GH Update Wednesday 12/3/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/3/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nina happily holds the baby and tells Franco she wants them to have an unconventional family. He tells her that is beyond realistic. It's not just Ava and Sonny who are looking for the baby. Yes, they are both facing murder charges and she may believe she need not worry about them. Her mother and the cops are also on their trail.

Madeline sits at a table in the police station with the bandage still on her head from the concussion Nina gave her as well as cuffed to the table so she can't escape. She asks to talk to her son. Nathan coldly comes out and asks her what she wants. She informs him that no one has given her an update about his sister. He asks if she can blame them since she is a “person of interest”. She acknowledges she knows that he has been spending Thanksgiving with her sister, Liesl Obrecht.

At Wyndemere, when Britt is ready to confess the secret to Nikolas regarding Spencer's running away not long ago, she does not have to say any more. He concludes, to her, that he now knows that she was behind it. Obrecht stands up and tells her daughter, in German to use her head. Nikolas tells her he did not ask for her input in any language. Britt then admits to Nikolas that she and Spencer came up with a secret plan because his son wanted her and Nikolas back together. And, she admits to Nikolas, so did she.

Alexis goes to find Molly inside Kelly's and hesitates to open the door and speak to her daughter now knowing that Julian had Molly's father falsely arrested before he got killed and she falsely accused him of the crime he did not commit that Julian and the Luke imposter framed him for.

Tracy talks to Luke about how it cannot be that difficult or take that long for Anna and Dante to go and arrest Julian Jerome. She tells him she hopes that Alexis did not enable Julian to flea the country and get away with his crime. She becomes stressed thinking how one suffers waiting for one's spouse to return not having a clue what is happening. When Luke reminds her that it was not his “choice” to have kept her waiting all that while, she tells him she wants that man to suffer for what he did to her husband and all others involved. He tells her hopefully Anna and Dante will soon find the son of a bitch who stole his life.

Anna and Dante go to Julian's home and find not only Julian, but a man who looks just like Luke, whom they now know cannot be the Luke they know since Luke is at the Quartermaines. And this man is holding a gun on Julian . Anna then removes his mask, sees he is none other than Cesar Faison and is horrified although not surprised. Faison smirks and asks her if she was expecting someone else. She slaps him really hard.

Alexis goes into Kelly's to talk to Molly and asks how her Thanksgiving was. Molly admits to her mom that TJ only wanted to spend the day with her and not with his mom or Shawn since they betrayed him and his deceased father. She admits that she understands that all too well given the situation with her own father and she asks her mom how she spent the holiday. Alexis replies she didn't celebrate much because she had some important business to attend to which involved spending the day with Julian.

At Julian's home, when Dante witnesses the unveiling of the mask revealing Cesar Faison, when his “money” was on Larry, Anna becomes furious to see that she's failed to bring Faison to justice yet again. Julian notices him and admits he's never met or heard of him all the while he's been stealing Luke's identity. Anna tells Julian his name is Cesar Faison and he's a card carrying psychopath. Dante then confronts Faison and tells him he's going to be locked up for his crimes. Faison tells him if anyone is to blame, it's Anna.

At the Quartermaine house, while Tracy and Luke wait in suspense to find out the verdict regarding Julian and the imposter and both still haven't a clue who he is, Tracy suspects it could be Larry who scammed her. Lulu enters with baby Rocco and brings him in to meet his grandpa. Luke happily greets the little guy and tells him he wants to make up for lost time.

When Nina holds the baby, she asks Franco what he believes her mom has to do with this. He reminds her that it appeared that although she knocked her mom out, Madeline is probably lucid enough to have recovered, remembers seeing them both kidnap the baby and will probably call the cops. Nina does not seem worried and tells him she knows that her mother only wants to sell her out, cannot be trusted or counted upon. She' s known that all her life. It comes as no surprise. Her mother is completely predictable. She already knows Madeline is probably at the police station, as they speak and making efforts to get into James' (Nathan's) good graces.

Madeline tells Nathan she just wants an update on Nina and the baby and he seems to be the only one who can tell her anything. He admits they don't have much of a lead except what little she said she knew if, in fact, she is telling the truth. He then tells her he needs to check in with his sister, Britt.

