GH Update Thursday 10/30/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/30/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan walked through the halls of Sonny's warehouse and came to the locked room where Heather was being kept. She asked the guard if Shawn was in there. The man replied that he was not, and he told her that Shawn said no one could go inside. Jordan pretended to accept this, then she surprised the guard with a kick to the head. While he was stunned, she took his gun. Jordan said she couldn't have the guard's boss talking bad about her to her son. She demanded the keys, and when the guard refused, she bashed him over the head with his gun, knocking him out. Jordan unlocked the door and came face to face with Heather. Jordan asked if Heather had seen Shawn. Heather figured out Shawn was he man who brought her there. Heather told Jordan that Shawn worked for Franco and would be escorting her to his wedding. Jordan replied that Shawn worked for Sonny. Jordan asked Heather what she was doing there. Heather admitted she wasn't sure, but she was beginning to get the picture.

Shawn went to Scott's hotel room and surprised Franco, who was getting dressed for the wedding. Shawn pulled out a gun and said he was there to deliver a wedding gift from Sonny. Franco quipped that he'd prefer a toaster to a bullet, then he calmly asked why Sonny wanted him dead. Shawn replied that Franco knew too much. Franco admitted he knew Sonny killed Michael's dad. Shawn replied that they had to eliminate him, to make sure he didn't tell anyone. Franco continued to get dressed, and he pointed out that Carly would figure out Sonny ordered the hit and she'd never forgive him. Shawn revealed that they planned to frame Heather for Franco's murder. Shawn's phone rang, and Franco urged him to answer it, just in case it was Sonny calling off the hit. Shawn checked it and saw pictures of Heather holding Jordan captive. Shawn called and demanded to talk to Jordan. Heather confronted Shawn about tricking her. Shawn threatened to rip Heather apart if she hurt Jordan. Heather snapped that she gave the orders now, and she told Shawn she wanted to see Franco. Shawn gave Franco the phone. Franco and Heather congratulated themselves on ruining Sonny's plan. Franco told Heather that he was going to talk to Shawn, and if she overheard any resistance from Shawn, she should do whatever she had to to Jordan. Heather readily agreed. Franco made Shawn hand over the gun.

Shawn went to the warehouse. He checked on the unconscious guard, then he went into the room and untied Jordan. Heather was hiding outside the room. She closed the door and locked Shawn and Jordan in.

Morgan showed up at Sonny's and told him that they had to get some things straight about Ava. Sonny asked where Ava was. Morgan replied that Ava was somewhere safely hidden and that Sonny could stop casing the brownstone. Sonny didn't know what Morgan was talking about. Morgan revealed that he knew Sonny tried to have Ava kidnapped so he could kill her after the baby was born. Sonny claimed Ava was lying, but Morgan was convinced that he knew her well enough to know that she was being honest. Sonny asked Morgan to explain why he'd kill Ava. “Do you think I'm an idiot?” Morgan asked. Morgan reminded Sonny that Sonny confided that Ava had something on him. Morgan added that he knew Sonny killed AJ. Sonny tried to convince Morgan that Ava was lying, but Morgan didn't buy it. Morgan challenged Sonny to explain why Ava would make that accusation. He also asked Sonny what he'd been referring to that day when he admitted to crossing a line. Sonny ordered Morgan to leave it alone. Sonny felt that Ava had been wrong to drag Morgan into this.

Morgan told Sonny to man up and tell the truth. “Okay. Damn it! I killed AJ Quartermaine!,” Sonny yelled. Morgan was shaken when he heard his father admit what he'd done. Morgan reminded Sonny that he promised Michael he wouldn't hurt AJ. “Does your word not mean anything to you?,” Morgan asked. Sonny calling breaking his word to Michael “an unforgivable mistake.” Morgan countered that the gun didn't go off by accident – Sonny deliberately pulled the trigger. Sonny yelled that he couldn't take it back. Morgan's voice cracked with emotion, and he yelled that Michael also wanted Sonny to take it back. Sonny's eyes filled with tears and he asked Morgan to promise not to tell Michael. Morgan explained that he and Kiki had known for weeks and they hadn't said anything to Michael, even though they wanted to. Morgan also told Sonny that he knew Carly was covering for Sonny. Sonny insisted that he hadn't given Carly a choice, but Morgan argued that no one made Carly do anything she didn't want to. Morgan was angry that Sonny and Carly had done something that would hurt Michael so badly, when Michael had always defended them. He it clear that he was keeping quiet for Michael's sake, not for Carly and Sonny's. Morgan threatened to tell Michael the truth if Sonny didn't agree to back off Ava. Sonny refused to take the deal. Morgan wondered if Sonny would kill him and Kiki to silence them. Sonny swore he'd never do that. Morgan pointed out that Sonny was planning to kill Ava to keep her quiet. Sonny revealed that he wanted Ava dead for another reason. A skeptical Morgan asked why. Sonny got a text, and he turned his attention to his phone. The text, supposedly from Shawn, said that Franco was dead. Morgan accused Sonny of stalling. Sonny tried to convince Morgan that Morgan didn't want to know the real reason Sonny wanted Ava dead, but Morgan insisted that he did. Sonny blurted out that Ava killed Connie.

