GH Update Friday 11/14/14

General Hospital Update Friday 11/14/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Britt is sitting at the breakfast table at Windermere with Nikolas while they both look at the paper. We see she is looking at the headlines on the front page of Julian's paper about Sonny getting arrested. She also notices that her mother is right in the middle of a scandal, again.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Jake/Jason appear in front of Obrecht as she asks Nurse Weber if she cares to explain herself. Elizabeth replies to her chief that she is not on duty. Obrecht remarks that she was referring to “Herr Doe” as she thought Jake/Jason was discharged the previous day. She asks him what he is still doing in her hospital.

At the police station, Anna is on the phone giving instructions to find Franco and Nina as she's now gotten information that they have probably fled together with the baby Nina has taken from Ava Jerome. Right then, Lucy rushes in and tells the commissioner she's glad she's found her. She tells Anna she urgently needs to see Duke.

In the private interrogation room, Alexis represents Duke as his lawyer and informs him that she knows of one way she can help him beat the charges he is now facing. It can happen if he incriminates Sonny in order to save himself. Yet it does not sound like he's too keen on doing that.

Carly has just been taken to a jail cell where she is right across from Sonny. She asks if he's heard anything regarding Michael. He replies that he's lost him. He has lost their son.

Kiki goes to Michael's apartment and walks into the bedroom right when he is going at it in his bed with Rosalie. She is shocked at what she sees as they also seem to be, having her seeing them.

Rosalie attempts to humbly explain and smooth things over when Kiki demands to know what they hell they are doing. Michael, however, coldly and bluntly states to her that it should be obvious that what he and Rosalie are doing is having sex yet again in his bed. He has nothing to apologize for, he tells Kiki, and she should know her way to the door so she can get out to leave them to finish doing what they were doing before she walked in and interrupted them.

At the police station, Lucy protests to Anna that Duke cannot be imprisoned and convicted of a crime for just one isolated mistake and she needs to understand that he has rights. She remarks that Anna has turned this place into Guantanamo. Anna clarifies to her that she may see Duke after he's done talking to his lawyer.

In the room, Duke asks Alexis if she recommends that he testifies against Sonny at his trial. She replies if it comes down to that. She tells him she can talk to Scott and see if he can offer them a deal in exchange for Duke's testimony and she thinks it's likely the DA will do what she asks because it's Sonny he wants and not Duke.. He asks her why Scott wants anything beyond what he already has from Sonny's taped confession. She tells him that if he can offer the DA what they need, then she can probably get him absolved of all charges.

In the jail, Sonny informs Carly that Michael intended to kill him. She tells him Dante informed her of that but protests that Sonny needs to realize that their son did not go through with it. Sonny tells his ex that they both need to realize that their son hates him and has good reason to because he took Michael's father away from him. Carly looks ready to cry as she tells Sonny that their son hates her too. That is why she needs a way to get out of here and do something before everything falls apart. She remarks to Sonny he should have seen the look on their son's face when Franco played that video tape and she can't believe she had no clue that her ex-fiancé was taping and spying upon her all the while she wore that stupid, ugly necklace, which she did, just so she could make him happy. And, she tells him, it's all hear fault that this has blown up in their faces. Sonny clarifies to her that he believes this is his fault.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Jake/Jason clarify to Obrecht that they are there to fill out the discharge papers so they will soon be out of the hospital and out of her hair. She sarcastically tells them she will miss Jake's “humor” but needs to know if social services has found him a place to live and a way to make himself productive so he is not mooching off of society. Elizabeth replies that Jake/Jason will be staying with her. Hearing that, Obrecht appears shocked.

At Nikolas', Britt reflects how it appears her mother always gets into trouble, Nikolas' tells her hopefully her mother will be distracted by her not being at work because he wants to take her to bed again and she will be late. They hear the doorbell ring. He does not want to answer it and wants to be with Britt, but he gets the door, opens it to a strange man and asks if he can help him. The guy remarks he certainly hopes so. He introduces himself as Agent Sloane, an investigator with the Justice Department. He asks if he can come in although he tells Nikolas and Britt it's difficult to explain why he is there. He tells them he is there to talk about a matter of national security regarding Nikolas' Uncle Victor.

