GH Update Monday 10/27/14

General Hospital Update Monday 10/27/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Madeline returns to Nina after “coming through for her daughter” by meeting with Rosalie and motivating her to do what her daughter wants, which is finding Ava. Rosalie does not want to go through with this and knows Nina is out for revenge against Ava and her baby but is acting out of fear. She immediately goes and finds Kiki, tells her they need to talk and informs her there is something very important she has to tell her.

Heather is locked up in a large room after having been sprung from Ferncliff by Shawn but is wondering why no one is nearby or ready to help her. She looks all around and sees nobody when she's expecting Franco to come for her as they had planned.

Carly talks freely to Jason in the hospital art room. She tells him for some reason, she finds it very easy to talk to him. He affirms to her that he does not judge her for what she has told him about her personal life and what goes on between her and her ex husband is between the two of them. Franco enters, overhears, admits that he's heard that part of the conversation and adds it's also his business. He smiles, jokes, does not appear angry and tells Carly she needs to share her secret with "the rest of the class."

Michael goes to see his deceased father, AJ's crypt and is surprised that Sonny is there. He obviously hasn't a clue as to why and asks his dad about that.

Right when Jerry Jacks has called and spoken to Tracy, Lulu and Ned, he tells them that he always comes through on his end of the bargain where he promised to return Luke to Tracy in exchange for the shares he needs of ELQ stock. They go outside onto the terrace and are shocked at what they see. It appears a guy whom none of them have seen in a long time is lying on the ground. Yet this is not Luke. It appears to be Tracy's first husband and Ned's father.

At the hospital, Obrecht finds Elizabeth and asks her what happened to her favorite patient. She remarks that the anonymous “Jake Doe” is not in his room, adding that that room costs the hospital a fortune because he has no insurance. Elizabeth informs her that the patient got a little stir crazy so she helped him get into a wheelchair so he could go around the hospital and he's now in the art therapy room.. Obrecht seems to disapprove.

When Jason is talking to Carly and Franco overhears her tell him that she has a secret with her “ex husband”, she tells Franco that they were talking about her communication with Josslyn's father regarding the wedding. She still has no clue that he is aware that she has slept with Sonny and is not about to tell him. Franco then remarks he did not catch Carly's friend's name. The guy tells him his name is Jake and that's the only name he knows of. Franco asks how long the two of them have been best friends (obviously sensing something about Carly's connection to this guy). She remarks that they never met until today.

After Heather calls out to see if anyone is there, Shawn appears. She remarks that he looks really fit and is not bad looking although she does not know him and hasn't expected him. It appears he has a bag with food in it.

Meanwhile, Sonny talks to Michael about their memories of Jason. Michael remarks to his dad that maybe Jason would not be impressed by Michael becoming the CEO of ELQ remembering Jason was not a fan of corporate life. Sonny assures his son he knows that Jason would be proud of Michael for achieving success and working hard. He remarks that he really misses Jason and would like to make Cesar Faison pay for ending Jason's life. In response to that, Michael tells his dad (having no idea) that that is the way he feels about “the person who killed AJ”. Hearing that, Sonny is obviously very uneasy.

When Rosalie goes to talk to Kiki, Kiki is somewhat suspicious of her, reminding her that she was going to attempt to break her up with Michael. So why should she trust anything Rosalie says? Rosalie reiterates to Kiki that they need to talk and their conversation would be less conspicuous if she could come inside. Kiki then invites her in the door. Ava comes out assuming there is no risk in Rosalie knowing where she is and asks her what she wants to talk to her and her daughter about. Rosalie replies it's about Nina. She informs Ava that Nina is looking for her.

Madeline is able to give Nina information she's obtained about where Ava is. She informs Nina that apparently Kiki and Morgan are hiding Ava in their renovated new apartment at the Brownstone where Michael is working on the Waterfront Revitalization project. She reminds Nina, however, that they can wait to put their plan into motion since Ava isn't ready to give birth for a few more weeks. She remarks that it's hard enough for her to hide Nina and now her daughter expects her to help kidnap and hide a baby.

