GH Update Wednesday 11/5/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/5/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Sam waits for Silas to return with the lab results while Alexis and Julian wait with her and wonder what is taking Silas so long. Silas is trying to get a rush on the blood work but is wondering why Ava keeps sending him texts that do not seem “right” to him.

While Nina is at the brownstone house after delivering Ava's baby, Madeline is there and wonders what she should do.

Morgan is with Sonny and needs to know who shot Max. The only suspect Sonny can come up with is Ava. Morgan somehow knows Ava did not attempt to murder their guard. She is alone in the brownstone pregnant and afraid to go anywhere because of him. How much sense does it make that she went to Sonny's a shot Max? Yet that leaves them wondering who did.

Meanwhile, Heather stands at the docks alone and pointing a gun while she waits for Franco to carry out his plan with confronting Carly and revealing the video to Michael that she and Sonny are both responsible for the murder of AJ. Not far away, she hears Kiki calling for Michael so she knows she needs to hide..

Michael runs from Carly's wedding after he's gotten the devastating information that his dad, Sonny, murdered his other dad, AJ and Carly has enabled Sonny to get away with the crime. He rushes to his dad's home to see that Sonny is not there. There is only the sign of an accident after Max has been shot. He calls to his dad but gets no answer and has no way of knowing what happened or who did it.

Carly furiously demands to know how Franco could do this to Michael. He reminds her, again, that he did not “do this” to Michael. She and Sonny did it by what they did to his father. While all other guests have left them alone to have their conversation, Bobbie and Scott both stand by to silently witness what their respective kids have to say to one another.

While Sam goes to find Silas at the hospital, Alexis and Julian are alone in the room and she tells him she cannot believe that this is happening again. This is a real nightmare. What if the lab did not make a mistake and the cancer/leukemia has come back to their grandson? Silas tells Sam he suspects there is a mistake and seriously doubts that Danny's cancer has come back. Sam asks him what if his hunch is not true. What is she going to do?

After Nina and Madeline are ready to take the baby which Ava has just given birth to, which Nina believes is rightfully hers', Ava asks Nina how she (Nina) is certain she can trust her mother. Nina asks Ava how she could know Nina's husband. She (Ava) is just another anonymous slut who was screwing Nina's husband. Ava then reveals to her that she (herself) would have never had her chance or her child with Silas if Nina's mother had not hired her to do it. Nina looks at Madeline who is silent.

At the hospital, Morgan tells his dad they have to find out who shot Max. He seriously doubts it's Ava and Sonny needs to know that Ava is not the only woman he's pissed off. Diane Miller finds Sonny and furiously asks him how he could let this happen to Max again.

Kiki keeps trying to call Michael but he does not pick up. While she stands by the docks, she is being secretly watched by Heather. Michael is alone in Sonny's home remembering his recent conversation with his dad right by AJ's grave when Sonny confirmed to his son that he is aware that Michael needs to find the person who killed AJ, yet not revealing or implying that he is the very person in question who killed him. He remembers all the times he believed, and Sonny confirmed, that Sonny is willing and able to put his opinion about AJ aside because he honors and respects Michael's love for AJ. Then, he hears and sees, for himself, a taped confession that Sonny took Michael's father away from him by killing AJ and that she helped Sonny get away with it. He remembers pleading with his mom to tell him there must be some mistake yet hearing nothing from her while Franco confirms that it's all there right, with unequivocal proof, if anyone questions or wants to believe otherwise, that Michael's one father killed his other father.

At the site of the canceled wedding, Bobbie speaks up and asks her daughter why she's even bothering with Franco. He's not going to give her any answers for why he did what he did. Carly again faces him and reminds him he has gotten her attention since he's a performance artist. She knows he did this to hurt Michael. He tells her that Michael is merely unfortunate to be born to an unfaithful whore of a mother. She then asks if he's done this because he's angry, bitter and jealous that she slept with Sonny? She admits what she did was wrong but it was her mistake. He furiously tells her it was not a “mistake”. She consciously, knowingly had sex with Sonny and lied to him about it. She reminds him that he found out about that weeks ago and could have confronted her in any way he wanted to at that that point. But he proposed to her. He tricked her into this wedding. He lied to Michael to get him to be his best man. Why? So he could make her son suffer? Was it fun to break his heart. She admits she was unfaithful. She cheated on him with Sonny. Why does Michael have to pay for her mistake?

