GH Update Friday 10/10/14

General Hospital Update Friday 10/10/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Epiphany observes Elizabeth in the ICU spending a lot of time over the hospital bed of the anonymous John Doe patient (whom nobody on the show consciously connects, but whom we assume might be Jason Morgan). Epiphany remarks that the other patients are going to “get jealous” over the attention she gives to only this one. Elizabeth professes that she has this “premonition” that she cannot explain that it seems she somehow knows this guy and he must be of great significance, to her somehow. She also informs Epiphany, that based upon conversations she's had with him, it appears his name is Jake.

Sam and Patrick go to a restaurant/coffee shop in Amsterdam and sit at t table. He can see that she is distracted and thinking about Silas.

Silas finds Nina in the art room at the hospital and asks her why she is not visiting her brother as she said she would and asks if she does not want to reveal to Nathan that she can walk. She tells him it's not that. She has called but not gotten a hold of her brother and would rather be with her husband. So she asks Silas if he still wants to have a baby with her.

Lulu takes Rocco with her to the gym and talks about starting a kickboxing class. Maxie then rushes in to find her and reveals that she needs to talk to her about Nathan.

At the police station, we see Nathan staring at his computer and looking very depressed. We then see Obrecht enter as she is being lead around by a prison guard. She notices Nathan and calls out to her son. He ignores her and admits he is not really concerned about whether she is locked away in a cell, as she inquires. He tells her he is more concerned about what she did to be put in prison. He asks if he has not heard the “fairy tales” from the commissioner. He tells her apparently not so maybe she can tell him herself. The guard then instructs her not to talk to an officer and if she wants to have this discussion, to have it with her lawyer. They take her away. Nathan clearly looks depressed and dissatisfied and Dante can see that. He asks what is up with Nathan that is making him so discontented. Noticing his partner is a little down, he tells Nathan he almost thought that maybe Maxie did not show up for their date. Nathan admits she did and he's trying not to think about that.

At the gym, Lulu asks Maxie how her date went with Nathan, assuming that everything was great when Maxie decided to show up Maxie affirms that they got to know many things about each other, enjoyed talking and spending the evening together and everything went great. However, she admits, it was not that simple. An unmitigated disaster occurred.

Elizabeth and Epiphany talk in the ICU beside the patient and talk about whether this patient's real name is Jake or what he might remember after the accident., Epiphany then admits that her shift will soon be over and she’s getting ready for her date with Milo. Elizabeth encourages Epiphany to believe that Milo is lucky to have her. Epiphany then remembers, since they are on the subject, that Elizabeth might have a life with a man and asks her about how things went with Prince Nikolas. Elizabeth then replies that she and Nikolas are not seeing each other anymore and have decided to call it quits. Epiphany comments that she is sorry to hear that Elizabeth has given up on a good guy.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Sam are at the coffee shop/restaurant in Amsterdam talking about the dilemma regarding her and Silas. She admits that she really cannot answer his question of what she would do if Silas divorced his wife. On one hand, she is relieved to know the truth has come out. But on the other hand, she doesn't really care and it doesn't matter whether Silas is onto Nina or not. Nina still managed to ruin Sam's relationship. So she can't even think about the question of what she'd do if Silas divorced Nina because she (Sam) is so pissed.

Back in Port Charles at the hospital, Nina is still happy, smiling and appearing to be hopeful and confident that she has a future with Silas although he is clearly not on the same page with that. She wants to make a baby with him and his no plans for their marriage to end or to reveal to him that she wants revenge with him. He clearly indicates that he has no interest in having any relationship with her yet she wants to “conceive” right then and there in the hospital room.

Milo goes to see Epiphany at work and is ready to take her out to somewhere that is a surprise. She tells him she hopes she “looks ok”. He tells her she looks great but might be a bit overdressed. Hearing that, she is clearly puzzled why he'd make such a comment.

At the police station, Dante obviously assumes that since he's heard through Lulu that Maxie showed up for her date with Nathan at the Metro Court and they had their date, that everything went well. So why is Nathan clearly so discontented.? Nathan affirms that they enjoyed being together however, he admits that it did not work out. They ran into a serious problem.

At the gym, while Maxie reveals to Lulu that she has her “reservations” although everything went great with her and Nathan's interaction, Lulu assumes that it could only be Maxie's uncertainty about finding a good man and trust issues regarding her past and specifically what Levi put her through. She assures Maxie that it's understandable that she'd have reservations and promises her it will get better over time. Maxie then clarifies to Lulu that it has nothing to do with “that loser who shall remain nameless” that caused her “issue” during her date with Nathan. It was the judge. While they were at the Metro Court, the judge who denied Maxie custody rights to her daughter had to be there, pay them a visit and reveal that she has to choose between Nathan and her daughter. Lulu admits she remembers Judge Walters, knows how nasty and unjust he is and tells Maxie he cannot harass her and Nathan in a public place when they are on their own time.

