GH Update Wednesday 11/12/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/12/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Franco stands by the docks and does a narration, admitting he does not believe in karma although it's a comforting thought that the people who have ruined your life will have the same thing happen to them.

Michael goes to Mac's bar and runs into Rosalie. She can see he's very upset, stressed and ready to drink. We then hear Franco narrating that it “does not always work that way”.

As we see Sonny in hand-cuffs being escorted by a guard into his jail-cell, Franco concludes that sometimes in order for people to pay for their actions, you have to make them pay. The guard remarks to Sonny he never thought he'd live to see the day he gets to put Sonny Corinthos behind bars. Sonny tells him he's “glad to be of help” with that. The guard tells him he's glad to see that Sonny still has a mouth on him considering his current location and encourages Sonny to “make himself at home”. And we hear Franco stating that “you” gotta be the one that lights the powder keg that blows their lives away. Sonny then discovers that Duke is his new “neighbor” right beside him in an adjoining cell. Franco narrates that “you” gotta be the one who takes everything from them.

While Anna is at the station on her phone asking that people keep looking for Nina and keep Dr. Clay informed because he might be able to shed some insight on where she is or what she's done, Morgan and Kiki rush to ask her if anything has been done to find the baby.

Franco then states that some innocent people may get caught in the cross-fire who may not deserve this pain, as we see Nina in her motel room so happily ready to bring her “new baby” to meet the “love of her life”.

Franco then narrates: “but you cannot waiver” as he states that when betrayal's weight crushes one's soul, nothing is more important than balancing the scales.

Nina happily engages with the baby in the crib while she awaits “Daddy” to arrive. Madeline is lying on the floor unconscious in a pool of blood.

While Franco is on the docks, he arranges a deal with a passer by who is going to work for him although it's presently unclear what their communication is about.

Inside a storage room near the docks, Carly is still in her wedding dress with Shawn and Jordan after Franco has departed and they have Heather tied to a chair. Shawn tells them the safest plan of action is to keep the door closed although Heather (who might know better what her son has really done) tells them they have to open the door right now and get out of there. Shawn reminds the others that if Franco is telling the truth, opening that door will trigger the bomb that will blow this place sky high.

Not far away, we see Nathan and Dante looking all around. Franco then narrates that this is not “justice”. This is revenge.

At the hospital, Obrecht returns to her office and hears messages she is not interested in until she hears Nathan telling her if she knows where Nina is, the cops need to know. She also plays a message from Madeline telling her where to find Nina and the baby although Madeline has Nina believing she's calling and inviting Silas.

In the motel room, Nina hears the baby cry and shushes her telling her; “Grandma is sleeping” as she leans over and appears as though she's unaware that she's assaulted her mother and knocked her unconscious.

At the police station, Morgan tells Anna that he has to be allowed to do something to bring his daughter or little sister back. Yet she tells him she can't let civilians get involved and assures him the cops are on it. He asks her if she expects him to just sit back, cross his fingers and hope that someone finds the baby. She assures him they are making sure that Nina Clay can't go far before she's caught and they will find her.

At the bar, Michael sits beside Rosalie and hears her tell him that that she has also had a horrendous day. He asks if she can “top” what his day was like when he informs her he almost murdered his father.

In the cell block, although Sonny does not know why Duke is there, Duke knows why he is. He explains to Sonny that apparently Franco recorded Sonny's private conversation with Carly where he revealed that he killed AJ. Franco, then played the video at what was supposed to be his and Carly's wedding. Scott Baldwin, among others got to hear it and the cops now know that he provided a false alibi for Sonny. Sonny tells Duke his biggest concern is that Michael has heard it and now knows that he murdered Michael's other father. Duke tells Sonny he's sorry although Sonny assures him it's not his fault and states that he should have taken Franco out the second he came to town. Sonny asks Duke how it came to be that he got arrested for his part in this. Duke informs Sonny that Anna initiated it and put the cuffs on him herself.

