GH Update Monday 10/20/14

General Hospital Update Monday 10/20/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Carly’s home, Lucas and Bobbie talk about the fun they had with Josslyn and her Halloween costume. He asks where his sister is. Bobbie admits that her daughter has some issues and dilemmas in her life.

Carly is at the Metro Court getting angry at employees who cannot properly print the menu. Olivia finds her and asks why she is so on edge. She tells Olivia if one more person tells her how she is supposed to feel or what decisions she is supposed to make, she is going to scream. In response to that, Olivia concludes she knows this is about Carly not being over Sonny although she is engaged to Franco.

Sonny and Shawn are riding up in the elevator with the plan that Shawn will “scope out” Ferncliff to make it look like Heather escaped by herself, where he can later “stash” her somewhere and then “off Franco”, having the world believing it was Franco's mother who killed him.

Franco is talking to Heather at Ferncliff after revealing to her that he needs her help to get what he really wants with Carly and with Sonny.

At the hospital, Michael tells Sabrina that he happens to know that Carlos Rivera freely confessed to killing his father, AJ. She tells him she happens to know Carlos did not do it. He is misinformed and Carlos had been wrongfully imprisoned for a murder he did not commit. Hearing that, he asks her if Carlos did not kill AJ then who did?

Silas goes to help Ava after Kiki has asked him and it looks like he can intervene before she gives pre-mature birth.

Nina informs her mom, for the first time, that Ava is pregnant and with any luck, she (Nina) is going to make that baby hers.

Bobbie does not want to discuss with Lucas what her discussion with Carly was about. He admits that he is not entirely ok with his sister marrying a former serial killer. She reflects she just wants Carly to be happy. She wants both of her children to be happy. Lucas smiles and affirms he's happy. Right then, the doorbell rings. He add that is the reason why. She remarks to her son she can't wait to get to know this boyfriend of his.

At the Metro Court, although Carly does not want to discuss with Olivia and denies that she has Sonny on the brain and he-her, Olivia tells her she has known that man since they were in kindergarten. She knows he has Carly on the brain. Carly firmly tells Olivia for a person with psychic abilities, she (Olivia) really doesn't know the truth. She ask Olivia if she (herself) is not over Sonny, then why is she marrying Franco?

At Ferncliff, Heather asks how Carly could be interested in a nasty thug like Sonny Corinthos when she has a gentle soul like her son. She asks Franco if he is serious that Carly and Sonny made a sex tape. She remarks that she cannot think of anything more vile. He tells her that they were unaware but he has it right there on his phone. He is watching Carly's ever move. He then plays a hidden recording of Carly's conversation with Olivia where she protests that she is marrying Franco and Olivia telling her that he belongs in a loony bin with that mother of his.

Morgan asks Silas if Ava is going into labor, is it possible to “reverse” that?

Madeline asks Nina who would be the father of Ava's baby. It couldn't be Silas. Could it? Nina clarifies no since her ex husband has, since moved to trailer trash Sam Morgan. Nina then remarks that that very thing is the “kicker” in all of this. She tells her not only does Ava have a child from her infidelity with Silas. She has been messing around with both a father and a son recently and is pregnant from that not even knowing which one is her baby's father. Does someone like that deserve to have a baby? Yet she has not one but two kids. Madeline tells her daughter she'd like to help her but hasn't a clue what to do. Nina tells her mom if that is true, Madeline has to help her “get” Ava's baby.

Silas and Kiki are with Morgan and Ava and it appears Ava's cramps have stopped. They don't know exactly what will happen. Silas asks her how far along she is and if she knows when the baby was conceived. Of course, she knows exactly when. It was the day of AJ Quartermaine's funeral.

Shawn confirms to Sonny that with Franco gone, he no longer has to live with the threat of anyone being able to tell Michael that Sonny killed AJ, Michael asks Sabrina if she's positive that Carlos did not kill AJ, then who did?. She admits she is not sure but she knows that it was not Carlos. He tells her unless she knows more than simply not believing Carlos is a murderer and wanting to believe the best about him, that's not enough to go on. She asks if he has ever known a person whom he just knows is telling the truth about something like that regardless of other circumstances. In response to that, Michael admits that he knew that his father, AJ was wrongfully accused of the murder of Connie Falconeri. He believed AJ regardless of what anyone else believed. She tells him then he must understand that she knows the very same thing about Carlos. He asks her why, Carlos would willfully make a false confession and have himself locked up in prison for a murder he did not commit. She replies because “someone else” made him do it.

