GH Update Thursday 10/16/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/16/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie was Carly's wedding planner. She was at Carly's house, showing fabric swatches to Lucas and Bobbie. Lucas joked that he'd pictured Carly wearing black at the wedding. Lucas sensed that Maxie wasn't enthusiastic about the planning, so he asked his cousin what was wrong. Maxie admitted she was having a hard time being happy about two people coming together now that she and Nathan had been torn apart. Maxie had called Diane to see if she could get Judge Walters' order for Maxie to stay away from Nathan overturned, but Maxie wasn't sure if Diane could help. Carly ran in and explained that she was late because she had a run in with Sonny. Bobbie wondered why Carly had been with Sonny while they were planning her wedding to Franco. Carly replied that they'd been discussing Michael. Maxie asked if Michael would be at the wedding. Carly felt that it was obvious that her son would attend her wedding, and she wondered why Maxie would ask that. Maxie replied that she didn't know if Michael would want to be there after everything Franco did. Carly got defensive and snapped that Franco wasn't responsible for what happened to Michael in prison. She added that Franco dove off the pier and saved Michael's life. Maxie wasn't impressed. Carly snapped that Maxie couldn't judge since Maxie slept with Franco long before he had the tumor removed. Maxie countered that she admitted that Franco was creepy, dangerous, and manipulating her, unlike Carly. Maxie assumed that Carly was trying to save Franco, even though half the town despised him. Carly angrily walked toward Maxie and challenged her to list the people who despised Franco. Bobbie got in the middle and calmed things down, then she changed the subject by saying Josslyn was trying on her dress. She called Josslyn downstairs. Carly's smile faded when she saw what her daughter was wearing – a corn costume.

Carly was upset and assumed Maxie had chosen the outfit since it was a Halloween wedding. Josslyn clarified that she chose the outfit, because she was planning to go trick or treating instead of attending Carly's “joke of a wedding.” Carly reminded Josslyn that they talked about this. Josslyn felt that Carly hadn't given her a say in the matter. Carly firmly replied that Josslyn didn't get a say. Josslyn wondered why Carly didn't just marry her dad again. Bobbie, Lucas and Maxie all quickly gave their support to the idea of Carly marrying Jax. Carly told them all that this was her decision, not theirs. Josslyn yelled that she didn't want a stepfather. Carly replied that Josslyn was getting one. Josslyn wished Carly would choose someone besides Franco. Josslyn added that she'd take Victor Cassadine, or Stephen King, or even Sonny.

Maxie and Lucas tried to convince Josslyn to put on the dress. She refused, so they grabbed her by her arms and legs and playfully carried her up the stairs. Bobbie assured Carly that Lucas and Maxie would get Josslyn to wear the dress, then she added that she hoped Carly was done with Sonny. Later, a teary-eyed Carly was slumped on the couch staring a picture of her, Sonny and Morgan. Bobbie walked in and handed her a glass of water. Carly was worn out over things with Josslyn. Bobbie smiled and said it was part of life with a daughter. Bobbie noted that Carly hadn't said much about her run in with Sonny. Bobbie added that if Carly didn't want to go through with the wedding, it wasn't too late to change her mind.

Sonny and Shawn were at Sonny's office talking about their plan to kill Franco. They were trying to figure out who they could frame for Franco's death, so that they didn't get blamed. Shawn asked Sonny if he remembered Joey Limbo. Sonny did. He was a mobster that the Zaccharas hired to kill Sonny. Joey had been wounded in a shootout with Sonny and his men. Franco, who'd watched the shootout, stepped on Joey's neck and killed him. Shawn suggested that they make it look like one of Joey's crew, or Johnny Zacchara killed Franco in retaliation. Sonny nixed the idea, because Joey's crew was gone and because Carly had a soft spot for her ex, Johnny, and would believe him if he said he didn't do it. Shawn noted that most of the people Franco hurt were Sonny's loved ones, or innocent people, like Maxie and Spinelli. Sonny wanted to frame someone who deserved it. Sonny came up with a candidate to pin the murder on – Heather Webber.

