GH Update Monday 11/24/14

General Hospital Update Monday 11/24/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Molly is alone in Sam's apartment opening a book when she notices an envelope in the book. There's a knock on the door. She opens it and sees TJ and wonders why he did not return her text. He then breaks down crying in her arms while she consoles him.

At the docks, Shawn gives a secret informant a “little something” while he asks him to see if he hears anything. After the guy leaves, Jordan appears and informs Shawn she's been looking all over for him. He informs her that he's been looking all over for Ava's baby, trying to do everything he can for Sonny but it appears the cops have their hands full.

At Windermere, after Anna opens the secret doorway hatch in the floor and informs Obrecht and Sloane that Cesar Faison is alive somewhere down there, Obrecht frantically searches with her flash light but does not see or hear him and declares it's empty and there is no one down there. Britt and Nikolas help her look and he declares that Obrecht is right. Nobody is there. Sloane asks Anna if she cares to explain. She replies that is impossible. Nikolas concludes if Faison was there, he's gone now.

At the Quartermaine house, Lulu and Tracy wait to hear word from Sam and Patrick on what they may have found out regarding the mystery of Lord Larry Ashton, Jerry Jacks and Luke Spencer. She finally gets a text from them as she awaits the verdict with her step mother.

As Alexis visits Julian in his holding cell, he tells her someone else “took Luke's place”. She asks if that means there are “two Luke Spencers”

As it appears the real Luke is ready to break free and escape from Miscavige. The Fake Luke (Fluke) stands outside the door of his padded cell, catches him, points a gun at him and tells him he wouldn't do that if he were him. He smirks remarking the “irony” that he “is him”. The Fake Luke remarks he's been up to no good, attempting to escape and comments that he's “so close” to succeeding. But “no cigar”.

On the docks, Jordan admits to Shawn that she now understands things a little better regarding why he and Sonny are not exactly “sympathetic” toward Ava, after learning that Ava killed Connie Falconeri. She tells him however, regardless of what kind of a person Ava is, she is still a mother who has lost her child, as she remarks, she herself can't help but feel the same thing is happening to her.

At Sam's, TJ informs Molly that last night, Shawn and his mom came clean with him about many things. They confessed that they were sleeping together behind his dad's back before he was born. Hearing that, she is shocked and asks if he is saying that Shawn is his dad.

Julian explains to Alexis that this “counterfeit” of Luke Spencer is the one whom he is working for. That's his boss. She tells him “let's just say” that she is buying this story. Who is he and what is his name? He tells her he does not know and she does not believe him and gets up to leave. He tells her, however, after he's had a chance to tell her the whole story, she will believe everything.

Sam and Patrick return to the Quartermaine house and explain to Tracy and Lulu that they found Larry and he saw them but was not aware that they got their hands on the safe deposit box. Tracy demands to know what happened. Sam explains that they found the locked box and she opened it and they didn't quite find out the answers they've needed all this while about Luke. Tracy angrily demands to know what, if anything, they found. Sam then tells them she found a flash drive and a picture of Faison.

When Anna shows Sloane, Obrecht, Britt and Nikolas the place where she and Robert secretly kept Faison, she is horrified and worried to see that when it appeared impossible for Faison to escape, he did in fact do so. She's very worried not having a clue where Cesar Faison went or where he could be now.

The mysterious and anonymous “Fluke” who looks just like Luke Spencer corners and taunts the real Luke about his near success in being a Houdini. He smirks and tells him he better get back in his cage before the Fluke shoots him and he never sees Tracy or his miserable off-spring. The real Luke demands he gets out and takes that cheap imitation of Luke's face with him. The Fluke tells him it's hardly a “cheap imitation”. He tells the real Luke it's been 6 months since he's been gone and it's become necessary for the real Luke Spencer to disappear. He declares that “he” is back now, ready to resume “his” old life. Or, Fluke asks if he should say “Luke's” old life.

On the docks, Jordan declares to Shawn that she hates what they did to TJ even though she realizes they had to own up to what they did. She tells him she could feel her son's heart breaking when he found out that Shawn had to kill Thomas in self-defense. Shawn admits he knows TJ is upset and has not returned his calls yet he knows where TJ is.

TJ answers Molly's question that Jordan and Shawn ran a DNA test and confirmed that his dad was his dad and not Shawn. She still has not heard the whole story so he tells her that he found out for the first time that when his dad found out about Shawn's and Jordan's secret affair, he came after Shawn and tried to shoot him and Shawn felt he had no choice except to kill Thomas in self-defense or be killed by him. So Shawn shot his dad. He is also devastated, he tells Molly, to have heard his mom and Shawn talk about how messed up and violent his father was when he always saw Thomas as a hero.