At the hospital, Silas is very serious, straight-faced and shows no sense of humor nor interest in Nina when she tells him she wants him right here and right now and will not take no for an answer. He tells her he is not about to risk getting fired but she tells him her aunt and chief of staff is in jail and cannot find them nor do anything. He clearly is not interested in her.

Sam admits to Patrick that she is angry to remember all the things that Silas put her through and why would she go back to him with all that has happened? He moved his wife into his home and she had to sit on the side-lines waiting and wondering. She reveals to Patrick it was right on the very morning when she and Silas made a pact to commit to each other and move forward in their relationship that Nina had to show up out of nowhere at the family get together they had for Danny's birthday. Silas has put Nina first again and again throughout their relationship. She informs Patrick that she took a major leap of faith with Silas, committed to him and made a major sacrifice by forgetting all about Jason because of him.

Elizabeth talks to the John Doe (or more accurately Jason Morgan) patient in this bed in the ICU, after he awakens. He is surprised to see she is still there but reports he is ok although he does not remember much. He affirms that although he does not completely remember his name, “Jake” sounds right and she may call him that. He admits, however, that he does not remember his last name. She tells him she's checked at the front desk and has not heard of any family or anyone showing up or knowing him. He tells her it appears they are back to square one. But Elizabeth tells him not exactly. There may be another way to find out who he is.

Nina continues to be more and more persistent with Silas in the hospital room although he adamantly refuses.

Patrick and Sam sit at the table in the restaurant in Amsterdam realizing that Tracy has promised to miss them but has not shown up. She finds them.

Back at the hospital, “Jake” (Jason?) asks Elizabeth what happens if nobody comes to the hospital to identify a patient and they don't remember anything themselves. She tells him in that case, they will contact the police and run the unidentified patient's finger prints. Hearing that, the guy who could very well be Jason , somehow realizes that is not something he wants.

When Nathan reveals to Dante that Judge Walters had to go up and interrupt his private date with Maxie at the Metro Court to “lay down the law” to them, Dante tells him he knows all about how unreasonable and irrational Judge Walters is. He shares with him that he and Lulu had that very judge during their custody battle not long ago and he was completely insensitive, detached, nasty and had no compassion or regard for any of the people involved. Nathan admits that he wouldn't put it past this judge to be having him and Maxie followed although Dante tells him he's being paranoid and needs to realize there is only so much Judge Walters can do regarding invading and policing his and Maxie's personal lives and personal privacy.

Meanwhile, Lulu tells Maxie that that judge cannot get into her personal life and tell her who she can or cannot have dinner with her whom she can date. Maxie tells her he can if she wants any chance of seeing her daughter. And she can't see Nathan until her custody hearing that won't be until months into the future.

Not far away in the boxing gym, Milo and Epiphany appear and she wonders why on earth he'd take her there. Did he forget his wallet or something? He smiles and tells her no. This is where he wants to have their date.

When Nathan is talking to Dante at the station, Obrecht informs him that she is being released because the police commissioner has no more reason to keep her held in custody and has abused her power. Nathan and Dante are both clearly not happy for her. Nathan tells her that a “lack of evidence” to convict her does not mean that she is not guilty. He tells her he needs to know what she did. She then agrees to tell him and informs him that she shot his father, Visitor Cassadine.

While at the gym, Maxie tells Lulu that she and Nathan should be together and be able to do fun things. They see Milo and Epiphany enter appearing happy, laughing and having fun while he shows her the moves in boxing.. Maxie remarks that the two of them get to have that freedom without anyone telling them they can't. Milo has Epiphany put on boxing gloves and shows her the moves. He then shows her the “heavy bag” and explains to her about good form and balance with the swinging weight. However, she stops, indicating she is not comfortable and asks him why he brought her there. She then concludes this was not a “date” as she mistakenly thought it was, as he assured her. He just wants her to lose weight.

Nina asks Silas why he is not interested. Is he not attracted to her? He tells her it is not that. She then skis if it's because she's out of the chair. Did he only pity the poor crippled girl and that was the reason he slept with her and told her he'd commit to their marriage? He tells her no. She then tells him she now knows the reason. He must be cheating on her. Is it Ava Jerome? If not, then it must be Sam.

When Tracy meets Sam and Patrick at the table in the Amsterdam restaurant, she distracted talking about all the coffee shops she visited and sampled coffee from while on her way there this morning. She remarks about the “most delicious pastries” she saw in the window and tasted. She remembers they are called “space cakes”. They then clarify to her that in Holland, the “coffee shops” do not sell coffee. They sell marijuana! And knowing that she has consumed this “product” loaded with Cannabis, it can only mean she is stoned on weed.

