GH Update Thursday 10/23/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/23/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Tears streamed down Monica's face as she placed flowers in the holder on Jason's marker in the crypt. Alice was out getting exercise as part of her heart-healthy regimen. She noticed that the crypt was open, and she walked in to make sure everything was okay. When Alice saw Monica, she apologized for intruding and turned to leave, but Monica invited her to stay. Monica touched Jason's marker and mentioned that it was all that she had left of her son. Monica noted that this was the two year anniversary of Jason's death. She didn't think it was fair that she lost her son after having to grieve him before. Alice realized Monica was referring to the car accident that caused Jason to become Jason Morgan. Monica admitted that the tension never completely left, but she did believe that Jason had some affection for her. Monica wanted the pain to go away. She told Alice that she'd do anything to have a little part of him back.

Alice had never known Jason as a Quartermaine, but she had seen pictures and heard stories. Alice assumed Monica and Alan must have liked hearing Jason say he wanted to follow in their footsteps and become a doctor. Monica regretted that it took her and Alan so long to see that they could still be proud of the man Jason became after the accident. Alice assured Monica that Jason loved Monica and Alan because they were his parents. Alice told Monica that she knew for a fact that AJ loved Monica, too. She added her assurance that Monica had been a good mother to her boys. Monica replied that she hadn't been a good enough mother to keep her sons alive or to protect them from the people who wanted them dead.

Franco went to Ferncliff to see Heather again. Carly, who was outside of Kelly's, called while he was there. Carly wondered why Franco had left the house so early. Franco replied that he had a very important therapy session with a special patient. “And here she is now” Franco said, as Heather entered the room. Carly teasingly asked if she should be jealous. Franco assured Carly that she was the only woman for him, just as he was the only man for her. Carly told Franco she had to go, so she could plan for their wedding tomorrow. Carly said she loved Franco, and he said it back, then they hung up. Heather contorted her face in disgust and she asked Franco if he really loved Carly. At first, Franco claimed he was putting on an act. Heather saw through him though, and Franco admitted that he still loved Carly. Franco explained that Carly had hated him for a long time, but when she softened, it made him feel like a human being and not like the monster everyone else saw him as. Franco added that Carly had believed in him and they had been in love, and he was still very much in love with her. Heather argued that Carly had only pretended to love Franco in order to neutralize him and ensure that he didn't hurt her family.

Heather theorized that Carly had subdued Franco, then hopped in bed with Sonny and laughed about it. Franco came to agree with Heather. He decided that Carly didn't love him and that she only agreed to marry him so that he would keep his mouth shut. “About what?” Heather asked. Franco told her she'd find out when he played the video at the wedding. Franco explained that the wedding would be at the Haunted Star, because that was the place where he tried to prove to everyone that he didn't do the things they thought he did and that he was more than Jason's evil twin. Heather thought Franco should be glad he wasn't Jason's twin. She told Franco he was her son and tomorrow they'd show everyone that no one messed with him. Heather asked Franco when he was going to free her. Franco had convinced a staffer to set Heather free, as soon as Franco left, so that he wasn't implicated in the breakout. He told Heather to follow the staffer's instructions. Heather grinned and said Carly was going to be sorry she never loved Franco. “Not as sorry as I am,” Franco replied.

Dante, Lulu, Olivia, Sonny and Rocco were at Kelly's. Olivia assumed everyone thought she was being silly to be upset about her Heather vision. Lulu assured her that they did not. Lulu felt that it would be a good idea for Dante to call Ferncliff to check up on Heather, since Carly's wedding was coming up. Lulu noted that Heather had almost killed Carly the last time she escaped. Lulu recalled that Luke had found out about Heather's plot and ended up getting held hostage, and now he was being held hostage again. Dante pointed out that they only had Jerry's word that Luke had been kidnapped.

Lulu decided to go check in with Tracy about her attempt to get Luke released. Dante assured Lulu that they'd get good news about Luke. Lulu left. Dante and his parents crowded around the stroller and beamed at Rocco. Shawn walked in, and he and Sonny quickly went into the back to talk in private. Olivia had a newspaper opened to the picture of Ned and Monica. Dante thought that Ned and Monica's fling ended years ago. Olivia replied that it had and that Ned was with Alexis now. Olivia admitted she regretted telling Ned she just wanted to be friends. She felt that she and Ned had things in common and she found him attractive. Dante was sure that Ned felt the same way about Olivia, and he encouraged her to tell Ned how she felt. Olivia was afraid that Ned wasn't into her anymore, but Dante told her to take the risk.

