GH Update Wednesday 11/26/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/26/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Spencer is wearing his pilgrim suit and happily dancing around when he answers the door at Wyndemere. He notices Obrecht walk in and revealing she's in a very bad mood. He notices her and asks who she is. She asks if he does not remember her. He then declares he remembers her from last Halloween and remarks that she's “Beetlejuice's friend”. Hearing that, she clarifies the man whom he refers to as “Beetlejuice” is Cesar Faison, the love of her life and Anna Devane will not get away with what she has done to Cesar.

Anna is in her office, looking intently at the report that could incriminate her for what she did to Faison. She appears stressed. There's a knock on the door. Duke enters and she is surprised to see him out of jail. He informs her he's a free man thanks to Sonny. She tells him she heard about the deal Sonny made with Scott Baldwin to get Duke released from Pentonville.

The guard admits Carly into the jail to visit Sonny while he gives her instructions, informs them about the rules and gives them an hour to talk. As soon as they are alone, he tells her how happy he is to see her and wonders what she is doing there during Thanksgiving.. She tells him that she did not want him to spend the day alone.

Sam goes to the Quartermaine house so Danny can see Michael. He happily greets and picks up the little guy who runs to hug him and Michael remarks to Sam that her son looks more and more like Jason every day.

Elizabeth and Jake/Jason are happily setting the table and getting ready for Thanksgiving. He hears a knock on the door and he goes to get it. It's Helena Cassadine.

Alexis and Julian go to Miscavige and are admitted into the padded cell where Luke is. She opens the door and is shocked and horrified to see that Luke is sedated, in a straight jacket, lying on the bench and does not look well. She runs in to see him and leans over the bench where he lies down in a deep sleep. He then awakens and remembers her as “Natasha” as she helps him sit up and works to untie the straight-jacket. She remarks that before she got there, she saw Helena outside his room was afraid it might be too late. He remarks to her it almost was but she (Alexis) has saved him.

Anna talks to Duke in her office and smirks about how he apparently sees Sonny as his hero to have pleaded guilty so that Duke did not have to take the rap for helping him get away with murder. She admits to Duke whatever the reason for why Sonny did this, she is glad he did this for Duke, although she clarifies, this does not change things between them. It does not change what he did. In response to that, Duke tells her what about what she did. He tells her he remembered when he got out of Pentonville, he got a very long voice mail message from Liesl Obrecht reminding him of what Anna did to Faison. As much as he does not want to listen to Obrecht, he happens to see Faison's files on Anna's desk. So, he tells Anna, it makes him wonder if Obrecht is telling the truth about what she alleges Anna did to Faison.

At Wyndemere, after Spencer hears Obrecht speak ill of Anna Devane, he protests that Anna is the grandma of the love of his life so he can't listen to anyone speak bad of her. Obrecht comments that Anna should not take the law into her own hands. She then asks Spencer to show her in and he announces her as the “love of beetle-juice's life”. She greets her daughter and Nikolas. When Britt acknowledges her mother, Spencer seems to have forgotten that this woman is Britt's mother. Nikolas reminds his son of when he last met her mother at the engagement party a while back. Spencer then reflects what he remembers on that night when he heard Uncle Luke plotting against Uncle Sonny.

At the jail, knowing Carly's concerns about his being there given his situation, he tells her she need not worry about his medication or his symptoms. She tells him she can see he is not telling her everything. He tells her that all he is going through is a cake walk compared to losing Michael.

At the Quartermaine house, Sam tells Michael she heard what went down regarding Sonny and AJ and knows how hard this must be for him. He tells her he's just glad that AJ's real killer finally got caught. She tells him she's there for him if he needs anything. He tells her it was good to see her and Danny and tells her they are welcome to join him and his family for Thanksgiving. She thanks him for the invitation but tells him she is going to spend Thanksgiving with Patrick, Elizabeth and “Jake”. Hearing that, Michael remembers that he met the mysterious guy named Jake at the hospital and found “significance” in the fact that he heard that Jake was recovering from a brain injury. Sam and Michael both reflect on their “deja-vu” thoughts and feelings about Elizabeth's new friend, Jake.

