GH Update Tuesday 11/4/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/4/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

It was still Halloween in Port Charles. At Sonny's, Max made a phone call telling the men that they were going to grab Ava tonight. The doorbell rang, and Max found a costumed person on the doorstep – she removed her mask and revealed herself – it was Heather. Heather shot Max in the chest/shoulder area, and he collapsed. “Tell your boss, "nice try." Heather Webber sends her regards,” Heather said, as she walked away. Morgan and Sonny ran out a second later. They gave Max first aid, but the bleeding wouldn't stop. Sonny sent Morgan to call 911 and Mateo. Max was able to say he'd been shot by a woman, but he passed out before he could give a name.

On the Haunted Star, Carly called Franco an SOB. She lunged for him, but Scott stepped in and wouldn't let her attack his son. A tearful, desperate Carly tried to convince Michael to leave. Franco played the video, and Michael heard Sonny confess to killing AJ. Michael's eyes filled with tears and he asked Carly to tell him it wasn't true. Franco interjected that it was true - “your one father killed your other father.” Franco noted that unlike Carly and Sonny, Franco had kept his promise not to tell Michael the truth - Franco had let Sonny do it. Franco asked Michael how he felt about his perfect parents, now. Carly approached Michael. “Stay the hell away from me!,” Michael yelled. Michael asked if it was true that Carly knew Sonny killed AJ. Carly tried to convince Michael that Franco was playing another mind game and trying to trick him, like he tricked Sam into thinking she was raped. In response, Franco played the next part of the video – in which Carly admitted she knew what Sonny had done. Franco announced that he'd made DVDs of the video for all the guests, and Kiki and Scott ordered him to stop the taunts. Franco shrugged and sipped champagne while watching the fallout.

Michael looked hurt and disgusted. He told Carly that the video was real, and he asked her if she and Sonny killed AJ together. Carly swore that she didn't. Michael noted that Carly hated AJ and that she'd kept him and AJ apart, ever since he was born, even though AJ was his father. Carly yelled that Sonny was Michael's father. “How many times did you comfort me when I was looking for AJ's killer and the whole time you knew it was dad- Sonny?!” Michael screamed. He ordered Carly to stop lying and tell him how long she'd known Sonny killed AJ. Carly whispered that AJ told her. Michael reminded Carly that she'd said AJ's last words were that he loved Michael. Michael asked Carly if AJ had even mentioned him. Carly tearfully admitted that he hadn't. Michael replied that he'd taken solace in thinking that AJ might have had some peace and been thinking of Michael when he did. Carly tried to assure Michael that AJ did love him. Michael yelled that AJ sacrificed everything for Michael, and he'd faced down Carly and Sonny for Michael.

Michael angrily made it clear that he knew AJ loved him, respected him, and was proud of him. “Too bad I can't say the same about you and Sonny,” Michael spat. Carly told Michael that he knew she loved him. Franco replied that betraying your son and helping cover up a cold-blooded murder didn't sound like love to him. Carly turned to Franco and vowed to kill him. She begged Michael not to let Franco manipulate him. Franco yelled that Carly manipulated Michael – she put AJ in the ground, then she comforted Michael at his funeral. Franco accused Carly of trying to sever the bond between AJ and Michael. Carly insisted that this wasn't true. Franco yelled that Carly and Sonny didn't care about Michael; they only cared about themselves. Michael felt that Franco was right. Bobbie told Michael that this wasn't true.

Michael told Carly that his entire life, she'd either served Sonny or herself. Carly explained that she lied because she didn't want Michael to lose his other father. She begged Michael to say he understood. Michael spat that he didn't understand how Carly could hear AJ's dying words, help Sonny cover up his crime, then help Michael bury AJ. Carly swore her actions weren't calculated. Michael found Carly's actions to be savage and lacking in decency and mercy. He told Carly that she made him believe she and Sonny loved him. Carly insisted that they did love him and that they were his parents. Michael snapped that his only parent was dead. He added that it took AJ's death to show him what Carly and Sonny really were. “You're dead to me,” Michael said. He walked out. Kiki went after him. Carly stood in the doorway screaming Michael's name. Carly turned around and looked at Franco. He winked.