Julian tells Alexis if Danny's cancer really is back, he will donate his bone marrow. It worked the last time and will work this time. He promises her he will give his blood, his bones, his heart muscles or anything he can for their grandchild.

With Sam, Silas promises her that he will be there for her and Danny every step of the way. He owes her that because of what he has done wrong and he's sorry for failing her and failing to see the truth until it was too late. She tells him there is no need to apologize. He tells her he let Nina back into their lives. She asks if he finally got proof that Nina is responsible for their break-up. He tells her he's gotten confirmation of that and a lot more. He now knows what Nina is up to, what her agenda is and all the truth about her.

Ava informs Nina that Madeline betrayed her daughter although unknown to Nina until now. She explains that she was alone and broke without any money struggling to run her art gallery so she could live. And then one day, Madeline walked in and bought a painting. And she identifies it so that Nina might remember the specific painting. Ava explains to Nina that her mother cozied up to Ava. She wanted to end Nina's marriage with Silas and Ava wanted a gallery of her own. So they struck a deal. Nina asks her mother if it is really true that she “hired” Ava to seduce Silas.

Franco admits to Carly that he wanted Michael to hate her as much as he does. She lied to him and made a fool out of him and she needs to realize that is pretty much what she and Sonny did to Michael also. Carly tells Franco that he will never understand the love that she and Sonny have for Michael. He tell her that the secret they had was not to protect him. It was only to protect themselves. She reminds him that he is willing to torture and destroy Michael in order to get to her just like he had Michael raped because if his previous issues with Jason. That is what he does and that is who he is. He can't go after the people who have wronged him. He has to go after people who they love because he is evil and he's vicious. She admits she deserves what she is getting because she believed him but Michael does not.. He tells her she is right. He did punish Michael. But what he has done has punished her and Sonny a lot more.

When Diane finds Sonny and Morgan at the hospital, Morgan protests to her that he and his dad love Max and she can't blame Sonny. Diane reminds them that Max has devoted his life to protecting all of them so she demands that Sonny tell her who shot her boyfriend. He tells her he doesn't know but he's going to find out.

Kiki is leaving messages for Michael urging him not to do anything crazy and expressing her concern for him, while Heather continues to hide and aims a gun at her. Michael is not taking Kiki's calls as he goes inside Sonny's empty house. He notices Dante and uniform cops enter and asks what is going on. Dante informs him they are investigating the shooting of Max. Morgan was there with Sonny when it happened but nobody knows who did it. Dante explains they rushed him to the hospital and are there now. Michael remembers that he picked up Max's gun which Max dropped when it happened.

Carly continues to ask Franco if hurting Michael to hurt her and Sonny gratifies him. He reminds her she told him she loved him. He was so afraid something was going on with her and Sonny. But he was stupidly and mistakenly lead to believe that he was being paranoid. He blamed himself, apologized and felt guilty for distrusting her.

Not far away, Heather is in her car ready to take action against the people Franco wants her to take action against.

Dante comes by Sonny's home and informs Michael that there has been a shooting. Max has been shot and rushed to the hospital and he does not know much more than that.

She tells him she is sorry for leading him on, betraying his trust, hurting his feelings, and even more so for trusting him and allowing herself to love him and to see him as anything other than an evil socio-path. He tells her she came into his life and it took him a long time to trust and believe that what they had was real. He tells her he never had any real love in his life. She made him believe in that, in her and in himself. And just when he thought what they had was real, it turned out it was all lies. She tells him what the real joke was is that if she had not allowed herself to love him, he would have been gone months ago. She is the idiot to have failed to see what is there. So now she is getting what she deserves. She failed to see what everybody warned her about that she did not listen to. She tells him that every time she looked into his eyes, she wanted to believe that he was Jason's brother and wanted to see the good in him. Jason was right about him all along, however, she tells him she realizes. But she did not listen. So this is all about her. He could not break her heart on his own. He had to use Michael to do that. He then tells her as long as she has a broken heart, he is “good”. However, she tells him he is never “good”. He is never satisfied even though he got the results he wants. So now, she tells him, it's over. He smirks at her, however, and tells her no. It's not over. It's far from over.

