GH Update Thursday 11/20/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/20/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Ava had stayed the night at Silas's. She got the morning paper and was alarmed to see that the front page story was about her being wanted by the police. Silas came into the living room, and Ava claimed she was scanning the paper for news about Franco and Nina. She said there was nothing and that the two “maniacs” were out there with her daughter. Ava snapped at Silas for no reason, then she apologized for taking things out on him. Silas understood. Ava was afraid for her baby's safety and worried that Nina and Franco were on the move, taking the child farther and farther away. Silas tried to assure Ava that the child was safe. Ava didn't believe that; she thought Franco and Nina were both dangerous people. She got hysterical, and Silas calmed her by telling her that this wouldn't help. He suggested that they be proactive and ask Sam to look for the baby. Ava was taken aback that Silas wanted to call his ex. Silas reminded Ava that Sam was a private investigator. Ava pointed out that Silas and Sam weren't on the best of terms. Silas was certain that Sam would put her personal feelings aside and help out, since Sam had gone through something similar. Silas added that Sam got her child back, and he was sure Ava would too. Ava claimed she was afraid Sam would tell Sonny where to find her. Silas didn't think Sam would do that, but he understood Ava's concern. Ava thought it made the most sense for Silas to help her search for the baby, since they were both looking for Nina. Silas agreed, and Ava told him it meant a lot to her. He left to get the car. Ava quickly threw the newspaper away.

Julian was locked in a holding cell, thinking about Alexis's request that he leave her alone unless he was willing to rectify the situation. An enraged Olivia ran in. She'd heard that Ava killed Olivia's cousin Connie, to keep her from revealing that Julian was Derek Wells. Olivia assumed that Julian helped Ava escape. Julian was apologetic about Olivia's loss, and he insisted that he didn't know where his sister was. Olivia accused him of knowing Ava killed Connie. Julian swore that he didn't. He added that he only knew that Ava shot Olivia last year at the Metro Court. Olivia was stunned. She pointed out that Julian knew and kept it quiet. Julian agreed, but he told her that Ava didn't confide in him about killing Connie. Julian realized that Olivia didn't believe him. He told her it was okay; no one believed him. “I believe you” Lucas said, as he was escorted in by a guard. The guard called Olivia out for not signing in, and she told him to take it up with her son, the detective. She left. Julian asked if Lucas really believed him. Lucas explained that he was choosing to take Julian at his word. Lucas was surprised that Anna locked Julian up for a crime he didn't commit. Julian explained that Anna would lock him up for any reason, due to their ugly history.

Lucas decided to call Alexis so she could get Julian released. Julian told Lucas that Alexis had cut ties with him because he wouldn't tell her the truth about the people he worked with. Lucas urged Julian to be honest with Alexis. Julian replied that it wasn't that simple. Lucas felt that if Julian loved Alexis, it was that simple. Julian explained that he was hiding things from Alexis because he loved her and wanted to keep her safe from the business. Julian pointed out that Lucas should know, since the people Julian dealt with had Lucas shot. A confused Lucas asked Julian if he was saying that Ric wasn't behind the shooting. Julian told Lucas that the less he knew, the better. Lucas immediately accepted this. Julian was surprised and wished things went that easy with Alexis. Julian admitted he couldn't blame Alexis, but he didn't think he could change things either. Lucas thought that Julian could if he wanted to. Lucas thought Julian was lucky to have the love of such an amazing woman. Julian admitted that it felt amazing. Lucas explained that he knew what it felt like to have someone in your life that you'd do anything to hold onto. Julian knew Lucas was talking about Brad. Lucas explained that he wanted Julian to have that too. Julian wanted it too, but he saw obstacles to getting it. Lucas felt that Julian should stop making excuses and fight for Alexis. Lucas offered to call Alexis for Julian.

