GH Update Thursday 11/6/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/6/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

It was election night in Port Charles. Mac, Felicia and Duke were at the Floating Rib, where Felicia's post-election event was being held. According to the news, Felicia and Mayor Lomax were neck and neck. Felicia couldn't believe so many people had voted for her. Mac, however, wasn't surprised that the voters loved Felicia, an award winning writer who'd run several successful businesses. Felicia admitted she only ran as a way to help Lucy avoid the reporter, but now she realized she had a chance to make a difference. She kissed Mac and told him she couldn't do it without him. Felicia tried to draw Duke into the conversation, but he hadn't been paying attention. He confessed that he was thinking about Anna. Mac and Felicia were curious if he and Anna had a fight, and they tried to get him to open up. Duke tried to change the subject back to Felicia and the election, but Felicia and Mac kept pressing. Lucy arrived, which got Duke off the hook. She told everyone about Franco playing a video of Carly and Sonny just after they had sex. Lucy told everyone that Sonny was naked. Felicia gasped, and Mac grimaced. Lucy felt that it was clear from Sonny's physique that boxing provided a great workout.

Mac told everyone about the time Franco came into the bar and asked him what women saw in Sonny. Felicia thought it was good that the truth came out and everyone could move on. Lucy didn't think that would happen, considering how angry Franco was. Mac asked if anyone got hurt. Lucy wasn't sure. She'd left early because she didn't want to be around Franco, the unhinged serial killer, when he was angry. Bobbie walked in and preemptively told Lucy she was just there for a drink and she wasn't in the mood to fight. Bobbie was surprised when Lucy offered her sympathies. Felicia asked how Carly was. Bobbie replied that things had gotten worse for Carly, thanks to Scott. Lucy leapt to Scott's defense and argued that Franco was the one who turned the wedding into a freak show and Carly was the one who slept with Sonny. Bobbie countered that Lucy left early, so she didn't know what she was talking about. Bobbie filled everyone in about Sonny shooting AJ and Scott's decision to tell the police. Duke looked worried. He told everyone that Sonny would never kill AJ, because it would hurt Michael. Bobbie had thought so too until she heard Sonny confess on video. Mac wasn't surprised. Duke remembered Anna begging him to admit he was mistaken when he said he'd been with Sonny the night AJ was killed. Duke had stuck to the story and upheld Sonny's alibi. Anna warned him that if they found out Sonny killed AJ, Duke would go down with Sonny.

Duke decided to call Sonny and warn him. Felicia and Mac pointed out that Duke would be impeding the investigation if he did that. Duke admitted they were right, and he put his phone away. A man approached the table and told Felicia she was wanted at City Hall to discuss the recount. She and Mac left. Lucy warned Duke to stay away from Sonny so that he didn't get dragged down with him.

Carly, Heather and Franco were on the pier. Heather offered to shoot Carly then and there. Carly told Franco to stop Heather and prove to Carly that he'd changed. Franco called the suggestion that he'd changed because the tumor was removed “crap,” that no one, including Carly, really believed. Franco theorized that Carly tried to convince herself that Franco changed in order to justify being with him. “You're right, because how could I lie next to a man who did the things you did to the people I loved?” Carly said. Franco spat that he didn't understand why Carly tried to convince him that he'd changed. He told her she lied to him about that, just like she lied about Sonny. Franco explained that he'd planned to have Heather come to the wedding as a grand finale. Franco didn't want to kill Carly on the pier. Heather thought it was the best place because they could dump the body in the harbor, just like Heather did with the guard she shot. Franco was concerned that someone would see them, so they forced Carly up the stairs at gunpoint.

Shawn tried to get the attention of anyone who might be in the warehouse. Jordan snapped that it was obvious that no one could hear him. Shawn noted that they only had one guard on duty, and he was sure Heather had disposed of that man's body by now. Jordan softened. She credited Shawn with saving her life by for talking Heather out of killing them. Shawn replied that he didn't want TJ to lose anyone else. The door opened, and Franco, Heather and Carly walked in. Franco grumbled that he thought Heather was going to get rid of Shawn and Jordan. Heather explained that she'd been planning to, but they got in her head. She assured Franco it wouldn't happen again. Franco was annoyed that they'd have to dispose of three people now.

