GH Update Tuesday 12/2/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/2/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

It was still Thanksgiving Day. Nikolas walked into the living room and asked Britt how Obrecht was threatening their (Nik and Britt's) happiness. Britt and Obrecht clammed up, and Nik pointed out that it was clear that he interrupted an argument. Britt claimed she and her mother were discussing Faison and Anna. Obrecht played along. Nik had overheard enough to know this wasn't true, and he ordered Britt to stop lying. Britt insisted that she was being honest, and she asked Obrecht to back her up. Obrecht did. Nik reminded Britt that he'd been working on teaching Spencer to be honest, and he urged her to set a good example for him. Obrecht accused Nik of exhibiting “typical Cassadine paranoia,” then she chided him for eavesdropping. Nik pointed out that this was his home, and he wondered what the two of them were hiding. Spencer came in to find out what was taking them so long to come to dinner. Nik told Spencer to go back to the dining room, but Obrecht told Spencer that Nik was yelling at Britt and accusing her of lying. She urged Spencer to tell his father that Britt wouldn't lie to him. Nik told Spencer that this was a grownup conversation that didn't involve him. Spencer countered that it did so, and Britt told him to listen to Nik. “But someone has to make him understand it's not your fault; it's mine!” Spencer insisted. “What is your fault?” Nik asked. Nik talked to Spencer about honesty, then he began to grill the boy about what he was hiding. Britt told Nik to stop pressuring Spencer and that she'd tell him everything. Nik ushered Spencer out. Obrecht quietly urged Britt to keep quiet. Britt's eyes filled with tears, and she admitted that she was behind Spencer running away.

In the Quartermaine living room, Luke wanted Dante to help him track down his double, whom he assumed was Larry. Tracy was against Luke going anywhere, since he'd just got home. Lulu agreed. Dante tried to assure Luke that the PCPD was on it, but Luke didn't have faith in the police because they failed to notice that he'd been replaced. Dante said he was sorry the police didn't realize there were two Lukes and that they'd accused the wrong one of being the Jerome boss. Luke thought that people should have known that he'd never get involved with Julian. Luke suggested that they go arrest Julian for his part in holding Luke captive. Alexis felt that Luke should go get a check up before going anywhere else. Alexis also added that she didn't think they had all the facts about Julian's involvement in this. When Dante learned that Julian had been the one who took Alexis to Luke, he called Anna, then he left. Lulu fixed Luke a drink. Luke gratefully took it, and he asked about Rocco. Lulu gushed about her baby and told Luke that he'd had his first birthday in September. Luke was confused and asked how she could have a child that old. Lulu assured him she'd tell him the whole story when the time was right. Luke wanted to know all about his new grandson, including what foods he liked. Lulu pointed out that Luke had never shown an interest in that kind of stuff. Luke replied that being locked away from your family for ten months could change your priorities. He wanted to make up for every day that had been stolen. Lulu decided to go upstairs and check on Rocco. She promised to bring him down if he was awake. Lulu and Luke hugged, then she left. Luke noted that he and Tracy were alone at last, then he commented on Tracy's silence. Tracy said she was thirsty. Luke offered her his drink, and he was startled when she slapped it from his hand, causing the glass to shatter. Luke asked if she'd been spending time with Sonny. Tracy told him not to joke. She felt like a blind, stupid fool for letting Fluke get close. Tracy admitted she'd ignored her instincts and Michael, Kiki and Ned's warnings, and Luke paid the price. Luke assured Tracy that it was over now, and he was here and he wasn't leaving. He hugged Tracy and she sobbed in his arms, while apologizing. Tracy wanted Fluke to pay. Luke promised that he would.

