GH Update Tuesday 11/18/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/18/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn was at the holding cells visiting Sonny, while Carly was upstairs with her lawyer, Diane. Shawn was apologetic about botching the Franco job, but he felt he had no choice but to protect Jordan. Sonny was just glad that everyone was okay. Sonny asked for an update on the search for the baby. Shawn didn't have any news, but he was working on it. Sonny told Shawn to give Michael the recording from AJ's phone so he could clear AJ's name. Shawn was concerned that Michael would hand it over to the police and hurt Sonny. Sonny explained that he'd been worried that he'd never see Michael again after the truth came out, but Michael had come and asked Sonny to do this, and Sonny felt it was the least he could do. Shawn admitted he'd do the same for TJ, even though TJ wasn't his son. Sonny didn't think he'd get Michael back, but he wanted to do what he could to give his son peace of mind. Shawn noted that there was a collateral benefit – if the cops got the recording, Ava would go down. Sonny felt that Ava getting locked up was the next best thing to eliminating her. He was glad she wouldn't get to raise the baby, assuming it was ever found. Shawn promised to give Michael the recording, then look for the baby. Shawn admitted that he was off his game and that he should have been doing more. Sonny sensed that Shawn was on edge, so Sonny assured Shawn that the cops didn't have any evidence against Shawn. Shawn explained that he wasn't worried about the cops; he was on edge because he had to deliver some upsetting news to TJ. Sonny knew the feeling.

Diane arrived after Shawn left. Sonny asked about Max – he was still recuperating at GH, and Milo and Epiphany were with him. Sonny had hired Diane again. Carly had told Diane about Sonny's intention to turn the incriminating recording over to Michael. Diane hoped that hadn't happened yet. She suggested that she give the cops the recording, conclusive evidence against Ava, in exchange for leniency for Sonny. She thought that the prosecutor would be willing to give Sonny a deal because the recording showed that he was under duress at the time of the shooting. Sonny replied that he promised the recording to Michael. Diane stressed that Sonny would go away for the rest of his life if Michael turned the recording to the police. She urged him to let her make the best deal possible. Sonny refused to use the recording to save himself. Diane understood that Sonny was doing penance to make up for hurting Michael, but she thought Michael still loved him and that Michael would eventually come to regret it if he paid a part in sending Sonny to prison. She wanted Sonny to bargain his way out of life in prison for Michael's sake. Sonny told Diane she was wrong about this. Diane gave up and went upstairs to go to Carly's arraignment. Alexis walked in, and Sonny asked where Duke was. Alexis explained that Duke refused to roll over on Sonny, and the judge refused to grant bail, so Duke had been transferred to Pentonville to await trial. Alexis assumed the same would happen to Carly. Sonny insisted that Carly wouldn't be sent to Pentonville. Alexis replied that Carly was an accessory to murder. She told Sonny that he was going down and taking everyone with him.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Ned, Tracy, Monica and Larry Ashton listened to Michael's announcement that AJ was his only father and that he was legally changing his last name to Quartermaine. Monica was pleased, but she noted that this was a serious step. Michael assured her that he was serious about this decision. He added that he'd cut the rest of his family out of his life and that this was his only family. Monica told Michael that AJ would be proud. Michael asked to move in, and Monica quickly agreed. She noted that it was AJ's birthday and that this was a great present. Ned shook Michael's hand and welcomed him to the family. Michael promised to do right by AJ and to put ELQ on top. Michael accused Tracy of trying to destroy the company and warned her that her days of messing with ELQ were over. Tracy pointed out that she wasn't the one embroiled in a front page scandal with both of her parents in jail. “Those aren't my parents anymore!” Michael spat. Michael argued that Tracy's financial schemes had done more to hurt ELQ than anything in Michael's old life. He angrily noted that Tracy gave Jerry 15.5% of the company. Tracy replied that she did it to save Luke. Michael made a snide comment about Tracy's taste in men - choosing Larry, the lush, and Luke, who'd had his hands all over Kiki. Larry pointed out that Jerry abducted him, then he encouraged Ned to defend him. Ned did not speak up on his father's behalf.

Michael was suspicious about Larry's arrival. He theorized that Larry and Jerry were working together to get the rest of ELQ. Ned assured Michael that he'd never let Larry get a hold of ELQ. However, Ned was sure that Larry didn't have any interest in the company, only in drinking all the family's liquor. Michael knew Ned wanted to trust his father, but he advised Ned to look at Michael's experience with Sonny. “Your title is fake, old man. You're not a lord, and I bet if we take a closer look we're gonna find out a lot more about you that's fake,” Michael told Larry. Larry sprang to his feet and grabbed Michael. Just then, Shawn arrived and ordered Larry to get his hands off Michael. At the same time, Ned pulled Larry off of Michael. Michael told Shawn that he didn't need his protection. Shawn explained that he was delivering something from Sonny. Shawn gave Michael the thumb drive that contained the recording and noted that Sonny kept his word. Shawn left. Michael and Monica listened to the recording in private. They both jumped when they heard the gunshot that killed AJ, and Monica started to cry. Michael comforted her. “I just heard that son of a bitch kill my father,” Michael stated. He noted that knowing the truth was one thing, but hearing it happen hurt more than he'd expected. Monica thought they could take comfort in knowing that Sonny would pay. Michael added that they also heard Ava admit to killing Connie, which meant AJ was innocent. Monica smiled, relieved that AJ's name had been cleared.

