GH Update Monday 12/1/14

General Hospital Update Monday 12/1/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly's, Morgan and Kiki are together having Thanksgiving Dinner. He admits that he cannot eat or think about anything except getting his baby back.

Nina and Franco have fled to Canada and are alone in a secret place with the baby. She sits alone still having the belief that she just had a child with the man of her dreams. Franco admits, again his concerns about her failure to see the reality that this baby is not hers.

Julian returns home and is surprised to see that Jordan is there waiting for him. She tells him she wants to talk to him and find out, once and for all, the identity of their boss.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Alexis enters unexpected. Everyone wonders why she has suddenly appeared after forewarning them she was busy with other things and would not be joining them. She tells them she realizes that but there is somebody there whom she thought they might all want to see. Luke enters. Tracy is in awe without question that this is her husband and not an imposter. Lulu rushes to see her father equally certain that is the Luke Spencer she knows and loves.

At Nikolas' home, when everybody is in the other room for Thanksgiving and Obrecht is alone looking to find Spencer's pilgrim hat, Cesar Faison appears and greets her. She rushes and happily embraces him. He seems to appear almost human and shows appreciation and gratitude to be with the only person he knows really loves him.

Luke reunites with his family, but Dante wants answers before everyone accepts him back.

Jordan informs Julian that when a shipment of drugs comes in and she is fully responsible for all risk, she believes she has the right to know whom they have to report to. Julian tells her he agrees. She is right. He indicates he may now finally be willing to come clean to her about the identity of their mysterious anonymous, evil boss.

Alone in the living room of Wyndemere, Obrecht explains to Faison that she believed for a long time that Anna had him killed. She realizes that he was allegedly taken to the Steinmauer prison about a year ago. So, she needs to know where he has been since then. He realizes he cannot answer that and can easily distract her with the bliss of their being together at this moment.

Ava and Silas have traveled out of town and are staying a hotel while they look for the baby. He notices she has gotten up before he has. She, then returns after being out (obvious keeping secrets from him). She tells him she cannot thank him enough for letting her hide out with him while she's afraid of Sonny or whomever might have taken her baby. He tells her he is happy to help, knowing if Kiki was missing, he'd be out of his mind with worry. He tells her all is good but remarks he cannot find his phone. He's looked all over for it since he got up this morning and asks if by any chance, she might have seen it.

At Kelly's, Kiki tells Morgan that she knows he's worried about what Nina could do but she is relieved to at least know that Franco is with Nina and his daughter or baby sister. Hearing that, he asks why on earth she would trust Franco. She informs him she realizes he may not have reason to like Franco but he's become like a father to her and she knows he would never let any harm come to her little sister. Hearing that and realizing the baby is as much a part of Kiki's family as of his, Morgan apologizes for making this “all about him” and tells Kiki he knows she only wants to help.

Nina is bonding and making plans to be a mother to Ava's baby while assuring Franco she “knows” she is Ava's and either Sonny's or Morgan's. Franco tells her that what they need to do very soon is give the baby back. She asks why he wants her to do that and admits she still does not see his point when he tells her the many reasons why it will get them both in terrible trouble if they don't. He tells her that they have kidnapped a baby. They have fled to Canada and there's only so much time more time they have before someone recognizes them and/or the cops find them. They are at large with local and federal police as well as the FBI and Canadian Mounties and God only knows who else. In response to that, she asks him why he is taking the moral high ground with what he has recently done when he was last in Port Charles. He tells her that he is not suggesting that they turn themselves in and admit to the crime. They could maybe just anonymously leave the baby outside the police station or somewhere in a manner that won't get them into trouble. Then, after they are in the clear, he suggests, maybe they can start a whole new life. Hearing that, Nina tells him she does not like that idea.

Kiki tells Morgan that very possibly if she were to contact Franco, he might talk and shed some light upon what Nina might have done or where she has gone with the baby. Kiki knows that Franco has become friends with Nina. They have both disappeared. They also realize that her mom is on the run for murder.

Ava reveals that she has mistakenly “accidentally?” taken Silas' phone in addition to her own and put it in her purse while out. She remarks she's already called the police (which is obviously a lie) for any leads they might have on the baby. He takes his phone and remarks that Kiki has called. He wants to call or text their daughter back but as soon as Ava hears that, she tells him no. He cannot do that.