At the brownstone, Silas told Ava that nothing would happen to her while he was there. Ava was worried that Morgan would get angry and accidentally blurt out Ava's hiding place. She wondered if the people watching the house were even sent by Sonny. Silas urged Ava to relax and focus on the baby instead of Sonny and Nina. Ava agreed to try, but she admitted she was disturbed that Nina was holding a grudge about something that happened over 20 years ago. Silas admitted he'd been surprised by how unstable Nina had become after the coma. Silas noted that he made some mistakes, but Nina had manipulated him and ruined his relationship with Sam. Silas told Ava that Nina eavesdropped on his conversation with Sam about Patrick and Rafe, then she took what she heard to the press. Ava admitted that she used to be a bit obsessed with Silas, too. Silas felt bad that he didn't notice Nina's vindictive streak. Ava gently replied that that love and guilt clouded Silas's judgment. Silas admitted he had been wracked with guilt. He explained that Nina had wanted to have a baby to replace the one they lost. Silas had been pretty sure that was impossible, but one night, he gave in. Silas added that Nina was in early menopause, so there was no chance he got her pregnant. Ava was sure that was a relief, given everything that just happened.

Silas vowed to make sure Nina got the help she needed, then pick up the pieces of his life. Ava was curious if Silas wanted Sam back. Silas explained that he tried to be a good husband to Nina after he broke up with Sam, and it appeared to him that Sam had moved on with Patrick, even though Sam had said she and Patrick were just working a case. Silas added that he'd had a very good talk with Sam the day he called her to admit she'd been right about Ava, but then he realized she was with Patrick. Silas had been hoping to see Sam once she came back to town. Silas smiled at Ava and told her he'd been preoccupied, so he hadn't had the chance to see Sam. Ava felt bad about monopolizing Silas's time. She apologized and told him she hoped he got another chance with Sam.

Brad was at GH. He was on the phone with Lucas, who was at the Haunted Star. Brad assured Lucas that he'd meet him as soon as he got off from work. They both agreed that they were glad Brad would be Lucas's date for the wedding. Lucas hung up. Bobbie was antsy because Carly was late. She fumbled with Lucas's suit jacket, and she brought up the subject of him working at GH. Lucas dodged the question, and pointed out that Carly was there. Carly, Kiki and Michael walked in. Carly asked if Franco was there yet. Kiki replied that she just left him at the Metro Court. Kiki and Michael broke away from the group. Kiki gushed about how good Michael looked. Michael mentioned that he told his mom about Ava, and she told him to drop it. Kiki felt it made sense for Carly to want to protect Michael. Michael made it clear that he wasn't going to take Carly's advice – he was going to make sure AJ's killer paid. Kiki asked if Michael could set his fight for justice aside for today. Michael replied that he was going to support his mom, even though she was making one of the biggest mistakes of her life. Michael wondered where Morgan was. Kiki told Michael that Morgan was sick and probably wouldn't be able to make it to the wedding. Michael thought Morgan was faking sick so he could skip the wedding. Kiki tried to convince Michael that Morgan really was sick, but Michael didn't believe it. He texted Morgan and tried to make him feel guilty for leaving Michael to do all the heavy lifting and for disappointing Carly.