Jordan went to Kelly's and thought about her and Shawn's plan to tell TJ the truth about his father Tommy. TJ walked in. He'd heard about Jordan and Shawn's ordeal, and he was upset that Jordan could have been killed. Jordan minimized what happened, in order to calm TJ down, then she hugged him. TJ told Jordan he realized she was still his mom, no matter how she screwed up. “I love you too,” Jordan said, smiling. TJ was going to go study, but Jordan told him that Shawn was on his way, so that they could discuss something with TJ. TJ thought this was about his grades, and he assured Jordan that he was doing well in college. Jordan told him it wasn't about that. Shawn walked in. they sat TJ down and said they had to talk to him about his father.

Kiki was at GH visiting Ava, but she was lost in thought about Michael. She remembered him saying that he didn't love her anymore because she hid the truth about AJ's murder. Michael had wondered if Kiki enjoyed the drama of pining for the brother she couldn't have, and he'd told her that it was Morgan's turn. Ava wondered if Kiki was even listening to her. Kiki snapped out of her flashback and assured Ava that Morgan and Dante were looking for the baby. Ava countered that Franco and Nina could have taken the girl out of the country. Ava noted that she'd tried to warn Kiki about Franco and what he was capable of. “What about what you're capable of?,” Kiki spat. Ava didn't understand why Kiki would attack her. According to Kiki, Franco treated her well, which made her confident that he wouldn't mistreat the baby. Ava felt that Franco was a sociopath who only pretended to bond with Kiki as a way to irritate Ava, and now that Kiki had served her purpose, he'd moved on to helping Nina kidnap the baby. Kiki changed the subject. She blasted Ava for killing Connie and for lying to Kiki and Morgan about the reason Sonny wanted her dead. At first, Ava denied it, but Kiki silenced her by revealing that Morgan heard the incriminating recording. Kiki felt that she didn't know who Ava was, if she could shoot a defenseless woman.

Ava explained that she and Julian had been trying to gain a foothold in Port Charles. Ava was under a lot of stress because her plan to take over ELQ fell apart after the world learned that Kiki wasn't a Quartermaine, then Connie found out Derek Wells was actually Julian Jerome. Connie was about to call Sonny. Ava panicked, then she grabbed the gun AJ dropped and shot Connie in the heat of the moment. Ava admitted that it was wrong, and she assured Kiki that she wasn't trying to make excuses. Kiki was disgusted that Ava shot Connie and let her bleed to death on the floor, to protect her “crappy brother,” then framed AJ for it. Kiki didn't think Ava felt bad about what she'd done to AJ. Ava insisted that she felt terrible about it. Kiki countered that Ava didn't feel bad enough to come forward. Ava claimed she would have, but AJ was acquitted and it all worked out. Kiki pointed out that AJ's life fell apart because people believed he'd gotten away with murder. Kiki was glad that Michael knew the truth now. Ava was alarmed to hear that Michael knew, and she asked Kiki if he had the recording. Kiki replied that she didn't know because he broke up with her because she didn't tell him Sonny killed AJ. Ava admitted she and Sonny had worried about how the truth would affect their kids. Kiki flatly stated that either Michael or Sonny would tell the cops what Ava had did and she would go to prison. Ava claimed she didn't really care about herself, just her baby. Ava asked Kiki to go see if there was any news. “I'll do it for my sister, but not for you” Kiki said, before leaving the room.

Anna ran into Agent Sloane by the GH elevators. She was surprised to see him and asked if he was still in the justice department. He confirmed that he was and admitted he was surprised she'd paid attention to his career. Anna replied that she always took an interest in her former protégés. Agent Sloane jokingly pretended to be wounded because Anna considered him her “former” protégé, and Anna noted that he didn't need a mentor anymore. Anna was curious what Agent Sloane was doing in Port Charles. Agent Sloane replied that the justice department was pleased about Sonny's arrest. He thought it was ironic that Sonny was brought down over what amounted to a domestic dispute gone wrong. Anna clarified that it was more complicated than that. Agent Sloane had heard that Duke was arrested, and he asked Anna if this meant she was no longer married to the mob. Anna replied that she wasn't married to Duke. Agent Sloane noted that they were living together. Anna clarified that she didn't live with Duke anymore. She added that she arrested Duke and that everything was being handled by the book. “Well this is your department, Commissioner. I'd expect nothing less,” Agent Sloane replied. Anna wondered why Agent Sloane was interested in local matters. Agent Sloane admitted he was in town on another matter. Anna offered to help. Agent Sloane told her that when he was ready to go public with this, Anna would be the first to know. He told Anna it was good to see her again, then he left. Kiki walked up and asked Anna if there was any news on the baby's location. There wasn't. Michael walked in and approached Anna. Kiki asked Michael how he was, but he refused to talk to her. He gave Anna the thumb drive and told her it was evidence she needed to exonerate AJ and arrest Ava. Anna listened to the recording and confirmed that it was enough evidence to arrest Ava. The trio went to Ava's room and discovered that she was gone.

