GH Update Wednesday 10/29/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/29/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Silas listens to Ava's baby with a stethoscope while she lies on the couch inside the brownstone. He is confident that the baby has a strong heartbeat. The drug that Sabrina gave her has worn off and, as long as she takes care of herself, there's no reason she cannot carry the baby to term and have a healthy delivery. She admits, however, she's worried about Sonny's plans for her as soon as the baby is born. Morgan walks in the door and admits he's a bit concerned that he noticed a car parked outside that has been sitting there for a long time with someone in it that just pulled off when he entered the building. He goes and looks out the window.

Madeline returns to Nina in Dr. Obrecht's office and admits she is uneasy and uncomfortable having just spent the entire night sitting in her parked car spying upon all people who enter and leave the house where Ava is staying. Nina demands to know who she saw while there. She admits a young kid who looks way too young to be a father, whom Nina identifies as Morgan, as well as Kiki. Madeline also reveals to her daughter, realizing Nina will not want to hear the rest, that she also saw Silas in the house with Ava.

After hearing that Morgan spotted a person in a parked car outside the building, Silas asks if he got a look at the driver. Morgan admits they took off before he could get close enough to see who it was. He does conclude, however, that whoever it was, there's no way he's going to his mom's wedding now.

While Carly is alone in her house, she gets a call from Franco, happy to hear from him and still suspecting nothing while she reflects that they will not be fiancés for much longer. She asks how he spent his last evening alone without her before the wedding. In response to that, he smirks, telling her he has a lot in store to tell her about. Still having no clue what his secret plan is, she asks him to please not tell her he spent the evening at a typical bachelor party looking at strippers. He laughs and tells her no but reflects that his father went to a spa. She asks why he did not go there with Scott. He reflects he had some last minute details to attend to before they get married.

While in his house, Sonny talks to Shawn on the phone about making sure their plan takes place as they intend. While at Kelly's, Shawn assures Sonny that he's pretty sure they can cover their tracks with Heather on the loose and he's certain Franco will be long dead before his wedding. He asks Sonny if he wants him to pull the trigger but notices Jordan walk into the restaurant and stops. Sonny replies there is no time like now and nothing is stopping him. Anna walks into his home unexpectedly. He ends his phone conversation and asks who showed her in. She indicates she is not there for a social call and remarks she would still like very much to arrest him and the reason she is there is to ask him some questions. He asks her what about. She replies about a murder.

On the phone with Carly, Franco asks her if she's sure she's not getting cold feet. She assures him her feet are “toasty” and asks what about him. He tells her he's been looking forward to this day since he first proposed. She tells him she will be walking down the aisle before they know it, and they will be a “done deal”. Her doorbell rings. Franco tells her until death do them part and they hang up. Michael comes in to see his mom and informs her that Franco asked him to be his best man and he agreed. She tells him she knows that. He told her and remarks that that guy is full of surprises.

Alone in his room, Franco plays the video of Sonny admitting he has to “live with the guilt” of knowing that he took Michael's father away and shot that bastard in cold blood. Franco laughs and affirms he knows that Michael is going to love that video presentation at his wedding. He hears a knock on his door. He sees the guy he hired to get Heather out of Ferncliff who has not gotten back to him in days and demands to know why he did not return his calls. Beach replies that he was recovering from being assaulted. Franco asks who assaulted him.

When Jordan enters Kelly's and walks into the kitchen, he tells her unless she wants to help him cook, he can't have customers and visitors in the restaurant kitchen with him. She tells him in that case, Sonny Corinthos must be an employee because she sees him back there all the time. She remarks she is hearing the two of them chatting it up attempting to prepare BLTs while she knows Sonny is planning another assassination. She asks Shawn just whose head is on the chopping block currently and asks him if it might be Ava.

