GH Update Tuesday 11/11/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/11/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the brownstone, Michael and Morgan watched as Dante arrested Sonny for AJ's murder. Sonny thanked Morgan for defending him, although Sonny admitted he didn't deserve to be defended. Sonny assured Dante that he knew Dante was just doing his job. Sonny then turned to Michael and apologized and said he loved him. Michael snapped that Sonny's words were worthless. Dante took Sonny away. Michael felt that Morgan should have let him kill Sonny. Morgan didn't think Michael meant that, but Michael insisted that he did. Kiki came running in and hugged Michael. Morgan told her Sonny had been arrested.

Kiki told Michael how sorry she was about what he was going through. “I can't believe dad- Sonny did this to me” Michael replied. Michael told Kiki and Morgan that Carly knew all along, because AJ told her. Michael felt that Sonny and Carly had betrayed his trust. Morgan tried to convince Michael that Carly had been trying to protect him, but Michael felt that Carly and Sonny had shown him false sympathy. A guilt-ridden Kiki told Michael that she had to tell him something. Morgan tried to stop her, but Kiki refused to lie to Michael. She tearfully admitted that Ava told her that Sonny killed AJ. Morgan confessed that he also knew the truth about AJ's death. Michael was furious. He asked how long they'd known. They admitted they'd known a little over a month. Michael realized this meant Kiki knew the truth back when Michael told her he thought Ava might have killed AJ. He walked away. Kiki followed and explained that she wanted to say something, but she and Morgan decided against it. Michael noted that Rosalie told him that Morgan and Kiki were keeping secrets, and Kiki lied and said it was about an anniversary surprise. Kiki clarified that that was another secret. Michael angrily asked how many things they were lying to him about. Michael yelled that he'd been kicking himself for being suspicious when he saw them with their heads together, only to find out they were lying to him about one of the worst things that ever happened to him. Morgan explained that they'd been trying to protect him so he wouldn't lose Sonny just after losing AJ. “You thought it was best to protect my relationship with the man who murdered my father?,” Michael asked. Kiki reminded Michael that he'd said Sonny helped him get through his grief. Michael felt that they made a fool out of him and that they didn't really love him. Kiki insisted that she and Morgan did this out of love. Michael spat that he wanted nothing to do with their version of love, or with them. He started toward the door.

Morgan raced after him and reminded him that they were brothers. Michael snapped that Morgan wasn't his brother. He pushed past Morgan and walked out the door. Kiki told Morgan that she had to tell Michael the truth. Morgan agreed that it was their only choice. They both thought that they'd lost Michael forever. Morgan told Kiki that Sonny might have done something to Ava. Kiki replied that Ava was at the hospital and that she had given birth to a girl. Morgan noted that he had a daughter or sister. He was concerned that the baby was born so early, and he wanted to go to the hospital. Kiki told him that the baby wasn't there and that she had some bad news.

Nathan was at his desk at the PCPD. Maxie texted from Carly's for an update on Nina. Nathan told her that he hadn't found her yet. Maxie replied that she was sorry and that she missed Nathan. He replied that he missed her too. Nathan told an officer to get him all the security footage within a five mile radius of the brownstone. A worried Rosalie rushed into the PCPD, and she asked Nathan if Nina was okay. Nathan accused Rosalie of lying to him. Dante brought Sonny in and put him in an interrogation room. Nathan ordered Rosalie to stay put, then he walked over and assured Sonny that they were doing all they could to find the baby. Dante hadn't heard, so Nathan explained that Nina kidnapped the newest Corinthos.

Nathan returned to Rosalie and asked if she was going to admit that she lied to him. Rosalie insisted that she didn't know what Nathan was talking about. She stated that she just wanted to know if Nina was okay. Nathan snapped that Nina wasn't okay, and neither was Ava, who was in the hospital. Nathan told Rosalie about Nina giving Ava something to induce labor, and then kidnapping the baby. “Oh my God. She actually did it” Rosalie gasped. Nathan assumed Rosalie knew all about the plan. Rosalie swore she just knew that Nina was desperate to have a baby. Nathan angrily reminded Rosalie that she let him think that Madeline called her looking for Nina. Now that Nathan knew Madeline and Nina were working together the whole time, he knew Madeline must have contacted Rosalie for another reason. Rosalie admitted that Madeline blackmailed her into revealing Ava's location. Rosalie swore she was horrified by what happened and that she never thought it would go this far. Nathan demanded to know Rosalie's secret, but Rosalie refused to tell, since it had nothing to do with this. Rosalie stated that she was sorry. Nathan ripped into Rosalie for trading a baby for her secret. He noted that the baby was premature and probably needed medical attention. He told her that it would be her fault if the baby was hurt, and he ordered her to get out of his sight. Nathan warned Rosalie not to leave town.

