GH Update Friday 11/21/14

General Hospital Update Friday 11/21/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Agent Sloane goes to Anna's office with Obrecht by his side and is ready to take action against her for the murder of Cesar Faison. She tells them, however, that they cannot and will not do that. The reason is Cesar Faison is still alive. Hearing that, Obrecht appears very disappointed that it appears Anna will not get arrested and charged with murder as she'd hoped. She tells Sloane that Anna is merely stalling in order to give herself time. She wants to arrange her flight to run from justice, she tells Sloane. Anna however, informs Obrecht that unlike her, she (Anna) does not run from anything or anybody. She declares that Faison is alive and she can prove that.

Spencer takes Emma into the Wyndemere horse stables to show her something although she warns him that they should be in school. He clarifies to her that only “townies” have to be in school, like Cameron. She tells him she is a “townie” also. However, he clarifies to her that Cameron's mom is “just a nurse” whereas Emma's dad is a brain surgeon. She tells him, however, that her dad will not be happy when he finds out she is there.

Patrick goes with Sam to the bank where Larry is ready to take money out of the safe deposit box. Patrick is concerned that they might not be any more successful breaking into this establishment than they were with WSB and Crichton Clark Clinic. Sam reminds him that she has a key to the safe deposit box. She tells him hopefully, when they open the device, they will get some answers to the mystery about Luke Spencer before Larry has a chance to see or know what they are doing. They only need to stall him and are counting upon Lulu and Ned to keep Larry busy and prevent him from getting there before they have their chance to do what they need to do.

When Larry and Tracy are having breakfast and he is ready to leave, Lulu enters. He assumes she is a servant but Tracy clarifies that this is her step-daughter. Doesn't he recognize her? Lulu tells him he is not going anywhere until he provides her with the answers she needs about her father.

Alexis goes to see Julian in his holding cell in jail after Lucas has told her that his father has something very important to tell her and needs her help. She asks Julian what his big secret is. He hesitates to tell her the “truth” that he knows about Luke Spencer.

The hospital staff at Miscavige take care of Luke who is being held prisoner behind a closed door in a padded cell.

After Anna declares she cannot get charged with murder because she did not kill Faison, Obrecht emotionally asks her why she keeps lying after all she has put her through regarding this. Can't she just admit she killed Cesar? Anna replies she will not because she did not. Obrecht tells Sloane that he must know that Anna is lying and misleading them. She is manipulating him, Obrecht tells him, and he needs to see that. Sloane then asks Anna to tell him what he needs to know regarding the disappearance of Cesar Faison. Anna then explains it was right about a year ago when she and Robert confronted Cesar at the stables in Wyndemere right on Spoon Island.

At the Wyndemere stables, Spencer asks Emma to relax and not worry about breaking rules or skipping school. He tells her she has been listening to Cameron and “playing goodie goodie” with him for too long and he assures her if she gets into trouble for skipping school, he will take the rap. He has something to show her that is more important than that, he tells her.

While Alexis goes to visit Julian in jail, he evades telling her the reason Lucas wanted her to visit him and talks about how he wants to protect his son (the very reason he is afraid to reveal the secret about “Luke” to anyone). She tells him if he wants legal representation, he needs to look elsewhere. She reminds him that Ava is wanted for Connie Falconeri's murder. And he is a suspect in hiding evidence from the police so she has washed her hands to him. He then clarifies to her that the very reason he wants to talk to her is because he's finally made the decision to no longer hide secrets and is now ready to tell her everything.

When Sam and Patrick go to the bank where Larry has the safe deposit box, a female bank employee meets them while she believes they are opening an account in a safe deposit box and assumes they are a newly married couple. She congratulates them and tells them she needs to see their IDs. She goes through the paperwork while they are a bit concerned that they might be found out. She then confirms that she is ready to do what they ask and seems to suspect nothing. When she leaves them alone in a room, Sam tells Patrick they are “ready to get started”.