Kiki comes out in the dress she is going to wear to Carly and Franco's wedding and asks her mom, her dad and Morgan how she looks. The two guys don't say much but Ava tells her daughter she looks beautiful. Morgan tells her he agrees with her mom but it does not matter because he and Silas are not going to the wedding. She asks what they are talking about. Silas replies that Morgan thought he saw someone spying on them outside the house. Morgan affirms he is positive that someone is watching them. Kiki asks if they think it might be Nina.

As soon as Nina finds out that Silas was in the brownstone with Ava, she panics and appears horrified but tries to calm herself down. She tells herself that maybe he just went to visit his daughter and did not know that Kiki was hiding Ava. Madeline informs her daughter, however, that Silas went inside yesterday and stayed the entire night, reminding her she needs to “do the math”. As soon as Nina hears that, she assumes that Silas is once again cheating on her with Ava and furiously slaps Madeline. Does he not care about their marriage vows and what this has done to her? It appears she might be having a breakdown. She asks if she is “invisible”. Madeline observes her and asks if she is all right. Nina concludes that she must be a non-entity to her husband. He only sees Ava. But, she affirms, she knows how to make that end. She is going to kill Ava and then she is going to kill Silas.

At the brownstone, Kiki reminds the others that it's very possibly Nina spying upon her mom. Nina already attacked her dad and obviously has a grudge against her. Morgan, however, tells her he seriously doubts that Nina would be doing this because she probably doesn't know where Ava is. Rosalie swore to him that she would not tell Nina anything. Ava tells them it's entirely possible it was not Nina. She asks again, what if it was Sonny?

Anna reminds Sonny that he has been getting away with murder and many other crimes for the last 20 years. She happens to know that he and Shawn Butler are planning to murder Ava Jerome. Hearing that, Sonny laughs and asks where on earth she heard that.

Franco's contact at Ferncliff explains to him that he was all ready to do what he asked and get Heather out when he was jumped from behind. When he regained consciousness, Heather was gone. He hasn't a clue where she went but can only presume she was taken by whoever knocked him out.

At Kelly's, Shawn makes light of Jordan's suspicions that he and Sonny plan to kill Ava and tells her he thinks this is merely her excuse to be near him, bat her eye lashes and try to lure him into the sack yet again. He tells her they need to be clear on one thing which is that he could not kill Ave even if he wanted because he does not know where she is. Jordan tells him that does not mean he is not still looking. He tells her he has business to attend to. She tells him, however, that he is not getting off this easy and is not going anywhere.

Carly tells Michael she finds it very gracious that he is standing up at her wedding for a man he does not approve of. However, she tells her son, she knows he has something on his mind and would like him to just tell her. He then admits that it's about AJ's murder. She asks what about it. Michael then reveals to his mom that he happens to know that Carlos Rivera did not kill AJ. Hearing that, for the first time, Carly urges her son to know Carlos did. He confessed. Michael affirms to his mom he has evidence that Carlos wrongfully imprisoned and threatened into taking the rap for the murder. And that means, he now knows the person who really did kill his father is walking free and he needs to get to the bottom of this. She assesses that he believes that Ava killed AJ because Sabrina informed him that she heard that from Carlos and asks if Carlos is now telling people he is innocent of the murder. He tells her that so far as he knows, Carlos has only admitted that to Sabrina but he informs his mom that he has discussed this with Anna Devane and intends to do his own investigation if the cops cannot find out who killed AJ. He tells Carly he knows when AJ was in his hospital bed right before he died, AJ spoke to her. He was probably aware that Ava shot him. Michael asks his mom if AJ said anything to her at all that might indicate that she did. Carly obviously does not know how to answer that but Michael asks her if she knows anything that could happened that night.

