GH Update Monday 11/10/14

General Hospital Update Monday 11/10/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Elizabeth goes into “Jake's” (the guy who could be Jason) room and notices he's out of his hospital bed. She then turns around to see him walking with a cane and ready to get out. He tells her that he will have to be out on his own soon looking for a place to live and find work and fend for himself although she reminds him she told him he could stay with her. He tells her he can't ask her to do that because they barely know each other. He reminds her that although he has no memory of his past life before the accident, he's got to find out where he came from and who the people in his life are. They can't be far away.

Not far away, Sam has brought Danny to have a procedure while Alexis and Julian are accompanying her. She's ready to take her son home but both her parents are there to talk privately after she's gone. Alone with Julian, Alexis tells him he did a good thing. It appears he's agreed to have his bone marrow extracted and stored so that if Danny ever needs bone marrow again, it will be there for him. Unexpectedly, Ned appears and hugs Alexis telling her he came as soon as he heard the news about Danny and wanted to be there for her.

Tracy is alone in the house hearing someone come in, assumes it's Alice asking for more Halloween candy and tells her she has no more candy for “the brats”. It's Patrick at the door however and he informs her he is not looking for candy but he would like some answers from her ex husband.

Meanwhile, Tracy's ex and Ned's father, Larry Ashton is upstairs, drinking and having difficulty finding the room where he is staying. He gets into his room and into his bed with a drink in hand and he is unaware that he has just laid down in Monica's bed. She removes her eye mask to see him and lets out a scream.

Tracy tells Patrick if he wants answers from that guy, he can stand in line and expresses to him that ever since Ashton has darkened their doorstep, he has caused no end of trouble.

At the hospital, Ava gets rushed in on a gurney and is hysterical about only wanting to find her baby who has been kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Nina is holding the baby in her arms at the motel room where she is staying with Madeline and she tells her mom she now needs to contact Silas and tell him he needs to get his butt over there right away.

As soon as the hospital staff bring Ava into a room, Silas administers the medical treatment while Kiki is with him. He tells her that maybe they need to refrain from finding Nina at this point after what she's done as he can see that Ava has been injected with a strong drug from a needle. Ava keeps telling him that she has to get her baby back although Sonny does not care and she concludes this is all Sonny's fault.

Meanwhile, at the brownstone, Michael holds a gun on Sonny and tells him unlike Sonny, he keeps his promises and he promised AJ he would make the person who killed him pay. So that's what he's going to do. He reminds Sonny that his father was an innocent man punished for something he did not do yet Sonny was guilty as sin. Sonny urges his son not to do this but Michael tells him his real father may now watch him put the man who murdered him in the ground and send him straight to hell.

At the hospital, Jake asks Elizabeth what her boys are going to think when she has him staying at her home where they are. She replies her boys will think this is a really cool guy with a cast. They will think it's great, and, she tells him, she bets he has a way with kids. Right when he's ready to ask her how she'd come to bet that about him, out of nowhere, Danny Morgan runs ahead of his mom and hugs Jake's legs while Sam urge her son to wait. Jake seems to remember Danny from somewhere. And as soon as he comes face-to-face with Sam, they stare, in awe at each other, experience unconscious déja vu.

Not far away, Julian “stands his ground” with Ned by affirming that he and Alexis were busy with something. Ned tells him he knows that they got a scare about Danny. She assures him that the initial test results that indicated his cancer might be recurring were a mistake and hers and Julian's grandson will be fine. Ned smiles and congratulates her but not until Julian adds to Ned that if he had been there for Alexis instead of pre-occupied with other things, he might already know that. She thanks Ned for coming and asks him what kinds of things are now happening with the Quartermaines. Ned replies they have an unexpected and unwanted guest ingratiating himself at the house. She inquires if she may dare ask who that might be.

Tracy goes up the stairs with Patrick to find her ex, Larry protesting that he did not realize that this was Monica's room. Monica reminds him that all of these rooms are hers because this is her house.

In the motel room, Madeline asks her daughter if she wants her mom to call Silas. Nina tells her mom she would do it herself but her hands are full, literally, as she holds the baby that Ava just gave birth to. Madeline can clearly see that Nina has the idea that she and Silas are now the proud parents of this little one and she tells her daughter perhaps she should “take some time” before bringing her family together.

Silas and Kiki are with Ava while she's in the ER bed, talking about Sonny. They realize that she is not the only person who wants blood from Sonny.

Sonny faces Michael and tells him he gets how his son wants justice for AJ just like he knows he wanted that for Connie. So he tells his son he may do what he has to do but he needs to just know that Sonny loves him no matter what. In response to that, Michael tells Sonny he wishes he could say the same. Right when see Michael's finger pulling the trigger on the gun, Dante and Morgan rush into the house and urge him not to do it. He faces them and puts the gun down.

When Larry comes down the stairs and observes Patrick, he admits he does not recognize him and asks if he's Jason or some other young man he hasn't seen in a while. Patrick informs him he's not a Quartermaine.

At the hospital, Ned tells Julian he understands that he (Julian) and Jerry Jacks are thick as thieves. So, maybe Julian can tell him what Jerry has done to hide Luke and scam Ned's mother.

