GH Update Tuesday 10/21/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/21/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Nathan and Maxie's, Nina was elated when her mother grudgingly agreed to help her kidnap Ava's baby. Nina acknowledged that this wasn't the same baby Madeline killed. However, Nina thought it was right that she take Ava's baby and make Ava feel the pain that Nina had felt when Ava slept with Silas. Nina added that Ava already had a baby, while Nina had been waiting 20 years for one. Madeline claimed that she was willing to help Nina to make up for the terrible mistake Madeline made back then. Nina made it clear that she knew Madeline was doing this for money, not to make up for killing Nina's unborn baby. Madeline didn't argue. She asked where Ava was. Nina explained that Ava was missing. She added that she overheard a man, with a gun, assuring someone that Ava would be found. Madeline thought that sounded dangerous, and she felt it was a sign that Nina shouldn't get involved. Nina didn't care about getting hurt. Nina explained that Rosalie knew where Ava was hiding but she wouldn't tell Nina, because they had a falling out. Madeline asked Nina what she did. Nina got annoyed that Madeline assumed Nina was at fault. Nina explained that she paid Rosalie to sleep with Michael's boyfriend, then Rosalie refused to do it. It was clear that Madeline didn't approve of Nina's actions. Nina snapped that she didn't need Madeline's judgment. She needed Madeline to fix it. Nina told Madeline that Rosalie wasn't taking her calls. Madeline helped out by calling Rosalie.

TJ was dressed in his Port Charles University tee shirt. He was working at Kelly's and studying for his French midterm during the slow periods. He quizzed himself out loud, and Nathan walked up and made a couple of comments in French to him. Nathan showed TJ a picture of Nina and asked if he'd seen her. TJ hadn't. Nathan gave TJ a card and asked him to call if he saw Nina. Rosalie was outside Kelly's on the phone. “Call me as soon as you get this, OK. There's been some developments with Mrs. Clay and I'm afraid she might try to expose us” Rosalie said. Nathan left the diner. He spotted Rosalie and asked if he knew her. Rosalie reminded him that they met at the Floating Rib but hadn't exchanged names. Nathan had given Rosalie his drink since she was in a hurry. They introduced themselves. Nathan recognized the name. He remembered that Rosalie was a nurse and told her that he thought she worked for his sister. Rosalie pointed out that Nina's brother was named James. Nathan clarified that James was his middle name. Rosalie was pleased to meet the “Jay” she'd heard so much about. Nathan told her he was worried about Nina and asked if Rosalie had seen her.

Rosalie's phone rang, and she was going to ignore it since she didn't recognize the number, but Nathan asked her to answer, just in case it was Nina. When Rosalie answered, Madeline introduced herself and asked if they could meet. Rosalie replied that it wasn't a good time. Nathan asked if it was Nina, and Rosalie gave him the phone. Both Nathan and Madeline were startled to hear each other on the other end of the line. Madeline covered and said she called Rosalie to ask if she'd seen Nina. The call ended. Madeline was surprised that Rosalie didn't tell Nathan what she knew, but Nina wasn't. Nina explained that she had dirt on Rosalie, then she confided in Madeline about what Rosalie was hiding. Madeline thought she could use it. Nina was curious what Madeline was going to do. Madeline told Nina that she should go before Nathan got home. Nina appreciated Nathan's concern and said it was nice to have someone care about her who wasn't paid to do so. Nina didn't want her brother to know what she was up to, but she wasn't sure where to go. Madeline called her sister, Obrecht, and called in a favor.

Rosalie told Nathan that he needn't worry about Nina because she was resourceful and could take care of herself. Nathan confided that he was scared Nina would disappear and he'd never be able to find her and help her. Rosalie assured Nathan that Nina loved him and would reach out to him if he didn't find her first. Nathan gave Rosalie a card and asked her to call if she heard anything, then he left.

Jordan went into Kelly's and tried to strike up a conversation with TJ. TJ wouldn't look up from his book, and he tried to give his mother the brush off. Jordan suggested that they grab some food on his break, but TJ told her he had to study. Jordan took his book away and asked what was with his attitude. TJ replied that he was surprised she noticed since he hadn't seen her in weeks. Jordan apologized and explained that things got a little complicated. TJ wondered if she meant things at work got complicated, or things with Shawn. He went into the back without waiting for an answer. Jordan followed him, and ignored TJ saying that she wasn't allowed back there. Jordan wanted to know why TJ mentioned Shawn. TJ told her that Shawn let TJ know he'd been sleeping with Jordan. Jordan was put out because she had told Shawn not to say anything. Jordan explained that she had been afraid TJ would cut Shawn off for being with her. TJ assured her that he wouldn't do that. Jordan let TJ know that she wasn't with Shawn anymore. TJ wasn't surprised. TJ assumed that Shawn, the “standup guy” had broken up with Jordan because he didn't want to be involved with someone who sold heroin to kids. Jordan snapped that TJ had no idea what he was talking about. Then she covered and said she didn't know she'd be selling heroin. TJ scoffed and asked if she just thought she'd be selling coke. Jordan wondered what it would take for TJ to realize she wasn't who he thought she was. TJ told Jordan that actions spoke louder than words. He pointed out that she claimed she came to Port Charles to see him, but within a few weeks, she was back to dealing drugs. Jordan said she was sorry she was hurting TJ. TJ ordered her to look him in the eye and tell him she wasn't dealing drugs. Jordan hoped that when this was all over, TJ would understand that she'd done all this to protect him. With tears in her eyes, she wished him good luck on his test, then she left. TJ brushed a tear from his cheek.