At the Quartermaine house, Lulu tells Larry that she does not believe his story of knowing nothing about her father or of Jerry Jacks. He continues to deny it. Tracy then tells her step-daughter that she'd like to find Lulu's father as much as Lulu would but she doubts that this loser is going to be of any help to them. Lulu then gets Larry to talk more, suggesting that maybe he knows her father under different circumstances. Luke uses aliases all the time, she tells him. She shows him a camera picture of Luke and asks if he's sure that he's never met this man.

At Miscavige, Luke is given sedatives. He pretends to take them and appears sufficiently sedated but as soon as the staff member leaves him alone in the room, he spits out the pill behind the bed to join a bunch of others, revealing he's not as sedated and helpless as he appears.

Anna explains to Sloane that it was right before Patrick and Sabrina's wedding. She had finally found her daughter, Robin and found out that was the leverage Faison had on her and Robert. Yet he tried to escape. He took with him two hostages; Nikolas Cassadine and Luke Spencer. She and Robert tracked him to the stables and distracted him long enough to free the hostages and they were ready to return him to the Steinmauer prison. Obrecht then furiously tells Anna she murdered Obrecht's beloved Cesar. Anna then looks squarely at Obrecht, reminding her of all the tormenting and stalking that man has done to her and her family throughout all these years and how she (Anna) so much wanted to end him. Yet she and Robert came up with another plan.

When Larry sees the picture of Luke on Lulu's phone, he admits that he has seen a photograph of this man right by Tracy's bed. Tracy then demands to know where else she has seen him. He somehow knows that Tracy was in Amsterdam and may have been stoned on marijuana when she was last there looking for Luke.

Alone in the room with the safe deposit boxes, Sam appears to have found the one that Patrick needs. She is confident she can get it opened although she has not yet done so.

Alexis tells Julian that she is not impressed and cannot trust what he tells her now because of all the times she's wanted to believe him but has found out she cannot. He tells her he realizes she has no reason to trust or believe him but he is finally coming clean and he will be able to prove that to her. He tells her he loves her and his life would be so much better with her in. He cannot imagine his future without her so he is ready to tell her the truth about his business.

Spencer takes Emma to his favorite hiding place in the stables. He tells her this is where he went the night of his father's engagement party, right when his heart was broken after Emma dumped him for Cameron. She asks him what is the secret about his place. He tells her this is where he overheard and spied upon Luke Spencer privately talking to Julian.

Luke remembers the “flashback” of the guy who looks just like him whom everybody suspects, telling Luke that he cannot fight his imposter because Luke's brain is like a soft over-cooked plate of broccoli and that he (the real Luke) is helpless. The real Luke then struggles to stand up although his arms are bound by a straight jacket. He crushes the sedative pills with his feet and looks like he is determined to set himself free. He struggles to clear his mind and do what he needs to do to get out of there and to find out why he's there in the first place. He then remembers Fluke visiting him for the first time since he was sent to the padded cell. He tries to figure out if that guy who looks just like him was really there or merely a hallucination in his mind from all the drugs. He then remembers this guy gloating about how weak and helpless he is, identifying him as the real Lucas Lorenzo Spencer and admitting that he, himself is not. The real Luke is then determined to find out who this mysterious person really is. He tells him he will find out who he is and then make him pay as he furiously stands up and yells.

In the jail, Julian tells Alexis he realizes he has hid the truth from her but asks her if she remembers the night of Nikolas and Britt's engagement party. She must remember when he got the mysterious text which he told her was from his business associate. It was the guy who was financing his organization and yes, he did slip out to meet with this guy in the stables. Alexis then remembers that Tracy informed her that he went out to meet with Luke but when she confronted him with that, he denied it. He tells her “technically” that was the truth although it was not the “whole truth”

Back at the Quartermaine house, Lulu is furiously texting Sam and Patrick to warn them that Larry is on his way to get to the safe deposit box and might find them. Tracy demands to know what she is doing and why she's concerned about Larry going to the dentist, as he told them he was doing. Lulu tells her stepmother she happens to know that Larry is not going to the dentist. She knows where he's going and nobody wants him to do what he is about to do.

In the private room with the safe deposit boxes, Sam is attempting to unlock the right box when Patrick gets the text. The banker and Larry walk in and catch them red-handed.

