GH Update Friday 10/31/14

General Hospital Update Friday 10/31/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Jason is in his room talking to Elizabeth, they laugh as he does impersonations of their chief of staff who walks in and tells him she can see he is recovering as he's not afraid to address her as “Dr. O”. Elizabeth announces to her boss that she should be happy to know that their little “excursion” up to the top of the flight of stairs has left Jake in better spirits. Obrecht remarks she can see that it has and given the progress, she informs them that “Herr Doe” should be out of there in no time. Elizabeth dismisses her as she walks out the door and closes the door behind Obrecht. Jason then asks Elizabeth if he's just gotten her in trouble. Elizabeth asks if he means with Dr. Obrecht and remarks that if she found a cure for cancer, Obrecht would still find a way to reprimand her for costing the hospital money. They laugh and joke and he tells her he's glad he can make her laugh, because she has a beautiful smile. He also comments that he knows there's enough bad news going around here as it is.

Not far away, Silas meets with Sam. She hugs him and thanks him for coming. She tells him she is worried because she's just gotten a report that says that Danny's leukemia is back. She shows him the document. Not far away, Madeline stands at the top of the stairs and observes them.

While Ava is alone inside the brownstone, she hears someone enter and assumes it's Morgan. However, to her surprise, it's Nina. Ava asks Nina what she is doing there. Nina tells her they need to have a chat. Ava asks what she could possibly have to talk to her about. Nina tells her there are a couple of scores they have to settle. She says, “Buckle up, bitch. It's showtime”.

Anna summons Julian into her office and tells him she needs information about Ava. He asks her why she has concerns about his sister. She informs him that Ava is a suspect in AJ Quartermaine's murder.

When Franco arrives at the Haunted Star in front of Carly ready for the wedding, after Spencer has revealed to Carly that he knows Franco has been going through her email, he suspects nothing about what she knows and announces that "It's showtime. While all the guests sit silently, she asks to talk to him alone. She tells him she knows he hacked into her computer to get the recording of Sonny admitting that he killed AJ.

Morgan goes to Sonny's home and demands some answers about why his dad is threatening Ava when she is pregnant with either Sonny's child or grandchild. Sonny reveals to his son that Ava killed Connie. She killed the woman he loved.

Ava points her finger at Nina and tells her she should not be there. Nina tells her she is not going anywhere until she does what she came there to do. Ava runs but Nina reaches into her purse to pull out a needle and is able to inject Ava with a muscle relaxant which she's gotten a prescription from at the hospital to paralyze her victim.

Elizabeth tells Jason that as much as she enjoys stimulating his “funny bone” she thinks maybe they should focus their energy on developing some other goals. She brings him a cane and tells him that since he just climbed Mt. Everest, maybe they can use this for to walk to the assembly room. He asks if they will run into Franco and tells her he'd rather not. She reminds him that Franco is getting married. The room is being used for a kids' Halloween party and might be fun for him. He'd rather not go but wants to give her a present.

When Sam is in the lobby worrying about the outcome for Danny, she observes many kids in Halloween costumes. She sees one little bald boy walking with an IV pole who has cancer which upsets her. She observes looking as Silas silently reading the report and urges him to please tell her that Danny's cancer has not come back. He tells her he wishes he could be assure her, but it's a good thing that they have caught a recurrence of leukemia in its early stages.

At the hospital, Madeline runs into Liesl who tells her she knows that she and Nina are up to no good. Madeline accuses her sister of being paranoid.

At the brownstone, after Nina injects Ava, she demands to know what she did. Nina informs Ava it's a medication which doctors give it to their trauma victims so they don't freak out when they are getting intubated. Ava gasps and worries about what this has done to her baby. Nina assures her that her baby is fine. She can talk to her baby a little longer, and then, this medication will go through her bloodstream, ever so slowly, until Ava is completely paralyzed. Ava demands to know why she is doing this. Nina tells her it's so she will cooperate. She says they have a lot to do in a short amount of time.

