GH Update Monday 11/3/14

General Hospital Update Monday 11/3/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Silas gets on the elevator when he observes a text from Ava's phone informing him that she is fine with Morgan and it's ok with her if he tends to baby Danny and other patients because she's fine without him. He runs into a lab tech, Tim, and tells him he needs to put a rush on Danny Morgan's test results because it's taking too long and something seems to be “not right”. The man tells him he cannot put any more rushes on this process because he has orders not to do so. Silas asks from whom. Tim replies from Dr. Obrecht.

Not far away, Obrecht announces to Jason that it appears he is getting better, no longer needs his hospital room or any medical care. So it’s time for him to leave, she tells him. Elizabeth demands to know if she is serious. Obrecht tells her she would never joke because this hospital has gone above and beyond their call to insure this patient's recovery and with great success. So now it's time for him to leave.

At the police station, Anna has a uniform cop to bring her a file on AJ Quartermaine's murder. He does asks her, however, why she needs that because the killer has been locked up in Pentonville for a long time. She informs him there is now evidence that suggest they got the wrong man.

At Sonny's home, Morgan admits to his dad that Ava is now staying with him at the Brownstone. He informs him that Ava showed up the night Sonny and Shawn were looking for her, begged Morgan to help her and he's been hiding her ever since.

Ava is helplessly on the couch in the Brownstone living room, alone with only Nina there and unable to move when Nina is ready to inject her with the Oxytocin again to induce labor so Ava will have the baby and Nina can take back what she believes is rightfully hers.

At the wedding, Spencer calls Josslyn to talk privately with him and she admits she is not happy with the outcome so far. She knows Spencer has attempted to help her break up her mom and Franco by revealing to Carly that he caught Franco going through her email (while Josslyn secretly hid him at Carly's home a few months ago) because Franco does not trust her word about staying faithful. Yet, it looks like their wedding has not been called off and Carly has overlooked this issue. Lucy asks both Carly and Franco if they take one another as spouses. Carly has replied yes. But, to everyone's surprise, Franco replies no and adds that why should he marry a lying and cheating whore. Michael confronts him and demands he repeats what he just said. Franco tells Michael he and all the others heard what he said and he repeats again why should he marry a lying, cheating whore and he informs everyone that Carly is sleeping with her ex husband.

When Obrecht announces that Jason needs to be discharged, Elizabeth angrily demands to know if she is insane because this patient is not ready to be discharged after suffering grave injuries after his accident and all he's been through since. Obrecht asks Elizabeth if she is a physician with the authority to make this decision in addition to spending time doodling art drawings with the patient. She reminds Elizabeth that this hospital has squandered enough money already on this “charity patient”. Elizabeth tells her that whatever issues she has with Elizabeth she cannot take out on “Jake”.

Anna is remembering hearing Duke confirm to her, that on the night that AJ was murdered, that he was with Sonny so Sonny could not have killed AJ. She wondered if her boyfriend might have lied to her. She remembers taking his word for it when he admitted that nobody except himself can corroborate this story. She then gets on the phone and tells Duke she needs to see him regarding and urgent matter.

At the wedding, after Franco declares he will not marry Carly, Bobbie angrily tells him how dare he call her daughter those names. Scott stands up and tells his son that his accusations of Carly sleeping with her ex are not true. Kiki asks Franco what he thinks he's doing. Michael calls him a son of a bitch and is ready to possibly physically hurt him when Carly asks her son not to. Josslyn stands up and asks her mom if this mean she is getting back with her dad. Spencer tells her however, he suspects that Franco means “another” ex husband of Carly's. Franco replies to Josslyn that she is such a nasty little brat. Carly angrily tells him he better not talk that way to her daughter. He then announces that Carly is not sleeping with Josslyn's father. At least not so far as he knows. She is sleeping with Michael's father.

Sonny asks Morgan if Ava is currently alone in the Brownstone. Morgan tells him no. As far as he knows, Silas Clay is with her. Hearing that, Sonny knows now is not a good time to let Ava know he knows where she is so he postpones that.

At the hospital, Silas tells Tim that there's a mother who is worried that her little boy's leukemia has returned. So he does not give a damn about Obrecht's orders. He asks the guy to please just do what he wants and assures him he will take care of Obrecht right now. Silas then rushes to talk to the chief of staff's office. However, when he gets there he does not find Obrecht. Madeline is in her sister's office and he demands to know what she is doing there.