Upstairs, Morgan tells Anna that he is not going to wait around and be at the mercy of a nut job who injected Ava with a drug to induce pre-mature labor. She tells him that her two detectives are presently on another case but will be back shortly so in the meantime, he needs to go home until they return.

Dante and Nathan find Carly, Shawn, Jordan and Heather on the docks and immediately need to know what Heather is doing out of Ferncliff. The others don't know but Carly informs them that Franco informed them there is a bomb attached to the door and they are not certain whether he's serious or if it's another empty threat. Dante asks if anyone might know where Franco went and they admit they do not.

Franco goes to visit with Obrecht. She happily and graciously greets and invites him to come in, visit and have some coffee. He tells her he will only be a minute and needs to tell her he there to say good bye.

At the motel, Nina seems to have the idea that she will soon give Silas their baby, acts maternal and “nurturing” to the baby's grandma and appears to be unaware that she's knocked her mother out. She sees Silas at to the door. She happily greets him and he is there just as she has dreamed.

When Obrecht talks to Franco and hears him tell her he is “leaving”, she happily congratulates him on his wedding. He thanks her but informs her that the wedding did not take place. Hearing that, she tells him she's sorry to hear that, assuming that “that woman stood him up”, asking how anyone could do that and asks if his bride caused a scene. Franco tells her she did, in fact cause a scene but it's hard to explain. Hearing that, Obrecht graciously offers to let him take some time off to refresh and assures him they'll find someone to fill in for him until he's ready to return. He tells her he feels bad about having to do this to her since she's been so good to him since he started his job but he's leaving Port Charles for good.

On the docks, Dante realizes that perhaps the only person who knows what Franco actually did or did not do is Heather. She informs him there was no bomb and her son committed no crime. So, she tells him, her son cannot be arrested. Dante affirms, however, that he thinks kidnapping is a crime and knows all the others will vouch for him that Franco did that. Heather was taken out of Ferncliff and strapped to a chair. Dante also informs Shawn he happens to know that he, along with Sonny, is responsible for how Heather got out in the first place. Shawn asks him if he's under arrest. Dante tells Shawn lucky for him tonight the PCPD has a lot on their plate.

In the cell block, Duke reflects to Sonny that all those years he was locked in prison, the hopes to be back with Anna was the only thing keeping him alive. He never thought he'd say this but he now believes their relationship is over. She thinks he betrayed her and he realizes he did. Sonny tells Duke that he feels terrible knowing how much Anna meant to him and that he dragged Duke into this mess. Duke assures Sonny that he made the choice he made and does not blame Sonny. Sonny, however, tells him that his whole mess with AJ and the lying was not Duke's fault or choice to sign up for yet now Duke is paying for Sonny's mistake. Sonny concludes has ruined the lives of all the people he loves.

Michael drinks and sits beside Rosalie, stating that Michael Sonny Corinthos Jr., the man who has been his father throughout his life and who raised him, shot and killed AJ Quartermaine, his real father. She asks if he's certain that there's not some sort of mistake. He tells her there is not. He informs her that Sonny promised him that he would not harm AJ and gave Michael his word. A person's word is all they have and all that they are and that is what Sonny taught him. Yet Sonny could not keep his promises so his word means nothing. Not only that but his mom knew the truth yet lied to her son for months. And, he tells her, his mom is not the only person who knows the truth that he killed AJ.

At the police station, Morgan tells Kiki it's all his fault. He did not have to leave Ava alone and that he is not ok with not knowing where to find his daughter or little sister. He does not know what to do. Kiki tells him she's worried too but they need to be prepared to find the baby and know that if they can't find her first, that Anna or Silas or whomsoever else will bring her back to them safe and sound. She holds him and promises she will be there for him.

Nina graciously invites Silas into the motel room and wants him to meet “their” beautiful baby girl. He asks if the baby is in fact there. She tells him yes and completely trusts him as she admits that she's new to being a mother. Silas comes to see the little one and also notices Madeline lying unconscious on the floor in a pool of blood.

At the docks, Shawn returns to Jordan and assures her the warehouse is secure. Heather and Franco are long gone and Dante has taken Carly home so they should get out of there, he tells her. She tells him that they still have some unfinished business regarding what they tell her son about his father. She asks if he still plans to reveal the secret to TJ.

