GH Update Friday 10/17/14

General Hospital Update Friday 10/17/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ava lying on the couch having labor pains with Morgan while they wait for Kiki to go and get medical help by finding her father, Silas.

At the hospital, Sabrina reveals the Felix that she secretly drugged Ava and will be responsible if Ava loses her baby. He assures her that she at least took action by admitting the “mistake” she made before it was too late and did the right thing. Yet she is afraid it could be too late and not as “unintended” as Felix may believe. She tells him that Ava could be going into labor right now as they speak because of what she did.

Kiki goes to find Silas but is shocked to see her father is passed out on the floor.

Madeline is in Nathan's empty apartment, on the phone, attempting to “intervene” before it's too late with what she believes her daughter, Nina is capable of. We then see Nina walk in the door, shocked to see her mother (and probably aware of what she is doing). Madeline appears suspicious to see her daughter walk in the door and knows the state of mind she is probably in.

Sonny and Shawn plot their plan to end Franco and have someone else implicated for it. Sonny declares that Heather Weber is the only person he knows even sicker than Franco who might want to kill her son and whom the cops and others would suspect.

Franco goes to see his mother at Ferncliff. She greets her son, surprised to see him. He is reveals he obviously has a plan for why he is visiting his mother.

As Sonny explains to Shawn, it might not come as a surprise to anyone if she takes another shot at him after she's already tried to kill her son before.

When Franco goes to see Heather, he reminds her that she has another son whom she might “favor” over him, Stephan Lars. She obviously defends Steven when he tells her that Steven was a murderer no different than him even if she sees it otherwise. Heather tells her son that Steven Lars did not try to kill his mother. Franco did and he made the choice to get himself in trouble right when he chose that bleach bond bimbo Carly.

Carly is at her home planning her wedding with Bobbie. Her mom tells her that she is lying to Scott as well as to Franco for her. She is concerned that her daughter has slept with Sonny more than once while convincing everyone as well as herself that she is in love with a man and ready to marry him when she does not really love him.

At the hospital, Sabrina admits to Felix that she's worried what might have come over her trig to hurt Ava's baby. He tells her that was merely the grief she was feeling at the time which is understandable and justifiable. She tells him, however, what she did was despicable when she took an a medical oath to get certified as a nurse. It could be the end of her career. Right then Nathan appears and they wonder what he is up to, acknowledging he is a cop.

Nina asks Madeline if she does not realize and feel bad to have killed her daughter's baby and put her in a coma for 20 years. She tells her mom even if she is, there is nothing she can possibly do that could make what she did alright.

When Kiki discovers Silas lying on the floor, as soon as he comes to, he informs his daughter that Nina did this to him. She is dangerous and on the war path to hurt many people. Hearing that, Kiki does not believe that Nina would ever want to hurt her father since she's heard her express many times that she loves her husband more than anything. Silas admits to his daughter that is not true and she needs to know the reality he has just discovered about his wife.

Nina grabs a hold of her mother and tells her that even if the courts and police cannot make her pay for killing Nina's baby and preventing her from ever having the chance to have a child, she will make her pay. She screams at her mom to repent for what she did.

Sonny tells Shawn that she knows that Heather is the perfect suspect for the murder of Franco. However, they first have to break her out of Ferncliff. Shawn reminds him, very possibly if they do that, she might attempt to kill Carly first.

At Ferncliff, Heather reminds her son that he stabbed her, tried to kill and bury his own mother and put Carly first. He then tells her that he realizes he did that and wants to ask for her forgiveness. She asks if he is still with “that slut”. When he does not confirm that he's broken up with Carly, she tells him that is just what she thought and she is ready to end their conversation. However, he intends to bribe her to listen to him with a BLT. He tells her that he realizes she is entitled to an answer regarding Carly and tells her that they are getting married.

Bobbie tells Carly she did promise to support her but there is a limit to what she is wiling and able to do regarding the situation. Carly reminds her mom that she also (Bobbie) has messed around with the wrong men and lied to the one she was committed to. She also wants to know what was the reason why Carly just revealed it was “too late” to put the brakes on her wedding. Carly obviously does not want to answer that question but Bobbie is aware and needs her daughter to answer the question of whether she really wants to marry Franco or if there is another reason why she believes she “has to”.

When Nathan goes to the hospital and sees Sabrina and Felix, he tells them he has to find his sister, Nina Clay whom he believes would be attending Physical Therapy. Hearing that, they inform him that as far as they know, Nina has dropped out of Physical Therapy. Sabrina wants to talk to the detective although he tells her he has to go because he has a more urgent matter to attend to. Felix asks Sabrina what she wanted to talk to the good detective about. She admits she indented to turn herself in.

Ava continues to have pain and is ready to go into labor and only Morgan is with her unable to do anything.

Madeline asks Nina if she is taking her medication because she is clearly not well. Hearing that, Nina asks her if she means the drug that her mother gave her that put her in the coma for 20 years and caused her to lose her baby. She reminds her that as soon as she awoken and came back to the life she once had, she made a list of all the people whom she is going to make pay for what they have done to her, and her mother was on the top of the list. She realized, however, that her mother was already in prison so she crossed her off the list however, now that she sees Madeline is out of jail, she gets to put her back on the list. Nina looks like she is way out of control as she closes the door and declares that she now has the opportunity to make the one person who has ruined her life pay for what she has done so that Nina can have justice.

Felix urges Sabrina not to turn herself over to the cops, ruin her career and her life just because she made one mistake when she was not thinking straight although she sees it otherwise.

While Ava is having her pains and worried that her baby is coming before it's ready, Morgan encourages her to know that she is going to have a baby soon who will be healthy and happy. He will have a son or daughter or little brother or sister and everything will be ok although it may not be that simple.