Alexis walks into Kelly's and accidentally bumps into Olivia, unable to see her while texting. Olivia is courteous about that and admits she made the same mistake not long ago at the gym and practically landed in Ned's lap. Hearing that, Alexis is surprised to know that Olivia and Ned are spending time together.

In response to hearing Michael tell him he's thought about wanting to get revenge upon the person who killed AJ by ending their life (yet not having a clue what Michael has found out), Sonny tells his son that killing for revenge can cost a person dearly. He reflects to Michael that he must know that its “no picnic” for Carlos Rivera to be serving time in Pentonville. Hearing that, Michael informs his dad that he just found out for the first time, that Carlos may not have killed AJ and has taken the rap for the person who really did.

At Ferncliff, Heather opens the bag that Shawn brought for her, remarking how she loves those BLTs from Kelly's. She tells him she could “kiss” him although, she admits, she is “saving herself” for Scotty Baldwin and Luke Spencer. She add: “no offense” to him. He responds by telling her: “none taken”. She remarks that when Mike Corbin was running the place, he didn't prepare them the right way. However, she tells Shawn, the guy who is running the place now has it right and must be one hell of a guy. Shawn remarks: “so I've heard”.

At the hospital art room, when Carly asks Franco what he is “up to”, he remembers arranging with Heather to get her sprung realizing he can't do it himself as it would be too obvious but he will get a staffer to make it happen. He replies to Carly he was just checking with Dr. Obrecht to make sure he can have the day off tomorrow since he can't do art therapy sessions on their special day. He looks back at Jason and informs him that he and Carly are getting married in a few more days. Jason then realizes he needs someone to push his wheelchair out of there so they can talk alone. Franco arranges for an orderly to wheel him out. Alone with Carly, Franco tells her that he does not like that guy. She obviously does not appreciate hearing him say that.

At the front desk in the lobby, Obrecht tells Elizabeth that it is not her job to discuss art with a patient and instructs her to get her patient out of the art room before there are problems. Jason appears and affirms that he's returned. She asks the orderly who asked him to wheel this man out of the art room. The guy replies it was Franco. She dismisses him and remarks to Jason that it was kind of Franco to tend to his needs. She remarks to him that at least he is no longer confined to the hospital bed that he cannot pay for so maybe they can work on getting him out of their hospital and back to his life. He then asks her if she is still concerned about his insurance card and tells her he must have left it behind somewhere with his memory. Elizabeth then informs Obrecht she will take Jake back to his room. He addresses the chief of staff as “Dr. O” and she firmly tells him her name is Dr. Obrecht and never Dr. O. He laughs and is not intimidated while Elizabeth laughs with him and reveals how attached she is to him.

At Kelly's, Olivia awkwardly assures Alexis that she ran into Ned completely by accident. She informs her that she is attending a kick boxing class and had no idea she'd have found Ned there. She also remarks to Alexis that the whole reason Ned signed up for it was to take the class with her. Alexis remarks that she is not into exercising and wonders what people see in kickboxing as it appears violent and uncivilized. Olivia remarks that that is what she finds fun and enjoyable about it and sees it as a good outlet for her frustrations. Alexis talks about Ned getting tied up with the problem his mother is having. They both wonder why he did not show up to the class at the gym where he'd see Olivia. She tells Olivia there is no doubt in her mind that Ned is back to fulfilling his role as gait-keeper.

Outside the Quartermaine house, Tracy's ex and Ned's father appears somewhat confused as to where he has been, where he is now and how he got there. Tracy is not happy to see him and it appears neither is Ned

At the hospital, Elizabeth explains to Jason that for some odd reason, the only employee in the hospital whom Obrecht is nice to is Franco. She talks about how he was a psychopath and serial killer but charges were dropped because he had a brain tumor. She explains she knows that it did happen and one of their neurosurgeons removed it but she still doesn't think that absolves him of his actions. He remarks that he does not like Franco any more than he likes Obrecht. She tells him he may not have his memory but his instincts are spot on. He tells her he doesn't know what Carly sees in him. Elizabeth is surprised to find out he met Carly and got into talking with her before Franco appeared in the art room. He remarks he likes Carly although he's met her for the first time and he also can sense that she might not go through with her wedding to Franco even though she has not admitted it to anyone.