At Julian's apartment, he asks Jordan if she recalls hearing the voice of their boss on the phone a while back and noticing that he sounded just like Luke Spencer. She replies yes. He tells her the reason for that is because he is Luke Spencer.

When Dante tells Luke he needs some answers that cannot wait, Tracy asks him if this could wait. Luke tells her it's ok and asks his son in law what he wants to discuss. Dante asks Luke if he “did not know” that the cops have been investigating him as part of Julian Jerome's drug trafficking. Luke asks him to go on. Dante then also tells him they have evidence that suggests he caused the accident that killed Patrick Drake's infant son. He tells Dante he would never have anything to do with that. Alexis affirms to Dante that she knows Luke is telling the truth because while these crimes were committed, Luke was locked away in a cell as Miscavige bound by a straight-jacket. They are all surprised, shocked and intrigued when Alexis informs them that Luke was imprisoned there since last January while “someone else” has been posing as him.

Faison tells Obrecht, in answering her question, that he has been “everywhere and nowhere”. She tells him she has been there mourning him. He tells her that it's really no big deal what happened to him. He had to hide because he's still a wanted man with Anna and the cops. She, then tells him he needs to know that that woman kept him imprisoned, in the ground, left to live like a mole underground forced to live like a lower species instead of the “genius that he is”. He needs to know that Anna is unworthy of his love. He tells her that he knows exactly what she is saying. He's wasted too much of his life loving Anna and believing she would come around for him but has now finally “seen the light” that the woman for him is right in front of him. He declares to Obrecht that she is the one he loves and they kiss.

Franco asks Nina if she does not like his plan, does she know of another better plan?. She tells him just because she did not give birth to the baby does not mean she does not want her. He asks if he has not gotten through to her in the talks they've had and Nina tells him that she wants and deserves to have a baby because her baby was taken from her by her mother and Ava got to have a baby with Nina's husband. She reminds him that Ava is a criminal, a liar and unfit to be a mother. He reminds her that this is Sonny's child or grandchild and a mob boss like Sonny won't let her get away with taking the baby. She reminds him that Sonny Corinthos can hardly care for a child when he's in prison. Nor can Carly. Does he care about them? She tells him she is really disappointed in him for being so shallow and wrong. She knows that he just doesn't want this excess baggage. So, she concludes to Franco, she will just pack up and take her baby with her.

Morgan asks Kiki if she's talked to Silas recently, remembering that Nina was married to him and it's possible she's tried to contact him. Kiki then decides to call her dad again.

Silas is able to tell that Ava intentionally took his phone because she does not trust what might happen if Kiki calls him before she calls her. He wonders why she's afraid of him getting a call from their mutual daughter. Ava, again tells him it's because Sonny's men are after her, could go through Morgan or through Kiki so he can't let Kiki know where she is. His phone rings. It's Kiki. He answers and Ava demands he not tell their daughter where she is.

Jordan asks Julian if she just heard him correctly that Luke Spencer is the man in charge. He tells her no. Not Luke Spencer. She then tells him she's tired his jerking her around. He tells her he is not doing that and explains that their boss is a perfect body-double for Luke Spencer. He knows how to have everyone believing he is Luke although he's a completely different human being.

Alexis explains that she happens to know that Luke spent that last year imprisoned in Miscavige in a straight jacket while an imposter has been living his life and committing crimes in Luke's name. She tells the others that is the most important thing to be concerned about. Tracy then assesses and asks Luke if it's truth that when Anna brought him back from Miscavige over a year ago, that was not really him. Luke replies that is true. All people are “in awe” of the fact that a man whom they believed was the real Luke and looked exactly like him has been fooling everyone throughout all this time. Ned asks Luke if he remembers making inappropriate sexual advances upon Kiki Jerome or threatening to kill Ned. Luke tells Ned he would never do anything so sick to a young girl nor threaten his stepson's life. Tracy is equally horrified to know that the man who proposed to her, whom she believed in when nobody else did and whom she defended was not really Luke. She is not legally married to Luke but to the imposter. At that point, everybody demands some answers as to who the person is who looked exactly like Luke and how the perfectly created mask was made and who created it. They are all afraid and horrified to think of how anybody could pull this off so perfectly.

