GH Update Friday 10/24/14

General Hospital Update Friday 10/24/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy notices an incoming call which attracts attention when she hears-the phone ring. Lulu comes in and demands to talk to her father. She grabs the phone but clearly does not hear the voice of Luke. She only hears Jerry Jacks.

Nina and her mom are ready to put their plan into motion. They know that they have to find Ava and if they cannot find her on their own, they need to contact Rosalie.

Michael is at Kelly's on his phone making efforts to find Ava. Rosalie walks into the restaurant to hear and see him.

Ava is on the couch with Kiki by her side. She tells her daughter she is feeling better and another Benedict is the fact that her baby is not yet born. The longer the baby stays in her whom, the longer she will have to live since Sonny won't kill her as long as she is pregnant.

Sonny goes to the mausoleum and observes Jason's memorial stone among others of deceased people.

Carly goes into the art room at the hospital attempting to Franco and is stunned when she notices Jason. She stares at him admitting a major deja vu. He asks her if he can help her with something. She stares at him and asks if she might know him from somewhere.

Franco is in the hallway on his phone to his contact who will help him get Heather out of Ferncliff. It appears they cannot find her and Franco reveals his plans with his beautiful bride to be are shot to hell without Heather.

While Sonny is at the mausoleum, he notices someone enter. He is shocked and speechless when it appears his murdered ex-fiancÚ Connie Falconeri appears.

When Jason sees Carly in the hospital art room, he replies to her question that he can't say they have met but realizes he also cannot say they have not. She stares intently at him and tells him she's sorry. She was just looking for her fiancÚ and wonders why he is not there. Jason comments he cannot answer that, unless, of course, he is her fiancÚ. He tells her he realizes that if they have met, he'd be the last to know and informs her that he has suffered a memory loss and has no recollection of anything in his life before the accident when he was hit. He explains to her that it's possible even if he was seen by someone he knew beforehand, they might not recognize him because he's had reconstructive plastic surgery and looks completely different than he did before. Hearing that, she is surprised, attentive and intrigued.

Connie's ghost appears before Sonny and remarks she's as surprised to see him there as he is to see her, remarking he's at the Quartermaine mausoleum when he is not a Quartermaine. He remarks that they will always, to some extent, by in his life because of Michael. She tells him she knows this is also regarding AJ. Sonny cannot stop thinking about him and how he took Michael's other father away from him. Sonny does not respond, knowing she is correct.

At Kelly's, Rosalie sits beside Michael and they have a friendly conversation. He tells her he has to find out some answers about his biological father, who is not Sonny. His father, AJ Quartermaine was murdered not long ago. She is shocked to hear that. He tells her that he now has reason to believe that the person who confessed to the murder has been falsely accused and has been threatened into confessing for that by Kiki's mother.

Kiki tells Ava she can no longer deal with hearing that Michael's father has a hit on her and maybe if that's the reality her mom lives with, then they should just turn him in. She gets on her phone but her mom reminds her that Michael will find out and never forgive Kiki for keeping from him that Sonny killed AJ. She will be put away in prison as an accessory for covering for Sonny. Kiki argues that maybe being alive in prison is better than being dead and free. Ava argues she might have more time if she can delay having birth and if Kiki is not going to help her, she can go elsewhere. Kiki, however, urges her mom to stop, tells her she is not going anywhere and she is safe there. Ava concludes that will be the case as long as Sonny does not find her but Kiki remembers and informs her mom that Sonny is not the only person looking for her

Madeline tells Nina she has been making “inquiries” about how to find the baby Nina wants, in order to make it up to her daughter for preventing her form ever having a baby of her own. Nina, however, tells her mom she needs to work faster because Ava's baby is ready to pop very soon. Franco walks in and hears their conversation. Madeline stares at him speechlessly.

