GH Update Monday 10/13/14

General Hospital Update Monday 10/13/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Obrecht goes to Nathan's apartment yet finds he is not there. Madeline, however, is there and greets her sister. Obrecht is clearly not contented and appears alarmed to see that Madeline has gotten out of jail.

Elizabeth is again with the “John Doe” (Jason Morgan?) patient after Dante has gotten done running his prints for identity. He seems very attached to her and she-to him, although neither is consciously aware of whom the other is.

At the police station, Anna is infuriated to find out that Obrecht has been released from police custody, without her knowledge when she did not want that happening this soon.

Nathan goes to the gym and finds Maxie. Both do not know what to say to each other but are happy to know that neither has given up on their having a future together.

Silas is alone in his apartment, after finding out Nina lied about needing the wheelchair, has probably scammed him all the while she's been back, has broken up him and Sam and he wants to reach out to Sam to let her know she was right. He sends her a text. However, Sam has other things going on while in Amsterdam with Patrick.

At the Amsterdam coffee shop, Patrick and Sam are waiting, with Tracy not far away, for the man whom they believe is Luke (who looks just like him). However, they are all startled to see Jerry Jacks walk in and sit beside Tracy.

Anna finds Dante and demands to know why, when Obrecht was supposed to be locked up, she is free. He tells his boss he does not like it any more than she does but has no control over the fact that a lawyer got her out and arranged so that the cops cannot keep her there for more than 48 hours. They are both also concerned about Nathan who is not there presently, knowing he might have some personal stuff going on.

When Maxie and Nathan find each other at the gym, they wonder if Judge Walters might be able to find them, spy upon them or prevent them from visiting the gym where they can run into each other. She admits she was there to accompany Lulu to her kickboxing class while Nathan was there to just blow off some steam.

Obrecht confronts her sister, Madeline Reeves and the two of them get into a “contest” of each judging the other's morals and who is fit or unfit to be Nathan's mother. Madeline protests she would never harm Nathan. Obrecht reminds her she said the same about her daughter, Nina and reminds her to look how that turned out.

At the hospital, Nina overhears Silas talking privately to Physical Therapist Travis about what he might know about Nina. She can see that her husband is ready to investigate and get to the bottom of all she has done secretly with whomever might know the secrets she keeps when he is not around.

When Tracy sees Jerry Jacks in Amsterdam, she demands to know what he is doing. He reveals he has a score to settle with Luke.

At the hospital, Elizabeth assures the “John Doe” patient that Dante is a pretty decent guy, for a cop and used to work with her husband Lucky. Hearing her ex-husband's nickname, he remarks that her ex was obviously not “lucky” to have lost her. She talks about how Lucky raised her son, Jake although he was not Jake's biological father. She admits that he was the biological child of a “man named Jason”. Right then, for the first time, she mentions Jason and their son. She then tells him she will leave and let him get some rest. He then somehow knows that maybe he's gotten into some personal stuff, apologizes telling her he did not mean to pry but somehow wants to know about Jason. She then admits that Jason died.

At the gym, Maxie wants to find out what is going on with Nathan and his personal stuff regarding his two parents. She tells him she wishes he'd confide in her as she knows something is upsetting him and urges him to see if maybe she can help him. He then admits that he found out that his mother, Obrecht, was in jail for killing his father, Victor Cassadine, at Crichton Clark. Finding out that those two people are his biological parents and then finding out his mom shot and killed his dad and hearing her telling him she did it out of “love” for her son is a bit too much for him to process or deal with.

At the station, Anna brainstorms with Dante about how and why Obrecht would shoot Victor right in front of her. There had to have been a reason. Wanting him dead means there's something she was hiding that he could have revealed. At that point, they both want to find out what that might be.

Madeline asks Obrecht why she went to jail yet has gotten out. What did she get away with? Obrecht kind of “slips” in trying not to reveal to her sister that she killed Victor and Madeline probes her questioning who she killed. Obrecht tells Madeline that the cops have no reason to hold her but she refuses to go back to jail for harboring a fugitive. Madeline reminds her she is innocent although Obrecht reminds Madeline she got charged with two murders. Madeline reminds her sister that the first murder cannot be proven and anybody and everybody can see that her daughter, Nina is very much alive.