Nina is with Ava, reminding her that she knows how this works . When Ava begs her not to go through with what she is about to do, telling her that it could hurt the baby, Nina tells her she knows that won't happen. Ava informs her that a nurse already gave her a drug to induce labor. Hearing that, Nina remarks that a “lot of people don't like Ava. Do they?” Nina tells her she knows how the liquid drug works faster than pills. She knows from personal experience because her mother gave her a liquid anti-depressant that caused her to have a miscarriage. She remarks how ironic it is that that needle took her baby away but this needle will bring her baby back. Ava asks her if she really wants to kidnap her child. She could be caught? Nina tells her she's made sure that won't happen because she sent Silas a text that she does not need him and he's busy with other matters at the hospital. Ava tells Nina she does not mean Silas. She means Morgan. He will be back soon.

Morgan explains to his dad that he and Kiki called Silas and asked him to give Ava medical care for the baby because she's afraid to go to the hospital because of the possibility it could lead Sonny to her. Morgan tells his dad that Ava mistakenly got the wrong medication prescribed and later found out that it could have induced labor. Sonny realizes he does not want that to happen when Morgan assures his dad that Silas took care of the problem, Ava's baby should be born on schedule and will be ok. At that point, both father and son see no urgency to find Ava and continue their conversation.

While Obrecht is talking to Elizabeth and Jason about how he needs to be discharged, Silas talks to Madeline about how she needs to know that her daughter is at large and could be dangerous.

Duke goes to talk to Anna after she calls and tells him they need to discuss an urgent matter. He tells her he just left Emma while she was on her second round of trick or treating. Anna is obviously interested in hearing about her granddaughter and expresses appreciation for his spending time with her. Duke tells Anna he loves Emma almost as much as her grandma and hates having to interrupt being with her but he also missing being able to see Anna. She admits she did not ask him there in a personal capacity and this is purely professional. She tells him she needs to ask him about Sonny Corinthos. Duke wonders why since he has not worked for Sonny for a long time. She tells Duke, however, she remembers he did when he gave Sonny an alibi for the murder investigation the night AJ Quartermaine was shot.

At the wedding, Franco informs Michael, in front of everyone, that his mother slept with his father while she was engaged to Franco. Carly, Bobbie, Scott, Lucas, Brad, Josslyn and Spencer all listen in awe. Carly tells her daughter she needs for her and Spencer to go in the room while she handles her affairs. Michael then asks Franco what is with his suddenly telling him this by playing a mind game, as he reminds Franco he asked him to be his best man because he told him it would make Michael's mom happy. He tells Franco what he really wanted was for Michael to have a front row seat to one of Franco's sadistic performances. Franco called them all there so they can see him throw this in Carly's face, Michael tells him. Remembering that he only heard about his dad kissing his mom once, and that's all it was, Michael protests that his mom told his dad to back off and he remembers Franco declaring he understood and overlooked it. He asks Franco why he's so petty that he wants to destroy his whole wedding over one stupid kiss. Franco clarifies to Michael it was not just “one stupid kiss” and informs Michael he may ask Kiki. He remembers Kiki may not know all the details but Bobbie does. He then asks his dad if he remembers the whole “night cap” incident where Bobbie was kind of vague in telling Scott where she was, on the night in question, and it did not add up when she said she was with Carly, giving Carly an alibi when Franco questioned whether she might have been with Sonny. He remarks that Carly did not have dinner with her mom because she was already “full” with what she “had” with Sonny. Scott then asks Bobbie if this is true and did she lie to him. Bobbie replies that he cannot listen to Franco and she assures him she did in fact have pizza with Carly as she said she did. Scott then turns to his son and tells him he heard it and needs to know he's being ridiculous in suspecting that Sonny and Carly slept together and it's all in his mind. Franco, however, faces all the people who have no reason to believe otherwise, smiles and holds up his phone with the video which can prove it is not all in his mind.

Obrecht informs Jason that she can clearly see he's in pretty good spirits as she heard him joking with Elizabeth and making fun of her. So if he's doing that well, then he can go home. Elizabeth then asks if that is the reason she is kicking Jake out. Obrecht tells her of course not. She is the chief of staff and does not discharge patients because they mock her. She realizes that would be cruel, petty, childish, and she has better things to concern herself with like running this hospital. She does not have time to worry about one uninsured patient. She reiterates, again that it's time for Herr Doe to leave General Hospital.