At the Quartermaine house, as soon as Lulu hears Jerry Jacks' voice, she aggressive confronts him, telling him if he thinks polonium poisoning sucked, she will make it seem fun compared to what she will do to him if he does not free her father immediately. He taunts her and takes it as a joke. Ned enters. Jerry asks her to put Tracy on and he tells Tracy he hopes she will do what he wants or her husband is dead. He reminds her she's had enough to “pass the collection plate around the church”. Tracy “calmly and courteously” informs him she owns 9% of the company and has “managed to acquire a little more”. He asks her how much. She replies that Alice has 6.5% and together, it's a total of 15.5. Ned overhears and furiously demands his mom tells him how she could bully Alice into signing over her stock. Tracy protests it was not like that, affirming to Ned that Alice was a willing participant to save Luke. Jerry asks who else was “willing”. She admits nobody so far although she remains “courteous” to Jerry when the others are not. He asks her to put Ned on. Jerry then tells Ned even if he's not interested in saving his step-father's life, how about his daughter's?

Sonny tells Connie he sure wanted to kill AJ and had reason to believe he deserved it because he killed her. Connie asks if he is not ready to kill Ava Jerome. Sonny replies damn straight he is..

At Kelly's, Michael talks to Rosalie about finding Ava. He tells her has good reason to believe that she could have murdered his faster or at least knows who really did it. He tries and failed to find out from Kiki and Morgan. He believes they are not lying that they do not know where Ava is. However, he knows that Ava did not just disappear into thin air. She has to be around somewhere or not far away and somebody has to know where she is.

Ava protests to Kiki that contrary to what people may think she had nothing to do with AJ's death although Kiki reminds her mom that she pressured Carlos into taking the rap for killing him by threatening Sabrina Santiago and her baby. Ava protests she had nothing to do with what happened to Sabrina and knows Sabrina has falsely accused her. There was something “up” with Sabrina when they spoke once. Sabrina was downright cruel when Ava was having those cramps and suggested she might be miscarrying when she was terrified. Kiki protests Sabrina had just lost her baby and according to Carlos, she had good reason to believe Ava was behind it although Ava tells her she did not cause that crash and would never target a pregnant woman. Kiki protests that if she threatened Carlos with that, even if Ava knows those were only words, he had good reason to believe she would go through with it, and both he and Sabrina had good reason to believe she caused the accident after Sabrina lost her baby. Ava protests she had to find a way to motivate Carlos not to tell anyone that Sonny killed AJ. Kiki tells her mom that is all the more reason not to vilify Sabrina and have some compassion for her after she lost her baby, as Kiki asks her mom how she would feel and what she would do if someone threatened to take her baby from her.

Nina introduces Carlos to her mom and when Madeline does not seem cordial, she remarks her mother has not regained any of her social niceties after she got out of jail. He mentions he had a similar situation which made him a socio-path or psychotic until a tumor was removed. Nina wants to hear the whole story about Carlos and his tumor and she dismisses her mother to talk to him alone.

Carly talks to the anonymous patient, intrigued that he has no memory and a brand new face and if someone is looking for him they might not find him. She asks his name. He tells her she may call him Jake. She then remembers the name Jake. She shakes his hand and introduces herself as Carly Corinthos Jacks, but clarifies that she will have a new last name soon yet she is not certain what it will be because her fiancÚ has no official last name. She reveals to him, however, that his name is Franco and the guy remembers he has heard (from Elizabeth) that there is a guy named Franco who is not very cool.

Franco relishes being able to talk privately to Nina knowing they both only trust and confide in each other with their respective current, explosive situations.

In response to Kiki asking her mom how she might have felt if someone had tried to take her baby, as was the case with Sabrina, Ava firmly tells her daughter someone did, in fact, try to take her baby. Does she really believe that Sabrina gave her the pills to induce labor by accident? She wanted to kill Ava's baby. Kiki asks her mom if she really did not cause the accident that killed Sabrina's baby. Ava affirms no and asks her daughter if she believes her. Kiki replies yes, she does but, informs her mom that she needs to know that Michael does believe she did that and also that she might have killed his father, AJ. And he will not stop searching until he finds out the answer for himself.

At Kelly's, Michael has that very conversation with Rosalie. He tells her he owes his father the justice of finding out the truth as he asks what kind of a son he would be if he did not make certain his father has some measure of peace. Hearing that, Rosalie informs Michael she has something to tell him.

