GH Update Wednesday 10/22/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/22/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Elizabeth visits her favorite patient (John Doe/Jake/Jason). He seems to be getting much better and tells her she need not wait on him because he is going to be ok. She asks if he is in pain or would like pain meds. He tells her that since he has already lost his memory, he does not want to be groggy and unable to think in addition to that. He also tells her that he somehow knows that Jordan was not the person who hit him the night of the accident. He heard the voice of another person at the scene.

While Ava is resting in the other room and Kiki and Morgan are up the morning after, wondering what to do regarding the present situation. She informs Morgan that she spoke to Michael the previous day and his brother has some “concerns” about Ava.

Michael interrupts Anna's breakfast at the Metro Court and informs her he has an urgent matter to discuss with her. He tells her he needs to talk to her about his father's murder.

At Kelly's, Sonny is happily engaging with baby Rocco, while sitting at a table with Dante, Lulu, and Olivia. Lulu remarks to Sonny she knows things have been awkward between them due to the suspicion that her father has been plotting against him. Olivia looks at the paper and is shocked to see a slanderous article written about her friend, Ned. Under a picture of Ned and Monica apparently dining together, there's a story about them "canoodling" at the Metro Court.

Ned is at the Quartermaine Mansion reading the gossip written about him and his aunt and wonders who wrote the article. Julian Jerome enters and replies that would be himself.

Alexis is at Sam's, alone with baby Danny while her daughter is away. Sam and Patrick come through the door after visiting Amsterdam and happily greet her mom and son.

At Kelly's, Lulu discusses with Sonny the fact that they both do not believe that her faster is the Jerome's crime boss nor responsible for running Patrick off the road and killing his child. They realize they need to discuss it with Tracy and she is not yet home. Right then, Tracy appears, smiles and seems unafraid to talk to them about the pending matter.

Kiki informs Morgan that Michael is convinced that Carlos did not kill AJ, and Ava persuaded him to take the rap for it. They both know that it was Sonny and not Ava who killed AJ although they know not to reveal that to Michael and they are not certain what to do.

At the Metro Court, Anna protests to Michael that they have AJ's murderer in custody and all the evidence points to Carlos. He tells her, however, that there is now evidence that indicates otherwise.

Ned demands to know how Julian got into his home and that the allegation that he is now sleeping with Monica Quartermaine is not true. Julian tells him he has two sources that say otherwise. Ned asks if those two sources just happen to be on Julian's payroll. Julian reminds Ned that he can write many more damaging stories about him, make him a “celebrity”, known as a drug dealer, possibly a pedophile and if Ned wants it to stop, he can stop seeing Alexis.

Alexis asks Sam and Patrick how it went in Amsterdam and if they got confirmation on whether Luke is Julian's boss.

At Kelly's, when Lulu asks Tracy if she finally saw or got to speak to Luke. Tracy admits she did not but announces she has now confirmed that Luke is completely innocent of all allegations made of him. Lulu asks if she is really certain. She replies yes and informs her it was a frame-up by Jerry Jacks.

In the hospital room, Elizabeth tells John Doe/Jake/Jason that she wants him to eat up although he remarks he's not really hungry for what the hospital is serving him. She admits to him that the quality of food has diminished in quality. They have their new chief of staff to thank for that. He can clearly tell that Elizabeth does not like this woman. Elizabeth boldly replies that to say she “despises Liesl Obrecht with every fiber of her being” is a gross understatement. Right then, the chief of staff opens the door to overhear the conversation and asks if someone mentioned her name. Obrecht enters and tells Elizabeth they need not “bicker” in front of their patient. She smiles and appears courteous while she goes to shake Jason's hand and introduce herself. She asks him what he might know or want and mentions her concerns about whether he has insurance which is needed to keep him in her hospital.

Julian reminds Ned that if he is “serious about preserving his reputation”, he will get the hell out of Port Charles.

At Sam's home, Alexis wants to know what Sam, Patrick, and others have found out about Jerry setting Luke up while he (Jerry) is the one to be in charge of the Jerome's organization. They all find that a bit questionable and Patrick remarks he does not believe a word of this story but Tracy does.

When Tracy announces to Lulu, Dante, Olivia, and Sonny that she's been convinced that Luke is innocent of the crimes and has been set up by the real perpetrator, Jerry, who is the only source of that information, Olivia asks her why she'd believe a word that man says. Tracy replies normally she wouldn't but it all adds up to her. Lulu tells her stepmother she'd like more than anything to believe her, but there is one more thing they need to know; where is her father? Tracy has no response to that question.