In Anna's office, she tells Duke that the police department is re-opening the AJ Quartermaine murder investigation. One of the major suspects has always been Sonny and, she explains to Duke, the main alibi Sonny has had happens to be himself (Duke). So, she tells him, it's very important that she re-examines the written statement that he signed that he was with Sonny in his coffee warehouse the night AJ was shot and that the two of them were alone and there was no one else to corroborate the alibi. He reminds her that he already answered the question so what is he doing there? She tells him she is giving him a chance to change his story.

Sonny assesses to Morgan that Ava is going to have her baby soon so he needs to find her before she disappears. Morgan asks his dad if he means he has to find her so he can kill her. Sonny tells his son he realizes his reservations about this whole thing but Morgan needs to realize that Ava killed Connie, the woman Sonny loved. So, if he does not do this, he won't be able to live with himself and Connie will not be able to rest in peace. He reminds Morgan that he just admitted the truth to him so he needs to hear it from Morgan, so he asks his son if he intends to stop him.

When Nina is with Ava who tells her Morgan will be back soon, Nina does not seem worried.

In Obrecht's office, Silas informs Madeline that Nina is out of control. She has a hit list of people she wants to take revenge upon and Madeline is on the top of it. He tells her her daughter needs help and he realizes Madeline does not care about anyone except herself but she needs to know that Nina is out to get her also. So, he asks Madeline if she has any idea where Nina is and reminds her it would be in her best interest to tell him. She tells him ok. She will let him know where Nina is.

At the wedding, Brad asks Lucas if he has any clue what Franco is about to show everybody. Lucas tells him he does not know but does not want his niece to see it and he goes to gather Josslyn and Spencer and urge them to go with him and know there is not going to be a wedding today. They both conclude that trick or treating is more fun than this and they agree to go with Lucas. Lucy encourages the guests to all just take a deep breath, take a step back and realize that maybe this is a heated situation and people should not make rash decisions until they've had a chance to calm down and think things through. Carly takes Franco aside and demands to know why he is doing this. He reminds her that Lucy asked if anyone has a reason why this wedding should not take place so he has it right there. She asks where he has obtained video footage of her involvement with Sonny. He tells her and all the others this is proof that he is not crazy. For weeks, she and her mom and his dad have all told him he's being paranoid and crazy to suspect what he has and he needs to know that she would never cheat on him. Well, he tells them, here is proof that he is not crazy. He then plays for everyone upon a big power point screen, a video everyone can see of Carly declaring to Sonny that she has just had sex with him in their son's apartment and her fiancé does not suspect a thing. He declares that now you have it and tells Michael it's not a mind game and now he's heard it straight from his Mama's mouth.

Elizabeth reminds Obrecht that Jake has nowhere to go, no money and no family to contact. So where is he supposed to go? Obrecht tells her that is not her problem and the bill is due in 10 days and he will be discharged tonight as she walks out the door.

Morgan admits to his dad he cares about Ava and does not want to help Sonny with his plan. However, he now knows she's done nothing but lie to him over and over again. She is not the person he thought he is or the person he wanted her to be. So he understands why his dad wants justice for Connie. However, he still cares about the baby and does not want it harmed. Sonny assures his son no harm will come to the baby. Morgan asks his dad, however, what would happen if Silas Clay finds them and knows what they are doing? Sonny tells his son he may leave that to his dad.

Madeline proceeds to tell Silas the story of how she went to her son's apartment and Nina unexpected showed up. She was very upset. Almost coherent. She asked her mom to help her and Madeline admits she felt so bad about what she did to her all those years ago and agreed to help her daughter. Silas asks her where Nina is now.

In Anna's office, Duke looks at the official document that Anna has presented to him and asks her what she means by informing him that he is being given a chance to “change his story” in which case she will grant him immunity from the legal ramifications of the police and DA's office finding him guilty of obstruction of justice in a murder investigation.

Nina assesses what she needs to do while Ava is unable to move and at her mercy. She talks about how she has wanted this baby for so long and has worked so hard to get it. She knows she is going to need water, other tools and be prepared to deliver the baby.

