GH Update Tuesday 10/14/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/14/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Nina was running through the halls of GH when she bumped into Britt. Nina was rude at first, but she was apologetic when she realized she'd just collided with her cousin. Britt was surprised that Nina wasn't in a wheelchair anymore. Nina explained that she'd improved considerably, and she tried to leave, but Britt stopped her and asked if she'd been to see the psychiatrist. Nina was confused, so Britt reminded her that she'd recommended Nina see a psychiatrist to help deal with the news that she was in early menopause. Nina replied that Britt's diagnosis was wrong; Nina got a second opinion and she wasn't in early menopause. Britt was certain that her diagnosis was correct, so she asked Nina for the name of the other doctor. Nina snapped that it was none of Britt's business, then she ran off. Brad walked up. He'd gone home to clean up, in preparation for a visit from Lucas, and was was concerned because none of Britt's things were at the apartment. Britt gushed that she was moving back in with Nik. Brad was surprised by the quick turn of events. Britt said she owed it all to Brad, Spencer, and her mom. Brad noted that all the double shifts Obrecht gave Elizabeth to keep her busy while Britt bonded with Nik worked. He wondered if Nik would be angry if he found out. Britt assumed he would be, and she knew he'd be furious if he found out she knew where Spencer was when he ran away. Brad told her to make sure Nik never learned the truth. Brad was happy for Britt, but he admitted he'd miss living with his best friend. Britt assured him that they'd still spend time together.

Travis, the physical therapist, was nervous that Silas was going to get him fired or expect him to pay back the hush money Nina gave him. Silas stared off into the distance, and he told Travis that right now, he was trying to figure out what to do with his wife. Nina entered the conference room and saw Travis leaving. She didn't like the way she and Silas left things, and she wanted to talk. Silas let Nina think Travis had covered for her. He let Nina go on about how much Travis had helped her, then he revealed that Travis told him everything. Nina pretended not to understand what Silas meant, so Silas ordered her to shut up. He added that he knew she'd been able to walk since she came to town. Silas yelled that Nina pretended to be fragile and helpless and she'd lied to him. Nina admitted she lied and said she did it because she was scared. Silas scoffed and reminded her that she'd just used that line an hour ago. Nina insisted that it was true, but Silas wasn't sure Nina understood what true meant. Nina snapped at Silas for lying to her about pulling extra shifts when he'd really been having an affair with Ava. Silas replied that that happened years ago. Nina explained that she pretended to be fragile and penniless because she wasn't sure how Silas felt about her after 20 years, and she was hoping he'd move her into his home, giving them a chance to reconnect. Silas revealed that he'd felt trapped like a caged animal when he moved her in. Nina was hurt, and she told Silas that he should have welcomed her, since she was his wife. Silas thought he could have forgiven Nina for everything, except what she did to his relationship with Sam.

Nina insisted that she never tried to break him and Sam up, but Silas ordered her not to lie. He reminded her of the time she interrupted his date with Sam to say she fell out of her wheelchair. Silas recalled how panicked he'd been when got home and saw Nina lying on the floor. Nina replied that this meant Silas still cared. Silas snapped that it meant nothing since she was faking. Silas wondered why he didn't see it before. Nina said she was sorry. Silas told her she wasn't. Nina admitted that she wasn't sorry. She spat that she woke up from a 20 year coma to find her husband frolicking all over town with his mistress. Silas was about to argue that Sam wasn't a mistress, when he had a realization, and he confronted Nina about eavesdropping on him and Sam and relaying what she heard to the reporter. Nina denied it. Silas recalled defending Nina to Sam. He now felt that he didn't know who Nina was. Silas said that if Nina cared about him, she should tell the truth. Nina quietly admitted that she did it. She explained that she did it so she and Silas could have a chance to reconcile without Sam being in the middle. Silas pointed out that Nina didn't just hurt him and Sam; she'd also cost Patrick his job. Nina snapped that she didn't care about Patrick. Nina insisted that she loved Silas and she'd been trying to save their marriage. Silas told her that the marriage was over. He walked toward the door, and Nina grabbed his arm and told him not to say that. Silas grabbed her by her wrists and told her that that they weren't husband and wife. He stormed out, and Nina slid down the door in despair.

