GH Update Wednesday 11/19/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/19/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly's, Jordan and Shawn talk to TJ and decide they need to let him know him the truth about how his father died.

Outside the Quartermaine house, Sam and Patrick are able to overhear Larry Ashton's conversation with Jerry which confirms that he is working with him to scam the Quartermaines and take over ELQ.

At the courthouse, Carly's arraignment is underway. Reporters surround and interrogate her with questions about her ex murdering her son's father. Diane represents her and advises her to not incriminate herself by saying anything. She is not entirely willing to listen to Diane’s advice but wonders where her mother is.

Inside the courtroom, before the hearing, reporters ask Scott if it's true he's denied bail to Duke Lavery and if it's because of Sonny. He tells them all that any questions they have for him should be directed to his office and not asked of him before the hearing. When they do not listen, he instructs the bailiff to remove them from the courtroom. When he's alone, Bobbie enters. He asks her how she's holding up and she slaps him.

Outside the courtroom, Diane reminds Carly she is going to be arraigned and if she appears polite, contrite and silent, Diane might be able to help her as she reminds Carly it is not her they are after. She's merely the ”on-ramp” to their real target who is Sonny. Sonny enters, escorted by armed guards and is asked many questions by reporters as photographers snap picture after picture. As soon as Sonny and Carly see each other, they are both stunned and speechless.

At the hospital, Michael finds Anna and gives her the flash drive to prove not only that Sonny admitted to killing AJ but Ava admitted to murdering Connie. Kiki notices them and is not certain what to do but walks with them to find Ava in her hospital room when they see that she has disappeared. As soon as Michael assesses that, he concludes to Kiki that she did this. She helped her mom escape.

Sam and Patrick overhear Larry on the phone to Jerry Jacks, informing him that Michael Corinthos, who now wants to be known as Michael Quartermaine, has now moved into the mansion. He mentions that Michael is at war with Tracy and gives them some crucial information when they overhear him remark to Jerry that it's time they “put an end to the Luke Spencer problem”. They brainstorm about how Luke could fit into this and whether he means Luke is a hostage and/or victim of the two guys or if Luke was part of their plan and no longer useful to them. They also hear Larry ask Jerry if everything they need is going to be put in their “safe deposit box”.

At the hospital, Anna returns to Michael and Kiki informing them that it appears Ava left the hospital unseen. Michael then asks Kiki if the reason she was talking to Anna was to distract her while her mom slipped out. In response to that, Kiki asks him if he's listening to himself and reminds him that she did not even have the chance to do that even if he does not believe that she would not and she affirms again that she is as horrified by what her mom did as he is. He reminds Kiki that she knew and kept the secret for her mom. Anna overhears and asks Kiki if that is true. Kiki tells her as soon as it was revealed to her, for the first time, that her mom killed Connie, she told Ava she won't let her get away with it. Anna believes Kiki and concludes that's obviously the reason Ava fled. However, they do all learn that right after that conversation, Ava asked her daughter to go and find Anna to check on Kiki's baby sister. And obviously that enabled Ava to escape unseen and unknown. Michael then coldly tells Kiki this proves she's not only a liar, she's an idiot. Ava used her so that she (Ava) could slip out of there before the cops knew and he remarks to Kiki: “Nice work.”

In the courtroom, before the hearing, Sonny is hounded by reporters declaring him as Port Charles' most notorious crime boss. Diane takes him aside and away from them and clarifies he is only an “alleged” crime boss. As soon as they walk past Carly, she emotionally reaches out to him and asks if he is ok. He tells her he hates that he dragged her into this and this is not her fault. Diane then tells both her clients they need to say as little as possible and the only words heard from them both should be “not guilty”. Inside the courtroom, reporters surround Bobbie and Scott and continued to interrogate them until Scott, once again, demands that bailiffs remove them. Once again, alone with Bobbie he tells her she needs to know how much he cares about her. She tells him if that were the case, he'd look the other way and would have given Carly a slap on the wrist but he didn't. He's too obsesses about settling his score with Sonny, she tells him although he protests that is not true. She reminds him he had a choice and put that before her and her daughter. So, she concludes to him, “they” are through.