Anna tells Julian she believes that Carlos was coerced into confessing to a murder he did not commit by Ava. He asks her why she believes that just because Ava persuaded Carlos to come clean for his own good that it means that Ava pulled the trigger. He tells her he knows for a fact that his sister did not kill AJ and reveals that both he and Ava know very well who did.

Sonny informs Morgan that he intends to kill Ava, because she killed Connie. He made a mistake when he killed AJ thinking he had done it when Ava falsely accused him of doing it and realizes he shot the wrong man. Since Ava killed Connie and wanted to get away with it, she accused AJ. After Sonny killed him, she kept his secret, hoping he would not find out she killed Connie.

In their private conversation before the wedding, Franco tells Carly he remembers the day when he went into her email and found out her secrets, he was being jealous and nosy. She angrily tells him she remembers that day really well and knows he wanted to get his hands on a copy of the recording that Sonny killed AJ so that he could get back at Sonny.

Jason tells Elizabeth he wants her to pursue her dream as an artist, so he gives her a pad and paints and asks her to draw him.

Silas tells Sam he wants her to get Danny down there with both her mom and her dad realizing that Julian was the donor who saved Danny.

After Nina left the hospital, Obrecht suspects foul play in not only her niece but also in her sister and expresses to Madeline her concerns about Nina not being able to make sane decisions. Madeline tells her sister she is not worried about her daughter.

At the brownstone, Ava is feeling the effects of the drug Nina injected in her rump. She attempts to call Silas, but Nina pulls the phone out of her hand and disconnects it. Nina watches Ava unable to hold her head up or move and throws the phone against the wall. Silas attempts to call Ava back and hears her voice mail while Ava is helpless to do anything. Nina tells her she can see that she and Silas are “reconnecting” and he spent the night at the house with her. She tells Ava that her mother tried to convince her that nothing was happening. Maybe that's likely for a woman in Ava's delicate condition, but she does not know what might be happening behind closed door. She pushes Ava down on the couch and furiously confronts her for screwing Nina's husband 20 years ago. Ava is unable to move or say or do anything while Nina gets up in her face eager to take revenge upon her.

While Julian is with Anna in her office, he gets a call from Sam and leaves. Dante then walks in and asks his boss what that was all about.

Sonny tells Morgan that Ava, Morgan's girlfriend, whom he wonders why his dad hates so much, had to “silence” Connie so she took AJ's gun, shot her point blank and left her drowning in her own blood. Morgan does not believe that, but Sonny continues to tell his son that that is how Ava operates. Morgan walks away and does not want to believe his dad when Sonny tells him a list of crimes that Ava has committed. It just goes on and on so he (Sonny) had to keep her close until the baby was born in order to protect the baby who is either Morgan's sibling or his child. Morgan tells his dad he thinks he's lying just like he has lied to Michael.

Franco protests to Carly that Ava was taunting him about wanting to get the goods on Sonny about killing AJ. He considered helping Ava but then realized she is a lunatic who cannot be trusted. He assures Carly that he has long since made peace with her relationship with Sonny. Lucy arrives to perform the wedding ceremony along with both of their families and wedding guests. He tells her that they need to trust one another. Today is their wedding day. He assures her he meant every word he said to her yesterday although it appears like she is having her doubts.

At the hospital, Silas asks Sam if she can get her mom down there right away with Danny and she assures him she will do whatever is needed for her son.

Not far away, Alexis rides up on the elevator holding her grandson to visit Dr. Silas. They get off the elevator and she is startled to see Julian at the door.

When Obrecht is alone in the office with Madeline, she lays down the law to her sister that she has a hospital to run and she is in charge. She reaches in her desk and realizes that her prescription pad is missing. She accuses Madeline of taking it for some nefarious purpose.