At Sonny's, he asks the commissioner why she is so hostile coming into his house making these “groundless accusations”. She scoffs and tells him he has an uncanny ability to lie with a straight face and must be really good at poker. He tells her that regarding these unsubstantiated accusations, he'd like to know who is slandering him. Anna then remembers, very recently, hearing from Jordan that she had to cover for Ava when Ava had an accident because Ava was afraid if she had anything to do with the police or hospital, she'd be a sitting duck to be found by someone who is trying to kill her. When Anna asked whom that would be, Jordan replied Sonny Corinthos. Anna does not reply to Sonny's question when she remembers that conversation she had with Jordan but Sonny tells her he has the right to face his accuser. She tells him she will leave her source confidential. He asks why this source would believe he wanted Ava dead. Anna replies very possibly because she's Julian Jerome's sister and one of his biggest enemies in Port Charles. She tells him she knows that Ava is pregnant and either he or his son are the father of her baby. He laughs and tells her they will manage that. She asks him if he's ever “assembled” all of the children he might have had at different places at the same time. Sonny asks her if this has any bearing on the investigation. She tells him yes since he prides himself on being such a great father and treating all of his children's respective mothers with respect and honor and she knows that is somehow not going to apply to Ava. She tells Sonny that knowing that Ava may be having his child, he probably won't kill her until the baby is born but intends to do so as soon as the umbilical cord is cut.

Ava tells Kiki, Silas, and Morgan that she bets it's Sonny or maybe Nina. She asks them their theories on who is outside stalking her, Silas remarks he's “gotta hand it to her”. She has no shortage of enemies.

When Nina tells her mom she is going to take action against Ava and Silas for what she suspects is the reason for his staying overnight at her home, Madeline tells her daughter she bets there is a very logical explanation. Silas may have just been there to help Ava with the contractions she's been having, courtesy of Sabrina's medication. Accepting that possibility, Nina calms down and tells her mom she knows the most important thing is that baby and she affirms that they have to get it from Ava.

Kiki tells her mom that she is not comfortable going to the wedding and leaving her there. Ava urges her to go and realize she will be fine with Silas and Morgan by her side. She also reminds her daughter that Franco needs her there because Kiki is the only friend he has and they both know how Franco gets when he does not get his way.

Franco asks the man he bribed from Ferncliff if he has any clue about who went to get Heather. Beach tells him that whoever it was left no trace and obviously knew what he was doing. Franco wonders who else would want to get Heather out of Ferncliff.

Jordan tells Shawn that the reason she is there is not because she's hot for him. She is there because of TJ. She tells Shawn it's not fair that when TJ is her son, he can't even help her out with that. He tells her she can't expect that when she is continuing to deal drugs. She tells Shawn he is a fine one to be lecturing her on morality and law abiding with what he does and reminds him that she happens to know what he did to TJ's father. IN response to that, he tells her not a day goes by when he does not think about TJ's father and he does not need Jordan to remind him. She tells him she bets he thinks he's “in the clear”. She reminds him that he might want to imagine what TJ would say or do if he knew the truth, reminding Shawn she has kept him off the hook for a long time and can easily put him back on it. IN response to that, Shawn tells her she may knock herself out if she wants to do that. In fact, he tells her, maybe he will tell TJ the truth, realizing her son is now a grown man and can handle hearing it. He notices however that Jordan does not want him to go through with that for her own reasons.

Franco tells Beach that he has to get out of there and find Heather. He opens the door to let him out and is surprised to find Kiki there, all dressed and ready to attend his wedding.

When Michael continues to grill his mom about what she may know regarding what was revealed before AJ died, she has a flash-back of her conversation with Sonny not long ago, revealing that she now knows that Sonny shot AJ. She replies to her son that all she remembers AJ saying before he died was that he loves Michael, and then it was over. Michael tells her he really wishes there was something that could make sense out of his father's death. She tells her son that she understands, but he needs to know that nothing and nobody could have stopped AJ from drinking. Nobody can stop an alcoholic if they don't want to do it for themselves. She knows that Michael still wonders what more he could have done and that AJ was a troubled man. She tells Michael he needs to know that he is a good, sane and decent man. She remembers herself, Sonny, and Jason all assessing how they had their issues but did one good thing together which was raising him. He was the one thing they could be proud of. She tells him she is so honored to have him at her wedding, and she knows Franco will be really grateful to have him as his best man. Michael clarifies that he is not doing this for Franco. He's doing it for her. She hugs her son.

