GH Update Wednesday 10/15/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/15/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Franco sits alone and replays the video he managed to secretly record of Carly sleeping with Sonny and declaring that she “regrets having sex with her ex in her son's apartment” and cheating on her fiancé yet again.

Sonny and Shawn talk privately about putting a plan into motion to “take out Franco” before he marries Carly and to make sure that other suspects can be implicated for the murder besides Sonny. Shawn asks Sonny if he's really thought it through and is serious about going through with this. Sonny tells Shawn definitely. He knows that Carly does not love this guy even if she says otherwise. He's caused enough grief for Sonny's family. And he has to be eliminated.

Nina is alone in Silas' apartment leaving unreturned messages for him about how she needs him to come home, get back to her or at least let her know he is ok. Right then, the door opens she is first “elated” assuming it's Silas. When she sees it's Rosalie, however, she admits her disappointment.

At the hospital, whenever Sabrina continues to leave messages for Jordan Ashford, whenever she is not occupied with work and out of the sight of earshot of others, telling Jordan she realizes this may be annoying, but she desperately needs Jordan to get back to her regarding Ava's prescription meds (the ones she secretly gave to Ava to induce labor, when she believed Jordan was responsible for the death of Sabrina's son).

Ava is in the place she's staying when she gets a call from Jordan informing her that “that nurse” (Sabrina) keeps calling and harassing Jordan when she already gave Ava her pills. Hearing that, Ava remarks that it's not doing her any good to have them since she's still getting these huge spasms of pain. Jordan asks Ava if there's anything she can do to help. Ava admits to Jordan she is already helping her beyond measure by covering for her regarding the accident. She also reminds Jordan they needs to make sure that that “poor bastard she ran down while driving” does not remember anything that happened that night.

Elizabeth is tending to the bedside of the “John Doe” (Jason Morgan?) patient while he's asleep. Brad enters and gives her the lab results that were run on their anonymous patient. She clarifies that his name is Jake. Brad then remarks that he can see that the patient looks good. She remarks that he appears to be desperate for a man in his life enough to notice any “handsome face”. He then remarks to her that since they are on the subject of peoples' love lives, he wonders how she is taking the news that her “pal Nikolas” has gotten back with Britt. Hearing that and unaware until now, she is clearly affected although she does not want to admit or reveal it to Brad.

Britt awakens in Nikolas' bed. She first is startled to see he's gone but he quickly returns with a tray to bring her breakfast in bed, telling her he “wanted to” celebrate their first morning together, again. She graciously warms up to him but suddenly he throws the tray on the floor, gets in her face and furiously tells her that he has now found out she's the same lying, cheating bitch she's always been. At that point, she is devastated.

When Rosalie runs into Nina at Silas' apartment, she tells her she's sorry but she just came by to pick up some stuff she left behind and then she will be on her way. Hearing that, Nina appears to be surprised and asks her why she's leaving. Rosalie reminds Nina, angrily, that she obviously has no use for Rosalie and the feeling is mutual. Rosalie tells her she's happy to no longer have to deal with this big mess which Nina is putting her through. If Nina is unaware, Rosalie reminds her, Dr. Clay has fired her and Nina has not lifted a finger in her defense. Also, she obviously does not need Rosalie anymore since the secret is out that she does not need a wheelchair. Nina expresses however, that she obviously has other “uses” for Rosalie, needs her help with something and does not want her to depart.

Franco is then playing the recording of Carly's confession to Sonny that they are lying to Michael not only about their secret involvement but about the fact that Sonny has killed AJ, and Sonny's confirming that. Franco watches and declares to Sonny he will give him what he deserves.

Carly goes to talk to Sonny while Shawn is there and she tells him that they have to make sure Michael stays away after the attempt was made on his life not long ago by one of Sonny's enemies. Sonny tells her that he has just recently encouraged their son to return him. She demands to know why he did that and why he did not tell her. Sonny does not reply but Shawn assures her things are ok. Michael is ok. He has been keeping a close watch on everything and the Jeromes are laying low ever since their hit man was “dealt with”. Hearing that, Carly reminds them that Michael killed the hit man in self-defense and should not have been put in that position. Sonny tells her he agrees but there is nothing to connect Michael to what happened the other night. She angrily tells her ex she does not want her son coming back here and being in danger. Sonny tells her that he has upped he security and it sounds like Julian is not going to endanger their son. She asks him how he can be certain that Michael is safe. He asks her why she is discontented and informs her he thought she'd be happy that all her kids are nearby.