Ned and Olivia were in another room, discussing all the surprises, while Alexis hovered nearby. Ned wasn't surprised that Julian was involved in Luke's disappearance, but he was shocked that Larry had gotten mixed up in it. “I think it's pretty obvious that Julian was coerced,” Alexis said, as she entered the room and the conversation. She pointed out that Fluke had Lucas shot and threatened the rest of Julian's family. Ned felt that Julian should have called the police, but Alexis didn't think that was an option. “And leaving Luke locked in a mental ward was?” Ned countered. Ned asked Alexis why she was suddenly defending Julian. Alexis insisted that she was just pointing out the extenuating circumstances, like any competent lawyer would. She conceded that what happened to Luke was unforgivable, but she argued that Julian had been under duress because of the threats of the man responsible for locking Luke up. She reminded Ned that Fluke could be his father. Ned replied that Larry would get his due, if he was a part of this, and Julian should, too. Alexis stated that she never said otherwise. “Yeah, you kind of did,” Ned countered. Alexis didn't want to be put on the defensive, any longer, so she left. Olivia asked Ned if he was okay. Ned told her he wouldn't be until he knew his father's part in all this.

Anna was at Kelly's giving an interview to a news crew. She talked about the search for Ava and her daughter. The interviewer asked about the accusations Obrecht had made against Anna. Anna talked about her plans to combat crime. Duke was on his way into the diner when Lucy spotted him. In hushed tones, she asked if he busted out of Pentonville. Duke explained that he'd been released. Lucy was delighted, and she hugged Duke. Anna walked out, just as Lucy exclaimed about how happy Anna must be. Lucy praised Alexis's skills, and Anna clarified that Sonny was responsible for Duke's release. Anna added that Sonny's help came with a price, and she asked Duke if he told Lucy about his new job. Duke didn't respond, and Anna smiled and guessed he'd been too busy doling out hugs. Lucy quickly said that she hugged everyone who just got out of Pentonville. Anna got Dante's phone call. He told her he had an early Christmas present for her – the chance to arrest Julian. Anna left. Duke and Lucy went inside and discussed Anna. Lucy thought that Anna was upset because she was worried about Duke's new job. Duke didn't think Anna would waste emotion worrying about him anymore. He told Lucy that Anna was disappointed, angry and completely opposed to his new job – running Sonny's business. Duke respected Sonny because he'd run a successful business while keeping casualties to a minimum. Lucy warned Duke that he would have a target on his back if he became the new boss. Duke called in an occupational hazard. Lucy stressed that Duke was taking a big risk for Sonny. Duke replied that Sonny treated him with respect and honor, and Duke intended to return the favor. Lucy understood that honor was important in Duke's profession and that he'd be treated with a great deal of deference, but she was concerned that he could lose Anna. Duke confided that he had Anna were already over. As Duke helped Lucy into her coat, he noted that he'd always admired the way that Anna was true to herself. Duke felt that he was true to himself, too, and he said that if Anna couldn't accept his choice, that was just the way it was. Lucy asked if Duke and Anna still loved each other. Duke admitted that they did. Lucy felt that Duke and Anna had something romantic and real. Duke wistfully said that he and Anna were no more. Lucy hugged him.

Franco, Nina and the baby were at his hideout in Canada. As Franco fed the baby, he told Nina that it would be best for all of them to give the baby back. Nina gently shushed him and directed him to smell the baby's head. She told him he was holding pure love and joy, which he'd miss out on if he walked away. Franco looked lovingly at the baby, and Nina surmised that he wanted to be a dad. Franco admitted that he'd thought about it, but he wanted his own child, not someone else's. “Beggars can't be choosers,” Nina replied. Franco confessed that it wouldn't be the first time he'd kidnapped a baby. He told Nina that he took Elizabeth's son and gave him to his adoptive mother Betsy Franco because he thought the baby would be better off with her and because he thought she deserved a better son.

