GH Update Friday 11/7/14

General Hospital Update Friday 11/7/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna stands outside Mac's bar noticing that Duke is inside and hesitating to do what her job, as police commissioner requires her to do (which is arresting him for aiding and abetting Sonny in murdering AJ by providing a false alibi). She then recalls confirming to Dante that Duke made his choice to do what he did and Sonny can't be blamed for Duke's conscious choice. She confirmed to her detective that Duke has lied to her over and over again, covering for Sonny when they now know that Sonny murdered AJ and was not with Duke the night in question. She remembers informing Dante that she gave Duke a chance to recant his statement to save himself from being dragged down with Sonny yet Duke still chooses to lie to the police and incriminate himself in order to help Sonny get away with murder. At that point, she walks in the door. She faces Duke when Bobbie informs her that she was just at Carly's wedding. Realizing Anna now has proof that Sonny killed AJ, she urges the commissioner not to arrest her daughter. Anna tells her she is not there regarding Carly. She is there to arrest Duke.

Sonny and Ava are alone in the Brownstone after he's told her that since the baby has been born, he has no reason to keep Ava alive. Right then, to both of their surprise, Michael walks in with a gun. They have no clue what he has just found out. She sees him and tells him thank God he is there because his father is trying to kill her. In response to that, Sonny assumes that his son might be there after Kiki told him that his dad is endangering her mom. He clarifies he is not there because of anything Kiki has told him. He's there because of what Franco told him about his father..

Right then, Franco is alone on the docks with Heather's gun after she's disappeared and he is all alone.

Alone at a motel somewhere, Nina is holding Ava's baby with Madeline returns with the diapers and baby supplies that her daughter instructed her to pick up for her.

Meanwhile, from the hospital, Silas calls Nathan and asks if he's heard from his sister. Nathan admits he has not but will keep him posted. Nathan then walks into Anna's office and notices Dante lost in thought and asks if he is ok. Dante informs him he just got back from the hospital after just finding out “something” about his father.

At the hospital, Morgan assures Kiki that although he gave her mother up to Sonny, he won't endanger her until the baby is born but she is angry that he did this to her mother. She demands to know how he could do this when she thought he loved her mother.

While at the Brownstone with Ava and Michael, Sonny notices a text from Carly warning him that Michael now “knows” that his father killed AJ because of Franco and he asks Michael if Franco “told” him that information. Michael informs Sonny what happened was Franco showed him something very “eye opening” of Sonny admitting that he murdered Michael's father. He tells Sonny he found out there was a camera in that weird necklace Franco gave Carly not long ago. Franco used it to record Sonny's and Carly's little “tryst”in Michael's apartment. Not only did he prove that Sonny and Carly slept together. Sonny admitted that he murdered AJ, covered it up, lied about it and Carly helped him lie and get away with murdering Michael's other father. Sonny tries to defend himself when Ava informs Michael it's true because she saw it. And the very reason Sonny is threatening her is to keep her quiet so she urges Michael to please help her. As Sonny points the gun at her and Michael points the gun at Sonny, she tells Michael that she just had her baby who has been kidnapped and Sonny is preventing her from finding her baby.

At the motel, while Nina holds the baby, she reminds her mom that Ava informed her that Madeline paid Ava to seduce Silas and that she has yet to answer that question to her daughter. So she'd like an answer a to whether that is true. Nina then gets a call from Franco and picks up the phone to happily greet him and ask him about his wedding.

Nathan and Dante are outside Anna's office ready to o their jobs involving bringing Sonny to justice for killing AJ. Nathan tells his partner he realizes this is a sensitive issue for him since it involves Dante's family and offers to handle it for Dante if he would be more comfortable. Dante tells Nathan he can handle this. Nathan informs him if it's any consolation, he is in a very similar situation regarding his own family members since his sister and mother are at large and it appears Nina has kidnapped a baby.

At the hospital, Kiki runs into Silas and informs him she needs to find her mom and demands to know why he is not with Ava. He tells her he had to get there for an emergency but his daughter need not worry because Morgan is with Ava. Kiki tells her father no. Morgan is not with her mother. In fact he led Sonny to find her and kill her.