At the hospital, Obrecht asks Elizabeth why she wants to let Jake/Jason stay with her and not just let him go to a homeless shelter. Elizabeth asks Obrecht why that would be any of her business. Obrecht makes a comment to Elizabeth about how, if she wants to take in strays and take pity upon this man, that is her business as long as it does not interfere with her duties while she is on staff at GH. Jake/Jason then reminds Obrecht that he and Elizabeth are going to make their own decisions regardless of what she wants. She continues to remind them that if he is anywhere near the hospital, he will be required to use a wheelchair to prevent accidents and liability to the hospital. Since he owes and cannot pay his hospital bills, they cannot provide him any follow-up medical care inside their facility. She goes on about all of her strict policies without any sensitivity or compassion for this patient and gets on the elevator. At that point, Jake/Jason and Elizabeth laugh about how that woman is unbelievable.

At the police station, Anna discusses with Lucy that she believes Alexis is a good lawyer who might be able to use her expertise to help Duke with his legal matters and remarks that Lucy made a good choice with her. Yet she shows no personal feelings toward the man who has been her husband and significant other and asks Lucy why she is doing all of this for Duke.

Inside the room, Alexis talks to Duke about his options. He tells her that he wants to accept the consequences of his actions. He willingly chose to provide Sonny a false alibi. He was not coerced to do anything he did not want to do. She reminds him that Sonny is a known mob boss and that she can present the argument that Duke perjured himself for Sonny because he feared for his life. Duke protests to her that he did not fear for his life and will not turn on Sonny just to save his own skin.

While Carly is in the adjoining cell beside Sonny, she tells him she knows what he and Shawn were planning. They intended to kill Franco before the wedding and now she wished they had succeeded. He admits to her that he was too headstrong and arrogant and afraid to lose what he had with her.

Kiki stands in Michael's bedroom as she watches him going at it with Rosalie in his bed in front of her. He reminds her she needs to leave and give them their privacy. Rosalie wants to leave Michael and Kiki alone to talk and offers to leave but Michael tells her he does not want her going anywhere. Kiki tells them she is not leaving until he hears her out and he needs to know that he's being spiteful by refusing to forgive her for what she did. He reminds her that she and Morgan chose to keep a secret behind his back and she's lied to him about many things for a long time. So if she's not ok with his sleeping with someone else, she has no one to blame for that but herself. At that point, Rosalie collects her clothes and get up out of Michael's bed, ready to leave. He protests that she does not need to go just because Kiki doesn't want her there. She tells him she is leaving because she does not want this getting any uglier than it already is. She attempts to apologize to Kiki and goes to the bathroom, leaving Kiki and Michael alone to talk. Kiki then protests to Michael that she has been very worried about him after he left the wedding in a distraught and devastated state of mind. Both she and Morgan were looking for him, very concerned and she wanted to be there for him. But now she comes by and finds him in bed with that tramp. Michael clarifies to her that she is not a tramp. Her name is Rosalie and he instructs Kiki not to disrespect her again. Kiki then tells him she knows he's upset and he's angry with her because she didn't tell him what happened with his father and he has every right to be. He tells her he does not need her permission to feel any way he wants. She tells him she knows he feels betrayed. But this is what he chooses as pay back. Because she lied to him, he goes and has sex with someone else. He tells her he happens to like Rosalie and it turns out they have more in common than he realized. So why shouldn't he sleep with her? Kiki replies because she's his girlfriend and they love each other. He replies not anymore.

Carly reminds Sonny that the night before she was supposed to marry Franco, he (Sonny) told her he loved her. She now declares she loves him and should have told him then and there. He tells her he does love her but sometimes love just isn't enough.