Shawn and Sonny talked. Shawn had been on the way to Ferncliff to break Heather out, when his source called and said Franco was there. Sonny noted that Franco and Heather were supposed to be on the outs, and now Franco was visiting her two days in a row. Sonny was sure something was going on. Sonny said they had another problem – Dante had promised to go check on Heather. Shawn was sure he could get Heather out of Ferncliff, even with Dante sniffing around, but he wondered if Sonny wanted to call off the hit. Sonny didn't like having to go behind Carly's back, but he was sure that she didn't really love Franco and that she was only marrying him to protect Michael and Sonny. Sonny felt that he had to kill Franco in order to keep Carly from throwing her life away. Sonny admitted that he would also benefit from Franco's death. Sonny wasn't sure he'd ever make peace with having killed an innocent man, whom Michael had begged him not to hurt.

Back at Ferncliff, Franco paid Mr. Beach, a staffer, to break Heather out. After Franco left, Dante called Mr. Beach, who assured him that Heather was still locked up. Mr. Beach was about to break Heather out when Shawn hit him over the head. He entered the room where Heather was waiting and lead her out.

Lulu ran into Carly outside Kelly's and brought her up to speed on Luke. Lulu apologized for dropping all this on Carly. Carly replied that they were family and that she had Lulu's back. Lulu told Carly that the Haunted Star was all set for the wedding. Carly was confused, and Lulu told her that Franco made all the arrangements for them to get married there. Carly replied that she was getting married at the Metro Court. Lulu felt bad, and she remembered that Franco had said it was supposed to be a surprise for Carly.

Carly wondered why Franco wanted to get married on the boat. Lulu thought he might like the Haunted Star – that was where he'd thrown the party where he played the videos to try and convince everyone that he wasn't psycho. Carly recalled that she hadn't believed Franco was sincere at the time, but she now thought that he was a good man and that she was lucky to have him. Lulu assumed Franco wanted to have the party on the boat because he and Carly had come full circle.

Ned was inside his home talking to Tracy. Tracy told him that Jerry was holding Luke captive and agreed to free him in exchange for ELQ. Tracy wanted Ned to give her his shares to give to Jerry. Tracy planned to ask her other son Dillon and granddaughter Brook Lynn to pitch in. Between them, they had 40% of ELQ, which she hoped would be enough to appease Jerry. Tracy asked Ned if she was out of her mind. Tracy asked Ned if he could live with letting Jerry kill Luke. Ned replied that Edward would never forgive Ned if he gave his shares to “that monster.” Ned refused to do that to Edward or Michael. Tracy didn't see why Michael Corinthos deserved such loyalty. Ned replied that Michael was a part of their family, and he cared about ELQ because it helped him heal after AJ's death. Ned added that ELQ was thriving under Michael's leadership. Tracy thought Ned was running things behind the scenes, but Ned told her that Michael was making the decisions. Ned turned to leave. Tracy yelled that she had given Ned everything, while his father, Lord Larry Ashton, gave him nothing. Ned complimented her on a nice try, bringing up his father. He told Tracy that he didn't give a damn about Luke, and he left.

Tracy worried about what she was going to do. Monica and Alice walked in and were dismayed to see Tracy. Tracy cheerfully greeted Alice, but Monica reminded Tracy that she wasn't welcome there. Monica told Tracy off for browbeating a sick Alice into staying quiet so that Luke and Tracy could steal ELQ. Tracy quickly filled Monica and Alice in on Luke's plight. Monica was stunned that Tracy wanted Monica to give her shares of ELQ to the man who killed her husband. Tracy replied that she loved her brother too, but they had to play the hand they were dealt. Monica spat that she had seen Luke's true colors and he was just as ruthless as Jerry. Tracy tried to sway Alice. Alice remembered that Jerry killed her friend Cook. Tracy added that Jerry would kill Luke too, if Alice didn't give Tracy her shares. Tracy was thrilled and grateful when Alice agreed to do it. Alice snapped that she did it for Luke, not Tracy. They both hoped that 15.5% would be enough for Jerry. Alice left. Tracy's phone rang – it was Luke's number. Just then, Lulu walked in.