Shawn asked Carly if she was okay, and she replied that she was, physically. Carly asked what Shawn and Jordan were doing there. Franco told Carly that Shawn and Sonny had been planning to kill him and pin it on Heather. Franco asked how Carly felt to know that Sonny didn't trust her to make the right decision about Franco. Carly felt lucky because she realized Sonny had been right when he said Franco would open his “freak” mouth about AJ. Carly spat that she wished Shawn had killed Franco the minute Franco returned to town. Franco told Carly that she couldn't hurt his feelings more than she already had. Carly yelled that Franco destroyed her son. Franco replied that Carly destroyed Franco and Carly's relationship. He told her that she'd been the most important thing in the world to him. Carly called Franco sick. Shawn warned Franco that he wouldn't get away with this. Franco replied that Sonny wouldn't be running to their rescue – Franco had texted Sonny from Shawn's cell phone and said Franco was dead. Heather wanted to kill everyone right now. Franco agreed. He suddenly pulled the gun from Heather's hands, and he aimed at her. Heather was stunned and wondered why. Franco revealed that he'd wanted to do this since the day Heather came back into his life. Franco explained that he'd always wondered why he was troubled. He knew it wasn't because of the tumor or his obsession with Jason; it was because of Heather and Carly. Carly was stunned that Franco would blame her for the cruel things he did to Sam, Lulu and Michael. Franco explained that he was talking about women lying to him. He went off on a rant – Betsy lied to him and told him she was his mother, then Heather lied and said Susan was his mother, due to her vendetta against the Quartermaines. He turned to Carly and called her lie the greatest one of all. He said she told him she loved him, then she tore his heart out. Carly laughed bitterly and told Franco he delighted in causing pain and didn't understand that there was nothing in him to love. Shawn tried to sneak up behind Franco, but Franco noticed, and he fired off a warning shot. Franco threatened to kill Jordan if Shawn tried that again. Heather didn't want to die here, with “these people.” She argued that she wasn't like Carly. Franco snapped that Heather was worse, because while Carly danced with the devil, Heather created him. Franco left the room and locked the door behind him.

Anna was in her office reading the statement Duke gave alibiing Sonny. She glanced up at a picture of herself and Duke. Dante walked in and told Anna that she was right – Sonny killed AJ. Dante had the thumb drive with the video on it that Scott gave him, and he and Anna watched the confession. Dante wondered if the footage was even legal, since Sonny and Carly didn't know they were being filmed. Anna replied that they could use the video if the person who lived in the house where it was filmed signed off on it. She added that the video was enough for a warrant. Dante told her that it was filmed in Michael's apartment. Dante didn't think Michael would feel inclined to protect his parents. Dante told Anna that a lot of people would go down for this. Anna looked at the picture of Duke. Soon afterward, Scott arrived. He crowed about finally getting the ammunition to put Sonny away. Anna asked Scott to be more tactful, since Sonny's son was in the room, but Scott refused to let anyone ruin this moment for him. Anna pointed out that the video hadn't been authenticated, but Scott said he was working on it. Scott announced that the video was enough to make an arrest. He turned to Dante and asked if he planned to cover up Sonny's crime. Dante was offended and was adamant that he wouldn't cover up for anyone.

Scott added that he intended to prosecute Carly as an accessory, after the fact. Anna was surprised Scott would pursue that, given his relationship with Carly's mom. Scott was determined to make sure that no one could accuse him of bias and derail the case. He stated that things would be done by the book and that everyone who helped Sonny get away with murder would pay, including Anna's boyfriend. Scott felt that Duke was guilty of obstruction and perjury. Anna was irritated that Scott was acting so thrilled. Scott acknowledged that this was difficult, but he told everyone that they had a job to do. He wanted Duke arrested tonight. Anna wanted to gather more evidence first, but Scott insisted on doing things his way. He told Anna that if she refused, Mayor Lomax would ask for Anna's resignation. Mayor Lomax would be mayor until 2015, no matter how the election results turned out. Scott left. Dante told Anna he was sorry Duke got dragged into this. Dante had observed that Sonny had a way of inspiring loyalty in his people. Anna countered that Duke didn't get dragged into this – he made a choice. She told Dante that she gave Duke a chance to recant his statement and he refused. She grabbed her badge and told Dante she was going to find Duke. Anna told Dante to warn Michael. Dante knew Michael had a temper and he was worried about how he'd react. After Anna left, Scott returned and gave Dante a warrant for Sonny's arrest. Dante stood still, prompting Scott to ask if Dante was going to arrest his father, or if Scott had to find someone else to do it.

