GH Update Thursday 11/13/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/13/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny demanded to be released from his holding cell so that he could go find the baby. Duke, who was in a cell across the hall, tried to get him to calm down, but Sonny yelled that he had the right to a phone call and to see his attorney. Just then, Alexis walked in. she brought him up to speed on the search for the baby – the cops had just missed Nina. Sonny begged Alexis to get him arraigned so he could go find his daughter or granddaughter. Alexis revealed that she was there to represent Duke, not Sonny. Duke replied that he couldn't afford to pay. Alexis explained that someone already paid her retainer. Duke hoped it was Anna, but Alexis told him it was Lucy. Duke felt that Sonny needed Alexis more than he did. Alexis reminded Sonny that he fired her because of her involvement with Julian. Sonny told Alexis that he was in trouble and he needed her. Alexis turned him down because it would be a conflict of interest for her to represent both him and Duke. A desperate Sonny reminded Alexis that she knew what it was like to have your baby kidnapped. He promised to find another lawyer after Alexis got him out of lockup. Alexis told Sonny to call Diane, then she had a guard take Duke upstairs.

Scott walked into the police station and snidely asked Anna if she'd let Sonny and Duke escape. Anna replied that they were still locked up downstairs. Anna was annoyed that Scott didn't detain Franco last night. She told Scott Franco had terrorized Carly, Shawn, Jordan and Heather, then left Carly a DVD, in which he threatened her and her nine year old. Scott swore he had no idea Franco did all that. Anna felt that Scott gave Franco the opportunity to do those things. Franco had left Scott a letter, and Scott hoped it might say where Franco was. In the letter, Franco thanked Scott for the time they spent together the night before the wedding. Franco found the father/son bonding so enjoyable that he'd wished he could abandon his plan, but he just couldn't help himself. Scott admitted that Anna had been right about Franco all along. Scott gave the letter to Anna, and she told him to issue a warrant for Franco's arrest. Scott knew the letter was evidence, but he asked if he could make a copy for himself. Anna gave him the letter, and Scott agreed to get the warrant. He left. Alexis and Duke walked in. Anna coldly noted that Duke had hired Alexis. Duke clarified that Lucy hired him. Anna said that was nice and turned to walk away. Duke wanted to talk to Anna, but she told him she had nothing to say to him.

Michael's ringing phone woke him up. Michael saw that the call was from Kiki. He ignored it, then glanced over at Rosalie, who was sleeping beside him. Rosalie woke up and panicked; “I have to get out of here!,” she stated. Michael calmly asked why. Rosalie replied that they made a mistake; Michael had a girlfriend. Michael told Rosalie that he didn't have a girlfriend, or anyone else, anymore. Rosalie was sure Michael would calm down and forgive Kiki, but Michael was adamant that he never would. He stated that Kiki lied to him multiple times – about Franco, about Carly and Sonny's affair, and about his father's death. Rosalie pointed out that Kiki had been trying to protect Michael. Michael stated that Kiki knew that the truth about his father's murder was more important to him than anything and she still lied about it. He told Rosalie that there was no coming back from that. Rosalie was concerned Michael would regret this. Michael admitted he regretted trusting the wrong people, but he stated that he didn't regret what he'd done with Rosalie. Michael swore that Kiki, Carly, Morgan and Sonny were all nothing to him.

Michael thanked Rosalie for helping him forget last night. Rosalie told him she was sorry for everything he was going through. Michael told her not to be. He felt that it was time he faced the truth about things. Rosalie decided to leave and give Michael some space to sort things out. Michael told Rosalie that she was the only one he wanted to talk to. He noted that she refused to break up him and Kiki, even though Nina tried to blackmailed her into it. Rosalie pointed out that she was in his bed right now. Michael countered that she didn't have an ulterior motive. Rosalie admitted that she kind of did – she'd been trying to forget something too. Michael encouraged her to confide in him. Rosalie was reluctant; she liked Michael and she was afraid he wouldn't like her if he knew what she did. Michael coaxed her into opening up. Rosalie admitted that it was her fault that Nina kidnapped the baby. She told Michael that Madeline pressured her into revealing Ava's location. Michael had been there when Rosalie ran into Madeline, and he'd sensed that Madeline was trying to force her to do something. Rosalie told Michael how Nathan ripped into her the night before, and she admitted Nathan was right. Rosalie felt bad for Ava. Michael didn't think Ava deserved Rosalie's sympathy. He revealed that Ava killed an innocent woman, then framed AJ for it, which ruined the rest of AJ's life. Michael vowed to clear AJ's name. Michael noted that his sister or niece was born into a nightmare, caught between Nina and Ava. He thought it was sad that both of the newborn's parents were murderers. Rosalie pointed out that Morgan could be the father. Michael replied that Morgan was a “spineless tool” who couldn't take care of himself. Michael hoped that when the baby was found, she'd be given to a distant relative who could teach her right from wrong. Rosalie wished she'd had a better grasp on right and wrong, so that she wouldn't have done what she did. Michael told her that all they could do now was try and forget. He suggested they try and make each other feel better. They had sex again.

