GH Update Tuesday 11/25/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/25/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Duke had been taken to the visiting room at Pentonville. He asked the guard if Anna was his visitor. “Wrong side of the law, buddy” the guard replied, as Sonny walked in. Duke revealed that Scott offered him a deal, which Duke turned down. Duke assured Sonny that he hadn't and wouldn't turn against him. Sonny replied that there wasn't going to be a trial. Sonny had plead guilty in exchange for getting the charges against Carly dropped. Duke didn't understand why Sonny didn't fight. Sonny replied that someone had to go down for this. Sonny added that Duke had been a good and loyal friend. Sonny had gotten the charges against Duke dropped too, and Duke would be released today. Duke was grateful.

Sonny asked Duke to take over his business. Sonny knew he could be in Pentonville a long time, and he didn't want to lose his territory to the Jeromes. He also wanted to retain his connections and use them to find Ava's baby. Duke asked why Sonny didn't ask Shawn. Sonny felt that Shawn had a full plate running security. Sonny pointed out that Duke had previous experience running Port Charles, and he didn't think anyone would be better at keeping the Jeromes at bay.

Sonny admitted that he was asking a lot and that this would pit Duke against Anna. Duke was convinced that Anna would never take him back so he didn't think it mattered. Duke agreed to take over the business, temporarily, until Sonny could take the reins. Sonny admitted that he wasn't sure he'd ever get out of prison. The guard returned and told Duke he was free to go.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael looked at the petition to change his last name from Corinthos to Quartermaine. His pen hovered above the signature line, and he looked up at a picture of himself with AJ. Carly entered the room and wished Michael a happy Thanksgiving. Michael was unhappy to see her there. Carly wanted to talk with Michael and explain her side of the story, but Michael threatened to call the cops if Carly didn't leave. Carly was confident that Michael wouldn't call the cops on her. Michael grumbled that it wouldn't do any good to call the cops; Carly would just worm her way out of those charges, too. Michael was annoyed that the charges against Carly had been dropped. Carly quietly said she was sorry he didn't get his wish. Michael noted that Carly had been rewarded for helping a mafia don cover up a murder. Michael added that she did something for the boss, and he repaid her. Carly replied that Michael's father wasn't her boss. “Don't call him my father,” Michael spat.

Carly explained that she had no idea Sonny would sacrifice himself and that she'd been willing to face the consequences of her actions. A skeptical Michael pointed out that she plead guilty. Carly replied that she was following Diane's orders. “Oh the hell with that! In your mind, you didn't do anything wrong,” Michael yelled. Carly insisted that she felt terrible that AJ was dead and that she kept the secret because there was no other way to handle it. Michael argued that she kept she secret to protect Sonny. Carly admitted this was true, but she told Michael that it was mainly about protecting Michael. Carly stood by her actions and told Michael she'd make the same choices if she had to do it all over again. Michael felt that this was because Carly was a horrible, deceitful person. Carly replied that she did it because she didn't want Michael to lose the man who raised him, the man who loved him more than life. Michael snapped that he couldn't have a relationship with his father's murderer. Carly insisted that Sonny was as much Michael's father as she was his mother. Michael spat that he didn't want anything to do with either of them.