Alexis and Julian were out on the Quartermaine terrace. She told him off for going after Ned and asked if he couldn't take no for an answer. Julian replied that he couldn't when it came to Alexis. Julian challenged Alexis to look him in the eye and tell him she'd rather be with Ned. Alexis snapped that she and Julian were done because of his lies. Julian insisted that he didn't lie, but Alexis didn't believe him. She added that, to make matters worse, Jerry Jacks was involved. Julian was taken aback. Alexis told him that Jerry claimed he was holding Luke captive and that he (Jerry) was the Jerome boss. She stressed that Luke could die if he was with Jerry. She told Julian that if he cared about her, he'd tell her the truth. Julian swore he didn't know anything about Jerry kidnapping Luke. Alexis asked Julian if he had dealings with Jerry. Julian admitted that he had known Jerry for years. He added that you couldn't be in the business without rubbing shoulders with Jerry. Julian swore that he last saw Jerry a year ago when Jerry fell off the roof of the Metro Court. Alexis wanted to believe Julian, but she had a hard time doing so because of his lies.

Alexis asked Julian if Jerry was the Jerome boss. Before Julian could answer, Ned appeared, with some security guards in tow, and told them to escort Julian off the property. Julian told Alexis that Jerry was dangerous, and he begged her to promise that she wouldn't get involved. Alexis told the security guards to take Julian way. Julian told Alexis he loved her, then he left. Ned made sure Alexis was okay. Alexis told him that Julian had no right to go after him. Ned smiled and said it had been a long time since he'd come to blows over a woman. Alexis wondered if Ned was sorry that woman was her. Ned assured her that he wasn't. They hugged, just as Olivia came around he corner.

Sonny went to the Quartermaine crypt. His gaze landed on AJ's marker, then he quickly looked away and walked over to Jason's marker. Sonny told Jason he was doing all he could to fix things for Michael and Carly. Sonny blinked back tears and said that Carly didn't like to admit she was wrong. He asked Jason to reach out to her and be the friend she needed. Sonny walked over to AJ's marker. Someone entered the crypt, and Sonny seemed surprised to see him/her.

Elizabeth was in Jason/Jake's hospital room talking about the way Jason “died.” Jake couldn't imagine losing someone that way. He wondered if it was because he couldn't imagine having anyone. Liz told Jake that they weren't even able to give Jason a proper funeral, because his body had never been found, but his family put a plaque in the Quartermaine crypt. Jake recalled that Jason's last name was Morgan, and he asked why his family had a different last name. Liz replied that Jason was born a Quartermaine. Jake had spotted a Dr. Quartermaine on his chart. Liz told him that it was Jason's mother. Jake asked why Jason had a different last name than his family – did they disown him? Liz told him that they hadn't. She added that Jason had been the pride of the family at one point.

Liz explained that Jason had lost his memory after a terrible accident. Jake could relate. He asked Liz if Jason ever learned to recognize his family. Liz admitted that Jason never got his memory back. She quickly added that Jason learned to love some of his relatives and form new relationships. Liz told Jake that it had been hard for Jason's family to accept the person he became after the accident, but Jason had been unapologetic. Jake asked if Jason had been happy. Liz thought so. She told Jake that Jason lived a short, but full, life. Jake thought about what it would be like to see your relatives and not recognize them. He wasn't sure he even had any relatives, since no one had found him. Liz reminded him that his relatives might not know where to look. Jake thought Jason must have felt lonely having to start his life over from scratch. Liz took his hand and told him that he was not Jason and that what happened to him might not happen to Jake.

Liz left and returned with a wheelchair. Jake didn't want to get in, and Liz told him she had to beg his doctors to even let him out of bed and into the chair. Liz felt that it would be good for Jake to get out of his room. Jake still didn't want to go, so Liz changed tactics and asked him to let her take him around as a way to make up for bringing up Jason's history and making Jake feel bad about his own situation. Jake grinned and told Liz it was smart of her to make it sound like she was doing him the favor. He agreed to get out of bed. Liz was going to go get an orderly to help Jake out of bed, but he assured her he could do it on his own. Jake stood, but he wobbled and wrapped his arms around Liz's waist for support. They stared into each other's eyes. Once Jake was in the chair, he told Liz this was the best he'd felt since he got to GH, and he thanked her.

Liz's tour ended in Franco's art room. She mentioned Franco's name and described him as demented. Jake thought the name sounded familiar. Liz replied that Franco was an infamous former criminal and the charges against him were dropped due to a brain condition. Liz added that she was never a fan of Franco's art. Jake asked if she was into art, and she told him about her old studio and how she'd once dreamed of going to art school. Jake asked her to paint something for him. Liz was self conscious, and Jake assured her that he wouldn't judge. Liz got paged and she had to go. She told Jake to make sure he called someone to take him back to his room, instead of trying to walk. Jake assured her that he would, and he told her that he wasn't letting her off the hook about painting something. Liz left. Carly went to the art room looking for Franco and found Jake inside. They stared at each other intently.

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