Shawn and Jordan were still locked in the room at the warehouse. Shawn was worn out from his attempts to break down the door. He grudgingly admitted that Franco and Heather made a good team – first Franco made Shawn give up his gun, then Heather made Shawn give up his back up gun. Jordan knew that Franco and Heather made threats against Jordan to force Shawn to comply. Jordan was grateful that he protected her, but Shawn grumbled that none of this would have happened if she hadn't come looking for him. Jordan explained that she had to find Shawn and tell him that she wouldn't let him tell TJ the truth about Tommy. Shawn wanted to concentrate on stopping Heather.

Jordan wanted to know what was going on between Heather, Sonny and Shawn. Shawn wouldn't elaborate. He was upset because he'd failed to keep Heather contained, and he was worried about what she might do. Jordan admitted she knew how dangerous Heather was, having just experienced it first hand. Jordan was still surprised that such prim woman was capable of that, and she told Shawn that Heather almost killed her. Shawn vowed to make sure Heather didn't get away with it. Jordan clarified that she didn't want Shawn doing anything on Jordan's behalf. Shawn told her they were way past that. He explained that he nearly lost it when he received those pictures of Heather holding Jordan at gunpoint. Jordan felt bad about Shawn's ordeal. Shawn thought they should focus on getting out of there.

Shawn was surprised Heather didn't kill them when she had the chance. Just then, Heather returned. Shawn tried to rush her, but he stopped when Heather pointed the gun at him. Heather revealed that she shot Max and planned to shoot Shawn and Jordan. The purpose of this was to send a message to Sonny to stay away from her and Franco. Shawn stepped in front of Jordan and told Heather that Jordan wasn't a part of this and should be left out of it. Heather refused to let Jordan go. Shawn pointed out that Jordan was a mother, just like Heather. He told Heather she could do what she wanted to him, but he begged her not to destroy Jordan's family, like Heather's had been. Jordan stared pleadingly at Heather. Later, Heather closed the door to the room and said she was on her way to Franco's wedding.

At GH, some kids approached Madeline, looking for candy. Madeline rifled through her purse, then the kids suddenly ran off screaming. Madeline looked up and realized Obrecht had scared them off. Obrecht demanded to know where Madeline sent Silas. Madeline revealed that she sent Silas on a wild goose chase. Obrecht spat that she wanted Madeline and her “unbalanced daughter” to leave the GH staff out of their scheme. Madeline scoffed and pointed out that Obrecht bought the chief of staff position. Obrecht threatened to call Silas and tell him Madeline mislead him. Madeline caved and explained that she sent Silas away so he wouldn't be able to find Nina and have her arrested. Obrecht thought it might be best for Nina to get arrested, so she could receive help. Obrecht stressed that Nina needed to be reigned in before someone got hurt. Madeline hissed that she would take care of Nina as she saw fit. In an accusatory tone, Obrecht noted that her prescription pad was missing from her office. Madeline pulled the pad from her purse and handed it to her sister. Obrecht realized that some sheets were missing, and she asked Madeline what prescriptions she and Nina wrote. Obrecht was upset that Madeline and Nina used Obrecht's name to get the prescriptions, since Obrecht would be in trouble if someone got hurt. Madeline didn't think Obrecht should be worried about her reputation, since she'd already lost her Swiss medical license due to doing unauthorized experiments on people.

Madeline claimed she just wrote Nina a prescription for sleeping pills. Obrecht was skeptical, and she told Madeline that she wouldn't be her fall guy like Nakamura was. Madeline reminded Obrecht that she'd been exonerated, and Obrecht countered that this didn't mean she was innocent. Obrecht decided to go to the pharmacy for answers. Max was rushed in on a stretcher. Obrecht warned Madeline that they weren't finished, then she went to tend to Max.