At the hospital, Silas has that very same conversation, about Nina, with Travis the Physical Therapist. He (sarcastically) praises Nina's PT for his brilliant, unsurpassed work, remarking he's performed a miracle that should be featured in the medical journals. He then asks Travis just what he might know about how long Nina has been able to so easily walk.

In Amsterdam, Jerry Jacks invites two suspicious and scary looking guys to meet with Tracy and they look directly at Sam, attempting to cast fear over her and she remembers from when she knew Jerry Jacks. Patrick then furiously lashes out at Jerry Jacks reminding him he imprisoned Patrick's wife, had everyone believing she was dead and enslaved her just to come up with a cure for his disease. Tracy then concludes that it is Jerry, and not Luke, who is the crime boss for the Jeromes. She knows that Luke always suspected Jerry from the time he saw Ava scheming at the Metro Court. Luke knew that the Jeromes helped Jerry disappear but he could not figure out why. Jerry replies it's because of his “wining personality”. Tracy tells Jerry everybody knows he's a sociopath. Sam argues that Spencer said that Luke ordered the crash yet Tracy concludes it was just a “mis-direction” to implicate Luke. She points at Jerry and concludes that he (Jerry) has been behind all of it. Patrick suggests that maybe they are working together.

At the police station, Anna concludes to Dante that because of all of their many important cases, they have no choice except to put Obrecht on the back burner. He informs her that he has been trying to find out the identity of the John Doe patient at the hospital ICU. They have yet to find out who he is.

The guy asks Elizabeth about how Jason was incapable or unwilling to be a father to her son, Jake. She explains that Jason “made some choices” that made it so he could not be a parent. However, she wanted to always remember Jason and link him to her son so she gave him the same initials as Jason by naming him Jake Martin. The guy listens intently.

At the gym, Nathan admits to Maxie that although he's had reservations about his biological mother, Lisle Obrecht, he wanted to at least try to keep an open mind and consider getting to know her as he's become close to Britt. However, he's a little bit overwhelmed to first find out the woman he's always believed is his mother, whom he now discovers is his aunt, has done these diabolical things and then now to find out Obrecht is his mother and learn all about her Then he finds out his father is a serial killer and lunatic. He can only conclude he must have some really messed up genes.

Madeline demands to know how Obrecht not only got her license to practice medicine reinstated much but became the chief of staff at GH. Obrecht boasts that she has achieved brilliant medical strides while at her position and proven herself an indispensable physician. She tells her that hospital is her domain. Not much gets past her including her niece's lackadaisical approach to physical therapy. She tells Madeline she's discussed with Nina the need to walk and has checked with staff to find out she's not making much effort nor seems very motivated nor worried about her physical disability. So it makes her wonder whether Nina even needs her wheelchair at all. Madeline then turns away, revealing she very likely is hiding something regarding Nina.

At the hospital, Silas takes Travis into a private room and assures him that no one else needs to know what he has been up to with Nina. We then see Nina not far away, observing them unnoticed while she gets on her phone and sends a text message. She walks away. Inside the private hospital room, Silas draws the blinds so that they cannot be seen while he asks Travis just when he discovered Nina achieving full mobility. Travis then pauses as he notices the text he is getting from Nina telling him she “saw him with Silas”. He looks at his phone to see she's instructing him to tell her husband it was only a few weeks ago when he discovered she was able to walk. He replies it was only a few weeks ago. Silas obviously does not buy that and knows that's what Nina asked him to say. He takes Travis' phone and reads Nina's text revealing what she's putting him up to telling him. He reads and discovers that she needs him to answer to her with what she told him. Travis cannot answer Silas' question about why she's sending him these messages and only protests that he needs his phone back because these are private messages. Silas then angrily tells Travis that he is onto him and onto Nina that she's been keeping a secret with him that she has been able to walk the whole time and Travis cannot deny that. Travis tells him he's mistaken but again, we hear the phone beep and Travis is able to see the message where she threatens him to either tell Silas what she wants or else. Travis tells him he will be sorry as soon as Obrecht finds out the little scam he's been pulling. He reminds Travis, he's been billing Silas' insurance for months for something Nina never attended or needed. He informs Travis he could have his license revoked or call the cops and have him locked up. Or, he tells Travis, another option would be for it to remain between the two of them and Travis won't make trouble for him if he tells him the truth right here and now. Travis then admits she never needed the chair and could always walk.