Madeline and Obrecht were at Nathan's apartment. Obrecht kept prodding Madeline to tell her what Madeline was hiding about Nina. Obrecht wore Madeline down. Madeline's eyes filled with tears and she agreed to tell her sister all about “poor Nina.” Madeline stressed that Obrecht must never tell Nina what she was about to hear. Obrecht promised not to. Nathan walked in and interrupted the conversation. Madeline called him James, but he snapped that he was Nathan. He wanted to know why they were in his home. Obrecht explained that she came by hoping to talk to Nathan, and Madeline was already inside when she got there. Madeline told Nathan that she got the Super to let her in so she could surprise her son. Nathan demanded to know how Madeline got out of prison after killing Nakamura, trying to poison Sam and several other things. Madeline explained that her lawyers got the charges overturned and now she wanted to make amends. Nathan spat that Madeline couldn't make up for what she'd done to Nina. Madeline swore she was trying to protect Nina from Silas. Madeline wanted Nathan to convince Nina to give her another chance. Nathan refused. He was appalled that Madeline made Nina lose her baby, his niece or nephew, and he stressed that Nina would probably never get over that loss. He ordered Madeline to get out. He told her to go home to her sterile apartment. Madeline revealed that she was broke and homeless. Nathan pointed out that she was a millionaire. Obrecht added that Madeline could be lying, the way she lied to Nathan his entire life. Madeline spat that she did that for Obrecht. Nathan added that Nina told him Madeline's assets had been frozen due to the charges against her, but he thought they should be released now that they'd been dropped. Madeline replied that her assets had never been frozen. She explained that Nina was in control of the family fortune. Nathan accused Madeline of lying, but Obrecht felt that Madeline was telling the truth. Nathan pointed out that Nina had been forced to move in with Silas because she was penniless. Madeline replied that Nina moved in with Silas because she wanted to. Madeline wasn't surprised Nina lied about being broke. “There isn't anything she wouldn't do for that no good husband of hers,” Madeline said.

Nikolas went up to his bedroom and found that Spencer had decorated it for Britt's return. There was a banner, flowers and balloons. Spencer bounced on the bed, and Nik was happy to see his son in such a good mood. Spencer explained that Britt moving back in was the best thing that ever happened to him. “I'm finally gonna have a mother!” Spencer laid back on the bed, and Nik joined him. Nik noted that they didn't talk about Spencer's mom much. Spencer hated that he never knew Courtney. He asked if it was weird that he missed her anyway. Nik assured him that it was normal, and he added that love didn't go away when a person did. Spencer explained that his mother's absence had been easier to deal with when Britt was there and that he was really hurt when she left. Nik apologized for not being more sensitive to Spencer's feelings. Spencer replied that it was okay, because there was nothing he could have said to make Nik forgive Britt any faster. “It took a lot more than talking to make that happen” Spencer quietly added. Nik wanted to know what that meant. Spencer covered and said Britt had to prove herself. Nik explained that it was very difficult to trust someone you loved after they lie to you. “I gave Britt my heart, and she didn't treat it very well” Nik added. Nik acknowledged that Britt had been there for him for the last few months, and he was trying to trust her again because he thought that, deep down, Britt was a good person.

Spencer asked if Britt was going to stay with them forever. Nik wasn't sure, but he promised to try and make things work. Nik stressed that he'd have to be absolutely certain that Britt was being honest. Spencer wondered if Nik would propose to Britt again, once he was certain she was being honest. Nik admitted it was a possibility, and Spencer hugged him. Later, Nik and Spencer lead a blindfolded Britt into the bedroom. She loved Spencer's surprise. Spencer said goodnight and left the room. He did a celebratory dance in the hallway. Britt took Nik's hand and tearfully thanked him for letting her back into his life. She promised that everything would be different. Nik pulled her into a kiss, then spun her back onto the bed.