At Mac's bar, Anna tells Duke she has irrefutable proof that he lied for Sonny when he committed murder although Lucy protests to her that there must be some logical explanation. Bobbie pulls Lucy away as they hear Anna confirm to Duke that she now knows that he is an accessory to murder and it's her job to arrest him. He tells her she may do whatever she needs to do. She reads him his rights, arrests him and puts him in hand-cuffs.

Ava informs Michael that her daughter was born and has been kidnapped and Sonny is preventing her from finding Michael's little sister or niece. She explains to Michael that Nina Clay and her mother took the baby.

At the bat, after Anna has placed Duke under arrest and taken him to the station, Lucy remarks to Bobbie that it was terrible for the commissioner to do that to the man she's supposed to love and in front of all of these people. Bobbie, however, is distracted while sending a text and tells Lucy she has other things on her mind regarding her daughter.

When Franco calls Nina, she tell shim she is doing really well. She informs him that “someone new” has come into her and she can't wait for him to meet her. He tells her that is great but he's not sure when he can find time to get away. She also realizes she's not in a place where she can accept company whenever and wherever. He then informs her the reason he called her is he could use a friend right now. She tells him she understands and feels the same way.

At the hospital, Silas tells Kiki he has gotten many texts from Ava assuring him she is with Morgan and is ok. She knows otherwise however. Morgan spent most of the night in the hospital after Max got shot and has not yet left and she knows it was not her mom that sent Silas that text.

At the hospital, Dante find Morgan and tells him that he has a very important case which he needs ot know about. Morgan assumes Dante is there regarding who shot Max but Dante clarifies that his main priority is to investigate the person who shot AJ.

When Ava observes Michael pointing a gun at Sonny, she urges him to shoot Sonny. He tells her to shut the hell up and adds he does not want to hear anything from the woman who screwed Sonny on his father's grave. He tells Sonny it wasn't enough he had to kill AJ, he had to desecrate his father's grave. He tells them they are both disgusting. He tells Ava that this is between him and his father as he demands she gets out as he reminds her Sonny is not going to shoot her when he's holding a gun on Sonny and demands, again, that Ava goes. She leaves.

In the motel room, while she holds the baby, Nina tells her silent mother she is waiting for an answer. Did she hire Ava Jerome to wreck her daughter's marriage to Silas? Madeline continues to evade the question. Nina reminds her that Ava informed her that her mom hired Ava to seduce Silas and Madeline tells her she did not. So she needs to know the truth, reminding her mom that she (herself) controls all the money. Again she asks if Ava was correct. Madeline confirms yes. She did hire Ava to seduce Silas and end Nina's marriage.

At the hospital, Silas concludes it was very odd that he got a “false alarm” about Danny Morgan's cancer coming back while he gets texts from Ava's phone asking him to take his time and lying that Morgan was with her. He tells Kiki they have to get to the Brownstone and waste no time because Ava may be in danger.

Right then, Ava walks outside and finds herself leaning against a brick wall finding it hard to stand up. She's alone and only able to crawl and not walk as she struggles to get help.

At Mac's bar, Lucy tells Bobbie she needs to realize that her daughter helped Sonny get away with murdering AJ Quartermaine. Bobbie reminds Lucy that she (Lucy) was never an AJ fan. Lucy reminds her that although she was never close to AJ and nobody liked him, he was murdered and Bobbie's daughter obstructed justice. In response to that, Bobbie tells Lucy the same thing could be said about Lucy's “boyfriend”, Duke.

Anna brings Duke into her office in hand-cuffs and when she sees Nathan outside her door waiting for her, she asks the uniform cops to stay and wait while she goes outside. Nathan remarks that she's arresting her significant other while Dante is out arresting his father and he will soon be arresting his mother and sister. He asks if there is anything he can do to help her with Duke. She tells him no, goes inside and asks the uniforms to let her talk to Duke alone.

Morgan talks to Dante at the hospital about how they know that Michael is angry and devastated after seeing the video that confirms that Sonny killed AJ and Carly helped him get away with it. He then recalls that when he last spoke to Michael and informed him he “seriously suspected” although had no proof that Sonny killed AJ, Michael already knew with certainty that Sonny did. Yet it's odd that Michael did not admit that to him. He concludes the reason was because Michael intended to take justice into his own hands before the cops had a chance to.