Jordan assures Ava that after she took the rap for the accident, it will keep Ava out of Sonny's cross-hairs. In response to that, Ava graciously acknowledges that Jordan has truly saved her life and is indebted to her for what she did because if word got out that it was Ava driving that night, Sonny would find her, have locked her up and have her killed after the birth of her baby. Jordan assures her that nobody will know their secret and hopefully the guy she hit will never know the truth. Ava remarks “God help us” if he ever does. Right then, Morgan comes by, overhears the conversation and asks her whom she is talking to. She acknowledges Morgan and says into the phone: “I gotta go. Keep me posted.” and hangs up. She turns to Morgan, smiles and mentions she did not see him come in and that he startled her. He asks her what that was all about and she hesitates to answer.

In the John Doe's hospital room, Brad takes pleasure in gloating to Elizabeth that his friend, Britt has “won” Nikolas over her, he's dumped her for Britt and he mentions he could “go on” and tell her more. Right then, the guy awakens and tells Brad he thinks he's “said enough”

Nikolas furiously tells Britt he can't believe he trusted her and bought into her lies again only to find out yet again what kind of a person she is. He informs her he just went into his kitchen and overheard Spencer talking to his little friend, Josslyn, about how Britt helped his son disappear and had Nikolas go out of his mind believing he'd been kidnapped so that she could manipulate him into believing she was his hero, offering him emotional support so she could worm her way into his life when he was distraught and vulnerable. She protests that she did not mean for that to happen but Nikolas reminds her that she knew his 9-year-old son was out all alone yet did nothing, knowing all the while and not telling him what she was up to. She asks him what he's going to do. He tells her he's calling the police and reporting an intruder in his house.

In Jason's hospital room, Elizabeth smiles to see he's awoken, tells him his lab results have come back and asks how he's feeling. He tells her he's annoyed at the way (Brad) is talking to her. He tells Brad he owes Elizabeth an apology. Brad then grudgingly apologizes and leaves. Alone with the patient, Elizabeth tells him she appreciates his help but he does not need to defend her honor to Brad. She's a big girl. He remarks that that guy sounded like a jackass and he didn't like the way he spoke to her. She remarks, “that's just Brad” and also informs him that her friend Lucas has a thing for Brad, so there might be something about him that all the rest of us are blind to. He then remarks that he could tell she sounded like she may have been hurt to have heard that a guy named Nikolas has moved on and it sounds like she and “this Nikolas guy” must have a history. She replies that she and Nikolas are just that: history. She concludes if he wants to be with Britt, then she (Elizabeth) need not be worried. It's not like Britt can't find a way to ruin that all on her own, Elizabeth tells him.

Britt pleads for Nikolas not to call the cops and give her a chance to explain but he ignores her and asks to have someone sent over because there is an intruder on his property. She is devastated that he'd see her that way but he furiously tells her he's now discovered that, once again, everything about them is based on a lie. She protests that she was desperate. She loved him and wanted him back because he was the only man who's seen something good in her and made her want to be a better person. She just wanted him to give her another chance. He asks her if she thought letting him believe something horrible had happened to his son was the way to accomplish that. He tells her he will never forgive her. The cops will be there soon. He never wants to see her again. Because of her, he lost his chance with the woman he is meant to be with who is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth asks Jake what he might remember about the night he was hit and he admits he does not remember much except what he was told. She asks if there is anything he does remember about that night. Jordan walks into the room.

In response to Morgan's question about her conversation, Ava tells him that was just Jordan Ashford checking up on her. He asks her what she meant when she told Jordan God help them if someone finds something out. She then admits they were talking about his father, as he hands her the bottle with her meds and she takes one. She admits to Morgan she purposely did not tell Jordan where she is staying. The fewer people who know where she is, the better.

Carly asks Sonny what is up with telling her he wants to have Michael in town to attend her wedding. She knows he'd rather have Michael stranded in the Himalayas than watch her marry Franco. He admits that is correct. He tells her he wants what is best for her and he knows she is pretending that she loves Franco and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Sonny tells her he knows that Franco scares her although she denies it and he concludes the reason she is willing to be with Franco is so that he will keep quiet about the secret regarding AJ

At the hospital, Franco continues to play the video when Silas enters the room unexpectedly.