While Ava is lying on the couch unable to move, she declares to Nina that she has won and asks her what she wants with Ava's baby. Nina says nothing and touches Ava's belly. Ava demands she not touch her but Nina tells her the baby is so beautiful and assures her she would never do anything to harm this wonderful bundle of joy and would protect this baby just like it were her own. Ava asks her what she is talking about. Nina tells her this baby is hers.

While Carly and Franco are talking alone, Michael and Kiki are not certain what to do. Carly tells him he has to promise that “this” won't be happening after they are married. He promises it will not. She tells him that is good because she deleted the recording from her computer and the only person who has the copy is Sonny.

Sonny plays for Morgan the recording of him confessing that he killed AJ, because he thought he'd killed Connie.

Anna admits to Dante that there are now some questions about Carlos Rivera being the murderer of AJ Quartermaine. She admits that from the first time Carlos confessed, something seemed “not right” about it. He asks if it's true that Ava coerced him into confessing and covering for someone, who could that have been? She hesitates to tell him it's his father.

Morgan is devastated to hear proof that AJ did not kill Connie but his father falsely accused him of doing so and blew him away. Sonny then asks Morgan if he now understands why he felt he had no choice except to keep it from his brother.

As the wedding ceremony begins, Josslyn angrily tosses flower petals while Bobbie stands with Carly. Scott goes up to Franco and shakes his hand. Michael agreed to be Franco's best man to please his mother. Felix is there as Carly's best man. Kiki is there as Michael's date. Lucas walks Carly walks down the "aisle." Lucy then starts her speech and asks if anyone disagrees with the wedding. Josslyn begins to say something, but Lucy talks right over her and continues to join Carly & Franco in holy matrimony.

Julian observes Danny and tells Alexis he doesn't get it. Their grandson appears healthy as a horse. She tells him she agrees but Sam and Silas urged them both to get there because his last tests indicate that Danny's leukemia has returned. They are not aware that Madeline changed the test results on the hospital's computer to make sure that Silas does not return to the brownstone and save Ava from Nina.

Silas sends Ava a text that he has to wait for Danny but will be there for her if she needs him.

Ava asks her what she is saying about this being Nina's baby. Nina feels her belly and declares that Ava “owes” her this baby. Ava angrily asks her why she owes her anything. Nina tells Ava she was pregnant with Silas' child but then Ava came in and ruined everything for her. Ava tells Nina she did not make Nina lose her baby and if Nina wants to blame somebody, she can blame that mother of hers.

In Obrecht's office, she reminds Madeline that the last time she thought she had things “under control” with Nina, she put her in a coma for 20 years. So, she asks her sister, what kind of tricks is she up to now? Madeline is silent.

Ava reminds Nina she is not the one who put Nina in a coma. Nina tells her she lost Silas and lost his child. Ava tells her that was not her fault. Nina tells her that she (Ava) got to have his baby. His skanky mistress from Ryan's Bar had to ruin her life and have her husband's baby. She tells Ava when she is done with her, and Kiki will pay also.

Morgan is shocked as he assesses that this whole time, Ava knew that his dad shot AJ and she was using that to protect herself for when Sonny found out that she killed Connie. Sonny admits she played him but he realizes he fell for it and asks his son if he understands. Morgan realizes that his dad has had to deal with this all alone but all he has done to his dad is make things harder for him. Sonny tells his son he need not blame himself or feel bad, realizing that he (himself) has done wrong and does not blame anyone else. What killed him was all the lying he had to do because if he told Morgan, he was afraid Morgan would tell Ava who would go straight to Michael with the information that Sonny killed his father. He admits to his son that he could not bear that happening. He'd already lost Jason, then Connie, then Morgan. Morgan assures his dad that he has not lost him. He is there right now. Sonny puts his arms around his son and holds him.

Anna admits to Dante it is a bit baffling about Ava's shifted loyalties. She knows that Sonny persuaded her to turn against Julian which was of benefit to him, so why would Sonny become enemies with her at that point? Especially when she's pregnant with either his child or grandchild? Unless Ava knew Sonny killed AJ, she speculates.