Sonny asks Anna how he could possibly “engage” with Ava when he does not know where she is. She took off. Anna realizes that she has heard that and needs to find and be able to talk to Ava herself. She also has a very interesting theory after hearing that Ava may be somehow responsible for AJ Quartermaine's death.

When Morgan and Silas are alone, Morgan suggests it might not be safe to have Ava in this house and maybe they should relocate her. Silas feels that someone would spot Ava and moving her might not be necessary because very possibly the cops have found Nina.

Nina shows her mom a vial of liquid Oxytocin which induces labor. It works a lot faster and is much stronger than the previous drug that nurse, Sabrina, gave to Ava. She reminds her mom she knows all about liquid drugs and how much stronger they are than tablets. She knows that this drug will instantly put Ava in labor and will deliver that beautiful baby into her (Nina's) arms.

Jordan tells Shawn she does not believe he will tell TJ the truth about his father's death. He tells her he knows that if TJ finds that out, he will have an even lower opinion of her. He could write her off entirely. Shawn tells her if he goes down for what happened to TJ's father, she's got to know that she will go down with him.

When Kiki goes to Franco's hotel room, he dismisses Beach, who he explains is helping him with his honeymoon. He tells her she looks nice and he needs to get in the shower and get ready. She tells him she wanted to give him something. Franco opens a small box to find cuff links inscribed with F & C, explaining that since she doesn't know his official last name, she had them engraved with his and Carly's initials. She tells him she is so happy for him and knows he will be happy with Carly, as she assures her “would-be” dad that he need not be paranoid and doubt Carly's love and commitment for him. She happily departs suspecting nothing about Franco. Alone in the room, he appears very despondent.

Carly tells Michael she understands that he wants answers about the murder of AJ. However, she tells her son, she believes he needs to let this whole pursuit of Nina go and.

Silas gets off the phone with the police and learns they have yet to find Nina. Morgan then goes out the door concluding to the others he may not be able to do anything about Nina, but he can do something about his father.

Sonny asks Anna if she is really willing to re-open a case where she might have to admit the cops made a mistake about who killed AJ. Isn't that going to tarnish her record? He tells her that they now know why Ava skipped town. It could be because she knows Anna is after her. Anna suggests to Sonny maybe it's because he's gunning for her. He asks Anna if they could just agree to disagree. She tells him no. This has nothing to do with the two of them not seeing eye to eye. This is about doing her job which is enforcing the law and she will not hesitate to enforce it. She concludes to Sonny he might want to watch his next move or the next time she comes to see him, she will be placing him under arrest. He smiles as she walks out the door, telling the commissioner, “always a pleasure”. As soon as he's alone, however, he reveals he is not as confident as he appears.

After making the rounds again, Madeline returns to her daughter, telling her she will be happy to know that Kiki and Morgan have left the building. But, she reports, unfortunately, Silas is still there. Nina then concludes to her mom if they cannot “get” Ava when Silas is still there, they will have to get rid of Silas. Madeline asks how she plans to do that. Nina has yet to reply.

Alone in the brownstone, Ava wonders if Sonny is right out there. She is really worried that nothing and nobody can prevent Sonny or his men from killing her.

Michael tells his mom he cannot let AJ's murder go. She urges him to know that Monica, his family, and all the people who love AJ have buried him, laid him to rest and are at peace. He tells her that his grandmother, Monica, would want to know the truth even if it hurts. She asks if he got his stubbornness from her, his dad, or Jason. Michael admits all three of them were really good teachers. He affirms that he will not give up until whoever killed AJ is brought to justice.

Sonny sees a text from Shawn letting him know he's just entered the Metro Court and is ready to kill Franco. Morgan enters Sonny's house and coldly asks his dad if there's anything going on he should know about.

Franco gets dressed and is ready for his wedding when he notices Shawn enter. Shawn tells him he has a very special “wedding present” for him, pulls out his gun, and points it at Franco.

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