At Wyndemere, Cesar Faison tells Obrecht he has some things to do but will return to her as soon as he can. Britt then enters living room and is shocked and startled to see Obrecht and Faison (her 2 parents) together lovingly in each others' arms. She gets ready to walk away, disgusted.

Jordan asks Julian if she heard correctly that Luke Spencer has a wringer and the real Luke has been locked up in an institution for the criminally insane without anyone knowing while the imposter has taken over Luke's life as well as running the crime organization.

In response to the question about how this imposter has done these things and kept Luke prisoner in Miscavige, Lulu tells her husband and step-mother if they want some answers, maybe they can ask Larry. She informs them that Sam and Patrick overheard him on the phone talking to Jerry Jacks about how they must do something about “their Luke Spencer problem”. Plus she happens to know that Patrick and Sam broke open Larry's secretive safe deposit box and found a picture of Cesar Faison, a file on him and his perfect imposter mask.

Britt tells her two parents she is not amused, impressed nor happy for them although her mother asks her how she can say that or think these terrible things about her own father. Obrecht tells her daughter she should rejoice over the fact that that miserable woman, Anna Devane did not succeed in her plan to murder or take down Cesar. Britt stares coldly at Faison and reminds her mother that her father is an international terrorist and all around criminal. He tells her she says that “like it's a bad thing”. She tells them she is going to report Faison to the authorities where he cannot endanger society anymore. Obrecht then reminds her daughter if she does that, she may kiss her future with the prince good bye. She tells her daughter she needs to know that she is serious if Britt makes her mother lose the love of her life, her mother will be forced to make her lose hers'. At that point, Britt hesitates knowing she is powerless regarding that.

Luke then asks Larry if he is the mysterious person behind the mask who stole his life. Tracy and Ned do know, however, that Larry is lying when he says he's never met nor heard of Cesar Faison. They remember he was part of Faison's cartel in Europe. Hearing about Faison for the first time and not knowing what others have discovered, Alexis asks if Faison was not supposed to be locked up in a maximum security facility in Europe. Lulu answers they do not know exactly how Faison fits into all of this but they know that in the file Larry had in the safe deposit box there was a blue-print mask just like the one that Faison wore. Olivia then recalls that Faison had a mask to impersonate Duke Lavery. Tracy tells Luke that she and Lulu thought the other mask Faison had might be of him. Luke does admit he remembers the imposter informing him about Larry working with Jerry to embezzle ELQ shares from the family. He knows that Larry is working with Jerry Jacks and the imposter. Larry hesitates to answer Luke's question about whether he (Larry) is the imposter.

On the phone to Kiki, Silas' tells her he has one thing to be thankful for which is her. He tells Kiki the truth that Nina has not contacted him with any information about the baby. He does not reveal that Ava is with him but when she informs her dad that she and Morgan need to find out where the baby is and if he might have heard from Ava.

Nina asks Franco why he does not want her to leave. Does he think he's going to convince her to give up her baby to strangers? Should she listen to someone like him? He tells her it's fine with him if she leaves. It will put him at much less risk. He could have washed his hands of her a long time ago but has been there to keep her safe and protect her from getting caught. . He tells her she needs to know it's unlikely she can go far. She will only end up in prison and will never see the baby again. Nina then puts the baby down in a bassinet. When he hears her cry, Franco gives the baby her bottle and holds her. He reminds her that she has a lot to be miserable about, one of which is being a Corinthos and knowing her biological father or grandfather is one of the lowest dregs of society. He remarks to the baby he realizes she'd probably be better off never knowing anything about Sonny. He observes the little one and remarks she is kind of cute. She seems to be contented and stops crying when he give he her bottle. Nina then comes over and seems to be in a better mood and no longer suspicious as she tells Franco the best way to hold her. She remarks that he is doing a good job and the baby appears to like him. She does not want to lose Franco and wants him to be with her and the baby.