At Kelly's, Shawn admits to TJ when he shot TJ's father, it was no accident. He tells both Shawn and his mom that he wants some answers. She attempts to explain to her son that the night it happened, his father attacked Shawn. TJ asks why that happened. They admit that it was because the two of them. They had an affair behind his father's back.

Larry is on the phone with Jerry in the Quartermaines' living room. Sam and Patrick overhear him assuring Jerry that he is hiding the key to the safe deposit box where no one can find it in his room. He assures Jerry that the next morning, he will get to the bank and get everything needed so they can get the ball rolling. He announces he's going to turn in for the night. Sam then concludes to Patrick that they have to find a way to get their hands on the safe deposit box key before it's too late. They both conclude that they need to find clues to the mystery about what Larry, Jerry, or Luke may know about who caused the accident that killed his son. She tells him she has an idea for how to find the key.

In Ava's empty hospital room, Anna puts out and APB to find Ava and goes out the door. Alone in the room, Kiki protests to Michael that she is sorry and honestly did not think her mom would leave with everything going on with the baby right now yet he does not believe her. He asks her if her word about that or anything means anything to him after what she did. He tells her that he does not know what to think realizing she could be lying to his face or helping her mom escape just like she did with Franco. Kiki protests she did not have any clue what Ava was planning. Ava tricked her. He tells her if that's true, she's just plain stupid. Morgan walks in to confront his brother, telling him to back off and not talk to Kiki like that.

In the courtroom, the judge announces this is the people vs. Caroline Corinthos Jacks and the charge is obstruction of justice. She asks Carly how she pleads to the charges. Carly stands up and pleads not guilty. Diane protests that her client is not a flight risk, is a reputable business woman and single mom. So she asks that the court set a reasonable bail. Scott admits that the DA's office has no objection to that. The judge, however expresses that she seems to know that Ms. Jacks has a lot of power and has chosen to help Sonny. She knows that Ms. Jacks has two adult sons with the means to help her break the law and get away with it. So, she announces, bail is denied. Diane tries to get the judge to reconsider but is unsuccessful. Sonny is not far away and tells Carly he deeply regrets what is happening to her which is his fault. He asks Diane what has happened here. She tells Sonny she is very certain he will not get bail either. She tells him, however, that it's entirely possible although highly unlikely, that in a few more months he can walk out of there and they will drop the charges against Carly and Duke. Sonny knows however that she cannot realistically promise that and nobody is ok with the outcome of this hearing so far. He then tells Scott they need to speak.

When Sam overhears Larry revealing he is helping Jerry scam and steal from ELQ, she tells Patrick, she has to find a way to get inside the house before it's too late and prevent what Larry is going to do. She tells Patrick he needs to go in and stall Jerry to give her enough time to go upstairs to his room and find his key to the safe deposit box. She leaves before Patrick can raise an objection and he walks in to surprise and distract Larry.

TJ is very upset to find out that his mother cheated on his father with the man who was supposed to be their friend. They protest that they made a tragic mistake and both loved his father more than anything. She tells him that his father was deployed for a long time and she was alone without her husband for a long time. It was hard and she relied upon Shawn for support. They had an affair that ended a long time ago, they tell him. Shawn admits that when TJ's father, Thomas, confronted him, he reached for his gun and was ready to blow Shawn away. Shawn explains he asked him and pleaded for him to put it down but he would not. He had no choice to take Thomas out before Thomas killed him.

At the station, uniform cops bring Julian into Anna's office when she instructs him to give her some answers about where Ava might have gone or what he knows about her disappearance.