Sam, Patrick, Tracy, Jerry and his henchmen were in the cafe in Amsterdam. Jerry had just revealed that he had Luke, and he offered to return him to Tracy in exchange for something. Sam and Patrick were adamant that Tracy couldn't negotiate with the man who almost killed them all by poisoning the water supply a couple of years ago. Tracy replied that the last time Jerry was in Port Charles, he almost killed Luke, and Tracy didn't want him to finish the job. Jerry wanted to trade Luke for ELQ. Patrick asked why Jerry wanted ELQ. Tracy snapped that Julian and Jerry were partners. She surmised that the Jeromes were making another attempt to get ELQ, so they could use it to launder money. “Yes, you're right,” Jerry said. “Julian and I want ELQ in exchange for sparing Luke's life.” Tracy revealed that she wasn't running ELQ. Jerry got up and he said he was going to go kill Luke. Tracy quickly explained that Michael was running the company now. That got Jerry's attention – he liked the idea of getting to ouster Sonny's son. Jerry sat back down and told Tracy that there must be something she could do. Tracy replied that she owned 9% of the company, because Sam had given her and AJ half of Jason's shares, and she thought she could get more from the other shareholders. Sam didn't think this was wise. Tracy countered that there was a time when Sam and Patrick would have done anything for Jason and Robin. Jerry accepted the offer. Tracy asked where Luke was. Jerry refused to tell her anything until she gave him the stock certificates. Sam and Patrick didn't think it was a good idea for Tracy to trust Jerry. Tracy's voice cracked with worry as she took the deal anyway.

Sam snapped that Jerry was revolting. Jerry assumed Patrick was her boyfriend, and he wondered if she was in a bad mood because Patrick was lacking. Sam replied that Patrick was worth ten of Jerry. Jerry and Patrick exchanged words, then Jerry left. Sam noted that Jerry tried to provoke Patrick. Patrick replied that he wasn't going to get into a measuring contest with a psychopath. Sam and Patrick tried to convince Tracy that this was a scam. Tracy thought it was more plausible that Jerry was the Jerome boss than Luke. Patrick and Sam disagreed. They reminded Tracy that the undercover and Spencer both heard Luke. Tracy figured that Jerry forced Luke to make the phone call and that Spencer was imagining things, and she refused to risk her husband's life on the word of a nine year old. She stormed out of the cafe.

Dante and Anna were at the police station waiting on news from the meeting with Luke. Dante decided to run the John Doe/Jason's prints while they waited. The prints came up and they realized he had a criminal record.

Elizabeth was in Jason/Jake's hospital room and the bandages had just come off. Liz stared at Jake intently, which made him worry that he looked really bad. Liz assured him that he looked handsome. She complimented the plastic surgeon, and he replied that it hadn't been easy to reconstruct a face he'd never seen before. The doctor left. Jake confessed that he'd been hoping Liz would recognize him. Liz admitted she'd been hoping for the same thing. Liz added that she thought she did recognize him for a second. There was something about his eyes that seemed familiar. Liz handed over a mirror, hoping his reflection would jog his memory. An orderly walked in to clean up. Jake looked at himself, but he didn't remember anything. He was disappointed, and Liz told him that it would take time to regain his memories.

The orderly went into the hallway. He was actually working for Helena. He called her with an update. Helena was in a house somewhere. Helena was pleased to hear that Jason and Liz didn't know who he really was. Helena told the man to keep an eye on Jason and call her if he regained his memories. Helena hoped that Liz wouldn't be able to help Jason remember and foil Helena's plans.

Back inside, Jake stated that when he looked at himself, he saw nobody. Liz took his hand. “You're somebody to me” she gently said. She encouraged him to stay optimistic and she reminded him that Dante was running his fingerprints. Jake didn't look enthused, and Liz sensed that he didn't want Dante to find a match. Jake was concerned. He wondered if he was in the middle of the road that night because he wanted to be hit, or because he was running from someone, and he worried that he might not have his memory because was trying to repress something terrible he'd done. Liz countered that he could have had something terrible done to him. Dante arrived and announced that he thought he found a match, but it turned out to be a glitch in the system. No name was connected to the fingerprints.

Jerry showed up at Helena's house and told her that Tracy believed what he said and was off to get the stock certificates. Helena complimented him on doing a good job, but she didn't take her eyes off her laptop. Jerry admitted he'd been expecting a bigger reaction. Helena replied that while Jerry was off duping Tracy, Helena discovered that the police were running Jason's prints. She had been able to remove Jason's file before he was identified. Helena was in the clear, for now, since Jason didn't look the same anymore. She cryptically added that it suit her purposes that no one recognized Jason.

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