Sam tells Silas that she always suspected Nina but had no clue that Nina would assault him and knock him unconscious. She asks if he is ok and if he's seen Nina since. He tells her last he heard, the cops had her on APB but he's not certain where Nina is. He informs Sam that Nina revealed to him she had a long revenge list of all the people who have wronged her. It was not just the two of them.

Madeline urges Nina not to believe Ava's story that Madeline put her up to sleeping with Silas in order to end Nina's marriage. She tells her daughter that Ava was devastated that she lost Silas and would have done anything to get him back. Is it just be coincidence that they both ended up in Port Charles? She asks Nina if she (herself) had “hired” Ava to seduce Silas, how can one explain Ava's “devotion” to him? Nina apparently sees her mom's point, looks at the baby and tells her her “grandmother” may be onto something. She tells Ava she has 3 seconds to plead her case.

Kiki contacts Morgan, while he's at the hospital, after she's tried and failed to reach Michael. She informs him that something terrible has happened at his mom's wedding and she is very worried about Michael. She tells him she needs to talk to him and will be on her way as soon as possible. Sonny comes back and is happy to report to Morgan that Max will be ok. and he hugs his son.

Carly faces Franco and admits that he's caught her in a lie and she can't defend herself. However, he has no more power over her. He has no more deep dark secret to hang over her head and devastate her with. She reminds him she never has to lay eyes on him again and she walks away. He walks after hear but Bobbie lashes out at him, furiously telling him he is done. She runs up and demands he leaves her daughter alone and remarks thank God Carly is finally free of him. Carly then runs off still in her wedding dress outside the building onto the dock, telling herself to take a deep breath and count to 10. She hears a familiar voice behind her who grabs the back of her dress and ask her if she is “going fishing”. She turns around startled to see Heather Weber.

While still inside, after Bobbie angrily tells Franco he better leave her daughter alone, he walks out the door but not before taking the thumb drive out of his pocket, letting his dad know he's giving him a little “momento of the footage” and adding that since Scott is the DA, he might want this. Bobbie then demands to know why Scott is letting Franco get away with this. Is it because he's his son?. Scott tells her no. Franco did not break any laws. The people that did, Scott clarifies to her, are Sonny Corinthos and her daughter.

Outside, unbeknownst to everyone inside except for Franco, Heather points a gun at a horrified Carly who demands to know how on earth she got out of Ferncliff. Heather replies that her son came to her and found a way to get her out because he finally realized that he was too good for Carly and he needed his mother's help in doing what needs to be done. He has given Heather the chance to take a shot at Carly, literally, Heather tells her.

At Sonny's home, Dante realizes that Michael was supposed to attend his mom's wedding to Franco but can clearly see Michael is not ok and his no longer there so he asks his brother what is up. Michael admits that Franco pulled a terrible stunt right when he was supposed to say his vows to Carly. He went off on her accusing her of having an affair with Sonny. Hearing that and not knowing the secret truth, Dante remarks the dude is paranoid since Sonny and Carly have been over for years. Michael then informs Dante that Franco played a video that proved that their mutual dad and Michael's mom were having sex in Michael's apartment. Dante asks if this was done during the ceremony. Michael answers yes although he informs his brother, that luckily, Lucas was able to get Spencer and Josslyn out of there before they were exposed to seeing “adult content”. However, Franco ambushed Carly. Dante tells Michael he's sorry and knows that could not have been fun for him or his mom. Michael tells his brother he is glad he's now suddenly seen the truth about their dad. He has now seen how low Sonny can sink. Dante then informs Michael there is something else he might need to know regarding that. He tells Michael that Commissioner Devane is re-opening the murder investigation of AJ. And, he tells Michael, there is no easy way to tell him this. Michael then reveals to Dante he knows that it is Sonny who killed AJ.

At the hospital, Sonny assures Morgan that he's checked with doctors and found out the Max will be ok. He still hasn't a clue what has just been revealed.

Alexis reminds Julian that when Danny first got diagnosed with leukemia that they looked all over for a donor for their grandson but could not find anyone and Julian was it. So they are still at the desperate mercy of him not entirely assured that he will come through for Danny. He admits that he has been afraid that if there is a way to store his bone marrow for Danny in the event of his death, then Sonny would have no incentive not to kill him. But, he assures her, everything is different now so , he tells her, he is now willing to let Silas and Oncology store his bone marrow in case something happens to him and Danny needs it. Yet, Alexis tells him she's afraid if he did do that, it would make him vulnerable to Sonny and he would kill Julian. Julian tells her that's ok as long as Danny is safe.