Morgan walks into Ava's empty hospital room and protests to Michael that it's not Kiki's fault that this thing has happened to Michael and he has no right to verbally abuse her Michael confronts him about why this is any of his business and does he think he's the hero. Morgan tells him he realizes he has good reason to be angry with their mutual dad. Michael firmly clarifies that that man is not his father. He tells them both that his father is gone because Morgan's father killed him and Kiki's mother framed him for a murder she committed. He tells Morgan it's his fault for lying to him and Kiki's fault that Ava escaped. Hearing that, Morgan admits he did not know that Ava escaped. Michael then, instantly tells him he bets that he and Kiki are both in on helping Ava to get away with what she did. Kiki tells Michael he does not have to be so hateful. He tells her he's sorry that she helped the woman who framed his father escape and he's not being “nice enough”. Kiki informs Morgan, for the first time that she confronted her mother about learning for the first time that she killed Connie and Ava apparently took off before the cops could find her. Michael tells Morgan if it was not Kiki who helped Ava escape, then maybe it was him.

Anna is asking similar questions of Julian. She does not accept his answer that he does not know where Ava is and is not hiding her yet he continues to tell the commissioner he hasn't a clue where his sister is. She tells Julian if Ava did not ask for his help, does he have any information. He tells her he does not.

When Morgan gets ready to terminate his conversation with Michael and walk out the door, Michael physically grabs a hold of him and demands to know where he is hiding Ava.

Julian tells Anna that the cops invaded his home yet found no evidence that he's hiding Ava nor knows where she is. He has not seen or heard from Ava since she escaped. Anna then asks him, if not himself, who would Ava turn to?

Ava is at Silas' door asking him to hide her. She is wearing hospital staff scrubs. She tells him no one can see her or know she is there. He asks her what has happened and who she is hiding from. She asks him to just say he will help her, no questions asked. He tells her he can't do that. She needs medical attention. She tells him she cannot stay there. If she did, it would be the end for her. He asks why. What kind of trouble is she in now?

When Anna grills Julian about where Ava is, he reminds her that he is worried that his sister is out there when she should be in the hospital recuperating. She just had a baby for God's sake. There's an innocent little girl out there with a sociopath and a mad woman. He tells Anna maybe she should be more focused on that then on trumped up charges. Anna protests she has every available officer out looking for Ava's baby and it is not a trumped up charge when she has a recording of Ava admitting to murdering Connie Falconeri.

Michael tells Morgan if he did not help Ava escape, what was he doing before he got there. Morgan replies he was at the PCPD looking for the baby. He tells Morgan he's done protecting Ava. Michael doesn't have to believe him or Kiki and can hate them all he wants but he made it very clear that Ava is on her own. He lets Michael know as soon as he found out what Ava did to Connie, he told Sonny where he could find her.

In the courtroom, after Diane observes Sonny talking to Scott and doesn’t know what their conversation was about, she tells him that private chats with the DA are 100% ill-advised and if he just threatened Scott, he's just turned an up-hill battle into Mt. Everest. The judge then reconvenes. She then announces the people of the state of New York vs. Michael Sonny Corinthos Jr. The charge is murder and she asks Mr. Corinthos how he pleads.

Patrick walks into the living room to talk to Larry, make nice and attempt to distract him long enough for Sam to get what they need. He tells Patrick he remembers his accusations that he's helping Luke Spencer and Jerry Jacks. He protests that he is the victim here, having been kidnapped and put in the middle of this and has nothing to do with their dirty deeds or what happened to Patrick's son. He tells Patrick if there is nothing else, he's going off to bed. Patrick then tells him actually there is something he wanted to say to him.

Shawn admits to TJ that he has honored his father's memory and regrets what happened to him. Jordan also protests to her son that his father deserves to be honored. He was a good and honorable man who served his country for many years. TJ, however, is distraught and breaks down crying. Jordan rushes to hold her son in her arms and comfort him. Shawn tells him his father was a hero and nothing will ever change that.

Larry tells Patrick he's sorry but he had nothing to do with the death of Patrick's son. Patrick then graciously apologizes, “assuring” Larry he knows he would never have anything to do with that, and that he was out of line to have made such an accusation of him. Larry tells Patrick he is ready to go upstairs and go to sleep but Patrick knows he needs to stall him so he encourages Larry to hang out, spend time and have a drink with him.. When Larry tells Patrick he wants to drink alone and be left alone, Patrick notices Sam outside the door motioning for him to come outside. He then tells Larry he will let him drink alone and he need not go out the front door. He will go through the garden since it's such a beautiful night. Larry takes a large glass of gin and heads upstairs.