Julian explains to Alexis that he spent years in the witness protection program. And one day, a strange guy came up to him, introduced himself and informed Julian that he is also in the witness protection program. He told Julian his name was Peter Caspin. That turned out to be an alias. And this guy told Julian he also used to live in Port Charles. He admits that he found out this guy had money and got into partnership with him to create the Wells company as a cover. He tells her his ultimate goal was to rebuild the Jerome family into something beyond what his father could imagine and to make sure the Jeromes were “back on top”. Alexis listens, follows and asks what was done in order to make that happen. Julian replies they determined they had to take Port Charles away from Sonny. He then tells her that when he and “this Caspin guy” were on their way back to Port Charles, he informed Julian there is a guy who “looks just like” he does.

Back at the Miscavige cell, The Fluke explains to the real Luke that he has been keeping himself “incognito” and kept in hiding for months now. He further explains to Luke that he came up with a good plan to answer the question of where Luke is by informing the people of Port Charles that Luke Spencer got kidnapped by Jerry Jacks, as he asks Luke if he “remembers” Jerry. Does Luke remember that Jerry suffered polonium poisoning with Luke? Jerry needed Luke's blood to keep him alive and then Luke pushed him off the roof of The Metro Court, The Fluke reminds him. He knew how to make Jerry Jacks re-appear right when Tracy was desperately searching for her husband. Fluke informs Luke it worked like a charm when Tracy was willing to hand over many shares of ELQ stock in order to get her husband back. But, he tells Luke, he and Jerry were “very naughty”. They did not give Tracy back the “husband” she thought they promised her. They gave her a different one.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy demands Sam tells her what that troll Faison, has to do with her husband. Lulu also asks what that has to do with Larry on the phone to Jerry talking about “dealing with their Luke Spencer problem”. Sam explains they assumed that Larry's trip to find the safe deposit box had something to do with the answer to that question. Patrick adds, instead, they found the flash drive and the picture of Faison. Lulu then asks the question everybody wonders but cannot answer: What does Faison have to do with the problem of finding her father?

At the Wyndermere meeting ground, Obrecht furiously confronts Anna about how she expects anybody to believe what she says about Cesar being in that filthy hole. Nikolas reminds her it's not like it's the first time Faison has escaped confinement. Anna protests that she is telling the truth. Britt raises the question of how her “father” could have made it out of Steinmauer if he's not accounted for. Anna concludes that he made it out of Steinmauer with Obrecht's help.

On the docks, Jordan tells Shawn even if TJ is accounted for by staying with Molly, she still has no assurance that her son is alright. She wants to see him. He tells her that he would prefer just a little “alone time” with TJ. Maybe he can get back on track with him and he will contact her. He then leaves. Alone, she reflects upon the conversation where TJ revealed he was devastated to find out that the two of them slept together and Shawn killed his father. Jordan sees and hears someone greet her.

TJ tells Molly that all he believed throughout his life that his dad was a hero who served and died for his country was all a lie. Now that he finds out his dad was some psycho who snapped changes everything. She tells him she understands all too well when Julian said all those outrageous things about her father.

In Julian's holding cell, he admits to Alexis when he found out his boss looked just like Luke, he asked if they were twins and the guy told him many people in the witness protection program get their looks altered. She asks if the guy got plastic surgery. Julian admits he didn't actually tell him that but that is what Julian assumed. He does not know exactly how or why this guy had Luke's face but he told Julian his face would allow him to take over ELQ. He tells her that is exactly what triggered his boss to become a monster. When he tried and failed to take ELQ, he became more and more brutal. And, Julian reveals to her, unfortunately, that was right about the time he started falling in love with her. He finally determined he wanted to be legit, be a normal person and have a family. That was the time, he met face-to-face with the mysterious guy and told him he wanted out to be with Alexis. And the guy retaliated by having Julian's son shot. Alexis then remember when that happened Julian told her it was Ric Lansing who ordered the hit on Lucas. She now knows that he lied to her about that.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy demands to see what is on the flash drive and if it has information of what Larry or Jerry have to do with that Scandinavian garden gnome, Faison. Sam then gets to a computer to reveal what she downloaded from the flash drive onto her phone. We then see a picture of Faison on the computer screen. Lulu and Tracy then come by and forward the contents of the flashdrive to see information about how Faison escaped from Steinmauer. The information says he later resurfaced to Port Charles. And now his current whereabouts is Wyndermere on Spoon Island.