At Anna's office, Obrecht demands to know where Cesar is. Anna concludes that he has escaped and she's horrified to think of what that man can do when he's able to roam free. She admits she was ready to kill him but decided otherwise. Obrecht then asks Anna if she did not kill Cesar, then where is he? Anna admits nowhere. He has not left Spoon Island. He is still there.

In the stables at that very place, Spencer tells Emma he will do anything in order to win her back even though she affirms she has a boyfriend. Right when he urges her to take a chance on love, Nikolas and Britt walk in the door. Nikolas assesses that his son has lied to him about going to school and has cut class with Emma. Spencer then tells his dad it was all his fault and not Emma's. He forced her to join him. In response to that, Nikolas declares that is for Emma's father to decide.

When Larry catches Patrick and Sam in the private room while they attempt to break open his safe deposit box, he remarks how surprising it is to see the two of them there. Patrick tells him it's a surprise to see him there. Knowing he no longer lives in Port Charles, it's odd he'd still bank there. Larry explains he merely has a safe deposit box with just some baubles and trinkets. Patrick then concludes that he and Sam should get going. But Larry tells them not so fast and asks Patrick to introduce him to this “hot woman”. Patrick then tells Larry that this is his wife and Larry better not talk in that manner about her and at that point, he and Sam walk out the door.

The real Luke remembers the imposter informing him about all the things going on in Port Charles without him, including his infant grandson, Rocco.

At the Quartermaine house, Lulu fills Tracy in on the details she was able to obtain from Patrick and Sam when they overheard Larry on the phone to Jerry talking about needing to get the funds out of the safe deposit box in order to accomplish Jerry's mission. She also informs Tracy that they heard Larry make some comment regarding: “how to deal with their Luke Spencer problem.” Yet nobody really knows what Luke has to do with Jerry and Larry. Lulu informs Tracy that Sam and Patrick are trying to find that out by finding Larry's safe deposit box before he does.

Patrick and Sam stand outside in the hallway of the bank, making sure not to be seen or noticed while Larry goes inside the find his safe deposit box.

While Alexis goes to talk to Julian in his holding cell, she assesses all that he has told her regarding the charge that Luke is not only the crime lord who's been threatening his family and burning her house down in order to make Julian afraid to quit working for him or reveal him to anyone. “Luke” also arranged for Patrick to get run off the road and cause the accident that killed Sabrina's baby. She asks Julian if he is serious about that and expects her to believe that. Julian affirms that is the truth.

Obrecht tells Anna she happens to know there is no way that Cesar Faison could be at Wyndemere since her daughter and Nikolas and all the servants are there and have not seen him. Sloane reminds Anna that she has made her hatred for the man very obvious but she has not actually said what exactly she did to him. She replies that she and Robert agreed not to kill Cesar Faison but believed he had to pay for his crimes. So they took matters into their own hands as they saw fit. Hearing that, Obrecht angrily assesses that Anna played God. Anna makes a comment about there is a more benevolent God than Faison deserves and she tells them both if they do not believe her, they can see for themselves as she will take them with her to find out where Cesar Faison is (or was, the last time she checked).

At Wyndemere, Nikolas takes Britt aside and tells her he really doesn't know what to do with Spencer. He knows his son has always been stubborn and willful but he didn't think Spencer lied and believed he was a good kid. She tells him he needs to know that Spencer is a typical boy and has a good heart. He tells her he cannot be ok with his son's dishonest streak. She tells him it's “just a phase”. He tells her that he has some real concerns, needs to talk to his son's teachers and find out if there may be a bad influence because he knows that Spencer is not learning this behavior at home. Unexpectedly, Obrecht walks in with Anna and Sloane. Noticing them, Britt asks her mom what more she wants from her since she's already agreed to testify against Anna for her mother. Sloane informs them that the commissioner is now claiming that Cesar Faison is alive and in the stables. Nikolas asks them where, knowing that people come through there all the time and would have seen him by now. Anna explains, however, that there are ways to hide a person if one is creative. She then opens a hatch door through the floor and tells them one just has to look hard enough.