Morgan and Silas were outside Madeline's hospital room. Silas went to check on Ava, and Morgan stayed, hoping Madeline would wake up and tell them where Nina and the baby were. Nathan and Obrecht were in the unconscious Madeline's room. It was jarring for Obrecht to see her sister looking so vulnerable. Nathan thanked Obrecht for telling him where Nina was hiding. Obrecht explained that she didn't enjoy betraying Madeline, but Nathan's wants were important to her. Obrecht acknowledged that she wasn't the mother of Nathan's dreams but she cared about him. Obrecht got choked up as she noted that she gave Nathan to Madeline to raise when he was the same age as the baby Nina kidnapped. “I missed you so much” she said. Madeline woke up and was confused when she noticed that she was handcuffed to the bed. Nathan told her that it was because she helped Nina kidnap Ava's baby. Madeline pretended not to know what Nathan was talking about. Nathan snapped that Ava told the cops Nina paid Madeline to help her. Madeline argued that Ava wasn't trustworthy. Madeline insisted that Nina forced her to help. Madeline said she tried to help out by calling Obrecht and telling her what hotel they were staying in. Nathan asked why Madeline didn't call the police, and she claimed she was afraid to. Madeline explained that Nina had tried to kill Madeline when Nina discovered Madeline called Obrecht instead of Silas. Madeline added that Nina would have killed her if someone hadn't interrupted her. Nathan asked who walked in. Madeline hesitated. Nathan reminded Madeline that she raised him, and he urged her to tell the truth. Madeline admitted that it was Franco. Nathan wondered how Franco knew Nina was there. Obrecht had a flashback – Franco wanted to know where Nina was, and Obrecht told him where to find her. In the present, Obrecht suggested that Nina may have called him. Madeline was grateful Franco showed up when he did, since Nina had lost all sense of reality by the time he arrived. Madeline didn't have any other information.

Kiki was frantic with worry about Michael. She left him a voicemail begging him to stop ignoring her calls. Kiki swore she never meant to hurt Michael and she told him that she loved him. Silas rounded the corner and spotted Kiki. They hugged, and Silas asked what was wrong. Kiki tearfully told him what happened between her and Michael and admitted she wasn't sure what to do. Silas stated that if he had it to do all over again, he would have moved mountains to keep Sam. He urged Kiki to go find Michael and fight for him. Kiki didn't want to leave her mom, but Silas told her Ava had plenty of support from Silas, Julian and Morgan.

Carly was also at the hospital. She noticed a newspaper. Sonny getting arrested for killing his son's biological father was the front page story. A nurse spotted the paper and remarked that the cops finally got the S.O.B. Carly ran into Morgan. They hugged, and Morgan called Franco a sick S.O.B. Carly agreed, and she apologized for disregarding Morgan, Josslyn and Michael's feelings about Franco and getting involved with him. Morgan told Carly that Franco lied to her and hid who he really was. “I know how that works” Morgan sighed. Carly felt that there was a big difference because Morgan was too young to know better. Carly asked if there was word on the baby, and Morgan told her he hoped Madeline had the answer.

Carly thanked Morgan for being there for Michael last night. She added that she'd never be able to thank him enough for saving Sonny's life. Morgan glumly replied that Sonny would be spending the rest of his life in prison. According to Carly, Sonny was more upset about losing Michael than about going to prison. Carly admitted she deserved Franco's wrath, but she didn't think he should have gone after her through Michael. Carly sadly noted that lots of people tried to take Michael away from her, and in the end, she lost him because of her own actions. Carly told Morgan that Michael would need him and Kiki. Morgan told her that they couldn't be there for Michael. When Carly learned that Ava told Morgan and Kiki that Sonny killed AJ, she asked if Ava mentioned that she killed Connie. Morgan replied that Sonny told him. Carly hugged him and apologized for dragging him into this. She admitted that she and Sonny made a lot of mistakes, and she was glad that she hadn't lost Morgan, too. Morgan assured her that he was there for her. He and Carly wondered who Michael would turn to, now.