Josslyn and Spencer walked in. Carly told Josslyn she was proud of her. Josslyn complained about having to be at the wedding. Spencer interrupted to thank Carly for having him, and he mentioned the time he'd been “lodging” at Carly's house. Carly thought it was more like hiding out. She couldn't believe that no one except Josslyn knew Spencer had been staying at her house. Spencer let it slip that someone else knew. Carly asked Bobbie and Lucas if they knew, and they said no. Spencer tried to walk away, but Carly stopped him and asked if Franco knew. Spencer nodded. Carly noted that she asked Franco if he knew Spencer was at the house, and he'd said no. Carly wondered why Franco hadn't said anything. Spencer admitted he caught Franco unsuccessfully trying to break into Carly's email to get information to take down Sonny. Carly looked disappointed.

Madeline and Nina were still in Dr. Obrecht's office. Nina wanted Madeline to get rid of Silas so that he didn't stand in the way of them kidnapping Ava. Madeline asked how she was supposed to do that. Nina reminded her mother that if Nina didn't get Ava's baby, Madeline wouldn't get paid. Nina insisted that she needed Ava's baby since Madeline had murdered Nina's baby. Nina suggested that Madeline call “Auntie Liesl” and have her call Silas into work. Madeline left the room. She spotted Sam with Brad and stopped to listen. Sam told Brad he was just who she was looking for. Brad told her he was off the clock and on his way to a date with her brother. Sam explained that she needed to see Danny's test results. Brad hadn't had a chance to run them yet, but he suggested that Sam talk to Danny's doctor, Silas. Sam replied that Silas wasn't in his office. Although Silas was sure Danny's leukemia hadn't returned, Sam was desperate to see the results, for peace of mind. Sam thought that Lucas wouldn't mind if Brad was late because he was helping out Lucas's nephew. Brad agreed to see what he could do. He left. Kristina called Sam with good news about something. Sam told her sister she was proud of her.

Silas told Ava how he and Sam connected during Danny's illness. It was the first time in years that Silas had felt something for someone. Silas admitted that he didn't handle things correctly when Nina reappeared. He felt that he hadn't treated Sam well. Ava gently told Silas that there was no good choice to make under those circumstances. Silas now realized Nina had been manipulating him from day one. Ava suggested that Silas talk to Sam and try and clear things up.

Madeline put on a pair of glasses and a lab coat. She intercepted Brad on his way to deliver the test results to Sam. Madeline introduced herself as Dr. Mooney. She claimed she was consulting with Silas and that he wanted her to review Danny's results. Madeline snatched the results from his hands and said she'd be back in a minute. She left for a bit, then she returned and gave Brad the file. Brad gave the file to Sam, then he left for the wedding. Sam looked at the results, then she placed a frantic phone call to Silas and told him that Danny's leukemia was back. She begged him to come to the hospital and look at the results.

Madeline went back to the office and told Nina that she'd just tricked Sam into thinking her son had cancer. Nina was impressed, but Madeline didn't look happy about terrifying Sam. Nina replied that it had to be done. Madeline noted that it should be safe for them to leave now. Nina revealed that she expected Madeline to stay and make sure Silas was occupied. Nina wanted to meet with Ava in private. Nina pulled a syringe out of her purse and grinned. She promised to call Madeline and let her know when she became a grandma.

Silas told Ava what was going on. Ava urged him to go to Sam. Silas replied that he wanted to go to Sam, more than anything, but he wasn't going to leave Ava alone. Ava assured him she'd be fine by herself, since Morgan would be back soon. Silas told Ava to call him if Morgan didn't come home soon. He left. Ava sent Morgan a text letting him know Silas had to leave. She heard a noise and assumed it was Morgan coming home. Nina slipped up behind Ava and announced that it wasn't Morgan.

Silas found Sam. They hugged, and she cried on his shoulder, as Madeline watched from a distance.

Back on the Haunted Star, Brad arrived and kissed Lucas hello. Brad was concerned about being late, but Lucas assured him he was right on time, since Franco wasn't there yet. Meanwhile, Carly was in another part of the boat, questioning Spencer. Scott weighed in and told Carly not to believe Spencer, since Cassadines were natural born liars. Spencer assured Carly that he told Franco that it would be wrong to break into her email. Spencer announced that he didn't want to face Franco's wrath, and he left. Bobbie asked Carly what she had in her email that could hurt Sonny. Carly told her that was between Carly and Franco. Everyone wondered where Franco was. Scott tried to call Franco, but it went to voicemail. Josslyn hoped Franco didn't come. A cheerful Franco rushed in and apologized for being late. He kissed Carly's cheek and asked if she was ready to get married.

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