When Silas is on the phone while Ava is with him, talking to Kiki while Morgan is with her, he lies to his daughter that he has not seen or heard from Ava. Kiki, then, informs her dad that her mom might have reason to be on the run or to flee. He asks Kiki why that would be the case. Kiki then informs Silas, for the first time that she thought he heard her mom is wanted in the murder of Connie Falconeri. The cops finally found out that she murdered Connie, covered it up, framed AJ Quartermaine for the murder and are on Ava's trail. She also informs her father that is the reason why Sonny wanted Ava dead.

Faison leaves Wyndemere, informing Obrecht and Britt he has “something to accomplish” but promises he will be back soon. Alone with Britt, Obrecht tells her daughter she thinks it's a fair exchange that Britt gets to keep her love and Obrecht gets to keep hers.

Julian tells Jordan that not only is their boss posing as Luke and keeping Luke locked up, he and Alexis just went to Miscavige to free Luke from the place. It won't be long before the cops find out and more than likely, they will come after him (Julian) and arrest him. So, Julian tells her, he needs to get out of there. She reminds him that Ava is out there too. So what is she supposed to do? He assures her that the real Luke Spencer will introduce himself to her soon. So, he assures her, she will be fine. She then leaves so Julian can be alone in the apartment.

Ned tells Larry he can drop the “hapless drunk in the wrong place at the wrong place” act. His cover is blown. Larry then tells his son and all the others, fortunately for him, he does not have to answer to any of them. He goes out the door and Dante runs after him. He notices Larry jumping into a “getaway” car and calls an APB on him. Olivia comes over to console Ned while he reflects he cannot grasp the fact that his own father would be involved in this. Luke goes over to Lulu and tells her how impressed she is to have become such a clever sleuth to have gotten this very valuable lead regarding the imposter and the whole operation. He tells her now that she knows he's not “his evil twin”, he wants a hug from his daughter. She smiles and holds her dad.

Silas finds out, for the first time, that Ava killed Connie when she is standing right in front of him. As soon as Kiki hangs up the phone, she confirms to Morgan that she can tell her dad had no clue that her mom is a murderer but he now knows. She does not seem at all “afraid” for her mother nor as though she should regret revealing it to him (although she still hasn't a clue that her mom is standing right in front of him after she's told him that shocking information..

Silas looks squarely at Ava, now knowing she has scammed him again with her “desperate need” yet leaving off that very important piece of information. She wants to leave but Silas tells Ava she is not going anywhere.

Franco and Nina happily bond with the baby, completely forgetting all about their previous worries, totally un-stressed and enjoying being with her. The baby seems to love and trust them both and could not be more content. Franco holds the little one on the couch and feeds her the bottle.. Nina sits beside him. They both smiles from ear to ear. And, somehow, it seems the baby might be in the best place with the best people to care for her in spite of what everyone believes about these two “shady” individuals. They both love the baby as she seems to love them. They are now getting along great with each other enjoying this beautiful moment and it seems pretty obvious Franco no longer wants to return the baby anywhere.

At Wyndemere, we see Obrecht happier and in a state of euphoria we've never seen her in before. She tells Britt this is a moment she's only dreamed about since before her daughter was born. Cesar has finally chosen her after Anna. Britt is clearly not amused although her mother tells her she stepped out of darkness and into the promised land. Just like the first settlers finally finding their dream is here. She wears Spencer's pilgrim hat and dances happily around the room. She admits she never before had any used for this American tradition but now she finally sees it in all its glory. She now knows what the gratitude of Thanksgiving is, she declares as she cries with joy. She goes to hug her daughter and wishes her a happy Thanksgiving. Britt pulls away from her and tells her she cannot be happy for her. Not after her mother has yet again threatened to destroy her happiness with Nikolas. Nikolas comes into the room to overhear and asks Britt how she could possibly do that.

Alexis explains to the people gathered at the Quartermaine mansion that when she found Luke, she tried to get him to go to the hospital or to the police. But he told her he just wanted to come there and be with Tracy and with Lulu. Ned tells her that she made some people there very happy and he is grateful for that. Everyone surrounds Luke and basks in the happiness of having him back, safe and sound. He admits that he still has no clue who the impostor is, where he is, or what he might be doing.

As Julian is leaving the penthouse, Fluke appears holding a gun and asks if he's "going somewhere."

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