In the art room, Franco tells Carly he has a surprise for her. She smiles, suspecting nothing and tells him she knows he intends to have the venue moved to the Haunted Star instead of the Metro Court.

Heather finishes her BLT and remarks to Shawn that she will make certain her son doubles what he is paying him, revealing she assumes that he is Franco's “assistant” (no clue that he's working for Sonny) which comes as a surprise to Shawn who has not heard that she's been in contact with her son about escaping or about their plan.

Carly tells Franco she knows he wants to make plans at the last minute but having their venue moved to the Haunted Star might be difficult to arrange at the last minute. He reminds her it's not like many people support their wedding so he didn't think it would matter much.

While Nina talks to her mom in the private room, Obrecht enters and Nina acts “sweet and gracious” to her Aunt Liesl. Obrecht then informs her sister and niece that she has a lot of issues with her staff, confiding in them that she just found out her head nurse covered for a subordinate without telling her about it and this nurse mistakenly gave a pregnant patient a prescription for a drug that was not prescribed and would cause premature labor. Hearing that, Nina is fascinated to find out about a potentially pre-mature birth of a baby.

Rosalie informs Ava and Kiki about Nina on the warpath. Ava explains to her daughter that Nina harbors a grudge against her probably due to resentment of Ava's relationship with Kiki's father. She doesn't want to be too worried but would not put it past Nina to tell Sonny where she is if he needs to know.

Michael informs Sonny that he's heard from a reliable source that Ava has put Carlos Rivera up to taking the rap for killing AJ when someone else did it. He tells Sonny he knows that he and Ava have shared some secrets so he asks his dad if he or she might have a clue who could have really killed his other dad.

Tracy's ex and Ned's father wants to talk but has no information about where Luke is. He talks about his English ties. Tracy tells him he's phony and they can see he drinks too much. Tracy demands he tells them what happened to Luke Spencer.

At the hospital, Jason tells Elizabeth he'd like help in taking some steps. She asks how high. He looks at the big staircase up to the top balcony and tells her he'd like to try climbing up the stairs.

When Nina hears Obrecht mention that a patient could have or may still have a pre-mature birth, she asks the name of the patient, and tells her aunt she merely is curious so that she can send the patient flowers. Obrecht tells her she cannot reveal that information and if they will excuse her, she needs to go and talk to Nurse Johnson. She asks them to keep themselves scarce because the last thing she needs is for the hospital board to find them both there. Nina smiles and as soon as she's alone with her mom, she tells her she would bet her entire inheritance that the patient in question who might be at risk for pre-mature labor is Ava Jerome.

Ava tells Rosalie that she knows how to make people pay who mess with her or her family. Rosalie asks her to back off and assures her she did not tell Nina where she is. Ava asks how she can be certain that Rosalie is not just telling her that and ready to return to Nina and spill the beans. Rosalie affirms to Ava she is there to warn her about Nina who is going off he rails and has it in for her.

Sonny tells Michael there is something he needs to tell him but Michael interrupts, with no idea about his father's secret. He tells him that he wanted to contact Ava himself and ask her but Kiki informed him that her mom is missing. Michael then tells his dad it was one thing to wonder if AJ's killer got off too easy but quite another to wonder if his killer is still out there getting away with what they did. So, he tells his dad, that is why he came there. He wanted to promise AJ that he will not let it go. He then asks Sonny if maybe his people could look for Ava. Michael remarks that he realizes even if he found Ava, she might not tell him the truth but he still believes he has to try and cannot give up. He also reflects that his mom is getting married tomorrow and realizes they both have concerns about Carly with Franco.