Rosalie admits she's surprised to hear Nina say that Silas wants their marriage to end. Last she heard, he bought the story about her “secret mobility”. Nina tells her that was before Travis revealed her secret to Silas. She explains that Silas asked him to fess up about all he knew and he revealed that she has never needed her wheelchair and has had access to her trust fund the whole time. So, she tells Rosalie, as she puts her arm around her, they (herself and Rosalie) need to do something about that. Rosalie asks what she thinks can be done regarding any way for Nina to get back into Silas' good graces. Nina tells her she is wrong. They are going to have him believing it was all Rosalie's fault.

When Silas finds Franco in the empty conference room watching the video, Franco tells him he's just got a habit of watching porn although maybe he should not be doing that on the job. Silas then tells Franco he will make a deal for him where he will cover for him if he can tell Silas how long he (Franco) has been covering for Nina.

Britt cries and pleads to Nikolas that she knows she made a mistake but last night proved that they still mean something to each other. Yet he does not listen and tells her they are through forever. Uniformed cops arrive and ask Mr. Cassadine if this is the woman involved in his son's disappearance. Nikolas replies yes. She orchestrated the whole thing and he wants to press charges. They put her in handcuffs and take her away as she cries, pleads and tells Nikolas she loves him although he tells her she is incapable of love. He does not love her and he slams the door in her face as she gets removed from his home. Britt awakens startled, obviously talking in her sleep saying: “I'm sorry, Nikolas”. He is right beside her and awakens when she sits up. He asks what her dream was about. She tells him it was about being afraid she'd lost him. He holds her and assures her that won't happen.

Jordan enters the hospital room, notices Jake is awake and tells him there is no easy way to say this but she is the person who hit him. She tells him she is terribly sorry and realizes there is no excuse or justification except it was dark and he appeared to have walked into the middle of the street before she could see him or stop in time. He then looks intently at her, asks if she's sure that she's not mistaken because he is certain the person he heard after the accident sounded very different than her.

Morgan tells Ava he wants to protect her and the baby no matter who its father is.

Sonny tells Carly he's concerned that she is condemning herself to be marrying Franco. She tells him that is not what is happening. Nobody is holding a gun to her head. She loves Franco, she tells him, but admits that the only alternative is to risk Michael never forgiving both herself and Sonny. Right then, Michael walks into the office with Kiki.

In the private room at the hospital, having no clue what Silas has just discovered, Franco tells him he admits he helped Nina play hooky from Physical Therapy. Silas tells him he knows that Nina never needed Physical Therapy or the wheelchair in the first place.

Nina tells Rosalie when she woke up from her coma and was very depressed that her husband had moved on, Rosalie told her how she could find a way to convince her husband to stay with her. So she needs Rosalie's help again. Rosalie tells her that she's done with this. Nina then informs her she does not have a choice. Did Rosalie get her message? She knows Rosalie's dirty little secret. So if Rosalie does not help her with her plan, she will reveal it to all. Hearing that, Rosalie asks Nina how she'd feel if Rosalie “gives” her Ava Jerome.

While Ava is with Morgan, after taking her meds, she starts to have another terrible pain all of a sudden.

When Jordan is talking to the patient, Sabrina rushes into the room and tells her she has something urgent to tell her. Jordan wants to continue her conversation and not be bothered but when Sabrina tells her this cannot wait, she goes into the hallway with her. Alone with Elizabeth, Jake can remember the voice of the woman who hit him and knows it was different than Jordan's voice.

When Michael enters his dad's office with Kiki, Carly hugs her son and doesn't want him to suspect anything. He asks what they were talking about. Sonny explains that his mom wants him away. She tells him that if he goes back to the place where he's been staying, Ned can take over ELQ in his place and keep Tracy busy. Michael declares he is not there for Tracy. He's there for AJ.

Not knowing and only guessing what Silas has found out about Nina's secret, Franco attempts to “justify” her actions by telling Silas they talked and he needs to give her a break since she was in a coma for 20 years and so she made the “list”. Hearing about Nina's “hit list” for the first time, Silas asks what Franco knows about that. He admits she had him, Sam, Ava, Kiki and others on it.