At the Brownstone, Silas had just given Ava something to stop her contractions. Ava noted that she'd thought she couldn't wait to hold her baby, but now she hoped that she could wait longer. Morgan offered some positive thoughts. Meanwhile, Kiki was in another part of the house talking to Michael, who'd phoned from the hospital. Michael explained that he needed to talk to Kiki about her mom. Kiki suggested that they meet tomorrow, and she was alarmed when Michael announced that he was coming over right now. Kiki lied and said Morgan was asleep on the couch and that Michael would wake him up if he came by. She told Michael she'd meet him at the hospital, and she hung up before he could argue. Back in the living room, Ava wished she was decorating the baby's nursery. Kiki walked in. Silas told everyone that it would take a couple of hours before they could know if the treatment worked, but it seemed that Ava would be able to carry to term. Kiki told everyone she had to go meet Michael. Ava took Kiki's hand and said she never would have gotten through this without Kiki. Ava recalled that Kiki had been looking out for Ava ever since Kiki was little. They said I love you to each other, then Kiki left. Ava felt a lot better, but Silas was concerned that she wasn't well hydrated, so he asked Morgan to get her some broth. Morgan left for the kitchen. Ava smiled and said she'd thought Silas didn't like her. “I don't,” Silas replied. He explained that he helped Ava because their daughter asked him to. Ava admitted she was glad that Kiki and Silas had bonded. Silas asked why she kept Kiki from him, then. Ava asked if they had to get into this now. Silas replied that he didn't know when the next time he'd get her undivided attention. Ava reminded Silas that he already knew why she kept Kiki from him. At the time Kiki was born, Ava thought that Silas put Nina in the coma. When Ava found out Silas lied to the cops and said he hadn't had an affair, she tried to protect him by making sure no one knew he'd fathered a love child. Silas understood.

Silas told Ava that she did a great job raising Kiki. He acknowledged that it couldn't have been easy to be a single parent, and he told Ava that no one would have blamed her if she gave Kiki up. Ava told Silas that for a smart man, he was being stupid. She explained that she loved Silas so much, back then, that she would have done anything to hold onto a piece of him. Silas noted that their affair hurt a lot of people and that Kiki was the one good thing to come out of it. Silas covered Ava with a blanket, and he told her he'd give her another shot in a couple of hours. Ava asked if Nina wouldn't wonder where he was. She added that Kiki told her that Silas and Nina were giving their marriage another shot. Silas replied that Nina had changed and that she wasn't the woman he married all those years ago. Silas told Ava that Nina had a vendetta against her. He was glad that Nina didn't know where Ava was. Ava replied that Nina's nurse knew where she was. When Morgan returned with the broth, Ava told him what Silas said about Nina. Ava was concerned that Rosalie would say something. Morgan was confident that Rosalie wouldn't tell Nina where Ava was. Silas countered that Rosalie and Nina were working together. Morgan replied that Rosalie was finished helping Nina. Ava hoped he was right. Morgan helped Ava get comfortable on the couch, then he went to get her another pillow. Silas told Ava he'd be waking her up in a few hours for another shot. Ava thanked Silas for doing this, “for Kiki” she added, with a smile. Silas stroked Ava's hair as she closed her eyes.