Franco and Nina were at his place in Canada. Franco read the Port Charles paper on his tablet, as he sat in bed next to the sleeping Nina. Nina woke up and was angry when she realized that Franco had climbed in bed with her during the night. Franco explained that the couch was uncomfortable, and he pointed out that he slept on top of the covers, but Nina didn't care. She argued that she was a happily married woman and that Silas wouldn't approve. Nina got up and checked on the baby, who was sleeping. She told Franco that she was the mother of Silas's child. Nina fed the baby. It bothered her that Silas was missing out on spending time with the child. Nina noted that she couldn't contact Silas because the police wanted to arrest her for attacking her mother. Nina told Franco that Madeline had deserved it. Nina asked Franco if he'd come up with a plan, like he promised. Franco replied that he had, and he told Nina that the first step was for her to face reality. He showed her the news story on Ava. Nina grew tense when she realized Franco was trying to convince her that the baby was Ava's. She insisted that he was wrong. Franco realized that Nina had forgotten what really happened. He gently pushed Nina to remember that she kidnapped Ava's baby after being told she'd never conceive a child of her own. Nina had flashbacks to all this, but she cried and begged Franco to stop. Franco didn't stop, and when it became clear that Nina remembered, he comforted her.

Nina admitted that the baby was Ava's, but she didn't care. Nina maintained that she deserved this baby, because Ava caused Nina and Silas to lose their baby. Franco countered that Ava didn't cause Nina's miscarriage. Nina admitted Franco was right. However, Nina argued that Silas never would have let Madeline cause Nina's miscarriage if it weren't for Ava. Nina claimed that she and Silas loved each other and that the baby would strengthen their relationship. Franco asked Nina to be honest about how Silas really felt about her. Nina remembered Silas yelling at her about her lies. Franco told Nina that she might think she loved Silas enough for the both of them, but relationships didn't work that way. According to Franco, Nina had helped him see that his relationship with Carly wasn't what he thought it was, and now he was returning the favor. “The great love you have for Silas in your head doesn't exist” Franco said. “You need to let it go,” he added. Nina remembered Silas telling her their marriage was over.

Nina sat on the bed and digested things. She admitted that her marriage was over and that Silas didn't love her. Nina acknowledged that she'd needed to be pushed into this and called herself a “tough nut to crack.” “You're a nut, that's for sure” Franco replied. He quickly claimed he was kidding, but Nina quietly told him she knew he was serious. Franco admitted that he was serious, then he added that he was a nut too, sometimes. Franco asked Nina if she was okay, and she said no. Nina asked if things were going to get better. Franco told her that if she hung in there, the pain would eventually go away. Nina confessed that she didn't feel pain, just emptiness. She felt like she didn't have anything if she didn't have Silas or the baby. “You have me,” Franco said. Franco told her that they were similar – totally messed up - and that they could stick together. Nina and Franco smiled as they wondered what would be next for the two of them. Nina was sure it would be good. She asked Franco what they were going to do about the baby.

Lulu was outside Kelly's. She called Dante to discuss the fact that Sonny had plead guilty and had already been sent to prison. Dante thought that Sonny deserved to be punished. Lulu agreed, but she wanted Dante to know it was okay for him to be upset that his dad was locked up. She ended the call so Dante could go back to searching for the missing baby. Patrick and Sam arrived and apologized for being late. They told Lulu that Larry Ashton was working with Jerry. Patrick and Sam had overheard Larry talking to Jerry about their “Luke Spencer problem” and making plans to go to his safe deposit box first thing in the morning. Sam had searched Larry's room the night before, found the safe deposit box key, and made an impression of it. Sam and Patrick wanted Lulu to go to the Quartermaine mansion and distract Larry while they went to the bank and opened the box. Lulu quickly agreed. She vowed to get answers about her father, no matter what those answers were.

Nikolas and Britt were inside Kelly's. Nik was curious why Britt wasn't eating her breakfast. She replied with one word answers, then she apologized for not being a good date. Nik assured her that she was a great date, and he just wanted her to feel like she was able to talk to him. He guessed that she felt bad about refusing to help Agent Kyle Sloane bring Anna down. Nik thought Britt was right to refuse. He felt that Agent Sloane was wrong to think Anna killed Faison. Nik also thought Agent Sloane was wrong to act like Faison was an innocent victim, when in reality he was a terrorist who hurt a lot of people, including Britt. Britt confessed that she'd changed her mind and agreed to help Agent Sloane investigate Faison's disappearance. Britt thought Nik was mad that she consented to having his friend Anna investigated. She explained that it wasn't personal. Nik assured her that he wasn't mad, just surprised she'd changed her mind, after sounding so certain about her decision not to cooperate. Britt remembered Obrecht forcing her to cooperate by threatening to tell Nik about Britt's involvement in Spencer's disappearance. Britt lied and said she changed her mind because of Nik. She claimed that Nik's underlying loyalty to his family, despite their craziness, made her realize Faison was her father, no matter what, and she wanted to know what happened to him. Nik asked if Britt was sure she wanted to put Anna's career on the line. Britt felt bad about that, but she didn't think she had a choice.

