GH Update Monday 11/17/14

General Hospital Update Monday 11/17/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam and Patrick are together at Kelly's watching four 9-year-olds. She remarks she can't understand how he got wrangled into having them all there. He reminds her he is still unemployed. Elizabeth had a work thing. Nikolas had a surprise thing. And, as they both know, Carly has a “jail thing”. He tells her he appreciates her assistance with Emma, Cameron, Spencer, and Josslyn. He also informs her he thought this would give them a chance to “talk turkey”. What he means by that is Larry Ashton.

Larry Ashton stands outside the Quartermaine Mansion talking to Jerry Jacks on the phone, gloating about how he's managed to have all the people there buying his cover that he hasn't a clue anything about Jerry and is a helpless and merely annoying drunk.

Inside the house, Ned and Tracy are in the living room when they see Monica furiously coming down the stairs and expressing that she wants to kill Sonny Corinthos with her bare hands.

While Sonny and Carly are both in jail, in adjoining cells, he expresses to her that his biggest worry in all of this is that he will never see his son again. The guard brings Michael to see them.

While Nikolas and Britt are alone at Wyndemere, they get a visit from Agent Sloane from the justice department who informs them that he knows Britt's biological father, Cesar Faison, was murdered by Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane. He tells them the WSB has to be dismantled and then reconstructed with all the people's secrets exposed. He tells them nobody can get away with murder, not even a police commissioner.

Anna goes to the hospital and has “words” with Obrecht who asks her why she is hounding her. Obrecht reminds Anna that she has something to be happy about. Anna's usually “barren” jail facility is now full of new residents including Sonny Corinthos, Heather Webber, as well as Anna's boyfriend, Duke Lavery. In response to that, Anna remarks to the hospital chief there is always room for “one more”.

Elizabeth brings Jake/Jason to her home to stay with her. She encourages him to make himself comfortable while she makes them something to drink. While he's alone in her living room, he observes the framed pictures on her mantelpiece and seems particularly transfixed by a picture of Elizabeth with Jason Morgan. He asks her about it.

At Kelly's, Patrick and Sam bring the kids milkshakes while he tells them whoever wins the “quiet game” gets the first one. They are all instantly silenced and Patrick announces they all win. The kids talk amongst themselves. Cameron and Spencer argue and Josslyn remarks that her mother has a problem in making the right choice for a boyfriend. Hearing that, Emma asks how the wedding went. Spencer gloats that she missed a very interesting event. Josslyn smiles and tells her the best part was when it got called off. Spencer admits he's glad that Josslyn's mom dumped Franco for his Uncle Sonny. Cameron then asks Spencer if his Uncle Sonny is so great, then why is he is jail?

At the counter, Patrick talks to Sam about how strange it is that Jerry promised Tracy he would send her back her husband in exchange for control of ELQ. Yet, when she thought he meant that he'd bring Luke back to her, he brought her other “husband” whom she and the others have no use for and didn't want to have return to Port Charles. He tells her he knows there is something not right about that guy.

Larry is on the phone assuring Jerry that he will make certain he gets more ELQ shares in addition to the ones Tracy and Alice signed over to him. He warns Jerry that a situation has arisen where he will need more time to get the rest.

Monica informs Ned and Tracy that she's found out that Sonny killed her son in cold blood. The fact that Sonny is in jail is not enough to make it ok for her that she does not have a son and Michael does not have a father.

Michael comes to see his two parents at the jail cell to their surprise.

In the hospital, Anna informs Obrecht that her niece, Nina assaulted her husband, held Ava captive, drugged her and kidnapped her baby and she happens to know that Obrecht helped her do it. So that means, Obrecht is looking at jail time.

At Wyndemere, Agent Sloane talks to Britt about needing her help to take down Anna Devane, reminding Britt that she is the only “next of kin” of Cesar Faison. She clearly indicates, however, that she does not want involvement in that and reminds him that her mother would be more than happy to take down the commissioner to get justice for Cesar Faison and would be a better person to contact regarding that. He reminds her there is a limit to the legal power Dr. Obrecht would have because she and Cesar Faison were never legally married. He reminds her that Faison is her father only by DNA and she had almost no contact with him throughout most of her life. What she did have, she wishes she could forget. She clarifies to Agent Sloane that if Cesar Faison is dead and Anna Devane killed him, then Anna did the world a huge favor.

Back at the hospital, Obrecht clarifies to Anna that she cannot be arrested because she provided her detective son with the location to find Nina and Madeline. Anna says she knows that that was only after Obrecht helped both her sister and niece escape with the baby before the cops could find them. Obrecht firmly tells Anna that she needs to either arrest her or leave her alone because she has nothing on her presently.

At Kelly's, Cameron shows Spencer and the others the headlines from his tablet of Sonny getting arrested and gloats. Josslyn admits to Spencer that she cares about Sonny and knows he is important to her mom who is also in jail.