He told Carly that when he looked at Sonny, he saw the man who hung AJ from a meat hook and forced him to sign away his parental rights. “Don't you dare paint AJ as the victim here. He was not a saint” Carly snapped. Michael admitted that AJ made mistakes, and Carly clarified that AJ kidnapped Michael and faked his death. Michael argued that AJ was trying to get the child that Carly stole. Carly insisted that there was more to the story that Michael didn't understand. Michael interjected that Carly forced the Corinthos name on him. He shoved the petition at her and announced that he was doing something about it. Carly told Michael that Jason baptized him with that name because Carly wasn't around due to suffering from post partum depression and threats from AJ to take Michael away. Carly explained that the Quartermaines stormed the baptism and acted like Michael was their property and Carly had stolen him. Michael pointed out that Carly lied about who his father was. A tearful Carly touched Michael's face and said she did what she had to do to keep him. Carly added that her best friend gave Michael the first name he ever had. Michael told her that it wasn't his name and Sonny wasn't his father. Carly maintained that Sonny raised Michael to be the man Michael was. Michael pointed out that he'd been raised around bullets and bodyguards. Carly argued that Michael had a wonderful childhood, and Michael countered that he spent years in a coma. He wished that Carly had sent him off to military school to protect him the way she'd had for Morgan. Carly told Michael he could sign the papers but it wouldn't change who he was – Sonny's son. She warned him that he'd one day look back on this and consider it a big mistake. Michael pointed out that Sonny shot an unarmed man. Carly swore that Sonny regretted it the second it happened and that he'd been haunted by it because he never wanted to hurt Michael. Carly didn't think Michael would really sign the papers and give up Sonny's name. “Wanna bet?” Michael said, as he signed the form. Carly told Michael that he was a Quartermaine in name only. “In every way that counts,” Michael said. He asked Carly to leave so she didn't upset Monica.

Michael reminded Carly that she'd begged him not to look into AJ's murder because it would upset Monica. “You used my grieving grandmother to cover your ass” Michael spat. He told Carly he never wanted to be like her, then he ordered her to get out. She left. Michael's eyes filled with tears as he looked at his new signature on the form “Michael Quartermaine” then he walked over and looked at the picture of himself and AJ.

A guard let Carly into the Pentonville visiting room. Sonny brightened when he saw her walk in.

Jason/Jake was sleeping on Elizabeth's couch. He had a nightmare, and Liz walked up and placed her hand on his chest. Jake grabbed her wrist hard, then he woke up. He felt terrible for hurting Liz, but she assured him that she was fine and knew it was an accident. Liz asked if he remembered the nightmare. Jake didn't. Liz asked Jake if he was any good at carving turkey. She explained that she was hosting Thanksgiving dinner, and she asked Jake if he remembered it. Jake jokingly mentioned Santa Claus, then he admitted he did remember the holiday, but not who he used to spend it with. Jake came downstairs after a shower. He couldn't find his shirt and asked Liz if she'd seen it. Liz pulled it from a laundry basket, and Jake finished getting dressed. Liz asked if he was going to wear it to dinner, and Jake reminded her that it was the only shirt he owned. Liz smiled, and she handed Jake a box, which he opened. She'd bought him a dressier outfit. She explained that she chose the blue shirt because of his blue eyes. Jake thanked her, but he told her he couldn't accept the clothes. Liz insisted, so Jake went upstairs, then returned wearing the new outfit.

Alexis was at the police station. She called Sam and told her she had a work-related emergency and wouldn't be there for Thanksgiving dinner. Alexis had a flashback to Julian promising to take her to Luke if she got him out of the holding cell.

Anna was in her office reading the file about Faison. Alexis came in and asked Anna to release Julian. Anna admitted that she didn't understand why Alexis was helping Julian. Alexis replied that everyone was entitled to a defense. Alexis was certain that the police didn't have any evidence against Julian, since they'd held him for 48 hours without charging him. Anna made the call to get Julian released. As Alexis was leaving the office, Agent Sloane was coming in. Sloane greeted Alexis by name. She didn't know him, but he told her that her reputation as a litigator preceded her. Sloane asked if Anna had a minute. Anna was about to say no, but Sloane snapped that he was being polite. He told her that Faison's disappearance didn't get her and Robert off the hook for holding Faison captive and torturing him. Anna noted that Faison had escaped from every prison he'd been placed in. Anna hadn't been willing to risk that happening and having Faison target her family again, so she took matters into her own hands. Sloane pointed out that Faison still escaped, and Anna was to blame. Anna accused Sloane of impeding the search for Faison by appropriating her only witness – the WSB agent who worked as a Wyndemere stable boy. Anna thought that Sloane was more interested in placing blame than finding the terrorist. Sloane replied that the WSB agent/stable boy was being interrogated about everything, including Anna's level of involvement. Anna asked Sloane to leave. Sloane assured her that he took no pleasure in this and that it was very hard for him. He advised her to get her affairs in order, and he left. Duke walked into the office.