Silas and Nina were at home. Nina tried to get Silas to believe that it had been all Rosalie's idea for Nina to pretend to be disabled. Nina's story was that Rosalie said Silas had probably moved on and that Nina should pretend that she needed to be a wheelchair to reel Silas in. Nina claimed she didn't want to do it, but Rosalie made her. Silas sarcastically asked if Rosalie also suggested that Nina pretend to be broke. Nina yelled that she didn't know what else to do. She cried that she just wanted him to love her. Nina suddenly grew angry and said that was a joke, considering everything Silas had done to her. “You son of a bitch!” she yelled. Nina was furious that Silas questioned her loyalty, after all she'd done to win him back. Silas stood silently while Nina ranted at him about sleeping with Ava after Nina put him through medical school. Nina started crying. She recalled that she'd been pregnant with their baby and so happy, until Madeline showed her the pictures of Silas and Ava. Nina added that Madeline then injected her and put her into a coma. Nina felt that Silas left her stranded for twenty years. Silas replied that he tried to see her numerous times, but her family got him legally blocked. “Oh please. They gave you the out that you wanted,” Nina spat. She angrily noted that when she woke up, Silas wasn't there. Nina told Silas she came to see him and found out that he was escorting Sam to a party. Silas was confused and he asked what party. Nina explained that she meant Britt's engagement party. She also revealed that she trashed Silas's apartment that night. Nina added that she enjoyed trashing Silas's place and that he was lucky she didn't take a crowbar to his head. Nina felt that Silas, along with Ava, Madeline and Kiki deserved it for screwing her over. “So that's it. Nina. That's your list, Silas said. Nina asked what he was talking about. Silas told her Franco saw her with a list with those names on it, and with Madeline's name crossed off. Silas figured that Madeline's name was crossed off since she was in prison. Silas also recalled overhearing Nina say that Kiki's name was on a list.

Silas acknowledged that Nina had been hurt and that it wasn't fair. He promised to do whatever it took to make it right. Silas knew he couldn't do it on his own, so he gently suggested that the two of them talk to someone. Nina wondered why everyone kept suggesting that she see a shrink. She told Silas that Britt had referred her to Kevin after Britt told her she was in menopause. Nina tearfully insisted that she wasn't in menopause though, and that she could give Silas a baby. “Right?” She asked Silas. “Absolutely. You just need a little time,” Silas replied. Silas promised Nina that she wasn't alone. And he gently took her arm, intending to lead her out of the apartment and to the hospital. Nina's demeanor shifted from docile to menacing, and she hissed that Silas should let go of her arm.

Nathan called Nina's phone, but she didn't answer. He left her a message telling her he wanted to talk in person. Madeline walked into the room and thanked him for letting her spend the night. Nathan confessed that he was surprised he did. Madeline wasn't. She told Nathan that she didn't raise him to be the kind of person who'd throw a penniless lady on the streets. Nathan noted that Madeline had lied so many times that he didn't believe her story that she was s broke and that Nina controlled the family assets. Madeline told Nathan she was so sorry and that he was never supposed to get hurt. Nathan told her he'd called Nina to get the story from her. He added that if Madeline was being honest, it meant Nina had been lying to him all along. Madeline swore she was telling the truth. “Like when you told me she was dead?” Nathan replied. Madeline stated that there were reasons for that. Nathan felt that the only way he would get the truth was to talk to Nina. He decided to go see her. Madeline stopped Nathan and told him that there were some things he needed to know about his sister.

Madeline took Nathan's hands into her own and stated that Nina had been troubled, long before Silas came into her life. Nathan didn't believe it. Madeline understood that Nathan wanted to go on loving the Nina he thought he knew, but she felt that he needed to know the truth. Madeline told Nathan that Nina had been the apple of her father's eye, and he spoiled her. Madeline tried to give Nina boundaries, but Nina would have mood swings whenever she didn't get her way. Nathan didn't think it was a big deal that Nina got angry. Madeline stressed that it was more than that – Nina was irrational and occasionally violent. Madeline had suggested that Nina see a psychiatrist, and in response, Nina shoved Madeline down the stairs. Nathan didn't remember any of this. Madeline replied that these things happened before he was born and while he was very young. Nathan countered that he had clear memories of Nathan and that she didn't act remotely like the person Madeline described. Madeline explained that Nina didn't act like that around Nathan because he was her baby brother, whom she adored.

Madeline was afraid that Nina's erratic behavior would result in something awful happening. Madeline tried to have Nina committed, but she ran off and married Silas. Madeline explained that when the family met Silas, they assumed he was after Nina's money. According to Madeline, Nina manipulated things by telling Silas that her parents didn't want anything to do with him. Nathan thought that was true that Madeline didn't want to get to know Silas, but Madeline told him that it wasn't. Madeline said that Nina was able to conceal her erratic behavior and keep Silas from knowing her true nature. Nathan wasn't sure what to say. He appreciated that Madeline shared her half of the story, and he decided to find Nina and get the other half. Madeline called Nathan and warned him to be careful because Nina was dangerous. She admitted she was afraid of Nina and worried that Nina would hurt Nathan. There was a knock on the door. Madeline answered – it was Nina, and she was stunned to see her mother.