At the other table, Patrick and Sam realize that they can't rely on Tracy to give them the information they need when she is relying on Larry Ashton.

While Larry is outside on the terrace on the phone to Jerry, Alice finds him and asks him what he's up to. She does not trust him the way Tracy does.

Inside, Monica reminds Ned and Tracy that Sonny and Carly have been scheming to ruin AJ and take him away from Michael. Tracy remarks that maybe, on the bright side, Michael may come to realize how contemptible Sonny and Carly really are.

When Michael goes to the jail to see his parents, Carly emotionally remarks to her son that she is so happy that he has come there and is reaching out to them in spite of what has happened. She assures him that things can get better. Michael coldly asks her if she thinks that after she and Sonny killed his father, that all they have to do is talk and everything is forgiven. He clarifies that they are not his mom or his dad and addresses them as Sonny and Carly. He tells them there is absolutely nothing they can say or do to make this right. She then asks him if he did not come there for that, then why did he come?

At Elizabeth's home, Jake/Jason observes the pictures and remarks she has a great family. She shows him a picture of her grandma and her sons Aiden and Cameron and also her other son, Jake. He seems to remember Jason's son with her who was tragically killed. She talks about the unique personality of her son, Jake, and how she will never forget him or how much he was like Jason. She tells him one cannot look at Jake and not see Jason.

At Kelly's, Sam tells Patrick maybe she can track Larry although they know he's a professional con. They then get distracted by the four kids.

At the hospital, Anna concludes to Obrecht she is not going to deal with her right now. Her priority is to find Ava's child. Obrecht confidently reminds Anna that she will never be able to hold her accountable for killing Victor Cassadine just as she will never be able to hold Anna accountable for killing Cesar Faison although Anna reminds Obrecht that things change.

At Wyndemere, Britt tells Agent Sloane that very possibly Anna's act of killing Cesar Faison was in self defense as she knows that Faison stalked and threatened Anna for decades. He then asks Britt what she would do if she did not know Cesar Faison and heard that an officer of the law took it upon herself to deny someone their day in court. If she can deny someone their constitutional rights, what is to stop Ms. Devane from doing it again? He asks Britt what would happen if the next time she does it to a friend, family member or someone Britt does love?

Outside the Quartermaine Mansion, Alice reminds Larry Ashton that Monica owns the house and does not trust or want him there any more than she does. Ned informs him that Monica is not in good spirits because AJ's murder was dredged up last night. Larry tells him that is unfortunate, but he is there to discuss ELQ.

At the jail, Michael tells Sonny and Carly he is there for one reason and one reason only which is to discuss the murder of his father. Carly protests that he needs to know that Ava manipulated and played them all and killed Connie. Michael thinks it's about time he rights this wrong. He knows that although AJ was officially acquitted of the murder, everyone thought he was guilty including himself. So now all he can do is get AJ exonerated of Connie's murder and let everyone in town know he was innocent. He is going to clear his father's name and Sonny and Carly are going to help him do that.

In their private conversation, Obrecht reminds Anna that she is aware that even if she knows with certainty that Anna and Robert killed Cesar Faison, she knows she has no evidence to convict them and they can probably obtain an alibi. So she encourages Anna to confess with nobody hearing the conversation except for the two of them. Anna then gets in her face and whispers in Obrecht's ear that she will never find Faison. She can badger Anna all she wants but nothing will ever happen. Anna walks away and Obrecht appears upset and provoked.

Sloane continues to tell Britt and Nikolas that Anna Devane and others like her have gotten away with too many crimes for too long and he intends to reform the WSB with or without their help. Britt admires what he is doing but maybe he needs to realize that after all of the hideous crimes that her father has committed, maybe justice would be better served somewhere else. He then thanks them for their time, gives Britt his business card in case she changes her mind, and leaves.

Cameron walks into the house with Patrick and Elizabeth introduces her son to her new house guest Jake. When he sees Jake, he stares at him speechless and stunned. She wonders why her son is so “shy” all of a sudden and excuses him to do his homework and get ready for dinner. Patrick comes in and Elizabeth introduces him to their “John Doe” from GH and informs Jake that Dr. Drake is the neurosurgeon who consulted on his brain surgery. They shake hands and Patrick informs him that he found out from seeing his brain scans Jake has had brain surgery before. Sam walks in to find Patrick and inform him they need to go because the kids are getting restless. She sees Jake and stares at him.

At the Quartermaine's, Tracy asks Larry Ashton what he knows about ELQ. He tells her their CEO is a walking disaster. Ned says he happens to have faith in Michael. Larry tells Ned he might think differently when the company's shares fall through the floor and the creditors come calling. Tracy reminds him he still has not told her what ELQ has to do with him because he has no stake in the company or its shares. He tells her that their son and granddaughter do, and he would not like their birthrights to be taken from them. Tracy tells him of course not because who else will pay for his assisted living facility? She doesn't believe that Larry cares so much about the youngsters since he doesn't even know their middle names. Larry thinks that the time to act is now. They have to save ELQ by overthrowing Michael Corinthos.