Michael was at GH waiting for Kiki. He remembered the time he'd gone to Ava's for dinner. Ava had apologized for inviting Michael to the place where his father was shot. Michael had assured her that it wasn't her fault, and Ava replied that it was. He looked at a picture of AJ and put it away when Kiki arrived. Kiki asked how his meeting with the hospital board went. Michael replied that GH had agreed to open up a free clinic in AJ's name. Kiki was happy for Michael, and she added that, as someone who lived in the neighborhood, she knew that it would do a lot of good. Kiki wondered why Michael didn't look happy. He told her that Ava might have killed AJ. Kiki countered that Carlos killed AJ. Michael explained that Carlos told Sabrina that Ava made him confess to AJ's murder. Michael conceded that Ava never told Carlos that she killed AJ. However, Michael didn't see who else Ava could be covering for. Michael knew this might be difficult for Kiki to hear, but he felt like she had a right to know what her mother might have done. Kiki suggested that Carlos might have lied to Sabrina. She argued that Carlos would have called the police or the DA if he had proof Ava did it. Michael hoped, for Kiki's sake, that Carlos's story wasn't true. Kiki was adamant that it wasn't. Michael wanted to talk to Ava, so he asked Kiki if she knew where her mother was. Kiki lied and said no. Michael assumed she was still living at her penthouse and he wanted to stop by. Kiki quickly said Ava wasn't there, and Michael reminded her that she just said she didn't know where Ava was. Kiki claimed that Julian told her that Ava was missing. Michael theorized that Ava had someone watching Carlos and that Ava had gone into hiding because she was worried Carlos told Sabrina something that would make the police reopen the investigation. Kiki tried to convince Michael that he was wrong, but he thought she was just trying to protect her mother. He took out his phone to call the police. Kiki stopped him and told him that if Sabrina thought Carlos was telling the truth, she would have already called the cops. Michael didn't want this theory hanging over his and Kiki's heads, and he felt that the police could get the answers they needed. He called Anna and left her a message saying he had information on his father's murder.

At the Metro Court, Carly suggested that she and Franco go home and celebrate his productive day. Franco told her he knew what was going on with her and Sonny. Carly told him she didn't know what he was talking about Franco replied that Carly was trying to get Franco out of there because she didn't want him to make a scene. Carly told Franco that he was her priority and she wanted to be alone with him instead of running interference between him and Sonny. Franco smiled and told her he couldn't wait to give her the wedding she deserve.

Sonny and Olivia were also at the Metro Court. Sonny told Olivia that it was too bad that Franco and Carly weren't going to get to say their I do's. Olivia wanted an explanation. Sonny claimed his instincts told him that the wedding wouldn't happen. Olivia thought Sonny hoped Carly wouldn't get married, that way she'd be free to go back to Sonny. Sonny insisted that Olivia didn't know what she was talking about. Olivia replied that she knew Carly and Sonny were more to each other than friends and co-parents. Sonny wasn't comfortable discussing this with Olivia, but she assured him that she'd gotten over their break up and that she wanted Sonny to be happy. Olivia wanted Sonny to find someone who could accept his lifestyle and thrive in it. Olivia asked Sonny if he could honestly say anyone other than Carly had been able to do that. Sonny was adamant that there was nothing going on. Olivia didn't believe it. Shawn walked up and asked to talk to Sonny in private. Olivia warned Shawn and Sonny to watch out for Heather, then she left. Shawn asked if Sonny told Olivia the plan. Sonny explained that Olivia had a vision but she didn't know about the plan to kill Franco and frame Heather. Shawn had just cased the ward where Heather was being held. He was confident that he could break her out. Sonny stressed that they couldn't have any surprises. Shawn replied that it was too late – Franco had visited Heather. Sonny was taken aback because he assumed Franco and Heather were on the outs. Shawn asked if Sonny wanted to abandon their plans, now that it seemed that Heather and Franco had reconciled and she had no motive to kill him. Sonny decided to stick with the plan. He told Shawn that if the cops found out Franco visited, they'd assume that he had said something to set her off and make her come after him. Sonny wondered why Franco visited the woman who tried to kill Carly. Shawn pointed out that Heather was Franco's mom, but Sonny thought there must be more to it. Shawn didn't think it mattered since it was too late for Heather or Franco to hurt anyone. Sonny noted that the wedding was in 48 hours and that Franco would be dead before that. He told Shawn to break Heather out of Ferncliff tomorrow and let Sonny do the rest.

Carly and Franco went home. When Franco got a moment alone, he looked at an article on Heather on his phone. It that said she was being held in an “impenetrable fortress.” “We'll see about that, Franco murmured. Carly walked in and wondered what he was talking about. Franco replied that he was talking about a gift he was getting Carly. Carly wondered if Franco's day had been productive because he bought this gift. Franco replied that his day had been productive because he had a very important meeting about Carly. Carly looked concerned when Franco elaborated and told her that he ran into Michael and talked to him about Carly, Sonny and AJ. When Franco saw Carly's worried expression, he assured her that Michael wouldn't hear who shot AJ from Franco. Franco explained that he asked Michael to be his best man. Carly was shocked when Franco said Michael agreed, and she asked how he pulled that off. Franco explained that he told Michael it would make Carly happy. Carly was touched that Michael would do that for her. Carly told Franco she was glad that he got Michael on board. They both agreed that there was no chance that they'd convince Josslyn to be in the wedding. Carly added that Bobbie was going to stand up for Carly at the wedding. Franco thought it was nice that their families would be there. Carly was glad that most of their family would be their, but she hoped Heather wouldn't make an appearance. Franco choked on his drink and asked why Carly said that. Carly told him about Olivia's vision of Heather. Franco assured Carly that there was no way Heather could escape without him knowing about it. Carly brushed her fears aside and went to order a pizza, and Franco looked at the article again and said to himself that he'd see Heather tomorrow.

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