Madeline asks Obrecht if she's implying that Nina has been faking her disability and reminds her that if it simply “occurred” to her, need she reminds her sister that it “occurred to her” to spend her life running after that “Danish Megalomaniac”. She tells Obrecht that, given that, her judgment is “suspect”. Obrecht then replies that this is a matter of observation and deduction. Not one of “taste”. She concludes Nina has an heir of deceit about her not unlike Madeline's cheap perfume. She can see that Nina is a liar, a secret-keeper and she would not be surprised if Nina was a bit unbalanced. Madeline, sarcastically asks her sister if that is her “professional opinion”. Obrecht replies yes. She saw it when she ran the clinic in Switzerland. She states that sometimes coma victims awaken with injuries to their souls. Not just to their bodies. She tells Madeline she'd be advised to use caution around Nina. If her daughter is as demented as the patients she's (Obrecht) treated in the past, Madeline needs to know there is no telling what Nina is capable of doing ...especially to the person who put her in the coma in the first place. Madeline then angrily turns away and tells Obrecht she does not know anything about Nina. And unless she wants a full-out confrontation with her “bigger and better sister”, she suggests Obrecht shuts her mouth and leave Madeline's daughter alone. IN response to that, Obrecht smugly comments that she's obviously “struck a nerve”.

At the gym, Lulu finishes her kickboxing class, notices Maxie talking to Nathan and comments that if they are both there to do a class, it's all over. She tells them she does not want to stick her nose in their business and they both must know she is completely on their side. But they must know that a security guard who works in the court house and knows Nathan and the judge was in Lulu's kickboxing class and this person is a notorious gossip. Lulu tells them she does not want them to be paranoid about Judge Walters but if this lady sees the two of them together, word will definitely get around. Nathan concludes that will mean Maxie's chances of seeing Georgie will definitely go down the drain. Lulu tells them she definitely wanted to give them a “heads up”. They thank her but are not happy. Alone with Maxie, Nathan tells her that Lulu is right. They can't see each other.

At the table in Amsterdam, Tracy protests to Patrick and Sam that she knows that it must have been someone like Jerry who has made the texts from Luke's phone to meet her there.

In the hospital room, John Doe (Jason Morgan?) concludes to Elizabeth that it's too bad that Jason made the choices he made regarding her and their son. He tells her he's sure he regretted it. She asks why he'd think that. Before he can answer that, the doctor who performed his reconstructive surgery enters. He tells them he wants to remove the bandages and see what lies beneath.

At the gym, Nathan concludes to Maxie he will take off although she reminds him he was there first. He tells her he is not longer “feeling it” about working out. She follows him and tells him she will not take this sitting down. She is going to contact Diane and take action and will not give up on them and she doesn't want him to either.

Madeline lashes out at Obrecht reminding her that she (Obrecht) helped her daughter steal a baby. Obrecht is not worried about that as much as the fact that she knows that Nina has been in a coma for 20 years. Madeline protests her daughter was merely on a “mild anti-depressant” although Obrecht tells her she happens to know there is nothing “mild” about what happened to Nina and it wasn't simply legally prescribed medication. She also reminds Madeline she murdered her unborn grandchild. Madeline angrily protests this is a subject which her sister is grievously misinformed. Obrecht asks her what she is misinformed about knowing that Madeline drugged Nina and the baby she was carrying was killed. What part of that is incorrect?

At the hospital, sitting alone, Nina texts to Travis that she apologizes and did not mean to be harsh but hopes he will “come around” for her so she does not make him regret it.

Inside the private room, Silas assesses that Nina could walk so Travis needs to tell him what he knows now. We then hear the phone beeping to alert Travis of the incoming text from Nina. Travis replies to Silas that as soon as he dropped Nina off for her first appointment and they were alone in the room, he tried to examine Nina but she slapped him. At first, he just thought she was resistant to the idea of therapy. But then she stood up, pushed the wheelchair aside and revealed she was perfectly fine. He did not understand why she needed to see him. She said she was putting on a show for Silas and would pay him to keep her secret and she handed him a very large check. Hearing that, Silas instantly reveals that he's been believing that Nina has no money and he asks Travis if her check cleared. Travis replies yes and informs Silas that Rosalie informed him that Nina has plenty of money in spite of what she told Silas. Silas then demands to know why Travis did not tell him. Travis replies he did not want to “get on her bad side” and that she scared him. Silas is then able to see Nina's most recent text to Travis telling him he better not cross her or he will regret it and her telling him she “WILL NOT BE IGNORED!”

