GH Update Tuesday 10/28/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/28/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Carly was at home. She told Bobbie that she'd kicked Franco out, and Bobbie asked if the wedding was off. Carly explained that she asked Franco to spend the night somewhere else because of the tradition that couples weren't supposed to be together the night before the wedding. Carly explained that she wanted to do something traditional since the rest of her relationship had been so unconventional. Carly had hoped that she, Bobbie and Josslyn could have a girl's night. Bobbie revealed that Josslyn wasn't home. Lucas and Maxie had taken Josslyn out for Beggar's night, a local tradition of begging for candy the day before Halloween, as a bribe to convince Josslyn to go to the wedding tomorrow. Carly hoped that it would work and that Josslyn would be happier about the wedding. Bobbie admitted that it wasn't Josslyn's enthusiasm she was concerned about. Carly grew defensive and she snapped that she didn't want to hear Bobbie's doubts about the wedding. Bobbie pointed out that she didn't say anything. “No, but you're thinking it,” Carly replied, before insisting that she was very happy to be getting married. Bobbie assured Carly, that starting now, she would be the beaming mother of the bride and that she wouldn't stop smiling until they left the Metro Court. Cary clarified that Franco changed the venue to the Haunted Star as a surprise, but Lulu accidentally spoiled it. Carly added that Franco had been disappointed that Carly know, but he said he had other surprises in store. Bobbie decided to call Lulu and see if she needed any help getting things ready for the wedding. Carly thought Lulu would be too busy waiting for Luke to attend the wedding. Bobbie was confused, and Carly realized she didn't know. Carly explained that there was a chance that Jerry was holding Luke hostage. Bobbie was guilt-ridden and she said that this never would have happened if she hadn't untied Jerry after Luke had tied him up at the Metro Court. Carly assured Bobbie that it wasn't her fault that Jerry preyed on her feelings and manipulated her. Bobbie left the room to call Lulu.

Tracy called Sam and told her about Jerry's stunt – delivering her ex husband, and Ned's father, Lord Larry Ashton, instead of Luke, in exchange for the shares of ELQ. Sam hung up, then her doorbell rang. She smiled when she opened the door and saw Patrick, Emma and Cam all wearing Halloween costumes. Sam sent the kids into the kitchen for candy, while she and Patrick chatted in the living room about his lumberjack costume. Patrick mentioned that he was trying to distract himself until he heard from Tracy. Sam filled Patrick in on Tracy's call. Patrick was frustrated because they hadn't gotten any answers – they still didn't know if Luke had been abducted or if he was working with Jerry and whether or not Luke killed Gabriel. Sam rubbed Patrick's arm to comfort him. The kids returned and Patrick told them it was time to move on to the next house. Emma asked Sam to come with them. Sam hesitated, and Patrick talked her into coming, since Alexis and Molly were out with Danny.

Shawn went to Sonny's house and told him that they had a problem. Sonny was worried that Heather had escaped. Shawn assured him that Heather was securely locked up in the place Shawn took her. Shawn explained that Heather had assumed that Franco sent Shawn to break her out of Ferncliff. Sonny wondered if Heather had deluded herself into thinking that Franco arranged the escape, but Shawn felt that Heather and Franco had actually planned to break her out. Shawn and Sonny couldn't figure out why Franco would want Heather to be on the loose. Sonny was glad they got to Heather first, since she'd kidnapped Carly the last time she was free. He made it clear that he still planned to have Franco killed and to frame Heather.

Britt and Nikolas were on their couch sharing popcorn and watching a movie. Spencer was sitting on the floor pouting about losing Emma to Cam. Britt and Nik encouraged Spencer to join them, but he grumbled that it wouldn't make him feel any better, and he added that Nik had no idea what it was like to lose the woman he loved. Maxie and Lucas brought Josslyn by for Beggar's Night. Britt and Nik invited them all to help themselves to some popcorn, then they went to scrounge up some candy for Josslyn. Josslyn urged her uncle Lucas to go get some popcorn. Lucas and Maxie went into the living room, leaving the kids in he foyer. Josslyn reminded Spencer that she helped hide him when he ran away. She wanted him to return the favor, so that she wouldn't have to go to the wedding. Spencer wasn't eager to help Josslyn, because she told Cameron where he was hiding. Josslyn felt that she couldn't help falling under Cam's dreamy spell. Spencer wondered what happened to his and Josslyn's plan to break up Cam and Emma.