Nathan approached Carly and Morgan and told them about Franco's involvement in the kidnapping. Nathan asked Carly if she knew where Franco might go. Carly had no idea. Scott walked up, and Carly railed at him about all the things Franco had done. She spat that Franco was an evil freak that Scott had done nothing to stop. Scott replied that he'd issued a warrant for Franco's arrest – and Carly's. Morgan was upset, but Carly told him not to worry about her and to focus on finding the baby.

Rosalie told Michael she should go. Michael asked if she had a good time with him and if she had somewhere to be. Rosalie confirmed that she did have a good time and told Michael that she didn't have anywhere to be. Michael pointed out that since neither of them wanted to be alone, they could lose themselves in each other. They began to kiss, and Kiki walked in on them.

Nathan went to the station and told Anna that Franco was involved in the kidnapping.

Alexis and Duke talked in an interrogation room. She told him that the evidence against him was overwhelming – he'd given Sonny a false alibi, then refused to recant it. Duke admitted that he'd lied to Anna repeatedly and that he expected to go to jail. Alexis told him there was a way out – Duke would need to roll over on Sonny.

Scott went to the holding cells. Sonny asked if they'd found the baby. Scott said no, but he brought Sonny some company. Carly was led in and placed in the cell across from Sonny.

When Ava woke up, Julian was by her side. She tried to get out of her hospital bed, but Julian gently urged her to stay put. Ava asked if her baby had been found. Julian told her that the cops hadn't found her yet, but they were hoping Madeline would know where Nina went. When Ava found out Madeline was at the hospital, she got out of bed, planning to choke her baby's whereabouts out of Madeline. Julian grabbed her arm and told her she was in no shape to do that. He told her the police were handling it. “Since when do we rely on the police?” Ava yelled. She tearfully stated that Madeline knew Nina was “barking mad,” and she still let her take Ava's daughter. Julian comforted Ava as she talked about how hard she fought to keep her baby. Ava broke down sobbing, and Julian hugged her. When Silas walked in, Ava was back in bed. Ava asked Silas to convince her brother that it was okay for her to go talk to Madeline. Silas sided with Julian. Morgan came in and told Ava that Madeline had given them a little bit of information.

Madeline thanked Obrecht for telling Nathan where Nina was hiding. Obrecht confronted Madeline about lying to Nathan - “You didn't leave that message so that the police would know where Nina was hiding. You called me because you needed Nina to believe that you were calling Silas. Otherwise she wasn't going to give you money.” Madeline pointed out that Obrecht lied to Nathan too, when she didn't confess that she told Franco where Nina was.

Nina, Franco and the baby were hiding out in a building Franco owned in Prince Edward County, Canada. Nina praised Franco for remembering to bring the baby supplies. Nina was curious how long Franco owned the place. Franco explained that he hid out there after Jason shot him in Beecher's Corners. Nina grabbed her phone to call Silas because she wanted him to meet his daughter. Franco took the phone away and told Nina that he knew this was Ava's baby and not Nina's and that this is why the police were after her. Franco told Nina that if she told Silas where they were, Franco and Nina would both be arrested. Nina was curious what Franco had done. Franco confessed that he abducted Carly, and some others, at gunpoint and threatened to blow them up. Nina grinned and realized that's what Franco meant when he said he had an eventful wedding. Franco laughed too. He added that he also took Michael away from Sonny and Carly and that Sonny was on his way to jail. Franco was disappointed because he knew it probably made Scott happy. Nina was sorry that Franco's relationship didn't work out, but she told him that she and Silas were happy together and the parents of a new baby. Franco gently told Nina that this wasn't her baby. Nina started to cry, and she begged Franco to take back what he said. She warned him that she didn't know what she'd do if he didn't. Franco looked alarmed as he quickly assured Nina he'd been mistaken and that he knew this was her child.

Nina wanted to call Silas, and she promised not to tell him that Franco was with her. Franco told her that she'd get in trouble, due to what she did to her mother. Nina explained that her mom lied to her about calling Silas. Nina told Franco that she'd imagined that Silas was there and it had been magical. Franco listened to Nina's account of her hallucination. She admitted that sometimes she got out of control, and Franco replied that he did, too.

Nina handed the baby to Franco and took the phone. She stated that Silas hated Madeline and wouldn't let Nina go to jail for attacking her. Franco changed tactics and told Nina that Silas's phone was probably tapped and if she called the police would arrest her and leave her baby without a mother. Nina admitted Franco was right. Franco added that he didn't want to go to prison either, if that mattered to Nina. Nina assured him that it did matter. She wondered what to do next. Franco told her they were safe right now. He explained that he'd wanted to get Nina out of harm's way and now that he had, he'd come up with a plan. He had Nina give him the phone, and he told her that they just had to stay one step ahead of the police.

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