After Kiki informs Morgan for the first time, that Michael is convinced that Ava has gotten Carlos falsely accused of the murder of AJ, he tells her that they now have to question that Sonny killed AJ. He reminds her they only have the word of Ava and must realize she has not exactly been a pillar of honesty. She asks if he suspects that her mother killed AJ instead of Sonny. He admits he does not know. Kiki has theories that Sonny did it and the fact that her mother is onto him explains why he's has had her mother locked up in his house. Morgan has the theory that Ava had motives to want AJ dead and a very convenience person to pin it on would be his father. They both have an unsolved mystery for which they cannot answer as well as further confusion as to what to tell Michael regarding this. They also know that Michael is determined to stop at nothing in order to get justice for his father and Kiki reminds Morgan that Michael is talking to Commissioner Devane about it as they speak.

At the Metro Court, Michael explains to Anna that Sabrina Santiago has known Carlos for a long time. They used to be engaged. She has been visiting him in Pentonville and he's told her he did not kill AJ and was pressured into a confession. More accurately, Carlos was threatened by Ava Jerome.

Elizabeth protests to Obrecht that she doesn't think it's appropriate to be concerned about the anonymous patient's insurance status since he came there with no wallet, credit cards, or ID and does not even know who he is. Obrecht reminds Elizabeth that this hospital has had a list many substantial costs since "Jake" was admitted and now that the patient is definitely getting better, this hospital has the goal of getting him back “into shape” as a strong, contributing member of society. Hearing that, Elizabeth angrily asks her what she thinks the board will say or do after finding out she wants to throw a patient out on the streets who cannot even walk. Obrecht tells Elizabeth she did not suggest that yet reminds her she fired her once before and won't hesitate to do it again. When Obrecht leaves, “Jake” asks Elizabeth about her unsavory history with their chief of staff. Elizabeth admits one day, Obrecht shot her.

Kiki asks Morgan what she thinks will happen after Michael tells the commissioner the story. They both realize that after finding out that both Carlos and Ava are innocent of the murder, it will only point the investigation and suspicion onto Sonny. They both know that that will devastate Michael.

Michael tells Anna he strongly suspects that Ava killed AJ because she had motives to want him out of the way. Anna asks why Ava would want AJ dead and when he admits neither he nor Sabrina nor Carlos have any theories for that, she tells him she doesn't have enough to re-open the investigation. He tells her that he cannot accept the fact that his father's killer could still be out there getting away with murder

Tracy reminds Lulu, Dante, Sonny and Olivia that the last time Jerry Jacks was in Port Charles, he was dying with Polonium poisoning. He almost did die until he kidnapped Luke to engineer a cure. When she last spoke to Jerry, he promised to bring back Luke for a price. He wants ELQ.

At Sam's, Patrick informs Alexis that Tracy announced she's willing to give up all her stake in ELQ to get Luke back. Alexis asks if they think Jerry is playing her. He admits he does not know and Sam

reflects that there are too many unanswered questions about Jerry and Luke and even if Jerry is master-minding the whole operation, he still may not know everything involved. Both she and Patrick remember Spencer Cassadine affirming that he spoke to Luke and not Jerry about the whole thing and apparently Luke was with Julian in the stables the night of Nikolas' engagement party. Alexis then remembers confronting Julian about the very same thing and hearing him tell her that Luke is not his boss. Yet, she seems to conclude that she cannot get an honest answer from Julian about that. She does, however, tell her daughter she needs to, at the very least, forewarn Ned that it appears “somebody” is going to attempt to take over ELQ.

Ned tells Julian he will not be threatened nor run out of town if he continues to see Alexis. He is not going anywhere. His family has lived there for generations. He tells Julian he will not hesitate to sue his ass for writing slander even if Julian tells him he is not afraid of law suits. When it looks like neither will budge, it appears the two of them are ready to engage in physical combat.

Alexis leaves and goes to talk to Ned and is shocked to see him in a wrestling match with Julian.

At Kelly's, Tracy informs Lulu that she only owns 9% of ELQ shares and is wiling to hand then over to Jerry in exchange for returning Luke to them but there’s nothing else she can do. Lulu asks what she (herself) can do. Tracy replies what Lulu and Dante can do is talk to their family, specifically to Michael since he is the new CEO of the company. Hearing that, Dante tells her he's not entirely certain Michael would listen to him. Tracy tells him he must try because Michael owns 25.5% of the company. He became the majority share holder when “somebody” killed AJ last spring. Right then, we see Sonny sitting across the table from her avoiding everybody's eye

At the Metro Court, Anna tells Michael she is willing to go and talk to Sabrina and possibly re-interview Carlos from Pentonville if the situation warrants it. He asks her what about Ava, informing her that Ava is currently missing in action. He tells her he will not let this go because his father deserves justice. He walks away. Anna gets on her phone to talk to Sabrina but right then, unexpectedly, Obrecht enters and confronts her at her table.