At Elizabeth's home, when Jake gets the door and sees Helena, not having a clue who she is or knowing she is not welcome in Elizabeth's home, he introduces himself. She graciously comes inside yet does not tell him who she is. When asked, she tells him she is an old family friend. She asks where are Elizabeth and “those sweet boys”. He replies Elizabeth is in the kitchen getting dinner ready and intends to go find her to let her know her “guest” is there. Yet Helena obviously wants to talk to him alone and remain unseen and unknown by Elizabeth. She asks him to tell him about himself. He observes her and remarks she “looks a bit familiar” but informs her he's “a bit memory-challenged”. He finds it odd that this woman has not revealed her name and wants to hide from Elizabeth. He then goes inside to inform Elizabeth about the unidentified woman in the other room and, at that point, Helena knows to disappear before Elizabeth can figure out she was there.

When Alexis unties Luke in his padded cell, he remarks the only reason he's not dead is he was able to persuade Helena not to kill him by asserting that he can still be valuable to “this maniac” who has taken his life.

Anna admits to Duke that what Obrecht is accusing her of is true. She asks him if he does not believe Faison deserved it after what he did to Robin and after what he did to Duke as well. He tells her he does not need to be reminded of that but he can see that regarding bringing Faison to justice, she clearly did not trust the system any more than he did regarding Julian Jerome. So can't she see that his joining forces with Sonny to take the law into their own hands with Julian is no different than she and Robert taking the law into their own hands with Faison?

While visiting Sonny in jail, Carly hesitates, but admits to Sonny that Michael moved out of his apartment and is staying at the Quartermaine's house. She informs her ex that she went to visit their son there and he threw her out. She clarifies to Sonny that Michael is not merely visiting his other family for Thanksgiving. He now lives there.

At the Quartermaine's, after Sam and Danny leave and Michael is alone, Larry comes in and talks. He asks if that was not Dr. Drake's wife he just saw walk out the door. Michael clarifies that was Sam. She's Jason's widow and she is not married to Patrick. Hearing that and remembering hearing otherwise from Patrick and Sam when they spied upon him at the bank, Larry notes that that is very odd.

At Wyndemere, Obrecht instructs Spencer to take her “delicious noodle dish” which he's never heard of, to the cook and to put her coat away. Hearing that, the boy is baffled and remarks that they have “people to do that”. Nikolas then instructs his son to just do that Spencer leaves the room. As soon as she is alone with her daughter, Obrecht wastes no time asking if she has spoken to Agent Sloane about getting justice for Cesar. Britt tells her mother this is not the time or the place and she needs to give it a rest although her mom protests to her that it is “not fair” that while they are inside in a warm house enjoying a lovely dinner, surrounding by family, Britt's father is out there somewhere hungry, alone and cold. Unknown to everyone, Cesar Faison stands outside Nikolas' home and observes them as they commiserate inside.

In response to Duke's observation that what he and Sonny are doing with Julian is no different than what she and Robert did with Faison, she tells him it's completely different. He asks her how that is. She tells him that his giving Sonny an alibi had nothing to do with Julian and everything to do with letting Sonny get away with murder. He lied to her face to protect his boss. He tells her she lied to him no differently with the secret she and Robert kept from him and he finds that the height of hypocrisy in how she gets the idea she's on such a higher moral ground than he is. He tells her there is no difference between their respective actions. They both did wrong things for right reasons so now they are on “level ground”. So, he tells her, assuming he can find it in his heart to forgive her, can she forgive him?

Sonny assesses what he just heard from Carly about Michael moving into the Quartermaines when she reminds him she can still remember the night when Sonny showed up there to take her and Michael out of there after he was born when AJ was holding her captive. She swore her son would never go back there and now he is choosing it for himself. Sonny rationalizes it makes sense that when Michael is going through a rough time, he'd want to be surrounded by family. She then admits to Sonny that she is afraid to tell him the rest of this on a day like today but he urges her to just say it. She then informs him that Michael has now signed official papers changing his name from Michael Corinthos III to Michael Quartermaine.