At the wedding before anyone is asked to say "I do," Felix reads poetry about love and the forces of doom.

Danny rushes to see his mom and Silas and faces his grandma and grandpa. Silas encourages Sam not to be worried.

Obrecht tells Madeline she work to do and when she gets back, she expects to see her prescription pad right where she left it.

Nina holds Ava prisoner who gasps that she better stay away from Kiki. Nina tells Ava she promises not to kill Kiki but she will dismantle Kiki's life piece by piece. She wanted to take away her boyfriend and would have been able to do so if Rosalie had not been so hung up on Ava's boy toy, Morgan.

Sonny affirms to Morgan that he's never hated anyone as much as he hates Ava. However, he needs to keep her baby safe from harm because it's their family. Now that Morgan has finally “seen the light” and is bonding with his dad over the new revelation, he hears Sonny say he has to do anything he can to protect the baby but just does not know where to find Ava. At that point, Morgan admits to his dad that he knows where she is. She is staying at the brownstone.

Dante tells Anna he does not believe that Sonny would kill AJ. He would not do that to Michael. She asks if he does not believe Sonny is capable of doing so or has no motive. Dante tells her even if that's true, Sonny has an alibi as he's told them both he was with Duke the night in question. Anna confirms that is what Duke told her yet they both realize all they have is the word of both Sonny and Duke yet no proof that's where Sonny was the night AJ was murdered. She admits that Sonny wanted AJ dead because he believed he killed Connie. They only have Ava's word that she was out of town and not there at the time. Anna asks Dante what if Ava was in fact there and saw Sonny shoot AJ? Dante tells her it makes no sense that Carlos shot AJ in Ava's apartment. It makes any less sense that Sonny did. She tells him, however, unless Ava was there and saw Sonny commit murder, it would make sense that he would want to silence her. At that point, Ava convinced Sonny not to take her out because she could get Carlos to take the rap for him. Anna then realizes that their agreement did not last long and something must have happened that made Sonny question Ava's loyalty although Anna admits she does not know what. Although he does not want to believe it, Dante is afraid she might be right.

At the Haunted Star, Lucy asks Carly if she takes Franco to be her husband. Carly looks at Franco and hesitates to answer.

Obrecht goes to find Jason while he's happily with Elizabeth and gives him his bill for the astronomical charges he's run up and owes the hospital, announcing she is now discharging him. He and Elizabeth look shocked.

Silas is happily with Sam and Danny as they both have no reason to fear anything with how healthy and happy Danny appears. He tells Sam he will run the tests again and put a rush on it. She thanks him. Alexis and Julian stand by their daughter and grandson.

Nina gets on Ava's phone and sees she has a text message from Silas informing her he's working late and wonders if she is ok. Nina texts him back, for Ava, while he's on the hospital elevator, telling him “I am fine. Take your time with Danny. Morgan is with me.” Ava asks Nina what she's going to do to her. Nina tells her if she'd been paying attention, she'd know the answer to that. Nina tells her she is going to get Ava's baby. Ava tells her it's not due for weeks although Nina tells her that they both know one can hurry this process along with a little Oxytocin. Ava whimpers helplessly while Nina turns her around and is ready to inject her again, happily telling her she's about to bring a new life into the world.

Sonny now knows where to find Ava. Morgan has given her up.

After dropping the “bombshell” to Dante about his father, Anna asks her detective that if he does not want to be part of this case for personal reasons, she will understand and reassign. He tells her no. He can handle this case but is concerned what this will do to Michael. She affirms to him that there's no reason to get ahead of themselves as this is just a theory they have until there is proof.

When Lucy asks Carly if she takes Franco as her husband, Carly stares and hesitates remembering Sonny telling her that he is the only man for her, but she replies, "I do." Lucy then asks Franco if he takes Carly to be his lawfully wedded wife, to which he promptly replies (to everyone's shock and disbelief), “Hell, no” and asks why would he marry a lying, cheating whore.

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