Back at the bar, Duke asked Bobbie if she was positive that the police had seen the footage. Bobbie thought so. Duke realized Anna may have seen it, and he leapt up to leave. He turned and saw Anna walk in.

At GH, Kiki told Morgan about Carly and Franco's disastrous wedding ceremony. Morgan ranted about how sick Franco was. Kiki told him to forget about Franco and focus on Michael. Kiki had never seen Michael so angry. She told Morgan that Michael had ripped into Carly for helping Sonny cover up the fact that he killed AJ. Morgan stated that he confronted Sonny tonight and learned that Ava lied to them. Kiki snapped that she didn't have time for that. Michael hadn't been taking her calls, and she was afraid of what he'd do if he crossed paths with Sonny. Kiki wanted to go to Sonny's, but Morgan told her Sonny wasn't home; he was off taking care of something.

Kiki sensed that there was something Morgan wasn't telling her. Morgan revealed that Ava killed Connie. Kiki didn't want to believe her mom killed an innocent person, but Morgan told her that the confession had been caught on tape. Kiki was upset and she noted that Ava's action sparked Sonny killing AJ. Kiki asked Morgan if the thing Morgan was “taking care of” was Ava. Morgan stared at the floor as he admitted that he told Sonny where to find Ava. He told Kiki that he had to, because that was the way things worked. Kiki was furious and sick of their family's “insane” blood feud. She told Morgan that even if Ava did do those horrible things, Kiki loved her and didn't want her to die. Morgan was confident that Sonny wouldn't hurt Ava until the baby was born, which meant there would be plenty of time to work on changing Sonny's mind about killing her.

At the brownstone, Ava crawled across the floor to the door, trying to go find her kidnapped baby. She opened it and came face to face with Sonny. Ava was shocked and wondered how he found her. Sonny didn't answer the question. He taunted Ava, and she blurted out that she had the baby. Sonny didn't believe her, and he accused her of shooting Max. Ava insisted that she didn't shoot Max, because she was busy giving birth. Ava pointed out that the baby was born a little early and something could be wrong. “Enough!,” Sonny snapped. He explained that he knew Silas came by, stopped the premature labor and took care of the whole thing. “Does it look like he took care of the whole thing?,” a distraught Ava shouted, as she drew Sonny's attention to their surroundings. Sonny noticed the state of the floor and realized Ava had been telling the truth. He asked where the baby was. Ava clarified that the baby was a girl. She explained that Nina induced Ava's labor, then kidnapped the baby in order to replace the baby that Nina lost twenty years ago. Ava took Sonny's hand. She told him that his flesh and blood was in danger, and they had to do something.

Sonny called Shawn and left him a detailed message about Nina and the baby. Ava felt that Shawn, who hadn't even been able to kidnap Ava, was too incompetent to be trusted with finding her daughter. Ava wanted to call the cops, but Sonny flatly refused. Ava wanted to go search for the baby. Sonny pulled a gun on Ava, intending to shoot her, now that she'd given birth. Ava tearfully asked Sonny to think about this. Sonny replied that he'd thought about it every day – an eye for an eye. Ava argued that Connie wouldn't have wanted this, but Sonny spat that Ava only knew Connie long enough to put a bullet in her stomach. Ava begged for mercy. Sonny told Ava that if she was telling the truth, he'd find the baby, but Ava wouldn't be a part of her life. Ava offered to do anything to change Sonny's mind, but he told her there was nothing she could do. “Please don't let me die knowing that my daughter's in danger,” Ava plead. She told Sonny that she never got to hold her. Sonny told Ava that she took something from him, so he would take something from her. Sonny assured Ava that the baby wouldn't want for anything. “Goodbye Ava” Sonny said, He took the safety of the gun and aimed at Ava, but his hand shook. Ava wept silently and closed her eyes. There was a gunshot, but it wasn't from Sonny's gun. Sonny turned around and saw a furious Michael standing in the doorway, holding a gun.

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