Silas is ready to give Ava a drug to help prevent her from delivering pre-maturely. She seems content and much less worried, as are Morgan and Kiki as he is confident that he can prevent any danger from happening to her baby.

Nina demands to know why her mom would dare to say no to doing what she asks. Madeline tells her she cannot help her steal someone else's baby. Nina reminds her that she put her own daughter in a coma, killed her baby and killed an innocent pharmacist as well as lying to her son throughout his entire life about this. She has no business taking the moral high ground now. Madeline tells her daughter she needs professional help. Nina tells her mom she does not need “help” She needs a baby. She tells her mom if she's not motivated to give Nina a baby knowing she can “right the wrong” with Ava, she at least knows that Madeline will do it for money. Won't she?

Brad goes to visit Lucas when Bobbie is talking to her son. She wants to get to know Brad and talk some more. He is very surprised to find out that Lucas' sister is getting married. Lucas asks if he'd like to accompany him to the wedding, adding that he need not get “too excited”. He needs to know that nobody supports the marriage and everybody hates the groom.

At Ferncliff, Heather talks to Franco about how she tried and failed to kill Olivia with a lethal dose of LSD but that did not kill her. She tells him Olivia is just like a cock roach no different then Carly. She wants both of these “wrong” women in her sons' lives to disappear yet she's helpless to do anything about it from Ferncliff. In response to that, Franco tells his mom that “that could change”. She asks how. He replies she's the mother of the groom so he absolutely must have her at his wedding.

Carly is angry at Olivia's strong opinion about Franco, tells her she is invited to the wedding and needs to know that Carly knows what she wants and is not going to listen to anyone telling her otherwise. She also remarks she does not appreciate Olivia likening her fiancÚ to the likes of Heather Weber. Right then, out of nowhere, as soon as Olivia hears Heather's name, she has a “premonition” about something terrible happening at the hands of Heather. Carly demands to know what has happened to her. Sonny enters and Olivia tells them both she happens to know that Heather Weber is on the loose. They need to know how dangerous that lunatic is. She’s carrying a big butcher knife and is going to kill someone. Carly does not take that seriously knowing Heather is locked up although Sonny is interested in hearing what Olivia might know about Heather escaping and committing homicide.

At Ferncliff, Franco tells Heather she has made him the happiest son in the world and nothing will make him happier on his wedding day than to have her do what she is willing to do to Carly. She tells him that regardless of what he wants or hopes for, it's not likely to happen when she's locked up in there. He tells her she may leave that part to him.

Sabrina tells Michael that because “someone” threatened to harm her and her baby if Carlos did not take the rap for the murder of AJ, that motivated him to do it. Carlos obviously knows all too well that threat is real because of what did, in fact happen to her baby. Hearing that, Michael demands to know who “motivated” Carlos to take the rap for killing AJ with that threat. She replies Ava Jerome.

Silas injects Ava with a drug and it appears she is better. Michael and Kiki are standing nearby and seem confident that things will be better.

Nina reminds her mom that her father left her millions but left his miserable wife nothing. She happens to know that her mom is a lying manipulative witch. But, she tells her mom that she is “impressed by her efforts” for telling Silas that she (Nina) was dead so that he would sign away all of Nina's money to her mom. She sarcastically tells her mom she was “really good” at almost pulling that off until she went to jail and Nina woke up from her coma. She tells Madeline she may have fooled James (Nathan) into believing she was an honorable person up until now but he now knows otherwise. So, Nina tells her mom, she has two options. Option one is she wrangles Ava's baby for Nina. Option two is Madeline can work at a worthless job to pay for half of the rent of Nathan's apartment because she will have nowhere else to go and nothing else to live on. Right then, Nathan appears at the door and is looking for his mom.

Bobbie talks to Lucas about how he needs to find a job and maybe Brad could help him find one. Brad tells him maybe he can check around the hospital but does not know what, in the medical field, Lucas is qualified for. Bobbie then informs Brad for the first time that her son has had 4 years of medical school. Hearing that, Brad is very surprised to find out that Lucas actually finished med school and realizes he would have remembered if Lucas had ever told him. Both Bobbie and Brad ask why on earth Lucas would not want to practice medicine. He tells his mom and his boyfriend that he does not see being a doctor as his “thing” although neither of them can understand why Lucas would not use his medical degree when he worked so hard and did so well in med school.

When Nathan appears at the door, Nina reminds her mom that she can make millions of dollars by doing what Nina wants. So, she tells Madeline, she needs to get the door and dismiss her brother while Nina hides. Madeline does what Nina asks.