Alexis met up with Julian in the hallway. He thanked her for going to bat for him. Alexis clarified that she was doing this for Luke, not Julian. Julian asked if she said anything to Anna. Alexis hadn't because she realized Julian was right to be concerned that someone in the PCPD might tip off the people holding Luke. Alexis asked where Luke was. Julian told Alexis that he'd take her there. Alexis wondered if Julian didn't think she could handle herself. Julian assured her that he knew she could, but he explained that the people holding Luke wouldn't let Alexis in the door unless Julian was with her.

Helena went to Miscavige and woke Luke up. Luke, who was still groggy, assumed that he was hallucinating, since as far as he knew, Helena was dead. Luke told her that he'd shot her in the heart and watched her die. Helena chuckled and told Luke that she was resilient. She admitted Luke made a valiant effort to kill her, but she told him he'd underestimated her talent for survival. Helena stroked Luke's face to prove he was real. Luke wasn't convinced, so she leaned in to kiss him. Luke leapt up and rushed to the other side of the cell. He theorized that Helena was really Faison in a mask, but Helena insisted that she was really alive. She explained that she had too many plans to remain on the sidelines. Luke realized that she must be working with his look-a-like, and he asked her to tell him who his doppelganger really was. Helena was disappointed that a man as cunning as Luke hadn't figured it out, yet. Luke asked what she wanted. Helena replied that what she wanted wasn't the same as what must be done. Helena told Luke that his escape attempt changed everything. She pulled out a dagger, put the tip against Luke's chin and said that there couldn't be two Luke Spencers running around.

Julian and Alexis went to Miscavige. Alexis was surprised that Luke was being held there again. Julian clarified that Luke had never gotten rescued from the institute and that Julian's boss left Miscavige in Luke's place. Alexis was appalled when she realized Luke had been locked up for nearly a year. An orderly greeted Julian by name. Julian explained that he'd like to see his “friend” in private. The orderly handed Julian the keys, then Julian and Alexis headed for Luke's room. They ran into Helena, who greeted Alexis as “Natasha.” Alexis was dismayed to learn that Helena was alive. Helena wished she could slit Alexis's throat the way she had Alexis's mother's. Julian warned Helena to back off. Helena guessed that Julian must be another one of Alexis's suitors. Helena told Alexis to tell her daughters that she (Helena) said hi, then she left. Julian asked who that was. Alexis didn't respond, and Julian urged her to talk to him. Alexis reminded Julian that her mother was her father's mistress. She explained that Helena was the scorned wife. Alexis and Julian entered Luke's cell and saw something surprising.

Sam was pleased when Patrick dropped by her place. He asked her if she had figured out whether the blueprints Larry Ashton had stashed in his safe deposit box were for a Luke mask. Sam wasn't sure yet. Patrick suggested that they ask Julian, and Sam explained that Julian was unreachable at the moment. Patrick didn't want to keep Sam away from her Thanksgiving plans, so he decided to leave. Sam revealed that it was just her and Danny because Alexis was working and Molly was with TJ. Sam figured she could go to Nikolas and Britt's celebration, but she wasn't thrilled about spending the holiday with Obrecht. Patrick invited Sam to spend the holiday with him at Liz's house. Sam didn't really want to go, but Patrick refused to take no for an answer. He called Liz and asked if Sam and Danny could join them. Liz said yes. After Patrick hung up, he told Sam she was doing him a favor by coming to Liz's. He was concerned about the stranger living in Liz's house and he wanted Sam to use her P.I. skills to get a sense of who Jake was.

Liz went to check on dinner, while Jake tried to fit two more place settings onto the table. The doorbell rang, and Jake answered it. It was Helena.

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