criminal's heart that had belonged to a gangster killed by “an FBI lady.” Fluke replied that this made him like her even more.

After Alice left, Tracy escorted Anna in. Anna and Fluke hugged, then she explained that she was there to apologize to him and Tracy. Anna explained that what happened to “Luke” was entirely her fault. She told them about putting Faison in the catacombs. Tracy was incensed. She thought it was irresponsible for Anna to do that to a person who'd escaped from Supermax. Anna explained that she'd wanted to keep Faison in her control, and Tracy sarcastically praised her for doing a great job. Fluke claimed he understood Anna's reasoning, and he accepted her apology. Tracy did not. Anna left. Later, Tracy asked Alice where Luke was. Alice wasn't sure.

Fluke went into a basement and came face to face with the real Luke. Luke's mouth was taped shut, and he was tied to a chair.

Jake and Liz read the paper over breakfast. The front page story was on Fluke being Faison. Liz mentioned that Faison wore a mask before and that he'd been pretending to be Duke when he murdered Jason. Jake was startled to see a picture of Helena in the paper. He told Liz that that was the woman who came by on Thanksgiving. Liz went on a rant about Helena's habit of having people kidnapped, tortured and murdered. Jake sensed that Liz was speaking from experience. Liz was going to tell Jake what Helena did to Lucky, but Jake replied that he was more interested in hearing what Helena did to Liz. Liz didn't think it mattered; she was frustrated that Helena kept returning from the dead. Jake wondered why Helena came to see him. Later, Jake told Liz he planned to spend the day looking for a job. Liz assured him that there was no pressure – he could stay, rent free, as long as he needed. Jake insisted that he needed to pull his own weight. Jake left. Liz called Anna and told her about Helena's visit. Anna promised to check it out. Liz asked Anna to have the cops keep an eye on her neighborhood, and Anna agreed. Nik showed up at Liz's.

Anna went back to see Faison. She wondered why he was smiling.

Jake was walking by the pier, when Helena called him over to her.

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