Franco confessed that at one time he'd been consumed by a desire to be a father. Nina asked what happened. “Ava happened,” Franco replied. Franco brought Nina up to speed on Ava tricking him into thinking he was Kiki's father, cutting him out of Kiki's life until she was an adult, then revealing that he wasn't her father, after all. Franco suddenly realized this was an insensitive subject, and he apologized. Nina assured him that she'd accepted that Kiki was the byproduct of the affair Ava had with Silas. Nina was disgusted that Ava would make Franco think he was Kiki's father, then take her away from him. Franco added that Ava had claimed she was afraid of him. Franco didn't think Ava was afraid of anything. Nina thought Ava was afraid she'd never see the baby again. Nina thought they should keep the baby to pay Ava back for having taken children away from Nina and Franco. Franco didn't think it was a good idea for the baby to be part of a revenge plot. Nina thought that it would be best for the baby to stay with them, since Ava was going to prison and the Corinthoses were bad people. Franco thought that Kiki could raise the baby, but Nina countered that Kiki was a baby herself. Nina urged Franco to agree to be the baby's father. Franco pointed out that the police were looking for a man and a woman with a baby. He also thought that the baby would slow them down. Nina brushed his concerns aside and assured him that they could do this. Franco warmed up to the idea and agreed to help raise the baby. The elated Nina assured Franco that he wouldn't regret this and that they'd make a great family. She hugged Franco and beamed at the baby in his arms.

Ava and Silas were in their hotel room in NYC. Silas stood in front of the door. A desperate and determined Ava insisted on leaving so she could rescue her baby from Nina and Franco and protect herself from Sonny. She rushed toward the door, but Silas grabbed her and pushed her into a chair. Ava warned him that she'd do something they'd both regret, if he didn't get out of her way. Silas flippantly asked if she'd kill him like she killed Connie. Silas wanted Ava to admit she had killed Connie. Ava confessed, but she maintained that it wasn't black and white. Ava watched, with alarm, as Silas called the PCPD and asked for Anna. Anna wasn't there. Silas hung up and was about to call Sam to ask for Anna's cell phone number. Ava begged Silas not to do it. An unsympathetic Silas asked if Connie begged before Ava killed her. Ava admitted that she'd done something wrong and that she took advantage of Silas, but she was adamant that she couldn't go to jail while her child was missing. Silas ordered her not to use the baby as an excuse, but Ava stressed that she'd never held her daughter or even seen her face. Ava apologized for using Silas, but she assured him that she'd do worse to protect her children. Ava was confident that Silas would also move heaven and earth to keep his family together. Ava insisted that she just needed a little time. She warned Silas that he'd be a party to her murder if he didn't help her. Silas pointed out that Sonny was in prison, but Ava argued that he had a long reach. She told Silas that if he turned her in, he'd later hear that she supposedly committed suicide in her cell. He asked what he'd tell her girls when they learned that he had the chance to save her and didn't take it. Silas was upset that Ava expected him to just let her go. Ava told him that she had no one else to turn to; she couldn't reach Julian, her mother was useless, and Kiki had turned on her. Silas asked if Ava blamed her. “No, I don't blame her! I'm a killer!...I don't deserve happiness, or freedom or anything good ever again” Ava admitted. Ava began to cry and she told Silas that she was also a mother who had to find her child. Ava noted that her helpless child was at the mercy of a lunatic and an evil man. Ava told Silas that if he ever cared for her at all, he'd go back to Port Charles and forget he ever saw her. Silas told Ava that he was going with her. “Regardless of what you've done, we've have to go find your baby. And I'll be damned if I let Sonny kill you,” Silas said.

At the Jerome penthouse, Julian packed his bags, as he prepared to skip town. He opened the door and found Fluke standing in the hallway holding a gun. Julian warned Fluke that Julian's people would take Fluke out. Fluke clarified that the guards worked for Fluke and that they wouldn't get involved. Fluke revealed that he planned to kill Julian to punish him for rescuing Luke from Miscavige and ruining Fluke's plans. Julian and Fluke argued about which of them was to blame for the plan going awry. Julian pointed out that Fluke never confided in him about the full plan, which left Julian unable to help out. Julian noted that he didn't even know Fluke's real name. Fluke offered to tell Julian his name before Fluke killed Julian. Fluke was about to say who he really was, when Anna and Dante burst in to arrest Julian. Fluke tried to pretend he was Luke, but it didn't work. Anna threatened to shoot Fluke if he didn't put the gun down. Fluke dropped his weapon, and Dante cuffed him. Anna wanted to know who they were arresting, so she decided to take off Fluke's mask. Fluke warned her that she'd regret it. Anna ignored this and ripped off the mask. “Oh my God,” Anna gasped, when she saw the man's true face.

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