Elizabeth continues to talk to “Jake” (Jason?) assuming he's only joking about being a criminal. He tells her he was hit by a car in the middle of nowhere and nobody has a clue who he is. So maybe it's better it stays that way. She asks if he'd rather be kept in the dark about who he is. She then admits that she does really understand how a “clean slate” without memories of one's past is a desirable thought She tells him not to get her wrong, as she has two wonderful little boys and some good memories yet she understands when one has “those moments” while at the crossroads. She always thinks about if she had made slightly different choices, who knows where or who she'd be. She then remembers she has shared a lot of personal stuff about herself to this guy and it should not be “all about her”. Yet he is very interested and highly engaged in talking to her. She asks him, however, if he would not like to find out who he is, if he has a family and to go home. He then agrees to do just that.

At the gym, when Epiphany tells Milo she knows this is not a real date and only his project to get her to lose weight, he tells her he doesn't know what she is talking about. She tells him that she can see that he must not like her the way she is and is only there to get her to look the way he wants her to look. But he clearly indicates that he is not there to change her. That's not what he wants. He sincerely tells her he never imagines the thought that she is not good enough for him and only questions whether he's good enough for her. He believes she's beautiful inside and out and he wouldn't change a thing.

Not far away, Lulu tells Maxie she feels responsible for this because she encouraged Maxie to go on this date. Maxie suggests maybe this is a “sign”. Lulu asks if she means that Walters is an ass. Maxie tells her no. She meant a sign that she and Nathan are not meant to be together. She tells Maxie she can't give up on this and suggests they contact Diane Miller to help them. Maxie admits she considered contacting Diane but didn't know what that would accomplish. Lulu tells Maxie she must have faith in knowing how Diane won't give up on her and she tells Maxie this can't be the end for her and Nathan.

At the station, after Obrecht reveals to Nathan that she got put into custody for killing his father, he tells her he knows his boss the commissioner would not have arrested her if it was self defense. So why did she do it? Obrecht tells her son that Anna hates her and making her life miserable is the icing on Anna's pie/cake. She tells him Anna has her version and she (Obrecht) has hers. He asks what that is. Obrecht tells him she did it for him. Out of love for her son. She tells him that Victor Cassadine was a dangerous man who threatened his friends and the people he cared about and for. And mostly she did it for Nathan's own safety. He does not buy that, however and reflects that he's already lived with enough of a scam from the woman he falsely believed was his mother and who put his sister in a coma for 20 years. He remembers Obrecht gave him up at birth and he just traded one crazy for another and he walks out the door.

Nina reminds Silas that they have had sex during his residency at his place of employment, years ago. She then asks if she is now becoming insecure and needy and that may have been what drove him to have his affair with Ava. He tells her no. His affair with Ava was his own mistake. She then somehow knows how to manipulate and appeal to his weaknesses and he “reconsiders” by holding her although they don't go any farther than that.

Dante gets a call from Elizabeth who calls him to the ICU to meet “Jake” and introduces them. Dante tells “Jake” he hopes that maybe they can get some clues and shed some light on whom he really is.

When Patrick and Sam inform Tracy that she just purchased marijuana and may be under the influence although she does not know, she protests that she is not a “pot head”. She then gets a call from Luke and announces that he will soon be there.

At the hospital, Dante goes to run tests on the anonymous Jake.

Patrick and Sam wait alone at the table knowing that after Tracy has gotten a text from Luke, he should be walking through the door at any minute. The door opens and all three of them stare at what they see, in awe.

At the hospital, Nina tells Silas she is “so sorry” to have had that “weak moment”. He is not about to sleep with her but tells her it's forgotten. He dismisses her and tells her he will see her when he gets home. She leaves and Silas immediately asks the receptionist to contact Nina's physical therapist, Travis (the one she's bribed to lie for her), stating he wants to talk to Travis about Nina's condition.

At the gym, Milo tells Epiphany he can't wait to take her to dinner and would enjoy eating what she wants to eat although he wants to do what is his habit to do. They laugh, smile and happily go out the door together. Lulu and Maxie observe them and comment how happy they are. Remembering her “brief” encounter with Milo, Lulu remarks she always wanted Milo to find somebody. Maxie concludes now he has and she just wishes she can say the same. IN response to that, Lulu gets in her face, asks whom she is talking to and what this person before did with the Maxie Jones she's always known. She urges Maxie to stop wishing and start taking action although Maxie tells her she does not know what action to take. Lulu gets up and tells Maxie they are going to find Diane. Maxie tells her that she wants to wait on that and reminds Lulu she (Lulu) came there for her kickboxing class. They joke about Lulu's target being Judge Walters. Lulu promises to help her friend find a way to have a relationship with Nathan.

Nathan and Maxie run into each other at the gym.

Obrecht goes to find Nathan at his apartment, knocking on his door and begging him to give his mother a chance. However, when the door opens, she is startled to see someone other than Nathan.

Obrecht is startled to see her long-lost sister, Madeline whom Nathan has believed until recently is his real mother. She greets her sister but Liesl is not happy "Magda" is there.

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