At Wyndemere, Britt contemplated calling Agent Sloane. Her phone rang – it was her mother, and she ignored it. Obrecht left a message scolding Britt for ignoring her call. Obrecht reminded Britt that she was late to work and told her to report to Obrecht's office immediately because there was an emergency. Nikolas walked in just as Britt finished listening to the message. He asked if she was okay, and she told him her mom was on the warpath. Nik was curious if Britt was still thinking about Agent Sloane. Britt announced that she'd decided not to help the agent bring Anna down. With that, she threw Agent Sloane's business card in the fireplace.

After Britt left, Spencer walked in. He demanded that Nik tell the staff that he was allowed to have chocolate. Nik pointed out that Spencer wasn't allowed to have chocolate. Spencer moaned that he needed cheering up because his uncle Sonny was in jail and Cameron rubbed his nose in it. Spencer hoped Cam was lying, but Nik told him that Cam told the truth. Nik noted the importance of honesty, then he praised Spencer for telling Carly the truth – that Franco knew Spencer had been hiding in her home. Nik decided that Spencer deserved chocolate, after all. Spencer admitted he didn't deserve to have candy. He confessed that there was someone else who knew where he was hiding when he ran away. Nik wanted to know who. Spencer remembered Britt saying that Nik would break up with her for good if he ever found out she knew where Spencer was hiding. Spencer claimed that no one else knew. Nik noted that he and Britt had been frantic when Spencer was missing, and he wanted to know if someone besides Franco had been cruel enough to keep Spencer from him. Spencer started crying, and he said he was upset that Sonny was in jail. Nik admitted that Sonny probably belonged there. Spencer noted that the good thing about Sonny being in jail was that Luke couldn't hurt him.

Sam and Patrick were on their way to Obrecht's office. Patrick was worried that his appeal failed and that he wouldn't get his job back, but Sam urged him to stay optimistic. They walked into the office, and Obrecht asked why Sam was there. Patrick explained that she was there for support. Obrecht expressed contempt for the American need for support, but she let Sam stay. Obrecht revealed that the board voted to reinstate Patrick, despite his “egregious breach of medical ethics” when he considered killing his patient. Patrick could return to work tomorrow. Sam cheered and hugged Patrick. Obrecht was surprised Sam and Patrick were so close, and she reminded Patrick that Sam was the one who got him into this mess. Patrick replied that Sam had been trying to protect him. Sam quickly thanked Obrecht and pulled Patrick out of the office before things got heated. Patrick decided to spend his last free afternoon checking out Larry Ashton.

Monica told Ned, Tracy, and Larry about the recording. Ned took Monica out to the crypt to tell AJ he'd been cleared and to wish him a happy birthday. Tracy grumbled about Jerry sending Larry instead of Luke, then cutting off contact for days. Larry suggested that Jerry might have contacted Lulu. Tracy dashed out of the room to go call Lulu. Once Larry was alone, he called Jerry and said they had a problem. Larry didn't realize that Patrick and Sam were on the terrace eavesdropping through the cracked door.

Obrecht was leaving another heated message for Britt when Britt walked in. Britt asked what the problem was, and Obrecht slapped her across the face. Stunned, Britt asked what that was for. Obrecht lit into Britt for refusing to help Agent Sloane bring Anna down for murdering Faison. Britt didn't see why she should care what happened to her father when he never cared about her. Britt felt that Obrecht should help Agent Sloane, if she cared. Obrecht angrily explained that because she wasn't married to Faison, she wasn't next of kin and didn't have the legal standing to have Agent Sloane open an investigation. Britt refused to help, so Obrecht threatened to tell Nik that Britt was working with Spencer when he ran away. Britt noted that Obrecht had been supportive of Britt's desire to get Nik back and that it had been Obrecht's idea to use Spencer to make it happen. Obrecht replied that she helped Britt achieve dreams and now it was time for Britt to pay her back. Shaken, Britt asked if Obrecht would really take everything away from her. Obrecht stated that she'd do anything to get justice for Faison.

Obrecht called Agent Sloane into his office. Britt announced that she was willing to cooperate with him.

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