At the Quartermaine house, Larry observes the document Michael signed and remarks he sees he's making it official by changing his name and tells him he thinks that's a good plan. He then asks Michael how his beautiful girlfriend is. Michael replies he and Kiki have broken up and is confused as to how or why Larry would know anything about Kiki, having never met her. Tracy and Ned enter the room. She asks her son where his girlfriend, Alexis is, having thought she'd grace them with her presence tonight. He replies Alexis will not be joining them for dinner. She appeared to have a previous engagement.

When Alexis is working to remove Luke's straight-jacket, Julian stands outside the door trying to make himself scarce. Luke tells her he may sound crazy but there is someone running around Port Charles wearing his face. She remarks it's crazy all right. She heard all about it when Julian told her, as she motions to him while he stands outside the door. Luke turns to see Julian, is not happy to see him, asks if he knows about the Luke imposter and immediately concludes that he knows Julian was in on it.

Cesar Faison continues to stand outside the window of Nikolas' house observing the people inside. Nathan enters. His mom, sister and Nikolas all greet and welcome him. He remarks he realizes he has a lot of work to do for the department currently but Anna told him he needed to take the holiday off and spend it with family. Hearing that, Obrecht angrily tells her son he should not be taking orders from that woman. In fact, he should be arresting her and asks if he has any idea what Anna did to Britt's father. Right when it appears Faison is ready to enter through the back of Nikolas' home, Helena comes out unexpectedly, takes him aside and tells him she “wouldn't do that if she were him.”

At Elizabeth's home, Jake/Jason brings her into the living room where Helena was staying only minutes ago but is startled to see that she has disappeared, unexpectedly without a trace. Elizabeth does not make the connection as to who this woman could be and considers that maybe Jake/Jason “imagined” it. He tells her he is not imagining anything. He will prove it to her. She could not have gotten far. He rushes to the front door but is “struck” when he sees Sam at the door. He smiles at her and she smiles back.

At Miscavige, Luke furiously tells Julian when he gets his hands on him, he will bash Julian's head against something hard. Julian admits it's true he's in on what the fake Luke did to him and the fact the Fluke has taken his life, but the important thing, he tells Luke, is that Luke is getting out of there. Luke tells him no. The important thing is that Luke strangles him. As Alexis continues to attempt to unfasten Luke's straight-jacket, she tells Julian she thinks Luke means it and maybe he should go. Julian tells Alexis he is not leaving her there although they both tell him he needs to get out of there. Julian, then agrees but tells Alexis he will make sure she gets out of there ok and tells Luke, for what it's worth, this is not something he wanted to do. The Fake Luke shot Lucas, Julian informs him. Hearing that, Luke is furious to find out that The Fluke endangered his family.

When Jake/Jason sees Sam at the door and stares at her stunned, she asks if he remembers her when he met her and her little boy. He confirms he did. Elizabeth greets her and invites her inside and comments to Sam that her post-brain surgery amnesiac friend is doing ok but informs her that he “thought he saw someone” as Jake/Jason looks all around outside stunned not only by the mysterious visit and departure of Helena, but also by Sam.

At the jail, after Carly drops the bomb shell upon Sonny that Michael has disowned not only them but the name both of them, as well as Jason gave him and his now living with the Quartermaines and declaring them as the only family he has, she can see he is devastated. They talk about how their kids are the best of them in spite of all the problems they have and the mistakes they've had. He reflects that although Michael did not have his blood, he always had Sonny's heart. Now there is nothing left in Michael that is his and he now has no ties to his son.

At the Quartermaines, while Michael, Tracy and Ned are assembled in the kitchen, Olivia drops by to greet them all with a large box of cannoli, as she admits she's surprised although not disappointed that Alexis is not there with Ned. Not far behind, Dante and Lulu enter with Rocco. Lulu asks her step-mother if she's heard any word from Patrick and Sam about the mystery of whether Faison manufactured the Luke mask for the Fluke or where the real Luke is. She takes Lulu and Dante aside and informs them she has not yet told Ned that it appears his father is in cahoots with Jerry Jacks and she has yet to find out the mystery of where Luke is. Dante admits to Tracy, to make matters worse, it appears Faison is still on the loose.

When Helena catches Faison spying outside Nikolas' home and ready to walk in, she asks him if he's forgotten that they have a job to do and tells him instead of walking into the open arms of the police, he needs to do things her way.