Julian cannot answer Alexis' questions about Luke with a simple yes or no. She asks why he keeps speaking to her in coded language and asks if this is not his opportunity to finally come clean and tell her the truth. First Julian tells her Luke is “not” a bad guy and then he is. She tells him she needs to know what he believes he knows about her friend and Lulu's father. He tells her yes. Luke is “all those things”. However, the problem is, he tells her, the man they are talking about is not the “real” Luke Spencer.

Sam and Patrick hide and secretly observe Larry carrying what he's removed from the safe deposit box and out of the bank. When he can no longer see them, they come out of hiding and make their presence known to the banking assistant who believes they are a newly married couple. Sam tells the young woman they got all the way to the car and then she remembered she forgot to take something out of the safe deposit box. So, she asks if they can go inside the room again. She and Patrick then talk privately about not knowing what Larry has taken.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Lulu explains to Tracy that it does not make sense to her that a smart criminal like Jerry Jacks would have any use for a drunken idiot like Larry or why they would be working together. Tracy concludes that when the two men talk about Luke, it could mean they are holding him captive. Lulu tells her step-mother another theory could mean that Luke is their partner in crime although Tracy reminds her step-daughter that that is a theory that Ned would come up with. Lulu tells Tracy she wants to believe her father is a victim in all of this. Tracy tells her he is a victim and they need to keep their faith because he needs their help.

In the padded cell, Luke struggles to collect his thoughts and wonders who might want revenge and if that is the case, why didn't the villain just kill him? He wonders if Tracy really buys that the imposter is really him and he wants to believe that she would never fall for that. He, then, remembers the imposter informing him that he got to have a “union” with Luke's lover, Tracy Quartermaine and they both really enjoyed it, as he went on and on to provoke Luke and make him furious and he revealed that he (the imposter) proposed to Tracy. At that point, the real Luke is determined to break free and return to Tracy. He demands to know how this guy can be so hateful and despicable and most importantly who he really is. He then remembers Fluke asking and replying that who he really is is a “million dollar question”. At that point, Luke stands up and screams in rage that he has to get out of there.

Tracy tells Lulu she is not blind to Luke's faults, but they have to take the bad with the good because her father's “good” is pretty damn wonderful, she tells Lulu. And regardless of what Luke may have done, he is still the man they both love. Lulu admits that is true. He's her dad. She loves him and she believes in him.

Luke throws off his straight jacket and gets his arms free. He then knows the next step is to get out of the door of the padded cell.

Alone in the safe deposit box room, it appears Sam has cracked into the code. Patrick comes to look at what they have discovered and demands to know what the hell this is.

Luke finds tools that might work for breaking open the locked door.

Sam and Patrick discover a picture of Cesar Faison inside the safe deposit box yet neither of them can understand what he would have to do with Larry Ashton, Jerry Jacks, or Luke Spencer.

At Wyndemere, after Anna reveals the hatch door in the floor, Obrecht emotionally asks her if she buried Cesar in the dark all alone in some hole. That was savage and barbaric, she yells. Anna tells her at least he's alive. Sloane remarks that remains to be seen. Britt wonders how he could have survived when Anna assures them he was in no danger of losing his life. Obrecht remarks that living like this would only cause him to lose his mind. Nikolas remarks the world is better off without him. Sloane then concludes they need to get that hatch open and get Cesar out of there.

Luke finds a tool to pick the lock on the padded cell and looks like he might succeed.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas helps Sloane pry open the locked hatch door. As soon as it's open, Obrecht reaches inside and calls to her beloved Cesar. She cries when she notices it's too dark and she can't see anything.

Luke looks like he's successfully unlocked the door and is ready to get out of the institution.

Obrecht grabs a flashlight and looks all over for Cesar as she calls and demands he answer her. She concludes and the others agree that there is nothing and no one down there.

When Alexis hears Julian tell her that Luke is.... but “is not” guilty of the crimes alleged, she asks what he means by that. He replies that “someone” took Luke's place.

Luke then opens the door, ready to break free and out of the institution. But before he can do that, he comes face-to-face with Fluke and knows he won't be able to go anywhere.

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