When Britt gets ready to confess everything to Nikolas, her mother demands she stops incriminating herself but he demands to know what Britt is attempting to say. Britt then reminds Nikolas how devastated she was when he broke up with her the first time so she needed to find a way to convince him to let her in and give her another chance. She thought if Spencer ran away, she could help him and maybe he'd see that they are good together. Nikolas then angrily assesses that she was going to win him back by endangering his son. She protests Spencer was never in any danger as she was in contact with him. Nikolas concludes while he was losing his mind with worry, without a clue what could have happened to his son, she knew all the while where he was. Obrecht then tells Nikolas he cannot blame her daughter and tells him she (herself) is the responsible party.

Madeline then tells Nathan that she has come to see him to say good bye. She is leaving town.

At Julian's, Anna furiously tells Faison he might be well advised to keep his mouth shut because anything he says can and will be held against him in a court of law. He then looks at Dante and asks her if she might like to tell her heroic young detective that she and Robert kidnapped, tortured and kept him prisoner on Spoon Island and were ready to kill him instead of sending him to Steinmauer as she told everyone. Dante then looks silently and intently at his boss who does not deny the charges. Julian also listens in and seems surprised and intrigued to hear that the commissioner did not follow the letter of the law.

At Kelly's, Alexis tells Molly that she and Julian were not together for social or romantic reasons. They were too busy spending the day rescuing Luke Spencer.

Luke engages with the baby and admits to Tracy and Lulu that the has not always cared too much for “rug rats”. But this little guy is an exception and he is so grateful to be back to the people he loves when he just went through the horrific experience of being locked away and near death. She tells her dad she is so glad that he is back and ok. He tells his daughter so is he. He also remembers that Rocco was born before she could have carried a pregnancy or given birth, remembering the time frame. Why is that? Lulu admits to her dad that she did not give birth to Rocco. Britt Westbourne did.

At Wyndemere, Obrecht tells Nikolas that her daughter's heart was broken and she wanted him back. It seemed reasonable to her mother so she encouraged Britt to fight for him using any means necessary. She knew that groveling to him was getting Britt nowhere so she (Obrecht) suggested a “more calculated” plan of attack. She encouraged her daughter to take advantage of his love for his son as she knows the boy is devoted to her daughter. She found a way for her to exploit it by having Spencer run away so that she could comfort Nikolas in his son's absence. She admits to Nikolas it was under her instructions.

At the station, Madeline graciously tells her son the best thing she ever did was raise him. She is so proud of the honorable and heroic man he's turned into and she hopes she might have had something to do with that. She realizes he does not inherit good traits from either of his biological parents. He tells her he knows that, with seeing what kinds of people Liesl Obrecht and Victor Cassadine are. Hearing that, Madeline is surprised and baffled to hear that Nathan has apparently gotten the idea that Victor Cassadine is his biological father.

While Nina changes and dresses the baby, she tells Franco about how both her mother and herself doted on her younger brother, James/Nathan while she was growing up. She talks about how Madeline made great efforts to be the perfect mom for Nathan when he was a baby, throughout his childhood and until he was an adult. Franco concludes that Nina did not get that kind of affection or attention while growing up, from her mother. Nina admits that is true and maybe she reminded her mom too much of her biological father's side of the family whom Madeline hated. She knows that Madeline loved Nathan even though he was not her biological son. She understands that with how she feels about “this little one” even though she did not give birth to her. In response to that, Franco remarks that throughout all this time that Nina has been bonding and convincing him how important the baby is to her, she hasn't given her a name. So what are they going to call her? He asks Nina if that idea has not crossed her mind. She then tells him she always thought that would be something she and Silas would do together. But she now knows that her husband will not be a part of this. She's going to have to do this alone. Franco tells her she is not alone. He is with her.

When Molly finds out, from Alexis, that Luke Spencer has been held captive for a long time and an imposter who looks just like Luke has been stealing Luke's identity and committing crimes in his name, Molly is shocked. She asks her mom if they found out who this imposter is. Alexis then admits to her daughter that there is no easy way to tell her this but the man pretending to be Luke is Julian's crime boss. She admits to Molly that her father, Ric Lansing, was innocent of being Julian's crime boss and falsely accused. She admits to Molly that she (Molly) was right.

When Dante hears, from Faison that Anna was ready to kill him, he concludes that he understands she had no choice and he believes he'd do the same thing if he were her. He then reads Faison his rights, places him under arrest and takes him away. Alone with Anna, Julian faces her and admits that she saved his life by walking in right when Faison was about to kill him. She tells him she knows that and she now has to arrest him for his involvement in this crime.