Alone in the room at the police station, Kiki tells Morgan she also has a lot to process with finding out for the first time that her mom murdered Connie Falconeri and the cops don't yet even know that. Yet, Ava's still her mom, she tells him, and she now realizes that she loves her mom just like he loves Sonny, no matter what she has done. He asks if this day could not get any worse. His dad is in prison probably for the rest of his life and his brother will never speak to them for the rest of theirs'.

At the bar, Michael admits to Rosalie that not only have both of his parents betrayed him by covering up that Sonny killed AJ. His own brother and his girlfriend have known that for a long time but kept it from him. He can only wonder what Morgan and Kiki are doing behind his back and wouldn't be surprised if they are screwing around with each other. He tells Rosalie he should have listened to her when she warned him about those two and concludes to Rosalie that she seems to be the only person he knows whom he can trust and who is looking out for his best interests.

Franco takes Carly home and informs her that many people are worried about what Michael might do because he and Morgan found their brother at the brownstone ready to murder Sonny at gunpoint. He did not go through with it but he admits to Carly he had to arrest Sonny

In the cell block, Sonny admits to Duke that he took action to end Franco and pin the rap on Heather Weber. He mistakenly thought he could bury the truth and be with Carly. All he had to go was get rid of Franco. But it didn't work that way. His son hates him. The woman who wants Carly dead is out there free.

Nathan and Anna bring Heather into the station and are ready to haul her to jail and then back to Ferncliff although she protests that she has not broken the law and they can't arrest her, Anna informs her she knows that Heather shot Max Giambetti. Max woke up and confirmed it.

Obrecht tells Franco she does not want him going anywhere and asks if there is anything she can do to make him reconsider. He tells her he's afraid not because the heat is catching up with him. She then tells him there's a lot of that going on and is surprised that he has not heard, from the news, that her niece has kidnapped Ava Jerome's baby.

When Silas goes to find Nina, she tells him she had no choice except to knock that evil woman out. The baby was in danger and she was going to ruin their lives. He tells her she did the right thing, knows that they have to take their baby girl with them to make certain nobody can prevent them from having her and now they can finally be a family.

On the docks, Shawn expresses to Jordan that he's tired of her threatening to tell TJ the secret every time they have an argument and reminds her that they almost died today and if that had happened, her son would have never told the truth.

When Sonny admits to Duke that he is responsible for Heather escaping, he informs him that he let Dante know before anyone else gets hurt, as they all know that Heather is dangerous. Nathan brings Heather into the cell block to join them in jail

Carly confesses to Dante that it was all that stupid ugly necklace that she wore all the time that he gave her that she didn't like anyway. How could she let Franco manipulate her? How could she not see that he was setting her up all the while?. Dante then tells her he thinks he should warn her that Scott Baldwin is coming after her as well as Sonny. She tells him she doesn't really care what Scott does to her. She just wants to make certain her kids are ok. He then asks her if she's spoken to Morgan about the most recent “occurrence” involving Michael, she admits no.

Kiki and Morgan are busy talking alone

At the bar, Rosalie admits that maybe he does not want to believe that she is innocent of any secrets or deceptions and when she told him that Morgan and Kiki were keeping secrets, it was not to have his best interest at heart. It was to attempt to break him and Kiki up.. She informs him that the reason they met in the first place was a scheme that Nina wanted her to pull off. Nina's plan for having her spend time with Michael was for her to sleep with him, Rosalie admits.

In the motel room, we see Silas “consoling” Nina having her believing that she is the love of his life and the mother of his child, just as she wants to hear him way

Obrecht informs Franco there is a citywide search to find Nina. Hearing that, he admits that he is worried about how this will hurt Nina. She asks why he'd say that when Nina is the perpetrator of the crime. He tells her she needs to know that many people have done Nina wrong. Obrecht informs him that regardless, it's just a matter of time before the cops find her because she informed them where Nina is.