Rosalie asks Nina if she does not remember Ava, the blond bombshell who slept with her husband and started this whole thing. She informs Nina that after Dr. Clay fired her, she discovered Ava's location. She reminds Nina she is running out of time since Ava's due date is soon, and she knows Nina has wanted “into” that woman's uterus. Nina does not want to admit it but Rosalie reminds her ever since ever since she saw Ava's pregnant belly, it's obvious Nina has wanted to make that baby her own.

When Ava's cramps persist and don't stop, Morgan tells her they have to get her to a doctor although she frantically tells him they cannot be found or seen by anybody in a public facility. He tells her they don't have a choice and are running out of options so he tells her he's going to call Dr. Westbourne. He calls and Britt gets her phone while with Nikolas at his place. She's surprised to hear from him and wonders why Carly's son would be calling about one of her patients.

Outside Jake's hospital room, Jordan tells Sabrina she need not worry because Ava now has her pills. Sabrina tells her that is just what she's been trying to communicate to her. Ms. Jerome has the wrong medication.

On the phone with Morgan, Britt assesses that she knows Ava Jerome has missed a few appointments and asks if everything is ok. He tells her it's really not as he watches Ava writhing on the couch screaming in pain.

Rosalie tells Nina she knows she has wanted to get her hands on Ava's baby from day one. She tells Nina she cannot get Silas back for her but if she promises to lay off of Rosalie's secret, she will tell Nina where to find Ava and her baby. We then see Nina listen intently and sounding as though she's liking that idea, as we see Ava in a fatal condition as though she might lose her baby.

Michael tells his parents he wants to open up a free medical facility on the waterfront in AJ's memory and call it the Alan J. Quartermaine Jr. Memorial Clinic. Hearing that, Carly tells her son that would be a beautiful way to remember AJ. Kiki stands beside him while confidently and boldly concluding to both Sonny and Carly how she knows Michael loved, honored, and respected his deceased father. Michael talks about how his father did not have a chance to prove his innocence and his death was unjust. Carly tells her son she supports what he wants to do when he says he wants for his dad's death to mean something and for his memory to live on.

At the hospital, Silas asks Franco if he's sure that his (Silas') name is on Nina's hit list, Franco tells him he's sure it is. He also remembered Nina has her mother’s name on it but somehow crossed it off. Silas demands to know why. Franco says he does not know nor care and remarks to Silas that Nina has been through enough so can't Silas just let it go?

Rosalie tells Nina that she's not just going to hand Ava to her without some assurance that Nina is not going to blackmail her or put her up to doing something like trying to sleep with Michael. She's not going to keep doing whatever Nina wants and is now going to do some things her way.

While the Jake talks to Elizabeth about whether Jordan would take the rap for an accident she did not cause, outside the room Sabrina admits to Jordan that she accidentally gave her the wrong medication to give to Ava and informs her that that drug won't help Ava with her cramps and what it's likely to do is cause premature labor.

While Ava continues to be in her medical crisis, Morgan asks Britt if she could prescribe another drug. Britt tells him she can't do that without examining Ava herself and asks her if he could bring her to GH.

Britt arrives at work and greets an eager Brad who wants to know all about her big night with Nikolas. She admits that everything would be great if she could just shake her nightmares of losing her man.

Morgan is ready to take Ava to the hospital but she tells him she cannot risk Sonny finding her.

Rosalie walks out the door after talking to Nina, laying down the law to her when Silas returns.

Jordan calls Ava and informs her what she just heard from Sabrina about the prescription drug that Ava has been taking.

Kiki goes to see her mom, notices what is happening, and tells Morgan this makes no sense. She knows her mom has gone to the doctor for cramps before and found out everything is ok and now suddenly this is happening. Morgan admits he does not know how or why either. Ava then gets off her phone with Jordan and tells them she thinks she knows why. It's because she is going into labor.

As soon as Carly leaves them alone, Sonny affirms with Shawn that their plan is still on to take out Franco before he marries Carly and before he has a chance to spill the secret that Sonny murdered Michael's father.

Franco is alone in the hospital conference room affirming that he can prove to all that Sonny killed AJ. When Michael walks into the room, Franco smiles at him.

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