Luke takes in all the crazy things that have been going on while he's been away involving Britt implanting his daughter and son-in-law's embryo in herself to get pregnant and have Patrick believe she was having her baby, then breaking up with Patrick and later getting engaged to Nikolas. He asks how this young female doctor could have pulled this whole plan off so that Lulu and Dante did not discover it until Rocco was 6 months old. Lulu replies that Britt got help starting with her crazy mother.

After Obrecht tells Nikolas her story, she affirms to him that the end justified her means now that he and her daughter are happily re-united. He doesn't see it that way, however and demands she leaves his home immediately. She goes. He then closes the door to talk privately to Britt. He tells her her mother is despicable. That's a given. His only concern, he tells her, is that she willingly endangered his son

Nathan talks to his mom at the station, revealing that Obrecht has convinced him that Victor was his father. It's not an issue however, he tells her, not only because of what kind of a person Victor is but because he's dead. She is very intrigued and surprised to learn that her sister shot Victor whom she always considered to be her friend and she asks her son why Liesl would do that. Nathan replies she apparently thought he'd endanger his son. However, Madeline knows that is probably not the reason. It was more than likely because of what her sister was afraid Victor might be able to tell Nathan.

At the Quartermaine's, Lulu gets off the phone to Dante and informs her father and Tracy that it's been confirmed that Cesar Faison is the man in question who has stolen Luke's identity with the mask. Tracy remarks she should have known that Larry Ashton wasn't smart enough to pull off such a dastardly plan. Luke panics afraid of what will happen knowing that the cops have never succeeded in bringing Cesar Faison to justice so he might need to take the law into his own hands with Faison. Lulu assures her father this time things will be different. Luke tells his daughter he does not want to offend her by doubting her husband's ability to do his job but he has reason to believe that's not enough. She assures her father, however, and Tracy agrees, that this time it's air tight. There will be no wiggle room. Dante and Anna caught Faison trying to kill Julian and Anna pulled the Luke mask off of his face to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the imposter.

When Anna is in the process of arresting Julian, she reminds him that he can't remain blameless in his role in helping Cesar Faison, regardless of the circumstances, and he has to answer for it. It's not only Luke who's had to pay the price. There's another innocent man whose life Julian has destroyed.

At Kelly's, Alexis admits to Molly that her father was framed by Julian to be falsely accused of many horrible crimes he did not commit before he was killed. She admits to her daughter she was right all along, tells her she is sorry and reaches out to touch her. Molly angrily pulls away from her mom and demands she not touch her.

Nina and Franco brainstorm on possible names for the baby. He comes up with the names of famous artists. He doesn't want to name her after any of the women in his life because they have all lied to him. So, he tells her, she has to come up with the name since he cannot.

Nikolas concludes to Britt that she can't use her mother as an excuse. He asks if her mother pulled a gun on her or threatened her life if she refused to go through with the plan. When Britt admits no, he tells her she chose to lie to his face and this is entirely on her although she protests it “was not like that”. He tells her he knows she will stop at nothing to get what she wants even if it means putting his own son at risk. Spencer was wandering Port Charles all by himself because she made him think it was alright to lie to his father. It's the same story with Britt over and over again, he tells her. She does horrible things and justifying it because her mother coerced her. He admits he used to empathize with her because he knows what it's like to come from a family of monsters. But the truth is she's not an innocent victim trapped by her mother. She's exactly like her mother. When he sees her crying and pleading he tells her he does not buy into her act of behaving like she cares about others. She just plays the victim claiming the world is against poor little her. He concludes she does not take responsibility for anything in her life but he wants her out of his, as he stands by the door.

At the station, as Madeline is about to reveal to Nathan that she seriously doubts that Victor Cassadine is his bio dad, her sister must know that and has more than likely lied to Nathan about it, Obrecht walks in the door. She tells her son she was hoping to maybe spend some time with him before she “goes”. Nathan asks her where she is likely to go. Obrecht turns to see the cops bring Faison in.

Nina talks Franco about naming the baby after happy people and animals she remembers in her life. She reveals there was nobody in her family for whom she has any positive thoughts or feelings. As soon as he tells her there's gotta be somebody in her family who means something to her, she comes up with one person; her brother, James (known as Nathan).

At the station, Obrecht notices Dante bringing Cesar Faison in handcuffs and demands to know why, after his boss kept this man stuck in a hole, they arrest him. Dante flippantly tells her he does not owe her any explanation. She then turns to Nathan demanding to know if he's going to let someone talk to his mother like that. Hearing that, Faison is intrigued to find out that she has a son he's never before heard about.

