GH Update Thursday 10/9/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/9/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny was at Volonino's Gym when Franco appeared. Sonny demanded that he leave, but Franco refused. Franco taunted Sonny about Carly choosing Franco, the serial killer, over Sonny. Franco mused this was because Carly saw good in Franco, but she didn't think Sonny had any good in him. Franco noted that he could blame the tumor for his bad acts, but Sonny could only blame his temper. Sonny punched Franco until his face was bloody. Shawn walked in and snapped Sonny out of his daydream. Franco wasn't actually there – Sonny was punching a punching bag. Sonny asked if there was news on Ava. Shawn told him that Jordan still refused to tell him anything.

Sonny noted that Jordan wasn't one of his favorite people after she interfered in Shawn's attempt to grab Ava, but he owed Jordan and Shawn for protecting Michael. Shawn still didn't understand why Jordan would betray the Jeromes like that. Sonny confided that there was a lot about the Jeromes that he'd been questioning lately. He told Shawn that Sam thought that Luke was working with them. Shawn was skeptical. Sonny admitted that it sounded crazy, but he'd told Sam to keep investigating. Sonny hoped to question Ava about Luke once he got her back. Luke was an old friend, and Sonny wanted to be sure about him before he went after him.

While Sonny talked, he punched the bag. Shawn asked if Sonny was working out so hard because of Luke or because of Carly. Sonny replied that Carly ended things. However, Sonny was confident that he and Carly would never be finished for good. Sonny thought Carly was only marrying Franco to keep him quiet, and he was concerned that Franco would tell Michael the secret, so he told Shawn that it was time for Franco to be taken out, for good. Shawn noted that killing Franco would also leave Carly free to be with Sonny. Sonny admitted that would be a fringe benefit to the main goal of protecting Carly and Michael. Sonny knew Carly would never have anything to do with him if she knew he killed Franco. He also knew that there were lots of other people who had motive to kill Franco. He decided to pin Franco's death on one of them.

Rosalie had Morgan cornered outside his Brownstone. She was working up the nerve to tell him that Nina was targeting Kiki and Michael, when Ava suddenly screamed for Morgan. Morgan rushed inside and Rosalie followed. Morgan comforted Ava. Rosalie thought back to a conversation she and Nina had about Ava. Rosalie realized who Ava was, but she kept quiet and observed Ava and Morgan.

Morgan wanted to take Ava to the hospital. Ava refused because she was afraid Sonny would see them. Morgan felt that they had to take that risk, just in case she or the baby were in trouble. Morgan pointed out that Rosalie was a nurse, and he asked her to help. Rosalie wasn't sure what to do, because she didn't know what was wrong. Ava insisted that she just needed her pills. She reached for them, but Morgan moved them out of her grasp. He was adamant that she needed to see a doctor, but Ava was sure the pills would help.

Morgan went to get Ava some water. Rosalie didn't make any attempt to care for or comfort Ava. She just advised her to ride the cramps out. Morgan returned and asked Rosalie if she'd ever seen pregnant women like this. Rosalie said she didn't know anything about obstetrics. Ava took one of the pills Sabrina had given her. Morgan introduced Rosalie to Ava and was about to tell Rosalie Ava's name, when Ava shushed him. Rosalie replied that she knew who Ava was, because Ava was famous in this town. Ava told Rosalie to forget she saw her, and she threatened to make sure Rosalie was silenced for good if Ava didn't think she could trust Rosalie to keep quiet. Morgan hurried Rosalie outside and stressed that Rosalie couldn't tell anyone, even Nina, where Ava was. Rosalie told him he could trust her, but Morgan pointed out that Rosalie told Nina that Morgan's parents slept together. Rosalie assured Morgan that she was finished doing anything for Nina, now that she'd realized that Nina was selfish. Morgan went back inside. Ava wasn't feeling better, so she took another pill.

At the Metro Court. Jordan curtly told Sabrina that she already gave Ava the medicine, then she hung up on her. Sabrina called back, and Jordan ignored the call.

Carly was also in the restaurant. Bobbie greeted her and invited her to join her and Scott for lunch. Carly declined because she and Scott didn't get along. Bobbie admitted that she could use the buffer. She felt guilty because she and Scott had just made it official and she was already lying to him about Carly cheating on Scott's son Franco. Carly felt bad that she'd dragged her mom into this, and she asked to be forgiven. Bobbie agreed, but only on the condition that Carly had ended things with Sonny. Carly swore that she and Sonny were over. Bobbie pointed out that Sonny and Carly had gotten back together multiple times over the years and that Carly cheated on Jax with Sonny. Bobbie asked Carly if she had any encounters with Sonny since she got engaged to Franco. Carly looked guilty and told her mother what happened. Bobbie disapproved of Carly and Sonny having sex in their son's apartment, even if he wasn't home at the time.