Alexis tells Duke she has to honestly tell him if he does not testify against Sonny, she is not certain she can mitigate the charges against him. He reminds her he gave Sonny his word. She tells him she admires his loyalty to his friend but if he does not give Sonny up, he is going down with him. She reminds him he's already lost enough of his life to prison. Is he willing to lose more? He tells her of course not. She then concludes to him that he has to save himself.

In the other room, Lucy replies to Anna's question of why she is helping Duke by protesting that why shouldn't she find him a lawyer and be there for him in his hour of need. She reminds Anna that Duke has been there for her and has had her back. So she is going to be there for Duke and have his back and she asks Anna if she has a problem with that. Anna replies no. But is she really ok with that?

Agent Sloane explains to Nikolas that he happens to know about corruption going on at the WSB under the direction of Victor Cassadine and would like to know if Nikolas can shed any light on how it was allowed to flourish in the first place. In response to that, Nikolas tells him he can assure him that he knows nothing about his uncle's actions nor does he condone them. Britt then informs Agent Sloane that maybe Nikolas should not speak to him without his lawyer. Sloane then reflects he knows that Nikolas' aunt, Ms. Davis is also a Cassadine and he assures them that neither Nikolas nor his aunt are in any trouble. He tells them, however, that Dr. Westbourne's family is a different story.

At the hospital, Jake/Jason is ready to come home with Elizabeth and asks her if she's sure that her boys are alright with his coming home with her and staying in their home. She tells him that when she told her son, Cameron, about his interest in Star Wars, he was really excited and wants to meet Jake/Jason. Jake/Jason notices a picture on the wall of the hospital that looks all too familiar to him. It's a picture of the late Alan Quartermaine. Elizabeth informs him that Alan was the chief of staff for a long time and assures him he was nothing like their current chief. He then remembers he had a Dr. Monica Quartermaine sign his charts. She informs him that Monica is Alan's widow. He then notices a picture of Alan's deceased parents, Edward and Lila and reflects that they all appear to have very kind eyes. He also somehow knows that he has met them before although Elizabeth is not consciously aware of how he could have.

In response to Michael flippantly declaring to Kiki that he no longer loves her, she tells him she does not believe or accept that. He tells her that he told her from the start that honesty is a very important part of a relationship to him yet she showed him from very early on that she could not be honest with him. She hid and lied for Franco and justified him to Michael and now we see what kind of a person Franco is, yet she put him before Michael. She lied for her mother and for Sonny and wanted to protect them. She protests she was not protecting Ava or Sonny. She kept the secret to protect him (Michael). He tells her she was deciding for him what he is supposed to know and not know. She protests that she thought she was being kinder by not revealing those secrets to him knowing how it would destroy him if it ever came out. He reminds her that Sonny killed AJ. That was the fundamental truth of his life. How could he be with someone who could hide that from him? He could he love someone who would lie to him about that? She asks if he is telling her it's over between them. He replies yes. That is what he is saying.

In the cell block, Carly tells Sonny that she believed for a long time there will always be something between them yet she knew that sooner or later, they will have to suffer serious consequences for their ties together. She tells him that she feels she has ruined everything and betrayed everyone by trusting Franco, bringing him into her family's lives and not listened to what everybody told her about him. Sonny tells her it's his fault. He should have killed that bastard the second he slithered into town although she protests that she insisted to everyone she could trust Franco. He asks her why she didn't listen. She replies she does not know but then admits that is not true. She admits to Sonny that everything has been so gray since Jason died. She's so empty without him. She found Franco and had this glimmer of hope that he was Jason's brother. She had to fill the empty void. She had to convince herself there was good in Franco. She had to fool and lie to herself and justify his behavior because of that brain tumor. She tells Sonny she is so sorry she ever argued to him about Franco, that she told Sonny he was jealous and that she protested for Franco over and over again. If she'd listened to Sonny, she wouldn't be there now. Sonny tells her he accepts her apology. She has to stop blaming herself. Franco needs to be put down like the dog he is. She tells him that Franco skipped town after helping Nina Clay kidnap Ava's baby. Hearing that, Sonny is ready to have a breakdown because he cannot do anything to find his child or grandchild while stuck in jail.