When Kiki tells Silas why she is there, he tells her he really has to wash his hands of Ava. Kiki explains to her dad, however, that Ava took the wrong medication which is meant to induce labor so they have to take urgent action, she tells him, if not for Ava, he needs to do it for his daughter. As soon as they get ready to go out the door, however, Nathan appears and is looking for Nina.

When Nina is ready to make her mother pay, Madeline urges her daughter not to do anything rash, encourages her to know that she can get her life back on track and have things get better and have all the things she wants. She tells Nina that if she wants Silas, she won't prevent her from getting her marriage back with him., Nina tells her mom that Silas is done with her, no longer trusts her and it's over between them. So that's not an option even if Madeline does want to help with that.

Sonny and Shawn are ready to take action with Franco and prevent him from marrying Carly.

Bobbie demands that Carly settles her mom what the real reason is why she feels she is “forced” to marry Franco. Carly then admits it's because of Michael.

While Franco gives Heather the BLT, she asks him what his next plan is, reminding him that she knows he does not care about her since he's never come to visit her while she's been locked up in this place. He's never called nor written nor done anything. She also asks if she is such a terrible parent that he has to marry that woman, Carly. Is that what he is doing to get revenge upon her? He tells her no. He is there to admit to his mother that he is right. Hearing that, Heather is very surprised to hear her son say that. He tells her that she was correct that he should not trust Carly and he admits it was his fault not to have listened to his mother about that.

When Nathan goes to Silas' apartment to find Nina, Silas tells him that he can't help him and he and his daughter have something important to do. Nathan tells him it's urgent he finds his sister after he's just heard that she may be dangerous and ready to do something that people need to beware of. Hearing that, Silas admits to him that the suspicion Nathan has heard is correct. Nina threatened to kill him and told him she's on a warpath to take drastic action and he believes she is dangerous just like Madeline has told them.

Nina is with her mom again proving that is true.

Franco tells Heather that he refused to listen to his mom's warning about Carly and he paid the price. Hearing that, Heather asks her son what “price” he paid for not listening to her about Carly. He replies Carly broke his heart when he fell in love with her and let himself trust her. She betrayed him and lied to him by sleeping with Sonny.

Sonny talks to Shawn about how arranging for it to appear that Heather temporarily escaped from Ferncliff to kill her son can work and be easier than it appears. After she's done it, she will be taken back to the institution, locked up, Franco will be dead, and their lives will be back to normal.

Michael talks to Sabrina at the hospital about wanting to open up a free clinic in his father's name. He wanted to find out if GH can possibly donate or help with his plan and wanted to team up with some of the best and most highly valued medical staff and they recommended her as one of their best. He further explains to her that his father was unjustly murdered by a low life criminal. IN response to that, she angrily clarifies to him that the “low life criminal” who is serving a life sentence for the murder of AJ happens to be a friend of hers'. Carlos Rivera is a good man and not a low life criminal. He did not murder AJ. He has been falsely accused of a murder he did not commit. She happens to know that whether Michael and others know or believe it or not.

Heather is shocked and very interested to hear her son reveal to him that Carly cheated on him. He confirms Carly did that many times. Heather tells him that does not surprise her knowing Carly’s mother. She knows that Barbara Jean Spencer cheated on every man she's had and slept with many other women's men. She reminds him that Bobbie took Scott from her and she obviously wants to know more about her son's plan with Carly.

Bobbie tells Carly that she needs to come clean and be honest to herself and others involved before it's too late and not to make the same mistakes her mom did.

Sabrina tells Michael that he and others know nothing about Carlos Rivera. She has known him since she was in Puerto Rico. They were even engaged to be married once. When he got wrongfully accused, she almost considered running away with him. Carlos was there for her when she was all alone after Patrick left her and she was pregnant. He tells her that he knows it was a good thing that she never married nor went on the run with Carlos after what he has done. Sabrina angrily tells Michael not that it's any of his business what she does or whom she's involved with, but she knows more about Carlos than he knows and she won't listen to his misinformation about a man he knows nothing about.

Nina is ready to kill Madeline when they know that James (Nathan) is looking for her. Nina tells her her brother wants their mutual mother to pay for what she has done although Madeline tells her daughter Nathan has a good heart and will forgive his mother for what she has done all those years ago and will now see Nina for the dangerous person she is and realize she has gone to far with what she's done with the scams she's committed and everything else. Nina tells her mother if she wants to make this right for her and is genuinely sorry for what she has done, then she needs to “give” Nina a baby. Madeline asks her daughter how on earth she could do that. Nina tells her she can and she will do that for her daughter. She tells her there is nothing else she'd rather do than give her daughter the baby she lost but Nina had a miscarriage. In response to that, Nina screams to her that she knows that. She realizes she cannot expect her mom or anyone to bring the baby she lost back but she can “bring” her a baby. Madeline asks her daughter whose baby Nina wants her to “bring to” her. Nina replies Ava Jerome's baby.

Silas and Kiki return to Ava and Morgan and she pleads with her daughter's father to please save her baby.

Bobbie tells Carly that her “commitment” to marrying Franco seems more like a prison sentence than a commitment of choice out of love. Carly protests that she is happy, it is a choice and she does love him and would like her mother to help her plan her wedding.

Franco admits to his mom that he was completely fooled and has now finally seen the light. He further tells his mother that the process he wants to carry out is something that he would like to rely on her to help him with.

Sonny and Shawn affirm that Franco needs to be out of Carly's life for good and they are both on board with their plan.

Sabrina tells Michael she happens to know that Carlos Rivera did not kill his father. He asks if Carlos did not, then who did?

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