Duke and Anna entered the Metro Court restaurant. Anna had been swamped at work, so she was excited about taking the time to have lunch with Duke. Anna assumed that it would just be the two of them, but Lucy showed up and rushed over and apologized for being late. Anna discreetly took Duke to task for inviting Lucy on their date. Duke apologetically whispered that Lucy had sounded so distraught over the phone that he wasn't sure what else to do. Lucy insisted that Duke and Anna pose for a picture, despite Anna's objections. Lucy's mood soured when she spotted Bobbie, and she didn't take the picture.

Bobbie thought Franco and Carly's marriage was doomed from the start if Carly was already cheating on him. Carly assured Bobbie that she'd ended things with Sonny for good. Carly thought that she'd made it clear to Sonny that she had to choose Franco.

Anna and Jordan put on a little show to keep up the story that Jordan was a drug dealer that Anna was keeping tabs on. Anna sat down and asked if Jordan had any idea where Ava was. Jordan told her that Morgan knew where she was. Anna considered putting a tail on Morgan, but Jordan was concerned that Sonny had a mole in the PCPD who would feed him the information. Anna agreed that it was best that they didn't know where Ava was right now.

Anna went back to her table. Lucy wished she could push Bobbie off a parapet. Anna noted that while Lucy was using hyperbole, it wasn't good to plan murders in front of the police commissioner. Lucy was freaked out at the prospect of running into Bobbie and Scott again, so she decided to move away, but she got more upset when realized she had no place to go. Duke announced that he was taking Lucy home so that she didn't embarrass herself again. He led her away, leaving Anna alone at the table.

Jordan groaned when she saw that she had four missed calls from Sabrina.

Nina was in the hospital elevator. She left Rosalie a voice message, in which she stated that she thought Silas was on to her. Nina wanted to meet with Rosalie and get their stories straight so Silas wouldn't be able to find out how long Nina had been able to walk. Nina acknowledged that Rosalie was upset with her and that Nina hadn't been sensitive to Rosalie's needs. “I just didn't think you'd be so shaken up by a lone gunman. Come on!” Nina said. In a pleading tone, Nina stated that she needed Rosalie because they were friends and because no one else would be able to help with the list. Nina's voice suddenly grew cold, and she threatened to tell Morgan Rosalie's dirty little secret if Rosalie didn't help her.

Franco was at GH, listening in on Carly and Bobbie's talk. He grumbled that Bobbie should feel bad. Scott happened by and asked Franco what had him upset. Franco lied and said he was talking to Josslyn and that she was unhappy about the wedding. Scott thought that Franco's tone was too harsh to use with a little girl, and he told him that kindness would win her over. Franco wondered what Scott was doing there. Scott had come to invite Franco out to lunch with him and Bobbie. Franco appreciated the offer, but he told Scott that he'd rather swallow glass. Startled, Scott asked if Franco had a problem with Bobbie. Franco replied that Scott chose the wrong woman. Franco pointed out that Lucy had been in Franco's corner from day one and she'd encouraged him and Scott to build a relationship. Bobbie, on the other hand, had accused Franco of being behind Carly's disappearance back when Heather kidnapped her. Scott stated that he'd made his choice and he wanted Bobbie. He tried to bribe Franco with the offer of an expensive meal. Franco refused, so Scott told him that it would be best for him to learn to get along with Bobbie, since she was going to be his mother in law. Scott left.

Duke suggested they go elsewhere, but Lucy said it wasn't necessary. She was about to take the picture again, when Anna noticed Jordan and excused herself to talk to her. Lucy couldn't keep her eyes off of Bobbie. She ranted to Duke, who tried to make her feel better by pointing out that Scott wasn't there. Duke noticed that Bobbie and Carly were having a heart to heart, and he told Lucy that Bobbie might be upset because Scott broke up with her. Just then, Scott walked up to Bobbie.

Bobbie stated that she was glad Sonny accepted it. “Accepted what?” Scott asked, as he walked up. Carly covered and said Sonny accepted that she was marrying Franco, even though he didn't like Franco. Scott thought it was hypocritical of Sonny to criticize Franco. Carly argued that Sonny hadn't done anything as bad as the things Franco did before his tumor was removed. Scott countered that Franco had changed, while Sonny was a criminal who belonged in a cage. Bobbie stepped in and calmed things down. Lucy walked over and greeted everyone. Things were civil at first, until Lucy took a potshot at Bobbie. Bobbie returned the insult. Then Lucy expressed surprise that Bobbie would let Carly around her boyfriend, after Carly slept with Bobbie's husband. Duke walked over. Carly took offense. Bobbie snidely asked about Kevin and guessed that Lucy must be lonely now that he moved out. Lucy dashed toward a pitcher of water, intending to throw it on Bobbie, but Duke dragged her away before she could do it.