Inside, Nathan asks if it's true that the Commissioner had Faison imprisoned in a cell in Wyndemere as Obrecht has told him. Britt and Nikolas confirm it's true. Obrecht comments it's “vigilante justice” that is barbaric. Nathan comments that he respects Anna and knows she must have had her reasons.

Anna tells Duke she realizes he is upset by her secrecy but still refuses to believe that her actions are comparable to his. He then tells her she obviously has the idea that she is always right and he is wrong She protests when she put Faison in that hole, she was protecting the people she loves from a madman. Whereas when he gave Sonny an alibi, he was protecting Sonny from a murder charge. She concludes to Duke she does not think she can have a relationship with him anymore. He then tells her he accepts her decision and tells her there is something she should know. Before he left Pentonville, Sonny came by and asked Duke to run his business while he's in prison and he informs her that he accepted. She then tells him she assumes he won't simply be doing “coffee exports”. He tells Anna he does not have to disclose that information to her and is simply telling her that out of simple courtesy. And, so he tells her, it looks like the two of them are going to be “in a relationship” whether she likes it or not.

At the Quartermaine house, Dante concludes that the cops have an APB on Faison although he realizes there hasn't been any progress but he does not want to spend the time worrying about Faison or Jerry and would prefer to enjoy this day with his family. He goes to talk to Michael who is alone outside. He asks his brother if he is ok. Michael tells him he's better now that Sonny is in prison. Dante acknowledges that their mutual dad is paying for his crime. Michael tells his brother it's too bad that Carly does not have to accept the same consequences and has gotten away with her crime.

In the jail, Carly tells Sonny she is so sorry and wishes there was something she could do to make this better. He tells her what he wants is for her to go home and be with her family. She tells him he is her family too.

Alexis finally removes Luke's straight-jacket and tells him she needs to get him to a hospital for medical care although he firmly raises objections about being in another institution. She tells him in that case, they have to contact the cops and do something about this.

Outside of Wyndemere, Faison asks Helena why she was unable to “catch Jason Morgan”. She tells him she tried but had no choice except to flee when that “annoying little twit”, Elizabeth Weber got in the way. He tells her she failed to complete the task so maybe she needs to deal with her own problems instead of getting into his business. She warns him to be careful reminding him they do not want their plans going up in smoke.

Inside the Wyndemere house, Spencer enters and happily greets Nathan with high fives and asks how things are going with Maxie and if Nathan finally found a way to be with her. Nathan replies unfortunately not. Spencer then tells him he “feels him” as he reflect that he is also failing to win back the “woman he loves”.

Emma rushes into Elizabeth's house with Patrick not far behind her as he carries Danny. Patrick greets Jake and introduces him to his daughter and again we see the “unexplained connection” Jake has to Danny as the little guy smiles and runs up to Jake and he holds Danny, just as if they know each other.

At the Quartermaine house, Monica comes out of the kitchen and announces that their cook has suddenly gotten some unknown illness and since she taste-tested everything and they don't know what she has, they cannot eat the food she has prepared for Thanksgiving. They all then wonder what they are going to do until Alice comes into the room carrying a big load of boxed food for everyone, saving the day. They then sing their song as we see Sonny returning to his holding cell after Carly leaves him alone and guard escorts her out. We see Anna lone in her office taking the picture of herself and Duke off the shelf and putting it away in her desk drawer.

At Wyndemere, all the people are gathered together for Thanksgiving dinner. When they all gather in the room and Obrecht returns to the living room alone, Cesar Faison enters when he knows nobody will see him except the only person who will welcome him there.

Everyone sits down to eat at Elizabeth's table.


At the Quartermaine house, everybody is ready to dig in except Michael who loses his appetite thinking of his missing father. As he retires to his room, Monica saves a pie for him for later. Unexpectedly, Alexis enters. They remark they thought she wasn't going to make it and hadn't planned on her being there. She tells them she knows. However, she thought it might be very important for them to see “someone”. Right behind her, Luke appears! They all see that it's really him. Tracy looks adoringly at her husband, no longer questioning who he is or his love for her and he winks back at her confirming he is back. Lulu welcomes her father back and is grateful to have him safe and sound and in her life and they all welcome the Luke Spencer they know and love.

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