Obrecht ordered Sonny and Morgan out of the cubicle. Later, she walked out and Morgan and Sonny asked how Max was. Obrecht explained that they were trying to stabilize Max so he could go to surgery and that there was no guarantee that he would survive. Obrecht added that this sort of carnage was almost predestined for men who chose to work in organized crime. Obrecht told Sonny that he dealt in blood and that he shouldn't be surprised that someone was trying to return the favor. She walked away.

Sonny admitted that Obrecht might be right, and he suggested that Ava had shot Max in an attempt to get Sonny before he got her. While Morgan admitted he wouldn't put anything past Ava, now that he knew she killed Connie and blackmailed Sonny, he was sure that she wasn't the shooter. He told Sonny that she genuinely cared about the baby and that she wouldn't have put herself or the baby at risk. Sonny, on the other hand, was convinced that Ava only cared about herself.

Madeline was still in the lobby. She called Nina and left a voice message warning her that Silas was looking for her. Madeline urged Nina to pick up the pace on her plan.

At the brownstone, Ava was on the living room floor in labor. Ava wanted a doctor, and she told Nina to call Silas. Nina refused. Ava told her to call Britt. Nina snapped that she wasn't calling Britt because she was a quack. Nina clarified that Britt told Nina that Nina was in menopause, which clearly wasn't true, since Nina was going to have a baby any minute now. Ava tried to get up, but Nina pinned her down and told her to stop fighting. Ava was hit with a contraction, and she laid back down and told her baby that “mommy's here.” “Mommy's here,” Nina repeated, and it was clear she was referring to herself. Nina brought Ava some ice chips and told her she wasn't dilated enough to push yet. Ava spat that Nina wouldn't know, since she'd never delivered a baby. Nina replied that she had delivered a baby, then she recounted a story about the time she helped deliver a horse. Nina felt that it had been a spiritual experience that she was ready to have happen again.

Nina gently told Ava that it was time to push. Ava asked Nina to go get her something for the pain, but according to Nina, it was too late for that. Nina also didn't think Ava should need pain medication since Ava had done this before and because she had Nina for support. Nina ignored her mother's call, and she urged Ava to push. Ava did, and Nina delivered the baby girl. Nina cooed over the baby. Ava told Nina to give her the baby. “You already have a baby. Kiki is your baby,” Nina replied. Ava cried that the baby was her daughter. Nina apologetically told Ava that Ava had lost her baby, and this one was Nina's. Ava countered that she just gave birth. Nina softly replied that she knew from experience that Ava had just suffered a devastating loss. Nina added that she got through it and Ava could, too.

Ava helplessly reached out her hands as Nina stood and told the baby that they were off to start a new life. Madeline arrived. Ava plead to be given her baby. Nina introduced Madeline to her “granddaughter” and wondered what she should name her. Ava yelled that the baby had a name, and Nina ordered Ava to shut up, unless she wanted Nina to shut her up. Madeline gently told Nina that they had to leave. Nina and Madeline were about to go, when Ava begged Madeline not to let Nina take her baby.

Silas went to Nathan's apartment and called out for Nina, while banging on the door. Nathan let him in and told him that Nina wasn't there. Silas explained that Madeline told him Nina called her from Nathan's place a few hours ago. Nathan told Silas that either Nina lied to Madeline, or Madeline lied to Silas. Silas theorized that Madeline lied. Nathan guessed that Madeline could be protecting Nina out of maternal instinct. Then, Nathan thought that Madeline must be manipulating Nina by taking advantage of her mental state. Silas guessed that Madeline wanted money from Nina, but he couldn't figure out what Nina would want from Madeline.

Silas and Nathan went to GH looking for Madeline. They ran into Obrecht, who told them that Madeline just left. Silas asked why Madeline had been in Obrecht's office earlier. Obrecht admitted that she allowed Madeline to hide Nina there, but they were both gone, now. Obrecht explained that she was trying to protect Nina because she knew how much Nathan cared about her. Nathan told Obrecht that if she was serious about caring for him, she'd tell him everything she knew. Obrecht insisted that she didn't know where Madeline and Nina were, but she was sure they were up to no good.

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