Franco was in the conference room at GH when Michael walked in. Franco wondered why Michael was there. Michael explained that he had a meeting with the hospital board to discuss a waterfront clinic that Michael wanted to fund in his father's name. Franco asked if he meant Sonny. Michael replied that he meant AJ. Franco claimed he'd just been thinking about AJ. Michael asked why, and Franco said he and Carly had just been talking about how she and Sonny kept Michael from having much of a relationship with AJ growing up. Franco explained that he felt it was remarkable that AJ and Michael later became close. Franco hoped that one day Franco and Michael would be as close as Michael and Sonny were. Franco admitted it was an impossible dream. Franco told Michael that it was clear that Michael meant a lot to Sonny. Franco stated that Sonny loved Michael so much that he didn't retaliate against AJ, even though AJ had caused Sonny immeasurable pain. Michael wondered what Franco's point was. Franco replied that he (Franco) could never do that – if someone hurt him, he'd hurt them back.

Franco told Michael that he hadn't been able to buy Carly a ring, so he got her a necklace instead. Michael wondered if Franco was asking for money to buy a ring. Franco replied that he wanted Michael to be his best man. Michael asked why Franco didn't ask Scott to do it. Franco explained that he was concerned that if Carly saw his father standing at the altar, she'd think about his mother, Heather, and all the things Heather had done to Carly. Franco stressed that he didn't want to do anything to make Carly uncomfortable on her wedding day. Franco thought that it would be great for Carly if Michael was the best man.

Michael reminded Franco of what Franco had done – when Michael was 17, and in prison, Franco lead Jason to believe he asked an inmate named Carter to target Michael. Franco had actually asked Carter to protect Michael, but Carter raped Michael instead. Michael asked if he was supposed to forget about that and be Franco's best man. Franco acknowledged that this would be hard for Michael. Franco added that it was hard for him (Franco) to get over Sonny making a pass at Carly, too. Franco admitted that this wasn't the same thing as what Michael was going through, but Franco had put his feelings aside, and he was hoping Michael would be able to do the same. Franco felt that Michael's endorsement of Carly and Franco's marriage would be the greatest gift of all. Michael grudgingly agreed to be the best man, but he made it clear he was only doing it for Carly. Franco was pleased. Franco left to hand deliver someone's wedding invitation. Michael pulled a picture of AJ out of a folder and looked at it, then he texted Kiki and told her she'd never guess what he agreed to do.

Franco went to a prison to see Heather. She walked into the visiting room.

Ava was curled up on the couch at the Brownstone in agony. Morgan and Kiki wondered why she was in so much pain. Ava told them that she thought she was going into labor. Morgan pointed out that it was too early. Ava told them about Sabrina giving her the wrong pills – pills that cause early labor. Ava suspected that Sabrina might have given her the wrong prescription on purpose because she resented Ava's baby. Kiki and Morgan felt that Ava should go to the hospital. Ava refused because she was afraid that Sonny would find her. Ava hoped that the contractions would stop now that she'd stopped taking the medicine and that she'd be able to ride out the pain.

Kiki wanted to call Britt, but Ava replied that Britt wouldn't prescribe anything unless she'd examined Ava. Morgan suggested having Britt, come to them. Ava said no because she was sure that Sonny was having Britt tailed, hoping that Britt would lead him to Ava. Kiki suggested that they call her dad. Morgan pointed out that Silas was an oncologist. Kiki knew for a fact that Silas had delivered babies before. Ava was against it because she knew that Silas hated her, and she was afraid he'd tell someone where she was. Kiki was confident that Silas would keep the secret if Kiki asked him to. Kiki couldn't reach Silas by phone, so she went to his house. Morgan stayed and comforted Ava.

When Kiki got to Silas's, she went to knock on the door and realized it was open. She went inside and found Silas knocked out on the floor.

Sabrina and Felix ran into each other at GH. Felix hugged her and mentioned that he'd think he didn't have a roommate if not for the bowls in the sink every morning. Sabrina explained that she'd been working crazy shifts, but Felix sensed that she was avoiding him. Felix knew that Sabrina had been thinking about Gabriel's death a lot. Sabrina admitted that she once thought Ava caused the accident, but now she had reason to doubt that. Felix was relieved that Sabrina didn't try and get revenge on an innocent woman. Sabrina remorsefully admitted that she already did – she gave Ava pills that would cause her to go into early labor. Felix was alarmed and said they had to fix this. Sabrina told him she called Ava and lied and said there'd been an accidental mix up. Sabrina couldn't believe what she'd done. Felix told her she'd been grieving. He added that this was why he'd advised her not to investigate the accident. Sabrina wished she'd listened and worried that Ava would go into premature labor. Felix told her that there was nothing she could do now. He felt that there was no harm done, since Sabrina put a stop to it. Sabrina wondered how many pills Ava took before Sabrina called her.

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