Silas asks Morgan and Kiki why Ava can't go to the hospital and needs him to come there to make a house call. Is she in hiding and who is after her?

Michael asks Sabrina why and how Ava would motivate Carlos to do what she wants by threatening Sabrina and her baby. Sabrina tells him that Carlos knows all about Ava's dirty dealings and also happens to know that Ava wanted AJ Quartermaine dead.. One can only imagine what he knew about her which she had to prevent him from exposing her for. Michael is puzzled and needs to know what she tells him she knows about Ava and the whole theory she has about what she tells him.

At the Metro Court, Carly asks Olivia why on earth she would believe that Heather could escape from a maximum security facility like the one she is now in. Sonny listens to their conversation silently while Olivia affirms that she may not know how or why Heather will escape but she knows that all of her premonitions come true.

At Ferncliff, Heather asks her son if he picked Halloween for his wedding day because of her. He replies yes and she hugs him, telling him he's the best son a mother could ever have. She asks what she should wear to the wedding. He tells her he does not care if she wears a garbage bag as long as she comes through. She then asks him what exactly it is that he wants her to do. She asks if there is a mother and son dance or any events he's planned. He tells her he has many plans, one of which is a “riveting video” to be watched by Michael Corinthos III. It will completely annihilate Michael's relationship with his parents and Sonny and Carly's worst nightmare will come to life. He wants to come back and further discuss the fate that Carly will experience. Heather thanks her son so much for admitting she was right about Carly.

Olivia tells Carly if she (Carly) wants to marry a socio-path, Carly may be her guest but she wants no part of it. Sonny then takes her aside and admits he's a bit concerned about what she is saying. It appears he wants to have a private conversation with Olivia regarding Heather and wants Carly out of earshot.

Sabrina tells Michael that nobody knows for certain that Ava killed his father but she knows for a fact Carlos has been framed and Ava has a lot of secrets she does not want revealed. He then remembers the events on the day that AJ died and the fact that Ava has lied about many things. She tells him she has to get back to work but can talk to him again if he wants.

Silas inquires from Morgan why it is that Ava cannot be seen out in public. He does not tell him the details or whom exactly is threatening Ava's life but tells him she needs to hide or else she is a dead woman. Silas promises nobody will hear where she is from him. Kiki then follows her dad out the door and admits she realizes she is asking a lot from him and appreciates what he is doing regarding this situation.

Nathan is unaware that Nina is in his apartment and talks to his mom about his concerns that his sister may be dangerous although, he admits he did not want to believe that when people told him. He happens to know that Nina attacked Silas, knocked him out while in an argument and has escaped. He cannot find her and asks his mom if she has and she denies that she's seen Nina. He is ready to go out the door but Madeline urges him to wait.

Lucas tells Bobbie and Brad that although he has finished med school, he does not like the idea that it would be entirely up to him to save lives. He doesn't know how he could ever measure up to what his father was as a doctor. It's not unlike the one in a million chance of all football players or celebrities becoming rich and famous. Hearing that, Brad tells Bobbie he would like to be the one to help her son become a famous and successful doctor. He tells him he will go and talk to Dr. Obrecht. Hearing that, Lucas raises objections about working under “that psycho” although he agrees to let Brad attempt to avail him this opportunity. In response to that, Bobbie tells the two of them it's great that her son has someone to motivate him. She just wishes someone could do the same thing for her in talking some sense into Carly.

At the Metro Court, when Carly is out of earshot, Sonny privately tells Olivia he “does not think the wedding is going to happen”. Not far away, Carly meets with Franco when he gets off the elevator, appears happy to see him and suspects nothing.

When Heather is ready to go back to her padded cell, Shawn appears unseen and watches her.

Nathan tells Madeline that he has to find Nina soon or it will be too late before she hurts someone else. Not far away, Nina overhears unseen and listens intently to their conversation.

After Kiki walks Silas out the door of Ava's and Morgan's place, she gets a call from Michael informing her that he just found something out and needs to talk to her about her mother.

Madeline follows Nathan out the door and tells him “good luck” in finding his sister, adding if Nina shows up or she sees her, she will be sure to let him know. Nathan then departs convinced that Madeline is telling the truth. As soon as he's gone, Nina comes out of hiding and claps to congratulate her mom for covering for her. Although Madeline looks uncomfortable with Nina's plan, Nina hugs her mom and asks if this means she's going to help her daughter take Ava's baby. Madeline awkwardly replies yes.

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