Duke looks over the sworn statement he signed long ago and asks Anna what she means by telling him she's giving him a chance to change his story. She tells him that she remembers he told her that he was with Sonny in the warehouse the night in question and she'd like him to think carefully and tell her the truth when she asks him again if Sonny was in the warehouse that night or not.

Franco gathers alongside all the shocked people who saw the video he has just played as he sums up the fact that Sonny and Carly had sex all afternoon assuming her “stupid fiancé" would never know, and he reflects, to Michael how gross it would be to know that it was in his apartment and to think they would expect their son to clean it up not knowing. Michael is angry at that comment as is Bobbie but Scott tells the others he thinks that maybe his son does deserve some answers as he tells them that a relationship should be based upon truth. Carly asks her fiancé how he got that. Did he have a camera in Michael's apartment? He laughs and tells her of course not and how silly she is not to know that it has been right around her neck all along in the necklace he gave her not long ago. She is furious and horrified to find out he has been doing this all this while without her knowing. He remembers that Kiki did confess to him that she knew that Sonny and Carly had sex once and did not tell Michael because she mistakenly assumed it was only once and Carly urged her not to tell anyone. But Carly did not only lie to Kiki that it would not happen again. She lied to everyone.

Elizabeth looks over the hospital bill and is shocked knowing Jason cannot possibly pay this in 10 days. He tells her the “up side” of having no legal identity is there's not much they can do if he does not pay it. They can't ruin his non-existent credit rating. Knowing that he has no options and nowhere to go, Elizabeth tells him she won't give up on him.

When Anna asks Duke if he'd like to change his story about his alibi for Sonny and he does not reply, she tells him she can let the record show that maybe it was nothing more than an “oversight” on his part. Maybe he merely mixed up the dates as to when he and Sonny were alone in the warehouse and is telling the truth although he recalls a night other than the night AJ was shot. He asks her why she does not trust him and although she urges him to come clean, knowing he is lying if he sticks to his original story, he confirms again that he is telling her the truth that Sonny was with him in the warehouse on that night and on no other night. Sonny has an alibi and there is no way he could have murdered AJ Quartermaine, he tells her. In response to that, Anna knows he is lying and appears devastated.

At Sonny, while Morgan silently looks out the window, Sonny calls Max and tells him he'd like his assistance in going and finding Ava now that they know where she is. Max asks him if he might prefer Shawn to help with this. Sonny tells Max that Shawn is doing something else for him currently.

At the wedding, Michael faces Franco and tells him he does not care if his mom has sex with his dad in his apartment or anywhere else. Carly urges him to take Kiki and go home but he tells her he's not going anywhere until Franco hears what he's going to say. He tells Franco, as a matter of fact, not long ago he spoke to his dad and told him he wishes it was he (his dad) whom his mom was marrying on this day because that would be a wedding in which he'd be proud to be the best man. Franco smiles and tells him right. Because his dad is such a great guy! Sonny's a better person that he is. Michael replies there is “no question” about that. Franco smiles and tells him he will change his tune when he shows him his next video. Carly instantly knows exactly what Franco is about to reveal and runs furiously at him telling him she won't let him do this. Michael tells his mom whatever Franco has, he does not want to see it. Franco asks him if he's sure about that. What if it's about AJ?

While Ava is barely able to move, she crawls on the floor and drags herself to the door. Nina finds her and prevents her from leaving.

Morgan then finds out that the car he saw outside watching Ava was not driven by anybody working for his father. So he asks if it might be Nina. They hear a gunshot from outside the door and Max is lying on the floor.

Elizabeth concludes that she can see Jake has nowhere to go. So she wants him to come home with her.

Duke sticks to his story with Anna and when she tells him he may leave, he tells her he wishes she would not “work so hard”. Before he gets to the door, she reminds if any evidence turns up against Sonny in AJ's murder, he will go down with Sonny.

Knowing what Franco is ready to play for Michael, Carly urges him to hate her or do whatever he wants to her but please not do this to her son. He plays it and everybody listens and watches intently to Sonny and Carly both expressing their guilt about many things. Franco relishes when Michael hears that his father screwed Ava right on AJ's grave the day of his funeral. Franco tells him it gets even better as they all listen to Sonny confirming to Carly that he murdered AJ, took away Michael's father and she lied for him and helped him get away with it. Everybody is shocked while Franco is underneath the video screen pantomiming eating popcorn at a movie theater.

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