Duke comes out of the interrogation room with Alexis and Lucy hugs him, making efforts to encourage him to know things will be ok. Yet it seems awkward. Alexis admits to Lucy that she believes she could help Duke beat the charges but, unfortunately, he won't let her help him.

At Nikolas' home, Agent Sloane informs Britt that he has some sensitive information regarding her father, Cesar Faison and something that happened to him at the hands of Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane.

At the hospital, as they get ready to go, Jake/Jason tells Elizabeth he finds it very noteworthy that the Quartermaines are well known. He seems to recognize them although he doesn't remember who he is or where he came from. She tells him that they are going to find out who he is. He tells her that he is ok with being called Jake although he realizes he cannot come up with a clue what his name was before.

Michael affirms to Kiki that it is over. She tells him she has things she needs to get. He tells her she can pick up her stuff later. Or better yet, he can send them to her or to Morgan at the Brownstone. She protests there is nothing going on between her and Morgan. He asks her why he should believe that when it's Morgan instead of himself who she confides all of her secrets to. He tells her whatever she has going on with Morgan is no longer a concern to him and Morgan can have her. He then reminds her she can leave her key at the door She cries and protests that he can't just throw away everything they have. He says nothing.

In the cell block, Carly assures Sonny that Anna Devane will find the baby. He tells her he's not so certain with Franco now on the loose. He also knows that the commissioner is too busy trying to convict her boyfriend. Hearing that, Carly asks what she just heard. Sonny explains that Duke was convicted for lying for him the night of AJ's murder. Duke is talking to Alexis who is representing him but not representing Sonny. Carly tells Sonny she does not care what Alexis says. Duke would never betray Sonny, she assures him.

Upstairs, Lucy asks Duke why he won't let Alexis help him. He does not answer. Alexis reminds her that anything Duke tells his lawyer is confidential. Anna excuses herself telling the others she cannot be a party to this conversation.

In response to what Agent Sloane says about her father, Britt asks if her mother is correct that he never went to the Steinmauer prison as everyone thought he did. He tells her that is correct information. He informs her and Nikolas that Victor Cassadine's file indicates that Cesar Faison has not been there. Yet, he tells them, he happens to know that it's very likely that Mr. Scorpio and Ms. Devane murdered Britt's father. He tells her if they did that, it's unacceptable given that they are both affiliated with the WSB. He tells her that his department intends to bring these two “criminals” to justice, informing them that they cannot currently locate Robert Scorpio but he intends to take action against Commissioner Devane. Nikolas asks what he intends to charge Anna with. He replies fraud, corruption and murder. And, he adds, he needs Dr. Westbourne's help to do it.

Anna goes to the hospital and is distracted while on the phone declaring that she is determined to find her the baby and whatever information Madeline Reeves has, she will cut it out of her. Right then, she stumbles into an angry and uncordial Obrecht who can clearly overhear Anna's conversation.

At the station, Alexis reminds Duke that his arraignment starts in less than an hour. Lucy tells her good. That will give her enough time to talk some sense into Duke, Lucy tells her.

In the cell block, in response to Carly's assuring him that Duke will not give him up to the cops, Sonny reminds her that Duke has spent years of his life in a Turkish prison and he doubts Duke is willing to accept more jail time. She asks if he does not want Duke to save him. He tells her the only thing he cares about right now is that he will never see his son again. A guard lets Michael into the cell block to see them both there. He faces his dad with a cold expression.

Elizabeth brings Jake/Jason to her home, encourages him to make himself comfortable and is ready to make him something to drink. He then becomes stunned when he observes the many pictures of Elizabeth with her family, her deceased son Jake, and Jake's father, Jason Morgan.

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