It appears that Silas was not really there for Nina as she has envisioned. It was only in her mind. Her mom then awakens and Nina concludes that Madeline never called Silas. She lied.

Meanwhile, Obrecht explains to Franco that her sister left a profoundly confusing message which sounded like Nina had a break from reality regarding the baby and Dr. Clay. She admits to Franco that Madeline informed her where Nina is and she will let him know before the cops find her niece. She apologizes, telling him she realizes he and Nina are friends but she did not want to lose her son by withholding information from him which the cops are looking for.. She then follows Franco out the door and graciously wishes him well as she hugs him just like he is her dear friend.

When the cops bring Heather down to the jail, Sonny asks Anna if she has any way of knowing where his child or grandchild is. She admits she does not and tells him she does not wish what happened to him upon anyone but she has work to do upstairs. She goes upstairs and runs with Kiki and Morgan to hear the call that Nathan has gotten from his mother informing them where they can find Nina.

At Carly's home, Dante tells her he needs to get back to the station and see if there are any updates. She then follows him out and tells him that she is very grateful for all he has done and knows he's saved her son from the terrible consequences that would have happened if he'd shot Sonny. She tells him she realizes he had no choice except to arrest Sony and needs for him to know she harbors no blame or ill feelings toward him for that. She follows him out her door while she takes her mail out of the mailbox. She notices a large envelope that looks like it was hand-delivered. She opens it and sees a DVD that somebody sent to her.

The guys who are going to help Franco leave Port Charles by boat are ready to go when he returns to the docks. However, he remembers hearing that Obrecht had to give Nina up to the cops yet she told him where he can find Nina.

When Madeline awakens and Nina realizes that Silas did not actually come by and that Madeline lied about calling him, Nina is ready to take revenge upon her mom.

At the bar, Rosalie admits to Michael that Nina has been putting her up to doing Nina's dirty work for her. He asks why she agreed to Nina's terms and why she worked for her in the first place. Rosalie admits that Nina knows all of her secrets. She did, however, refuse to carry out Nina's plan involving him. She put her foot down with that when she saw that he was a nice guy who did not deserve to be a part of that dishonorable scheme. She appears drunk and slurs her speech while she admits to him that she was not about to jump his bones and manipulate him with the craziness that Nina wanted her to inflict. Hearing that she might have been tempted to jump his bones, Michael reveals he might be disappointed that she did not do just that. At that moment, they stop talking and start kissing. They are both intoxicated and he tells her he wants them both to get out of there. She asks if he is really sure. He admits maybe not but remarks what good has “being sure” ever done for anyone?

After Duke learns that the baby Ava was carrying that's either his child or grandchild has already been born and is kidnapped, he realizes Ava was not due for weeks so he asks Sonny what happened. Sonny replies Nina Clay happened. And he's helpless to find her now.

Upstairs, Morgan is not going to wait and tells Kiki he hopes the cops do something before it's too late.

Anna and Nathan arrive at the motel room with their guns. They enter but don't find Nina or the baby. They do, however, see Madeline lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Nina and the baby are with Franco at the docks. He wants to help her get free and have her come with him but she wants Silas there too. He then tells her she needs to listen to him, asking if she trust him and tells her if anybody finds them there, they are screwed so they need to get out of there right away.

Alone in her home, Carly plays the DVD that Franco recorded for her. She sees him telling her that he was not about to set off a bomb or kill her. That would be too easy. If he'd done that, she'd never have to live to accept the consequences for her behavior. He believes what he's done is the best way to make her pay. He has taken away her son and he's taken away her lover's freedom and now he's going to take away her sanity. He reminds her that he is out there and he's coming back to settle the score. We hear him tell her it could be days, weeks, months years or at any time without warning, at random or never at all, as he stands by the docks with Nina and the baby waiting for the boat to take them all away so they can escape. He tells Carly the thought that she will be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life, never have a moment's peace, and will never have a good night's rest is what is going to keep him warm at night. That's his revenge. He tells her he will see her and adds to please kiss that sweet Joss goodnight for him. At that point, she angrily closes her laptop not wanting to see or hear anymore.

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