When Danny Morgan and Sam run into Jason at the hospital, Elizabeth introduces her friend to Samantha Morgan and her son Danny. Sam tells her son that he needs to exercise restraint in not “rough housing” patients who are trying to walk although Danny protests that Jason is better.

Nina is holding the baby in the motel and tells her mother if she ever took the time to get to know Silas, she'd see how warm and loving he is and how much he loves children. Madeline informs her daughter one thing she knows about Silas is that he is very devoted to his work and does not like being interrupted when he's busy. Nina concludes that it's probably true that the “bonding between father and daughter” is something that needs to be undertaken slowly.

While Ava is in the hospital, Kiki and Silas talk privately about what he thinks Nina is capable of. He tells his daughter he is concerned about Nina's mental health and believes she could be dangerous. He does, however, realize that Nina would never hurt a baby. She remarks that she is concerned about something that has just happened to Michael that might make him do something he might regret. Silas asks his daughter what has recently happened to Michael.

When Dante and Morgan enter the house to see Michael ready to blow Sonny away, Morgan urges his brother to think before going through with this. Michael asks his two brothers if they know what Sonny did. Dante replies that he does know what Sonny did to AJ. Michael tells him in that case, he needs to let Michael end Sonny's miserable life. Morgan protests that Michael does not want to do this. Michael tells his brother he does and Sonny has just told him that he is also ok with it. Sonny admits to his two other sons that he will accept what Michael is compelled to do. Michael tells them they just heard Sonny give him his blessing and announces to his brothers this is the way the world works. We accept and pay for our choices, he tells them. Dante tells Michael he realizes Michael is upset and justifiably so but he needs to think about what he is doing. Michael reminds him that Sonny murdered his father, lied about it, got an innocent person wrongfully imprisoned and thought he could get away with it. Dante tells Michael if he goes through with killing Sonny, he will have to do it with his two brothers there as witnesses.

When Madeline argues with Nina about calling Silas, Nina reminds her mom who holds the money. She turns to the baby and apologizes, telling her that “her mom makes her so angry sometimes” and tells the baby she hopes she never does that to her daughter. Madeline then agrees to call Silas. While Silas is in the hospital talking to Kiki about how Michael hear that Sonny shot AJ right while he was at his mom's wedding and she's very worried, his phone rings. Madeline tells her son in law that he will be happy to know that Nina “had the baby”. It's a little girl and Nina is very anxious for him to meet the baby and she gives Silas the directions to the motel.

Not far away in the hospital, Julian informs Ned he has not seen Jerry Jacks in a long time, although Ned does not believe him. So maybe Ned needs to leave him alone to talk to Alexis. Ned concludes he does have to get back to the house soon but he's really happy to hear that Danny is ok. Alexis thanks him and kisses him good bye. Julian then demands to know why she is letting Ned kiss her and if she's moved on.

Larry goes on about all of his crazy stories but Patrick tells him he needs some information due to the fact that his son was killed in a car crash and he believes that Jerry Jacks and Luke Spencer could be responsible for it. So he needs some information. The man tells him he's very sorry but he does not know those people. Patrick tells him he finds it a bit coincidental that the minute Tracy paid Luke's ransom, he (Larry Ashton) just showed up. When Larry replies he does not follow what Patrick is saying, Patrick suggests that maybe he is in on it with Jerry.

When Sam sees Jason with Elizabeth in the hospital hallway, she remarks she finds it really odd that Danny is so drawn to him when she knows her son is always very stand-offish with strangers and she can tell that he must have a real way with kids. She remembers when he was unconscious and covered with bandages, her son ran straight into his room and held onto his hand and wouldn't let go. Jason observes the bandage on the little guy's arm and asks if he had an accident on a swing set. Sam explains no. He just had some blood work done but they're now assured he will be ok. Jason really seems drawn to Danny and Danny really likes him. Sam remarks to him that Elizabeth is a great nurse. He's in good hands with her and “all of us Morgans” have been treated by her at one time or another as she remembers so much about her deceased husband, Jason. At that point Jake admits that the name Jason Morgan sounds really familiar to him. Both Sam and Elizabeth stare speechlessly at him as if they are unconsciously aware of who this man really is.

While Michael holds the gun on Sonny, he tells Dante and Morgan that even if they say he does not have to do this, he does. It's the only way to make Sonny pay. Dante then pulls out a document and informs Michael that he has a warrant for Sonny's arrest and the cops have the recording of Sonny's confession that he murdered AJ. He's going to be found guilty in a court of law and sent to jail. Michael tells Dante that slapping hand-cuffs on Sonny means nothing. Sonny always finds a way to beat the charges and never has to answer for his actions. Dante tells his brother not this time since they have a proven confession. This time Sonny is going down, he tells Michael. Morgan urges Michael to listen to their big brother. But Michael tells them both that this is on him and the only way AJ gets justice is if Sonny dies. Morgan walks over and stands in front of Sonny while Michael holds the gun and tells his brother he will have to kill him first.