Shawn asks Heather if she believes it was Franco who hired him to bust her out of Ferncliff. She tells him he need not be “all hush-hush”. Her son informed her that he hired him for that purpose. Finding out for the first time of this and realizing neither she nor Franco can find out what he and Sonny are up to, he asks her to tell him what Franco is planning. She asks why he says he's unaware that Franco wanted to help her escape as he told her that he was going to arrange it with a guy whom she assumed was Shawn. She then realizes that she needs to keep secrets between her son. Shawn right away smells a rat and wonders what is going on.

Franco tells Carly he believes the Haunted Star would be a great fit. He wants to prove to the people that he has changed and is not the person he once was. What better place than the Haunted Star to declare his love to her and take vows until death do them part? He smiles while he tells her that he might even run a “surprise video” Listening to that, Carly does not smile and seems to suspect something.

Michael admits to Sonny that as much as it makes him ill to think about it, he has agreed to be Franco's best man. He did it to make his mom happy but admits that he wishes that he could be standing up for his mom to marry Sonny instead.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Jason that maybe walking up a flight of stairs is a bit much. He tells her after surviving getting run over by a car, a flight of stairs can't be that difficult. He tells her as much as he is not willing to do what “Dr. O” wants, maybe there's nothing wrong with getting himself stronger and no longer dependent upon the hospital or the wheelchair. He tells her that if he's not ready, she can make him ready and remarks if he falls, he at least has a beautiful nurse by his side. She asks him however, if he will at least stop if she asks him to. He tells her sure. She then wheels him to the bottom of the staircase. He then stands up almost as if he doesn't need a wheelchair and gets ready to climb the stairs.

Tracy's ex and Ned's father cannot or will not answer the question of where Luke is and only talks in riddles and rhymes. Ned reminds his mom that he told her not to trust Jerry's word. Now he has all the ELQ stock and they still don't know where Luke is. She demands to know what she was supposed to do. Jerry was going to kill Luke on the spot if she did not do what he wanted. The phone rings and Tracy sees it's from Jerry.

Jason grips onto the railing while Elizabeth holds onto him. She urges him to take it easy. He struggles and limps but is unafraid.

Tracy sees the text from Jerry stating he is a man of his word. He tells her he promised if she handed over the ELQ shares, he'd give her her husband back. He just didn't tell her which one. They all stare at the drunken Englishman who is Ned's father.

Jason and Elizabeth get to the top of the stairs and look down upon the lobby. She is really encouraged that he made it. However, Obrecht can see them at the top of the stairs and demands to know what is going on. He smiles, puts his arms out on each side, and announces he is the king of the world. Obrecht does not smile.

Michael tells Sonny that he would like both of his parents to be happy. They both wonder if Carly's and Franco's marriage will last. Sonny then tells his son he will leave him to be alone and do what he needs to do. He hugs Michael and tells him he loves him. Alone, Michael tells deceased AJ that he knows he told his dad he would not take matters into his own hands. But when he finds out who killed him, he promises he will make him pay.

When Sonny gets outside he gets a call from Shawn informing him he's gotten Heather but has some questions about Franco.

Franco and Carly go out the door of the hospital art room. Still suspecting nothing about what he knows, she tells him she would really like to see the video he has planned. He smiles and tells her she will soon see it as he plays her perfectly and she continues to have no clue what he has in store for her.

Rosalie tells Ava and Kiki that she is from the city and knows not to mess with the mob and assures them she is not about to tell Nina where Ava is. As soon as Ava is alone with Kiki, she tells her daughter she has to find another place to stay because she is not safe there. If Nina finds out where she is, it's game over. Kiki firmly tells her mom she needs to know that Rosalie made it clear she would not reveal to Nina where Ava is. She assures her that she and her baby are safe.

Madeline assesses to Nina that they made some progress today. At least they now know where Ava is. Nina tells her mom she can't wait until the baby is born and give Ava more time to find another place to hide. Madeline tells her daughter she cannot help her until Ava has the baby. Nina tells her mom sure she can. She pulls out a paper and prescription form and tells Madeline she needs her to do what she does best which is write her daughter a prescription.

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