Rosalie went to The Floating Rib and ordered a drink. Michael walked in and told the bartender to keep the bourbon and beer coming. He glanced over and saw Rosalie, who smiled.

Sonny begged Dante to find the baby. While Dante hated what Sonny did to AJ and Michael, Dante could empathize with how Sonny felt about having your flesh and blood go missing. Sonny told Dante that he'd asked Shawn to find the baby. Dante looked at Sonny's phone and he saw the text from “Shawn” saying that Franco was dead. Dante asked Sonny if he put a hit on Franco. Sonny evaded the question and pointed out that Shawn couldn't have sent that text, since Franco had been seen after Sonny received it. Dante asked if Sonny thought Franco did something to Shawn. Sonny admitted that Heather could have done something, too. Dante replied that he'd checked on Heather, after Olivia's vision, and she was still in Ferncliff. Sonny didn't admit to anything, but he was adamant that Heather was free and was going after Carly. He urged Dante to go to the warehouse and check things out. Dante called an officer in to stay with Sonny, then he left for the warehouse.

Jordan and Shawn tried to find a way out of the locked storage room at the warehouse, while Carly banged on the door and yelled for help. Shawn stated that they had to escape before Franco returned. Carly wasn't worried about Franco. She wanted to find Michael and see if he was with Sonny. Heather made it clear that she was only concerned about her own son. She didn't understand why Franco turned on her and locked her up with “morons.” Carly got in Heather's face and spat that Franco was as crazy as his mother. Franco walked in. Carly noted that Franco had punished her, and she told him that he should let her go, so she could view the damage that had been done to her family. Shawn tried to sneak up on Franco, but he backed off when Franco threatened to shoot them all. Heather asked if he didn't plan to do that anyway. Franco didn't think shooting them would be creative enough. He announced that Carly had helped him find his inspiration again and he'd come up with a new twist on mass murder. Franco announced that he was going to let them all go. Heather bought it, but Carly, Shawn and Jordan were sure there was a catch. Franco admitted that they were right, then he detailed his plan. He'd leave the door unlocked, but the door was attached to a bomb that would explode if any of them tried to leave. Carly felt that Franco never changed. Franco reminded Carly that she used to say otherwise. Franco explained that Carly had almost convinced him that he could change, until he saw the video of her cheating on him. Carly called him a bastard. “Don't blow up, Carly,” Franco replied. Franco revealed that there was a possibility that he was lying about the bomb. Franco added that if there was a bomb, it was big enough to blow up the whole building. He told them that they had a choice about what to do, just like Carly's choice to sleep with Sonny and break Franco's heart. He left. Shawn didn't think there really was a bomb, and he cited some other times that Franco had tricked people into believing he'd hurt or was going to hurt them, when he really hadn't. Carly reminded Shawn that Franco really did strap Lulu to a bomb, and he rigged his studio to explode, taking out a city block.

A distraught Heather decided she'd rather be blown up than return to Ferncliff. She rushed for the door, but Jordan and Shawn stopped her. Heather insisted that she didn't want to go back to Ferncliff. Carly yelled that they didn't care what Heather wanted - Carly, Jordan and Shawn had too much to lose. Carly was determined to find out what happened between Sonny and Michael. She snapped that she wasn't going to let Franco kill her. Heather thought it was idiotic to wait inside the room. She pointed out that Franco could be outside setting the building on fire or pumping toxic gas into the room. The group used saran wrap to bind Heather to a chair, then Carly stuffed something in Heather's mouth as a gag. Shawn admitted that Heather might be right – Franco might have trapped them in the building because he had some other fate planned for them.