Anna confronts Obrecht telling her there is no way Faison would have escaped from Steinmauer without her. Obrecht demands she not turn this around on her. Anna tells Obrecht she knows she found he way into a maximum security facility She remembers when Obrecht went to find Robin disguised as Anna. And that would have given her plenty of opportunity to contact Faison and enable him to escape. Sloane then admits he's confused as are all the others. Yet they all know that it's indisputable that Faison is on the loose somewhere and God only knows where he is, what he is doing or whom he is tormenting.

At Miscavige, The Fluke informs the real Luke that Jerry “delivered” “that old dinosaur”, Larry Ashton to Tracy. Luke asks why on earth Tracy would let Larry back into her life. The Fluke replies maybe because Larry appeared to be a victim. He continues to taunt and torture Luke by explaining that since “they” have been gone so long, “their” wife has “needs”. So Larry has been there to fulfill them while he lives high on the hog off of the Quartermaines. Luke then angrily confronts him that Larry is no more a Lord than the Fluke is the real Luke. He is a waste of flesh. The only good thing Larry ever gave her was Ned. The man is a first class phony. Luke then demands to know what Ashton has to do with this and if The Fluke is Larry Ashton.

At the Wyndermere location, Anna concludes she needs to put out an APB on Faison. He needs to be apprehended and arrested. Obrecht tells her the only person who should be arrested her (Anna). Sloane then concludes that nobody is going to be arrested, although he walks over to address Anna and says the word “yet” as he asks her when she last knew that Faison was at this location. When she hesitates to answer, he tells her it's a simple question and asks her when she, herself, last laid eyes on Cesar Faison. She replies a year ago. Obrecht then lashes out to physically attack Anna and the others pull them apart.

When Patrick, Sam and Lulu wonder if Cesar Faison might still be at large, Tracy concludes that the information on the flash drive has to be out-dated. Anna Devane arrested him and he would have to now be in the maximum security penitentiary in Switzerland. She tells them she does not want to waste time and only wants to know evidence that might tell her something about Luke. The flash drive reveals what appeared to be the fake Duke Lavery mask that Faison wore to scam Anna into believing he was Duke before Duke came back to her.

The Fluke tells Luke he's mistaken to assume that he is Larry yet Luke has not gotten an answer and wonders why The Fluke is revealing just about everything to him except who he really is. The Fluke asks why, if he's Larry Ashton, he would have Luke's face? Luke replies plastic surgery. Or, Luke suggests, as he remembers, it could be one of those high-tech masks like Cesar Faison wore. For the first time, we see Fluke looking like he might have lost his confidence that he will succeed in his plan to fool everyone.

When Sam, Patrick, Lulu and Tracy notice the Duke mask on the computer, Tracy remembers it. Sam remembers Faison wore the mask when he killed Jason. Lulu remembers her dad said it was developed by the WSB and how complex the technology is. Patrick is also examining the validity of the theory with his medical expertise. Tracy however, tells them it's another dead-end remembering Robert Scorpio threw hot oil on the phony mask Faison wore and it melted. Sam, however, finds out that there was Blueprint for Undisclosed Mask and concludes that apparently “someone” was interested in making another mask. Tracy asks if that would be of Duke Lavery. Sam answers no. Someone else. Lulu looks at the computer screen and asks just whose face they are making a mask of as the computer screen shows only a silhouette of an unidentified person's face.

Molly tells TJ that after his dad was fighting in Afghanistan and then found out the two people he loved and trusted more than anyone betrayed him, it would be enough to push anyone over the edge. He tells her that does not change what happened. She tells him what happened does not change who he was as a man. She tells TJ the way his dad died does not define who he was any more than her dad's death defines who he was as a man. She assures him that his dad, just like hers' was a good father and a good man. Neither of them deserved to die and they should both be remembered for how they lived and not how they died.

Alexis reminds Julian that he told the police that Ric arranged the hit on Lucas. He admits he did. She reminds him they then raided Ric's hotel room and found the gun used for the hit. So, she asks, did Julian's boss put Ric up to doing this? Did he force Ric to shoot Lucas? Julian admits to her, for the first time, no. That is not what happened.

On the docks, the DEA Division Chief finds Jordan and reminds her they cannot be seen together. If any drug dealer sees them together, she is dead. He asks her why she is there hanging around with Corinthos' top gun instead of working to identify Julian Jerome's boss.

Julian tells Alexis it is true that his boss did get the money for his company through Barrett Enterprises instead of Ric. She then asks if the whole story about Ric being the man behind the scenes is not true. She asks him if he's telling her that Ric had no involvement in any of this and was innocent. Julian replies that is exactly what he is saying.