At the Brownstone, Michael tells Sonny he recalls their recent conversation at the Quartermaine crypt where he was completely unaware that Sonny not only murdered AJ and lied about it, but desecrated Michael's father by having sex with that whore who happens to be dating his son right on Michael's father's grave. He demands Sonny tells him where the honor is in that. Sonny admits he should have never touched Ava. Michael reminds him that when he told him he thought Carlos may not have killed AJ and suspected Ava, Sonny let him blame an innocent woman for a murder Sonny committed. Sonny reminds Michael that Ava is not innocent. She killed Connie and let AJ take the fall. Michael admits this is the first he heard that about Ava and then recalls right before AJ's death AJ could not remember but desperately wanted to believe there's no way he could have done that although he was falsely accused. Sonny then admits that AJ was right that he was innocent of that. Michael cries and points the gun at Sonny confirming that his dad killed AJ anyway. Sonny knew that AJ was innocent and killed him anyway. Sonny protests it was not like that. What happened, he attempts to explain to Michael, was AJ found out that Ava killed Connie and went to confront her about it. He attempted to strangle her. Sonny tells Michael he did not know this at the time, believed he was acting in self defense and saving Ava from AJ. AJ attempted to say something to Sonny which he did not want to hear, which Sonny now knows was probably to tell him that he just found out that Ava killed Connie. And that is when Sonny blew him away. Michael assesses that AJ was not armed nor threatening Sonny. Sonny hated him so he killed him. Sonny admits yes but swears to Michael he would not have if he had known that AJ did not kill Connie. He did not find out until months later from a recording where AJ got Ava to confess. Michael tells him he believes him but it does not change anything. It makes things worse, Michael tells him.

In Anna's office, she secretly confronts Duke telling him she knew it was just a matter of time before something like this would happen. She warned him he's going to pay the price for his choice to work for Sonny but he did not listen. She reminds him, only days ago, this could have all been avoided. She gave him a chance to change his story so that he would not have to go down with Sonny. Yet he lied to her again. He lied to her face. He calmly admits he remembers and owns what he did. He tells her he regrets having to do that and asks her what he can do. She tells him there is nothing left to do except maybe he can tell her why he chose Sonny over her.

In the bar, when Bobbie remarks that Lucy appears to “like” Duke romantically, Lucy denies that and tells her they are just friends. Bobbie tells her she saw the look on her face when Anna arrested him. Lucy tells her she does not have to listen to Bobbie judge her and gets up to leave. She tells Bobbie she hopes she has fun sifting through the rubble that is Carly's last disaster. When Lucy leaves, Franco enters and sits beside Bobbie. She demands to know what he is doing there. He remarks he's had one crazy day as he knows she has also and asks if he can buy her a drink.

Madeline protests to her daughter that she did what she did for a reason. She merely wanted to protect her from a marriage that was not working and get her to realize Silas was not worth it. If he truly loved Nina, she could have given Ava all the money in the world and Silas would not have touched her. Nina needs to realize he chose to cheat on her. She believes she was doing Nina a favor by giving her a chance to see the truth. Nina responds that she agrees that she has now seen the truth. She now concludes that her marriage would have worked just fine and Silas would have remained faithful and their marriage would have worked just fine if her mom had not intervened. She concludes that none of that matters anymore now that she has “Silas' baby”.

Right then, Silas and Kiki rush to the Brownstone but find Ava outside in the alley lying on the ground unable to walk. They rush to help her. They ask her where the baby is and who “did” this to her. She admits Nina and her mother drugged her so she would go into labor and then took her baby girl. Kiki wants to know all about her new little baby sister. Silas gets on the phone to call the cops.

While Nina holds the baby in the motel room, she tells her that Silas will never want to look at that woman as soon as he sees her and asks her mom if this baby is not precious. Madeline replies yes. She is a little angel. Nina confirms to the baby she is an angel from heaven because from now on, every time Nina looks at her, she will never again have to think of Ava Jerome and neither will “her daddy”, Silas. She informs the baby she took those pictures her mom showed her of Silas with Ava from many years ago and threw them in the trash. It's like it never happened. Soon Silas will forget Ava too. She is giving Silas something that Ava could never give him.