Bobbie was still at The Floating Rib. She called Lucas, who was at Carly's. He told her that Carly still hadn't come home. Bobbie confided that she was scared for Carly. The call ended. Scott walked in and ordered a drink. He told the bartender he was celebrating because he'd gotten the town's most notorious criminal off the streets. Bobbie walked over. She was angry that Scott had turned in the video that implicated Carly. Bobbie accused him of not caring about her or Carly. Scott explained that he didn't want to hurt Bobbie, even if she had lied to him about Carly cheating on Franco. Bobbie ordered him not to lecture her, after all the scams he'd pulled. Scott replied that as the DA, he couldn't play favorites. Bobbie spat that Scott played favorites when it came to his own son. Scott reminded her that Franco hadn't committed a crime by playing the video. Bobbie felt that it was a crime for Scott to have let his deranged son get off the boat and go take out his anger on someone else. Bobbie told Scott that Carly hadn't been seen or heard from since she left the boat hours ago. Bobbie was terrified that Franco had done something to Carly, and she told Scott about the strange way Franco had acted at the bar earlier. Scott was sure that Carly was fine and that Franco was just acting weird because he was hurt. Bobbie told Scott it would be his fault if his son did anything else to her daughter. Reporters descended on the bar and bombarded Scott with questions. Scott confirmed that Sonny had been arrested. The reporters asked Scott if he was going to charge Carly. Bobbie quietly warned Scott that there would be hell to pay if he did. not to say anything. Scott told the reporters “no comment.”

After Lucas hung up the phone, he went upstairs to check on Josslyn. Lucas returned and told Maxie that Josslyn was asleep, but she had a smile on her face. He assumed Josslyn was pleased that Carly didn't marry Franco. Maxie was happy about that too. Lucas noted that Maxie kept checking her phone. He asked if she was checking on the mayoral race. Maxie had already heard from Felicia – she and Mayor Lomax were tied.

Maxie explained that she was texting Nathan. Lucas offered to stay there with Josslyn if Maxie wanted to go see Nathan. Maxie reminded him that Judge Walters had ordered her to stay away from Nathan until her custody hearing. Lucas asked if there was anything Maxie and Nathan could do about it. Maxie replied that Diane was concerned that challenging the judge could make him even angrier. Maxie decided not to take the chance and to stay away from Nathan until her custody hearing at the end of December. Maxie felt that this was a long wait. Lucas pointed out that the custody hearing wasn't that far away and that Maxie might have Georgie and Nathan by the new year. Maxie was excited by the thought, but she tried not to think about it because she didn't want to jinx it. Lucas assured Maxie that her dream would come true, and he promised to distract her until the time came. Lucas noted that he got his dream, and Maxie would too. Maxie hoped Brad knew how lucky he was.

Franco arrived. Lucas ran over and ordered Franco to get out before Lucas hurt him for hurting Carly. Franco wondered why no one ever talked about the way Carly hurt Franco. Maxie felt that sleeping with Sonny had been the sanest thing Carly had done in months. Maxie also thought that it was a good thing Franco played the video, because now he'd be out of the lives of Carly and her family. Franco reminded Maxie that he and Maxie were once close. Maxie wished she'd known then how disgusting Franco was. Franco explained that he was there to pick up his things. He asked if Carly was home. Lucas said no. Franco replied that she was probably picking up the pieces of her exploded relationship with Michael. Franco came downstairs carrying a bag. Bobbie walked in and demanded to know where Carly was. Franco pretended he didn't know. Bobbie hoped Carly never saw Franco again. Franco admitted that there was a chance that might happen.

Scott went to the police station and taunted Sonny while Sonny posed for mugshots.

Lulu and Olivia were at the loft watching the late night news. They heard about Nina kidnapping Ava's baby. Olivia gasped and said that Sonny's baby had been kidnapped. Lulu noted that the baby could be Morgan's. Lulu knew how it felt to have your child kidnapped, and she was sympathetic to Ava's plight. Then, Lulu got up and looked in on Rocco. Olivia knew Sonny was already under stress due to Carly and Franco's wedding. Lulu explained that she missed the wedding because Jerry was supposed to return Luke. Jerry had delivered Ned's father Larry instead, and no one knew where Luke was.

Lulu felt bad for Ned because his father was a drunk loser. Olivia grumbled that Alexis would comfort him. Olivia had seen Ned and Alexis hugging and it caused Olivia to chicken out of her plan to tell him she wanted to be more than friends. Lulu noted that people hugged for platonic reasons, but Olivia was afraid to confess her feelings and make a fool of herself or of becoming a third wheel like she'd been with Sonny and his other women. Lulu and Olivia noted that Dante would have his hands full with the kidnapping and Max's shooting. The news broke the story of Sonny's arrest by Dante. Lulu and Olivia were shocked. Olivia thought that an on tape confession would mean this was the end of the road for Sonny. They both felt bad that Dante had to arrest his dad. Olivia's thoughts were also with Michael because she knew how much he loved Sonny.

Lulu called Dante to check on him. He and Nathan were at Sonny's warehouse. Dante assured Lulu that he was fine, and he ended the call. He prepared to open door to the storage room.

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