In the living room, Lucas asked Maxie what was going on with her and Nathan. Maxie explained that it seemed like all she did lately was avoid him. She missed Nathan, and she'd called Diane, but hadn't heard back. Lucas told her to stay positive. Everyone in the house returned to the foyer. Josslyn got her candy, then she quietly told Spencer that they had to do something so that she could be with Cam and he could be with Emma. The doorbell rang – it was Sam, Patrick, Emma and Cam. Sam was now dressed as a tree. The kids headed to the living room. Cam and Spencer squabbled, and Cam quietly gloated about stealing Spencer's girlfriend. Spencer put his arm around Josslyn and announced that she was his new girlfriend. Emma looked surprised and dismayed. Spencer added that he and Josslyn were going to a wedding tomorrow. Patrick told Emma and Cam it was time to leave. Emma wanted to stay and keep asking Spencer questions about his new relationship, but Patrick told her they had to go. They left. Spencer explained his plan to Josslyn to make Cam and Emma jealous, then Maxie and Lucas left with Josslyn. Britt, Nik and Spencer started the movie again. The adults noticed that Spencer was in a good mood and eager to watch the movie this time. Britt had thought that seeing Cam and Emma would make Spencer depressed, but Spencer replied that things were looking up.

Sam, Patrick, and the kids returned to Sam's place. Emma told Spencer that she didn't understand why Spencer was wasting his time with that mean girl. Sam told Patrick she had a really good time. Patrick invited her to go trick or treating tomorrow. Sam declined, but she told Patrick that he could drop by her place afterward for candy. Patrick smiled and agreed to come.

Sonny called Carly. Carly was cool toward him. She said she couldn't talk right now because she was going to bed early since her wedding was tomorrow. Sonny brought up his feelings for Carly, but Carly didn't want to discuss it. Sonny replied that he knew her mind was made up, but he just wanted her to know he loved her. Carly's eyes filled with tears. Sonny told her that he wanted what was best for her, and he wished her good luck tomorrow. Carly thanked him, then they ended the call. Lucas brought Josslyn home. Josslyn noticed the look on Carly's face and asked if she was okay. Carly said yes, and she asked Josslyn for a hug. Josslyn ran over and embraced her.

Sonny sat alone in the dark, in his living room.

At GH, Jason/Jake was struggling to wheel himself back to his room. Michael walked up and offered to help. Jake told Michael about his memory loss and facial reconstruction and asked if there was a chance they knew each other. Michael didn't think so. He introduced himself as Michael Corinthos. Jake realized that he must be Carly's son. Jake saw a resemblance between Carly and Michael and he assumed that this must be why he thought he recognized Michael. Michael was surprised and explained that everyone thought he looked like his late uncle, not his mother. Michael noted that this conversation was weird. He and Jake started over. Jake introduced himself and told Michael that he didn't remember his last name because he'd been hit by a car. “Traumatic brain injury?” Michael asked. He told Jake that he'd gone through the same thing and spent a year in a coma. Michael added that he got better and Jake would, too. Jake thanked him and started to leave. Michael stopped him and asked if he could give him some advice. Jake tensed because he assumed Michael was going to tell him not to push himself in physical therapy. Michael replied that he hated physical therapy. “Are you sure we're not related?” Jake joked. Michael told Jake that it was okay to accept help. The conversation shifted to Carly, and Jake mentioned that she said she was getting married. Michael noted that that was the plan, and Jake replied that plans changed. Michael explained that Carly had been married several times for many reasons, but he tried not to judge. Jake sensed that Michael didn't like Franco, and Jake confided that he didn't like him either. Michael explained that he'd decided to support Carly's decision. Jake mentioned that it had been clear to him that Michael meant a lot to Carly. Michael explained that he'd always been close to his mom and dad. Michael clarified that he was talking about his biological father. He wondered if that's why it was so important to him to find AJ's killer. Michael told Jake the whole story about Ava, Sabrina and Carlos. Jake felt that Michael was too close to the case to be effective, and he advised him to let the police handle it. Jake wondered if Michael was at GH to question Sabrina again. Michael explained that he was there to talk about the clinic his company was sponsoring. Jake urged him to focus on that. Michael hoped Jake found his family. Jake hoped Michael got answers. Michael offered to take Jake back to his room, but Jake thought he could do it, so they parted ways.