Lulu goes to the station and greets Dante and Anna. She asks if they might have heard any word on her dad from Patrick, Sam or Tracy. Dante then remembers that he heard Tracy is about to meet with Luke right about now as they speak so they should hear something pretty soon. She then concludes that very soon they will hear that her dad's alleged alliance with Julian Jerome is a bunch of bull. She looks at Anna whose expression seems not entirely convinced and asks her if she is having doubts. She protests that when her father was last in Port Charles after the Jeromes arrived, he was dying of Polonium poisoning. Luke was out looking for a cure and there was no time to be out plotting with the Jeromes. She remembers Luke was competing for a cure with Jerry Jacks.

In the Amsterdam coffee shop, Tracy sees that Jerry Jacks has her husband's phone. And, she also concludes, he has Luke too. And, she assesses, that explains why Luke has been so out of touch and not like himself for so long. That's why he didn't return any of her phone calls and has that “missing passport excuse”. Patrick and Sam sit at the table and listen intently without disputing what she is saying. She concludes that is why Luke did not come home when Lulu disappeared. Jerry then makes a comment about concern that Lulu is home safe and sound. Sam remarks “like he gives a damn”. In response to that, he tries to touch Sam. Patrick is ready to confront him and Sam tells him if he comes any closer, she will put a bullet in his skull. He laughs and talks about Jason. She furiously tells him he better shut up and it's not fair that Jason is dead and he is alive. Tracy tells Jerry she wants to know about her husband. He did not strike a deal with Luke to get a cure. He kidnapped Luke. Didn't he? He reveals that is correct and he does, in fact, have Luke and he knows the question facing us all is what is he going to do with Luke.

At the gym, Nathan protests to Maxie he does not want to give up on them either. But he also does not want to invest in a future that does not have a chance. She tells him she thinks they do have a chance, remembering he stood by her through everything and refused to walk away even when she was horrible to him. So, she urges him not to walk away when this could be a good thing. She at least wants him to give up until she's talked to Diane. He then promises he will always be there for her no matter what happens.

Obrecht demands that Madeline tells her what she needs to tell her. Which crimes about Madeline's daughter did she get wrong? Madeline tells Obrecht she is not going to discuss Nina with her. She's there to see her son. Obrecht reminds her that is more delusion. Nathan is her nephew and not her son. She asks why Madeline is so evasive about her only living offspring. What is it about Nina that she is holding back?

In the private room at the hospital, Silas asks Travis if he left anything out. Travis replies that is everything. He swears. However, he then remembers one other memory he had of his initial conversation with Nina, regarding their secret. She revealed to him that she does not “like” Silas very much and might want to maliciously strike out and hurt him. He then asks Silas if he intends to report him to Chief Obrecht. Silas hands him back his phone and tells him he is not concerned about him. Just about Nina. Travis asks him what he intends to do.

In the other room, Nina waits for a reply on her text message but sees nothing. She asks Travis if he has nothing to say and then concludes, as she walks down the hallway declaring she will deal with this “on her own”.

At the police station, Anna informs Lulu and Dante that although the police are investigating and considering Luke a suspect in the Jerome organization, she's thinking that with their friends in Amsterdam, they will hopefully be able to shed some more light on it.

In Amsterdam, when Jerry stands next to Tracy, Patrick and Sam, they all ask him where Luke is. He dances around that, telling them he has no incentive to bring him back although he knows that Luke is obviously worth something to all three of them. So, he asks them, what are they willing to give him in order to get those answers?

Lulu departs and goes home and Anna tells Dante she's really sorry that this thing involving Luke is so hard for his wife. He concludes if they get one mystery solved, they might be able to accomplish a lot and he remarks he wants to find out the verdict about “Jake Doe”.

The doctor them removes the bandages from Jake/John Doe/Jason Morgan. Elizabeth stares at his face and is shocked and stunned as the guy asks her what she thinks.

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