Sonny angrily tells Connie's ghost that it was Ava's fault that AJ is dead. She lead him to believe AJ killed Connie. He believes Ava is guilty and deserves to pay for killing her. Connie protests regardless of what Ava is guilty of, the baby is innocent. Whether he or Morgan are the baby's father, that baby is innocent. He tells her he knows that which is why he needs to wait until the baby is born to murder Ava. She then tells him she also knows that he plans to kill Franco and asks if he really wants to go through with that.

Nina admits to Franco she is afraid to tell him what she intends to do because she thought he might think less of her. He tells her that she knows all about his deep dark secrets. She asks him what he has up his sleeve about this wedding tomorrow.

When Carly finds out that Jason has heard these terrible things about Franco, she protests that too may people judge her fiancÚ who do not know him and do not know her nor what is right for her. She tells him that she understands Franco and he understands her. But, she tells him, if he doubts her, he'd be no different that just about everybody else she knows. She also adds, she would not be surprised if her “best friend” arises from the dead to prevent her from marrying Franco. He then wants to hear about her “best friend rising from the dead”. She informs him that his name was Jason.

When Jerry threatens Ned's daughter, Brook Lynn, Ned furiously tells him if he comes near his daughter he will be dead and nobody will ever find him. Jerry then “casually” mentions that he knows that he is messing around with Monica. Tracy then takes the phone from Ned and (again) “calmly and subserviently” asks Jerry what is the verdict. Jerry replies it's disappointing that she does not have more of ELQ to give to him but maybe that's the way it is. She asks when he will let her see Luke. He asks when and how she can get more stocks of ELQ to give to him. Nobody has an answer for that until, out of nowhere, a lovely young woman enters and replies it will be “easy”. They can give all their shares to her. Tracy remarks that some presumptuous piece of Euro-trash walked into her house uninvited. Ned reminds his mother she does not live there anymore. Jerry then informs Tracy that this lady, Hadley, has come by to collect the shares for him.

Sonny tells Connie's ghost she needs to know how many people he loves that Franco has tormented including Carly, Jason, Sam, Lulu, Michael. And he can still hurt Michael. All he has to do is open his mouth and tell Michael what Sonny did to AJ and them boom, Sonny does not have a son anymore. Franco has to go, he tells her. It's the only way he can protect his relationship with Michael. She then asks if he could please be honest with her.. She then asks him if she's correct that killing Franco isn't just about Michael. It's also about not letting him prevent Sonny from having Carly to himself.

When talking to Carly, Jason tells her he recalls hearing about Jason Morgan when talking to Elizabeth and she said they were close. Carly admits that Elizabeth carried a torch for Jason for a long time but they both know that today is the anniversary of Jason's death. Carly also admits she pretends every day will be ok and she can get on with her life. But she realizes one never gets over a friendship like what she has with Jason. He could always set her straight, always saw right through her, lies could never get past him. Plus Jason would never judge her. She tells him she knows that Jason would not want her to marry Franco. The guy then tells her that she need not be concerned with what anybody else wants. It's about what she wants. If she loves this guy and wants to marry him, she should. If not, she should not.

Nina and Franco both know that the other has a deep dark secret. He tells her he's been lied to and cheated on and somebody made a fool of out of him. So, she needs to tell him what Nina would do. She listens intently. He tells her that Carly's punishment will be fitting of her crime. She tells him she wants to talk later and compare notes, revealing he is not the only person with a nasty surprise in store.

Ava tells Kiki she has to keep quiet to Michael where she is. Kiki promises her mom she will do so. Ava reflects how lucky she is to have her daughter and Morgan and Silas in her corner. They have shown her their loyalty. She remarks, however, she hopes she can count on Rosalie to do the same.