TJ admits to Molly she is right. He had good times and good years with his dad and that moment he had with Shawn, he was not himself. He asks her, however, how he is supposed to look Shawn in the face after Shawn betrayed his dad? If he sticks with Shawn, then he has betrayed his dad too, he tells her. There's a knock on the door. Molly opens the door to see Shawn. He asks if he can come in and tells TJ he and his mom were worried about him. He knows what he and Jordan did was wrong but TJ was like a son to him and he does not want to throw that away.

On the docks, Jordan tells her DEA boss she knows that Shawn is Sonny's right-hand man but he's a friend to her and her son. He tells her her personal life is her own concern and he's more interested in this investigation. She then tells him she tried to worm her way into Ava Jerome's life and got Ava to trust her and come very close to telling her whom hers' and Julian's boss was. But then things suddenly went off the rails with her baby. The DEA. Boss tells Jordan he now knows that she will have to find another way to get them their “mystery man”. Hearing that , she reminds him that undercover investigations take time. It can take years and what is the rush? He replies the rush is that they have an innocent man in witness protection who is waiting for their department (the DEA) to make it safe for him to come home.

Alexis furiously confronts Julian for having Ric framed for a crime he did not commit. He explains to her that his boss needed a fall guy and Ric fit the bill. She emotionally reminds him that Ric was killed while in custody after being framed and her daughter's father is dead because of him. He tells her he did not intend for that to happen and did not have a choice. She asks if he thinks he's ok for Ric to have rotted in prison. Julian tells her the boss told him if he did not go along with his plan, he would not stop with Lucas. He will kill her, Sam, Danny, Molly and everyone else that he loved. Hearing that, Alexis tells him no. He does not get to use them as an excuse. He tells her their lives were at stake so what was he supposed to do? She replies he calls the police. He tells the truth. You follow the law. That's what you do. You don't frame an innocent person! He tells her he hated what he did to Ric, to her and to Molly but he had to do that for them and their family and urges her to tell him she understands although it does not look that way.

At Wyndermere, Obrecht manages to cause Anna to almost choke as she demands to find out how Anna left Cesar stuck in a hole for the last year. Sloane then asks her if after she and Robert kept him stuck there, they never checked on him. Anna admits she stayed out of it and let Robert handle it while he arranged for Faison's “care”. Robert apparently found someone he trusted and that person got a job at Wyndermere, she explains. Hearing that, Nikolas demands to know what he just heard. Who on his staff is an undercover WSB agent? Anna replies he's a stable hand. That way he could come there without any suspicion and this person has been reporting to Robert while Faison was still in confinement. Sloane then concludes they need to talk to this guy who will hopefully have some answers since the Commissioner has none.

At the Quartermaine house, Sam studies the “blue print” silhouette of the mysterious person. Tracy reminds Patrick he is a neurosurgeon who should know something about a head. He tells her that brain surgery is easy compared to deciphering this mask. Tracy then concludes she believes that someone is making a mask of Luke.

At Miscavige, after Luke puts two and two together about the mask concocted by Cesar Faison, The Fluke asks him where he got that idea. Luke tells him he knows that Faison used WSB technology to develop duplication of Duke Lavery's face which fooled everyone for months. So, is this guy Larry Ashton disguised as Luke with the same “technology”? He, again, demands to know who this guy is. The Fluke replies he's the man who decides whether Luke lives or dies so Luke needs to think about that. He then gets up to leave.

On the docks, Jordan tells her boss she would like them all to “step it up”, as she would like to know the Jerome's crime boss as much as he does. He evades what she is saying and walks away, revealing he is just as helpless and clueless to come up with an answer to that question as everyone else is. She then follows him out the door and tells him she wants to end the flow of junk in Port Charles just like he does and wants her son to know that she is one of the good guys. She has been dreaming of that moment so that she can finally tell him who she really is.

Shawn asks TJ if he wants to go somewhere with him and work this out. TJ tells him he promised he would hang with Molly although she encourages TJ to give Shawn a chance, realize he's been good to him and not write him off. She assures him it will be ok and she loves him. He then opens the door and goes with Shawn. He thanks Molly for her support and the two guys leave together. Alone, Molly pulls out the letter that her dad, Ric Lansing, wrote her from prison right before he (allegedly) died.

At the holding cell, Alexis affirms to Julian that Molly needs to know her father is innocent. And she questions if he really has told her everything. She asks him where to find this “Luke” person. He tells her if she can get him out of there, he will take her to him.

Luke struggles to get out of the padded cell.

The stable hand at Wyndermere who works for Robert reveals himself to Sloane and looks like he might have some answers for Anna about what he and Robert did with Faison.

Larry returns to Tracy and Lulu suspecting nothing.

At Miscavige, Luke is determined to get out of the institution and make that imposter pay as he continues to demand to know who he is.

Someone holding a cigar appears to be Cesar Faison alone somewhere not far away from Port Charles.

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