Larry tells Patrick how dare he implicate him in the death of a child and states he has a good mind to take his company elsewhere. But he won't, he tells them all. Not in his family's time of need. Tracy then concludes to Patrick that she will see if she can find out what he might have to do with what happened to Patrick's son. She will handle this man, remembering she was once married to the “booze bag”.

At the hospital, Julian affirms to Alexis that he is willing to lay down his life for Danny.

Sam is really surprised that Jake finds her husband's name familiar. He then tells her he did not want to bring up a tragic event in her life and for what it's worth, he's sorry for her loss.

After Silas gets off the phone with Madeline where she tells him that Nina “had their baby”, he is uncertain what to tell Ava and Kiki when he hears them ask about the baby. He replies that Detective West is on this and will hopefully have the baby returned safely soon. They are confused about how it was that they found Ava on the docks. She informs them that she was there because of Michael.

Michael demands that Morgan gets out of the line of fire so he can do what he needs to do to Sonny for killing his father. Morgan asks his brother if he wants to kill them both. Michael tells Morgan he thought he hated their dad for sleeping with Ava. Morgan admits he did but he got over it. Michael informs his two brothers that there never seems to be any consequences for their mutual father's actions. Morgan reminds his brother it's not as simple as he thinks. Ava manipulated their dad into believing that AJ killed Connie. Michael tells his brother he's tired of everybody making excuses for their father. Morgan stands in front of Sonny and tells his brother he may think or feel whatever he wants but he cannot kill him. Michael, again, demands that Morgan moves out of his way. Sonny then asks Morgan and Dante to stay out of this as he admits that he has hurt too many people and maybe deserves to die. He faces Michael and tells him if he wants it, he may take it.

Monica tells Larry Ashton she can have him thrown out of her house although Tracy informs her sister-in-law it's entirely possible that Larry is an innocent victim of Jerry just like Luke was and that is why he doesn't remember anything. Ned agrees with Monica to throw him out but Tracy reminds her son that that is his father, and she believes he might have some clues about many thing that people need to know.

Alexis tells Julian that they have already been over the fact that he keeps promising to leave the mob. She can't live her life with a man who makes the choices he makes and he needs to think of what it would do to Sam or to Danny if he died. She tells him he needs to realize that she is out although she admits she does love him. She tells him so much so that she will not give him what he wants. She tells him she's hoping it might bring him to his senses. Or better yet, it might keep him alive.

Not far away, Jake tells Sam it was nice to meet her and he goes back into his room with Elizabeth while she leaves with Danny. Patrick finds Sam and can see that she is stunned by something.

At the motel, Nina gets on the phone to her investor and confirms that she will keep all of her money. She gets off the phone and asks her mom if she thought for one minute that her daughter would share a cent with her. She furiously reminds her mother that she put her in a coma, ruined her future, took 20 years of her life that she will never get back, took her husband and her baby from her and she looks like she might want to kill her mother. She tells her she needs to protect her child from her mother as she picks up a lamp shade and gets ready to throw it.

Ava admits to Kiki and Silas that Michael did come to the brownstone ready to kill Sonny.

When Michael is still adamant on ending Sonny, he asks Dante why he is defending the guy who put a bullet in his chest after finding out Dante was one of the good guys. Dante the tells his brother that he (Michael) is one of the good guys. He knows that Michael won't do this. That is not who he is. Even if Sonny deserves it, Dante tells Michael, he does not believe the Michael deserves the consequences that will happen if he pulls the trigger. He will lose everything including his family, his freedom and his future. Michael tells him he does not care. Dante then tells his brother that he should at least care about AJ. He loved Michael. He wanted Michael to have everything that he never had. So Michael can't throw away everything AJ worked so hard to give Michael in his name. Dante tells his brother he doesn't want to be a part of Sonny's world and do the things he does and must know that would be AJ's worst nightmare. Dante urges Michael not to make that come true. He tells Michael that if he shoots Sonny, it won't bring Sonny to justice. Sonny won't have to accept the consequences of his action. SO, he urges Michael to save himself right now and drop the gun.

Jake/Jason asks Elizabeth where she thinks social services is going to place him. She realizes it will probably be a homeless shelter. Yet he tells her that maybe he could help somebody out in their home in exchange for a place to live.

Larry Ashton continues to drink and Ned tells his mom he hopes he does not live to regret letting him live there. Tracy admits to her son he will regret it but they have to keep him close because he's Ned's father even if he is a shade diminished. As soon as Larry is alone, unseen and unheard, he gets on his phone revealing he knows exactly what he is doing and confirms that he is working with Jerry Jacks.

Nina appears to have knocked her mom out. As Madeline lies passed out on the floor, Nina assures her baby girl that her “wicked grandmother” will never bother them again and soon their handsome prince will take them away to their new life together to be one happy family. She smiles believing Silas is on his way but wonders why he's taking so long.

Silas and Kiki are with Ava at the hospital but wonder what is going on with Michael and Sonny as well as with Nina and the baby.

As soon as Michael puts the gun down, Dante places Sonny under arrest for the murder of AJ as he reads him his rights.

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