When Rosalie is talking to Michael at Kelly's, Madeline finds her and tells her she has to talk to her about an urgent matter. Michael asks her not to interrupt Rosalie when they are talking and can this wait? He leaves however when Rosalie settles him it's ok for her to talk to Madeline. Madeline sits at the table beside Rosalie and tells her that she happens to know that Rosalie knows where Ava is. Rosalie must know that her daughter, Nina will stop at nothing. She's certain that Rosalie knows where Ava is. She remarks that Michael might give up on finding that out from her but Rosalie needs to know that Madeline and her daughter will not.

Kiki tells Ava that Morgan assured her that Rosalie will keep her mouth shut about where Ava is. Why would she? It's not like she works for Nina anymore. Plus the fact that they both put the fear of God into Rosalie will help. So they will just hope that Rosalie does not run into anybody more intimidating than Ava in the mean time..

Madeline finds Rosalie at Kelly's and tells her she must know what her daughter is capable of. She tells Rosalie she has the option of either being Nina's friend or Nina's enemy. So, she asks Rosalie, which is it going to be?

Nina assesses to Franco how they both are capable of stopping at nothing in order to get what they want. Are they monsters, she asks him? He tells her that they both allow themselves to love and it blows up in both of their faces.

Carly tells Jason that she has “motives” to marry Franco. It's about her family and about Sonny. She has to protect all of them.

Connie's ghost tells Sonny she knows he loved her as much as his heart could allow him to love. But she is gone now and so they need to put these demons to rest. She asks him what he wants and what he is willing to do in order to get it. He tells her that he loves Carly and cannot help hi self. He wont' stop until he gets her.

When Jason hears Carly talk about her ex husband, Sonny Corinthos, he asks her why it's so complicated with her ex. She admits she had an affair with Sonny while engaged to Franco and did not tel him. She admits she has made a complete mess of her life and is telling him all about this when she does not even know him and he is a complete stranger.

Ned asks Tracy if she is aware of what she is doing. She is giving up her family's fortune. She affirms to her son that now that she has no more family, all she has is Luke. She gets back on the phone to meet Jerry's demands. However, the others in the room are adamantly against it and ask her if she really trusts Jerry to come through on his end of the bargain. She hesitates when talking to Jerry and he tells her that very soon her time will be up and the offer will no longer be good.

Franco asks Nina if she will come to his wedding. She asks if she is invited. He pulls out an invitation for her. She opens it and tells him she'd love to come and see everything unfold. But right now her life is getting to be very hectic. They both smile and laugh and talk about how they can't wait to re-connect after they have both accomplished all they intend to. He leaves and Madeline returns and tells her daughter she “does not like him”.

Carly asks Jason to please forget all she has revealed to him. He laughs and tells her with his track-record with is memory, that won’t be hard to do. He also asks her whom he could reveal anything to since he knows no one she knows. She tells him she is a bit concentrated about what he could tell to Elizabeth. He tells her he promises to keep their conversations private.. she remarks that he reminds her of Jason with his loyalty in keeping promises and respecting confidentiality He concludes what goes on between her and her ex husband is her business. Franco walks in and overhears.

When Madeline returns to her daughter, Nina asks her if she found Rosalie. Madeline replies she did and Rosalie knows where Ava is.

Kiki assures Ava that she knows Rosalie will not dare reveal the secret of where she is. The doorbell rings. Before Kiki goes to answer it, she reminds her mom she has to stay out of sight. Ava then hides. Kiki opens the door and is stunned to see it's Rosalie.

Sonny continues to talk to Connie's ghost who warns him that he may regret going through with his actions. He replies not it Michael never finds out what he did to AJ. She tells him she hopes for his sake that Michael never finds out. Sonny tells her he won't as long as Sonny gets rid of Ava and Franco. Unexpectedly, Michael walks in and is very surprised to see his dad at the Quartermaine mausoleum. Sonny looks at him stunned and spooked. Michael asks what he is doing there and Sonny hesitates.

Tracy calls Jerry and is afraid that he has not come through on his end of the bargain with what he has promised. But Jerry “assures” her he has. He tells her if she wants to see her husband, he is right outside the door on the terrace. Ned, Tracy, & Lulu then go onto the terrace and are shocked at what they see.

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