Nathan was at Kelly's, after eating dinner. He pulled up a picture of Maxie on his phone and stared at it, then grabbed his wallet to pay his bill. Diane came in and tossed money on the table to pay for Nathan's meal. She was celebrating because she just won a court case against Scott. Diane and Nathan sat down, and Diane shared the details of her case. She was miffed when she noticed that Nathan wasn't paying attention, and he explained that he was distracted because of Maxie. Diane had gotten a lot of calls from Maxie and hadn't had a chance to return them. Nathan told Diane how Judge Walters told Maxie that she wouldn't be allowed to have visitation with her daughter if she continued to see Nathan. Nathan explained that he and Maxie felt that they had no choice but to avoid each other until after Maxie's new hearing at the end of the year. Diane thought that the Judge was misusing his authority.

Nathan asked Diane if this was legal. Nathan told Diane that while he and Maxie had only had one date, they'd been friends for a long time, and he missed her. Diane thought it was refreshing to see a man so open about his feelings. Nathan didn't want to hurt Maxie, and he knew nothing would hurt her more than being separated from her daughter. Nathan asked Diane if there was something she could do. Diane thought that Judge Walters had lost all objectivity. She told Nathan that she could file a complaint accusing him of bias, but it was very hard to prove because judges tended to look out for each other. Diane warned Nathan that if she lost, it could backfire and the judge could take his frustration out on Maxie. Nathan didn't want to take that risk. Diane told Nathan that Maxie had become one of her favorite clients. Diane could tell that Nathan was good for Maxie. Nathan wondered if there was something they could do besides taking a case to court. Diane had heard that Judge Walters was dating Monica. She thought that Monica might be willing to intercede on Maxie in Nathan's behalf, in order to repay Maxie for trying to help Michael stay out of prison for killing Claudia. Diane wasn't sure it would work since Michael had ultimately been sent to prison.

Maxie walked into Kelly's. She hesitated when she saw Nathan, but she approached Diane and mentioned that she'd been trying to reach her. Diane explained that Nathan had told her (Diane) about his and Maxie's predicament. Nathan quickly added that there was nothing Diane could do. Diane shot Nathan a look, but she didn't contradict him. Maxie was disappointed. She and Nathan stared at each other, then Maxie left, since she wasn't allowed to be around him.

Scott was in his hotel suite, dressed in his robe. He acknowledged that he'd lost the case, but he pushed that aside and focused on the romantic night in he'd planned for himself and Bobbie. There was a knock on the door, and Scott was surprised to see that it was Franco, not Bobbie. Franco explained that he needed a place to spend the night. Scott refused to let Franco in, but Franco walked in anyway. Scott was upset when Franco told him that Bobbie wasn't coming, because she was spending the evening with Carly. Franco changed into a matching robe, and he and Scott sat in bed eating the strawberries Scott ordered for himself and Bobbie. Scott mentioned that he didn't think he'd have a chance to experience father/son bonding after Logan died. Franco had never heard of Logan, so Scott told him about his half brother. Scott admitted that Logan had been unbalanced and that Lulu had been forced to kill him in self defense. Franco assumed that Logan's actions meant that craziness ran in Scott's family, meaning that Franco had inherited it from both of his parents. Scott was adamant that Franco got his good looks, charm and quirky personality from Scott and that the craziness and recklessness was all from Heather. Scott was glad that Heather was locked up in Ferncliff and couldn't hurt anyone. Scott was hungry, and he decided to have room service bring up some steaks to celebrate Franco's last night as a bachelor. Scott admitted that he probably wasn't the father Franco had expected, and Franco replied that he wasn't the son Scott had expected. Scott noted that Franco was the only son he had left and that tomorrow, they would become Carly and Bobbie's family. While Scott was calling room service, Franco called Mr. Beach and left a message asking if Heather was safely stowed away. Scott returned and demanded to know what Franco was up to. Franco covered and said he was calling Ferncliff to make sure Heather was still there. Later, they ate their steaks. Scott asked Franco how his was, and Franco replied that it was bloody, just the way he liked it.

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