At the bar, Bobbie tells Franco he ruined her daughter and her grandson. He reminds her that he enlightened Michael to the truth that he had the right to know. She protests that her daughter merely made a mistake. He asks “which time” it was a mistake. Bobbie tells him she realizes Carly cheated on him. Join the club. It's happened to better men. And all he did was prove that Carly is better off without him. He destroyed Michael's relationship with both of his parents. He tells her that maybe Michael is better off without parents who murder his biological father and lie about it. She remarks how proud of himself he appears for the damage he has caused. She admits she may not be able to do anything about Carly's relationship with Michael but she can hire her daughter a lawyer. Franco asks Bobbie why she would do that. It's a waste of money.

Duke tells Anna he realizes he lied to her but he did not choose Sonny over her. She may not understand that but he made the only choice he could. She asks how he can risk his freedom and their relationship over some casual business acquaintance. He tells her Sonny became his friend. He gave him a job and made him feel useful. She concludes that Duke repaid Sonny for that by covering up a murder. He tells her Sonny is one of the few people who understand how he has good reason to hate Julian Jerome and how much Julian has damaged his life and damaged their life. Sonny understood and wanted to help him obtain the means to do take Julian down. She then tells him if he has not noticed, Julian is still walking the streets while AJ Quartermaine is buried beneath the crypt. What does his issue with Julian have to do with AJ's murder? Duke replies that Sonny needed his help. They determined that together they could bring down Julian so he offered to help Sonny. She tells him she does not understand that. He tells her that he kept his word for his friend and did not want to sacrifice Sonny's freedom for his own when he knew that Sonny had loyalty for him. She then tells him she hopes he's prepared to deal with the consequences of his decision.

At the hospital, Dante admits to Morgan that when he went to talk to Michael at Sonny's home, he noticed Michael had a gun in his hand and might, right now, be ready to use it on their “collective” father. Morgan does not want to believe that but Dante tells him that they need to know their brother is full of rage and there's no telling what he might do.

Michael continues to point the gun at Sonny and asks if AJ had killed him, would he want Michael not to seek justice? He reminds Sonny that he swore to his son that he would not hurt AJ because he loved Michael and now he knows that was all a lie. Sonny does not love him or else he would have never pulled the trigger. He also cannot believe, as he remembers, when he was mourning AJ's death, he let Sonny comfort him and act as if he respected Michael's father's death. Sonny continues to plead his case, calling Michael: “son” yet Michael tells him he is not Sonny's son. Sonny is not his father. AJ was his father. Sonny assesses to Michael he's angry and has every right to be but Sonny raised him. Michael tells him he remembers all those years Sonny and his mom kept him from AJ and poisoned him against his dad. Sonny protests they were trying to protect him. Michael tells him that was not for his protection. He was merely a pawn. Sonny hated AJ, Michael says, and he used Michael, his own son against him, not caring what it did to Michael. He tells Sonny he cost him his whole life with his real father and now he's going to make Sonny pay. He notices Sonny is still holding his gun and demands he puts it down. Sonny then puts his gun down on the floor.

When Morgan and Dante are talking at the hospital, they are interrupted when medics rush Ava in on a stretcher. Silas and Kiki are with her. Nathan finds them and asks what has happened. Silas informs him that Nina has done something “terrible”.

Hearing Nina confirm that the baby she is holding is hers' and Silas', Madeline tells her daughter she must realize that this is not “their” baby. Nina tells her mom of course it is their mutual baby. Who else's baby would it be? She looks at the baby and tells her she can't wait for her to meet Silas and can't wait for Silas to see their beautiful baby.

At the bar, Bobbie asks Franco why it would be a waste of money to find Carly a lawyer. He replies that Sonny's confession is on video. His father is the district attorney and he gave Scott the footage. He concludes to Bobbie there is not a lawyer in the world who can help her daughter at this point.

When the cops take Duke away and place him into custody, under Anna's instructions, Lucy follows them and assures Duke she will find him a lawyer and get him out of this. Anna listens to Lucy promising to help Duke as she (Anna) cannot or will not.

Michael points the gun at Sonny and Sonny asks him if he intends to shoot him. Michael tells Sonny he is not like him. He keeps his promises. He promised AJ he would make his killer pay. He points the gun at Sonny and we don't know what happens until next Monday.

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