In Jason's hospital room, Elizabeth tells him about how Obrecht kidnapped a friend of hers baby and when she (Elizabeth) exposed her for that, Obrecht shot her and got away with it. Hearing that, he asks how on earth this woman isn't locked up for good, much less given the authority of the hospital's chief of staff. Elizabeth admits that is a million dollar question and tells him it could be that Chief Obrecht somehow knows how to make herself rise above the law. She knows one reason was the huge contribution Obrecht made to the hospital's endowment and it's obvious that money talks. She also tells him what he's heard so far about Obrecht is merely the tip of the iceberg. Elizabeth further informs him that when Obrecht first came to Port Charles, she was the right hand woman for an international terrorist, Cesar Faison, who also happens to be the person who murdered her (Elizabeth's son, Jake's father, Jason.

As Sam and Patrick play with Danny, she remarks how her son is really taken with him as he is with Danny. She then asks him regarding their investigation, what he would like her to do next. They both realize they have no control over whether Luke returns after Tracy plays ball with Jerry. He tells her he feels like his hands are tied although she tells him sometimes cases go cold and then suddenly, a lead comes up and one is back in business again. He thanks her for saying that, for all her support, encouragement and help with this whole thing. She tells him she is his friend and that is what friends do for one another. They joke about their experience flying and sharing the crummy motel room and all of their adventures in Amsterdam. He then gets up to go and says goodbye to Danny and the little guy runs after him to hug him and call him "Daddy."

Obrecht goes to the Metro Court to find Anna and demands to know why she got incarcerated and charged with murder. Anna tells her it's pretty obvious that she saw Obrecht shoot Victor Cassadine right in front of her eyes. Obrecht admits that that did, in fact happen but she did not “murder” Victor. It was self-defense. Anna argues that's not true. He was unarmed. Yes, it's true that the man had a detonator and very shortly thereafter, right after they both escaped the entirely clinic blew up. But it was still not self-defense, Anna tells her. Obrecht tells Anna even if she was not “defending” her own self, she believes she was defending Nathan. She tells Anna that Victor was going to come after her son sooner or later so she had no choice except to kill him. Also, she tells Anna, she (Anna) is in no position to judge when they both know that Anna murdered Cesar Faison. Anna has no response to that.

Sam apologizes to Jason for Danny's wishful thinking. She gently tells her son that Jason is his father. She shows him Jason's picture. She hugs Jason as he leaves, telling him she is so sorry, afraid she has made herself too emotional and into drama over the loss of her husband. It's been two years. She took her wedding ring off not long ago but still feels, for some reason there is no closure and it may be because she never got a chance to say good bye.

The “Jake” patient talks to Elizabeth about what it must be like for this maniac to murder the father of her child. She tells him she hopes he never finds out and informs him they couldn't even give Jason a proper funeral. He asks why not. She replies that they dragged the harbor for days but could never find Jason's body.

Tracy goes to see Ned although he reminds her she is no longer welcome in Monica's home. She tells her son, however, she needs his help with something.

Alexis goes outside with Julian and demands to know why he did what he did with Ned. Can't he take no for an answer? He admits he cannot when it comes to her.

At Kelly's, Olivia tells her son, daughter-in-law and Sonny this is just great. They now have Luke, Jerry Jacks and now Heather Weber to worry about. The others are surprised to hear about that assuming there's no way Heather could be on the loose again. Dante reminds his mom he is a cop and if Heather escaped from her maximum security facility, he would know about that. Olivia clarifies although that may be true, last night she had a vision of Heather out again and running free. She tells her son she realizes that he might not take her premonition seriously, but could he please do her a favor and check on Heather? It would put her mind at ease if he could just go and make sure. Sonny obviously keeps his mouth shut hearing that conversation.

Michael returns to Kiki and Morgan. They ask him what's up. She asks if he went and talked to Anna. He tells her yes. Morgan informs his brother that Kiki brought him up to speed regarding Michael's suspicions about Ava. He tells Kiki he's sorry to be putting her in this position about her mother and realize it affects them both (Kiki and Morgan). But, he tells them, if the cops can't find Ava and get to the bottom of this, he will. They look at him stunned and not knowing what to say, knowing they are hiding Ava right in this very house as they speak.

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