At the jail, Michael asks them if they have any evidence that Ava killed Connie and that Sonny killed AJ. Carly admits yes although she informs her son that she destroyed the taped recording she had of it. He then asks Sonny if he still has his, knowing that he does. Michael wants him to turn it over so that his father can have some justice and have his name cleared. Sonny says nothing and Carly protests that Michael does not want to do that although he asks her why. Is it because they don't want Sonny to dig an even deeper legal hole for himself? He faces his dad and tells him by not doing what Michael asks about this, it only shows what kind of a person he is. He's a man with no honor or integrity who only thinks about himself and his own gain, and the rest of them be damned.

At Elizabeth's, both Patrick and Sam are intrigued with Jake, when he and Elizabeth explain that he's staying in her house because he committed three strikes with Obrecht by first having no insurance, second by speaking ill of Franco to her, and third by calling her “Dr. O”. Sam asks if he was hit by a car, wouldn't he not need more time to recover? He tells her he intends to pay Elizabeth back. Patrick remarks that he is appealing getting his job back and when he does, he will campaign for Obrecht to have to reconsider offering Jake the medical care he needs. Sam then goes out the door alone and is lost in thought.

In the jail, Michael asks a silent Sonny if he's going to give him the recording. When Sonny does not respond, Michael gets angry, goes to leave, and tells him he may enjoy going to prison. Finally, Sonny speaks up and tells Michael if he wants it, it's his. He promises he will have Shawn deliver it to Michael although Michael tells him his promises mean nothing to him. Carly cries and tells her son she loves him. Sonny tells him he loves him also. Michael tells them both they can't love him, because they don't know what loves means, and walks out.

Larry asks Ned if he, himself, would not want to replace Michael as CEO. Having already helmed the company, Ned doesn't wish to do so again. Larry then tells him, in that case, he can only think of one other person for the job. Tracy tells him he can't mean himself. He tells her no. He already has a job. He is the presenter of a reality TV show called "Lifestyles of the Rich and Bitchy." He tells Tracy he can set it up on her DVR and knows she will love it. She tells him she reads. Ned then asks Larry who the person is that he has in mind to be CEO of ELQ. Larry tells him there is only one person who is his “delicate flower of a mother” as he puts his arm around Tracy. He declares she will be absolutely perfect for the job.

At Wyndemere, Sloane has left, after persistently attempting to persuade Britt to testify against Anna for killing her father, Cesar Faison, Nikolas asks her if she is ok. Britt wonders why she is feeling guilty for not wanting justice for a father who never cared about her. She is now wondering where he is, if he's in pain or if he's really dead. Is she crazy to worry about Cesar? Nikolas understands what it's like to be part of a demented family so no, he does not find it crazy. He tells her he will support her in whatever she decides.

Sloane goes to the hospital to find Obrecht. She asks if he is in need of medical attention and if not, she does not want to talk to him. He tells her he has something important to talk to her about that they might have in common. She asks what that might be. He replies it's a need to bring Anna Devane to justice. Hearing that, she ignores him no more.

Cameron asks Jason if his name is really Jake. He admits to Elizabeth's son that he really is not certain what his real name is. Cameron asks why he picked that name. Jake admits that it sounded like something he might remember although he knows it's a big name to live up to. He tells Cameron he will do his best and maybe Cameron can give him some pointers. Cameron asks if Jake can help him with his homework. Jake replies that his brain is kind of shot so maybe History is out of the question. Cameron tells him no. It's math and takes out his papers. Jake sees that the subject is fractions and gamely sits down to see what he can do. Elizabeth comes down to watch her son with her new friend bonding.

When Spencer returns to Wyndemere, he admits to Nikolas and Britt that he's feeling pretty down. He tells them he hit rock bottom. He wants to talk to his dad about it while they go into the other room. As soon as Britt is alone, she picks up Sloane's business card and thinks about his visit.

At the hospital, Anna is walking and on her phone talking about how she has to get the information about Nina and the baby from Madeline when she comes face to face with Agent Sloane.

Obrecht is alone in her office lost in thought as is Britt.

Sam accompanies Patrick while he goes to face the board for his appeal to get reinstated to practice medicine at General Hospital.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Larry Ashton announces that he trusts Tracy to take over ELQ although Ned does not trust her with her history of being married to Luke Spencer and previously to Anthony Zacchara. Tracy, however, believes that she can successfully run the company this time, and she agrees they have to get rid of Michael just as he walks into the room.

At the jail, Carly is incapable and unwilling to accept that Michael is shutting them out and won't give up on getting her son back although Sonny tells her they have to accept that he's made his choice.

Michael goes to the Quartermaine Mansion and faces Ned, Tracy, and Larry to announce that his name is no longer Michael Corinthos. The name he should have had all along is Michael Quartermaine.

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