Michael tells Morgan he's just as bad as Sonny is and he should have known he would not do anything to help him clear AJ's name. Both Morgan and Kiki urge Michael to wait and think about what he is saying and believing but he walks out the door ignoring them.

While Carly and Bobbie are waiting outside Sonny's arraignment, Bobbie expresses to her daughter she is furious with Scott for what he has done to her. Carly tells her mom that Scott was just doing his job. This is her mess. She trusted Franco and should have known better. And if she could not have done that, she should not have cheated on him with Sonny. Otherwise this whole big disaster would not be happening. Sonny comes out and informs Carly that he has not gotten cleared of charges but she has. She's not going back to jail. The only place she is going is home.

At Silas' apartment, Ava tells him he knows exactly what kind of trouble she's in. Sonny wants her dead. He asks why she would be a threat to Sonny anymore now that everybody knows he's killed AJ and what could he do to her when he's in jail for murder? She tells Silas he does not know how the mob works. Once the boss is caught, the men have orders to eliminate all witnesses. She's not about to tell him the real reason she's in trouble or own responsibility for anything and he asks why she is not better off in the hospital in her condition. However, she wants him to believe that Sonny and his men are after her. She asks Silas to please let her stay there until all this dies down and she reiterates she has nowhere else to go.

When Anna informs Julian that his sister killed Connie, he tells her he knows otherwise. AJ killed Connie. Although she tells him she finds it hard to believe that he did not know that his sister is the murderer and framed AJ. Connie found out that Derek Wells was himself so Ava shot her. He probably set that up. Julian reiterates that he had nothing to do with Connie's murder and like everyone else, thought that AJ did it. He tells the commissioner if there is nothing further, he would like to leave. She is not certain how to respond to that.

At Kelly's, TJ angrily confronts his mom and Shawn about the two of them having sex and justifying themselves. They admit that they were together and knew each other before he was born. He then asks if that means there's a chance that Shawn could be his father. They then inform him that they did, in fact, run a DNA test and it was confirmed that Thomas was TJ's father and not Shawn. TJ is not sure how to process what he has just heard and gets up to leave telling them he's heard enough.

In the courtroom, Scott suddenly decides to drop the charges against Carly. Bobbie wonders why he suddenly did that when he had no intention of doing so before. Diane informs them it's pretty easy to figure out the reason why. It was in order to get a guilty plea from Sonny

Anna has uniformed cops physically escort Julian to a holding cell for 48 hours. He tells her she cannot do that. She tells him that since he might have information they need and reason to withhold it in a murder investigation, she is well within her rights to do just that.

Ava pleads with Silas to help her. She needs to be alive so she can find her daughter. He then agrees to let her stay there until she can figure things out. She happily rejoices, hugs him and tells him he saved her life.

After Michael departs form the hospital room, Kiki tells Morgan she is very worried about Michael's frame of mind and how he is shutting them out and writing them off.. He tells her he thinks that once his brother has a chance to calm down, he'll come around. She, however, informs him she's not so certain of that. When she first went and found Michael after the news about AJ, she found him in bed with Rosalie.

After Carly finds out that Sonny has pled guilty to get Scott to drop the charges against her, she begs him not to do that. Diane asks the guard to remove Carly's handcuffs so she can go free. Sonny is unable to get bail, so he will remain incarcerated.

Patrick meets with Sam outside the Quartermaine house. She tells him although she did not take the key to the safe deposit box, realizing Larry would probably realize it was missing right away, she was able to get an impression of it from silly putty that she keeps in her pocket for when Danny needs amusement. She is very excited to tell Patrick that they can now get a copy of the key without anybody knowing it and break into the safe deposit box before Larry has a clue.

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