When Anna is arresting Julian, he protests that he never meant to hurt or frame Ric Lansing, knowing what Ric meant to Molly and to Alexis and he cannot tell her how awful he felt about that. He tells her he knows that Ric got himself killed by one of her detectives. He tells her she must understand that it was either Ric or his family that would die because of the notorious crime boss and his threats. He had to protect the people he loved. Anna tells him he may explain all those circumstances to his lawyer after he comes with her to the station.

At Kelly's, Molly angrily asks her mom if she thinks she can apologize and that makes everything ok. She reminds her mom that her dad would be alive were it not for her. She reminds Alexis she refused to believe in her father's innocence and chose to believe Julian even though she knew that Julian was a liar. Alexis tells her daughter she is correct with everything she says and if she could find a way to take all of that back, she would. Molly asks her to please just go. She cannot look at her mom right now without seeing her dad in a body bag. Alexis then leaves.

When Luke tells Lulu and Tracy the only way to stop Cesar Faison is to kill him, Lulu tells him if he won't re-think doing that for her or for Tracy, he needs to do it for Rocco. The little guy deserves to get to know Luke, she tells him. He then tells his daughter ok. Fair enough. But if Anna and Dante fail to prevent that slimebag from slipping through the cracks... Tracy, then, tells him if that happens, she will shoot Faison herself. He tells them he remembers when Faison used a mask to pass himself off as Duke Lavery a while back because he was after Sonny Corinthos' business. So now he's doing the same thing through Luke.

When Nikolas opens the door to escort Britt out of his home, she pleads with him to reconsider. They can talk about this. He asks what there is to talk about. They've had this discussion many times and it's over. He's done with her. He tells her she needs to pack her things and leave and he walks away.

At the station, Cesar Faison asks Obrecht if Nathan is her son. She admits yes. She had him with another man when she was apart from him but it does not change her feelings for the man she loves. Dante then tells them that's enough and Nathan helps him haul Cesar Faison away. Alone with Obrecht, Madeline admits she was very amused to see that her sister has never gotten over that lunatic and tells her it's a good thing they are locking Faison up because she was not going to let Obrecht leave. Not with what she knows about her and James (Nathan). Obrecht stares furiously at her.

While with the baby, Nina admits to Franco there is, in fact, one person in her life who was always good and honest, who always had her back and did right be her and that is her brother, James Nathan Reeves now known as Nathan West. He asks if she wants to name the little one after her cop brother. She tells him yes. If there's anyone she wants her child to be like, it's James. They both realize that they cannot name a baby girl James so Nina concludes she wants to call her Jaime. She reveals that she loved Jaime Sommers, the Bionic Woman while growing up and wants to show him all the episodes she used to watch of her hero while growing up. The Bionic woman was strong and confident and powerful and she wanted to role model her. She smiles and declares to Franco that she wants the baby to know she need never be a slave to her circumstances. She will always have her back and take care of her. Franco tells her he will too.

Britt walks down the stairs with her suitcases and asks Nikolas if they cannot at least sleep on this. He tells her the boat is ready to take her off the island. He then remembers to inform her she needs a lawyer because he plans to prosecute her for what she did to his son.

At the station, Madeline concludes to Obrecht, now that she knows some very interesting things, Obrecht is going to testify in her behalf at her trial. She's going to tell the court that Nina forced her mother to do everything she did. Obrecht asks her sister why she would perjure herself for Madeline. Madeline replies because if she does not, she (Madeline) will tell James who his father really is. Obrecht then stares and her angrily knowing she has no choice except to comply.

Anna brings Julian into the station, in handcuffs and they see Alexis appear. Anna assumes that she is there to represent Julian although Alexis clarifies that is not the case. She informs Anna she just spent the evening admitting to her father that Julian framed Ric and he is the reason why Molly's father is dead. So, she admits, she has no desire or incentive to help Julian. Hearing that, Anna then concludes that now is the time for her to tell Alexis something nobody else knows about Ric.

Molly then observes a picture of herself and her father and tells him she never doubted him and always knew he was a good man although it's too late because he's gone forever. She breaks down crying.

At the station, Anna takes Alexis aside and confesses to her, for the first time, that Ric Lansing is alive.

In the interrogation room, Faison tells Dante he thinks he has the right to make one phone call. Dante leaves the room to let him use the phone.

Fluke then stays up alone after Tracy and Lulu have both gone upstairs. He hears his phone ring from inside the fireplace where he'd hidden it. He answers it quietly knowing it's Cesar Faison. He reveals that they have both successfully scammed people into believing he's the real Luke Spencer.

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