In the hospital lobby, Sonny concludes to Morgan that since they now know that Max is going to be ok, he can now go and find Ava. Morgan, however, tells his dad it's not that he does not understand. He knows it's terrible that she killed Connie but Ava is the mother of his child or she could be the mother of Sonny's child. So, he asks his dad, is he sure he really wants to kill her?

After it appears that Nina is convinced that her mother is correct that Ava is or was in love with Silas and not bought by Madeline, Ava admits that that is what happened although she did not intend for it to happen. She admits that her heart won and she realized she would do anything for Silas and she asks Nina if she (Nina) does not also know that feeling? Nina holds the baby and does not answer.

While Silas talks to Sam at the hospital, he admits he's worried about Ava since she's pregnant and vulnerable and there's no telling what Nina is thinking or capable of doing. Sam agrees remembering all the plotting and scheming that Nina did to break them up.

At the brownstone, both Madeline and Ava attempt to work on Nina, each telling her that the other is manipulating and trying to con her and cannot be trusted with what has been done before Nina went into the coma and what each of them is now accusing the other of. Ava tells Nina that her mother always pulls the strings and lives her life to take things away from her daughter. Madeline puts her arms around her daughter while Ava reminds Nina that Madeline took Silas, the baby she had then and 20 years from Nina's life so who's to say she won't take this baby from Nina also?

When Michael sees Dante and cops surrounding him and witnessing their conversation about the “speculation” that Sonny killed AJ, he does not come out and admit that he now has proof of it. He tells Dante that he merely suspected their father after it appeared that someone other than Carlos Rivera did it and knowing that Sonny hated AJ. However, he tells Dante, he knows his father would not do that because he loves Michael. He then hears Dante inform him that the cops currently realize they have no hard evidence and no way to convict Sonny but he thought Michael has the right to hear it from him before he hears it elsewhere.

At the hospital, when Morgan urges his dad to consider going easy on Ava, Sonny reminds his son that that woman left Connie to die choking on her own blood. She shot Olivia and for all he knows she shot Max. So, he tells his son, he can't make him any promises regarding that.

Ava tells Nina that she can't trust her mom not to take this baby from her although Madeline urges her daughter not to listen to Ava. Nina then concludes that her mom is only helping her with her plan because she wants the money and admits to Madeline that she cannot trust her.

When Silas is talking to Sam, the lab tech comes and gives him the results of Danny's blood work. Silas looks them over and smiles as he informs Sam it's come back negative and he can safely assure her that Danny is going to be absolutely fine.

Ava continues to “work on” Nina to convince her that her mom cannot be trusted. She might want to have Nina trust her only to have the police outside waiting to arrest her for kidnapping Ava's baby. What if Madeline's working with that detective brother of Nina's? What if she's arranged for that to happen? That way, Madeline can have control of the money, Ava tells Nina. Ava then urges Nina to leave the baby or else she will lose everything.

Kiki finds Morgan at the hospital ready to tell him what happened to Michael. He informs her that Max has been shot and nobody knows by whom.

When Heather points a gun on Carly on the docks, Carly concludes this is how far gone Franco is. He recruited Heather to help him even though he hates her. Heather reminds Carly she cheated on her son. That brought Franco to his senses. He knows she (Heather) is the only one he can trust. He is a devoted son now. Carly confirms that with Franco's history regarding her, he really is crazy. Franco then appears and tells Carly yes. He really is.

Scott holds the flashdrive in his hands and gleefully tells Bobbie he finally has all he needs to put Sonny Corinthos away once and for all for murder. He pulls out the phone to call Detective Falconeri although Bobbie urges him not to get her daughter in trouble along with Sonny, realizing the recording proves that she is an accessory to a murder after the fact. Yet Scott is not afraid to do just that.

Still having no clue that there is undisputed proof that Sonny killed AJ and let an innocent man take the rap, Dante urges Michael not to go off on Sonny and make unfounded accusations just because he's angry and upset. Dante gets a call from Scott Baldwin, although he does not have a clue as to why. He assures his brother he will get justice for AJ and leaves.

Nina decides to take the baby and run with her mother. Desperate to get to her baby girl, Ava crawls to the front door. When she stands and opens the door, Sonny's standing there.

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