Anna walked into her office while talking on the phone. She ordered the person on the other end of the call to find Franco. Anna's chair spun around and revealed a smiling Obrecht. Anna ordered Obrecht to leave. Obrecht made snide remarks about the job Anna's department was doing, letting Franco, Ava and Nina get away. Anna ignored this and demanded that Obrecht get out of her chair. Obrecht warned Anna not to get to comfortable. She crowed that Anna would soon join her boyfriend Duke in Pentonville. Anna didn't know what Obrecht was talking about, and Obrecht explained that Anna would soon be prosecuted for killing Faison. Anna scoffed and told her that Scott wouldn't pay attention to Obrecht's paranoid delusions. Obrecht clarified that she wasn't talking about the DA. On cue, Agent Sloane walked in and revealed that he was going to prosecute Anna. Anna was stunned that she was the subject of the investigation that Sloane, her former protege, had told her he was doing. Anna maintained that Obrecht shouldn't be taken seriously. As a smug Obrecht looked on, Agent Sloane replied that he took Obrecht very seriously. He added that he had his own evidence that Anna and Robert killed Faison and he was able to pursue it, now that Britt had agreed to press charges. Agent Sloane noted that his mentor once told him to follow the evidence, even if you didn't like where it took you, and the evidence said Obrecht was right. Agent Sloane told Anna that no one was above the law, even her. He handed Anna a subpoena. Anna told Agent Sloane that this wasn't necessary because Faison was alive.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Larry was on the phone. He assured Jerry that he'd go to the bank in an hour so that they could take care of their “Luke Spencer business.” Tracy walked in and noticed Larry staring at the key. She asked what it was for, and Larry claimed it was for the liquor cabinet. Larry claimed he had a dentist appointment and tried to leave. Tracy told him they were having a family breakfast, so his appointment would have to wait. Just then, Ned and Alexis walked in, and Ned introduced Alexis to his father as the woman he'd been seeing. Larry kissed Alexis's hand and held onto it so long that it made her cringe. “That's my boy; sneaking beautiful ladies past your old dad. Now listen, If you ever have a little bit more than you can handle, I'll lend you a hand,” Larry said to Ned, making the mood more awkward. Ned clarified that Alexis didn't spend the night. Larry tried to leave for his “dentist's appointment,” but Ned stopped him. Ned felt that Larry owed him this, after having left Ned at boarding school all those years. Everyone sat down to breakfast, and Larry noted that he'd have to compliment Dobson on it. The exasperated Ned and Tracy told him that it was Alice, not Dobson. Larry asked who Dobson was. Alexis grudgingly admitted that she was. She told the story of the time she posed as a man and got hired as the Quartermaine butler. Larry seemed intrigued. He noted that Alexis pretended to be someone she wasn't and hid in plain sight, while carrying out her agenda under the Quartermaines' noses.

Olivia ran in and asked to talk to Ned. Larry started flirting with Olivia, and Ned told her to ignore him. Olivia told Ned that Ava shot Connie. Ned already knew, but until that moment, he'd forgotten that Connie and Olivia were cousins. He asked if she was okay. Olivia replied that she wasn't okay, now that Ava was on the run. Olivia added that she learned from Julian that Ava shot her, too. Olivia told Alexis that Julian was in a holding cell on suspicion of aiding and abetting. Alexis left. Ned took Olivia into the kitchen to get some food, leaving Tracy with Larry. Larry tried to leave again, but Lulu rushed in and told him he wasn't going anywhere.

Patrick and Sam got word that Lulu was distracting Larry, then they headed off to the bank.

Alexis went to the holding cells and found Julian alone, doing sit ups.

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