Nina walked up. She was snippy with Franco because he didn't return her calls. Franco was alarmed that Nina was walking out in the open where Silas might see her. Nina explained that Silas saw her running after Franco. Nina told Franco that she'd been afraid he was going to do something crazy when he went to see Carly and Sonny. Franco admitted that he wanted to, but he'd decided to save it for the wedding day. Nina's curiosity was piqued. Franco told her that the less she knew, the better, because he didn't want her to get sent to prison as his accomplice. Nina was certain that Franco was exaggerating and that he'd never actually hurt anyone. Franco gave her his phone and showed her how to Google him. Nina learned that Franco had been a serial killer. She noted that the website said he was reformed now that his tumor had been removed. Franco advised her not to believe everything she read, then he left.

Franco arrived at the restaurant just as Carly, Bobbie and Scott were about to have lunch. Carly and Franco talked alone. Carly called his arrival a nice surprise and asked what about his class. Franco explained that he rearranged his schedule because nothing was more important than family. Franco added that they could discuss wedding plans because he wanted everything to be perfect for her special day.

Silas was in his office at the hospital. He called Sam, who was in the hotel room in Amsterdam. Silas explained that he thought Sam may have been right about Nina. He told Sam about catching Nina running. Silas was suspicious of Nina's claim that she'd only been able to walk for about three weeks. Sam didn't think she was the best person for Silas to confide in. she was concerned she'd put doubts in his mind. Silas replied that the doubts were already there. Silas explained that he kept thinking about the way he'd felt compelled to defend Nina the night he and Sam ended things. Silas admitted he'd been cruel and blind and that Sam had been the one who was thinking clearly. Sam thanked him. Silas told Sam he wondered if Nina had been able to walk all along.

Sam revealed that she watched the hospital security footage and that someone definitely spied on them that night on the roof. Sam explained that she went to tell Silas that on the night she found him kissing Nina. Silas still wasn't sure how that happened, but he apologized for hurting Sam. Silas asked if they could meet when she got back to town, so he could try and make things up to her. Sam wiped away tears and told Silas he didn't have to do that.

Patrick walked into the room and started talking. Sam shushed him, but Silas heard it and asked if that was Patrick. Sam said yes, and Silas told her it was okay. He said goodbye. Sam told him he didn't have to hang up, but Silas said he had to get back to work. Silas asked Sam to be safe, then they ended the call. Sam filled Patrick in. she thought Silas had been seeking absolution. Patrick sensed that Silas may have been hoping for a sign that there was a chance for him and Sam to get back together. Patrick asked if there was a chance for her and Silas. Sam didn't think it mattered, and she didn't think Silas was looking for another chance, since he was married. Patrick didn't think they'd be married much longer, if he found out Nina was married. Sam changed the subject and said she should get dressed for the rendezvous with Luke.

Silas thought about the time Nina claimed she reached for his award and accidentally broke it and about other times he'd seen her stand. He left his office and spotted Nina in the conference room. Silas had thought Nina had gone to see Nathan, so he asked what she was still doing at the hospital.

Alexis went to GH for an appointment. She was checking in at the Nurses' desk when Julian appeared and asked for a moment with her. Alexis refused at first, but she agreed after Julian threatened to make a scene. They walked into an empty hallway, and Julian asked Alexis to let him explain things. Alexis was adamant that they were through, and she told him to stop contacting her. Julian told Alexis that he wasn't going to make it that easy for her. Alexis wondered how Julian found her, and Julian revealed that he followed her. Alexis clarified that this meant he was stalking her. Julian was willing to do that, if that's what it took.

Alexis told him that she was with Ned now. Julian scoffed and told her she was only with Ned to get back at Julian. Alexis replied that Ned understood her in a way that Julian would apparently never be able to. She added that she and Ned had been together through good time and bad and that they never lost their connection, even when they failed each other. Julian noted that Ned wasn't even an afterthought when Julian and Alexis found each other. Alexis countered that Ned was unique, while Julian was just another one of the arrogant, deceitful, destructive men that Alexis gravitated toward – her father, brothers, Ric, and Sonny.

Julian pointed out that he and Alexis shared a child and grandchild. Alexis assured Julian that she wouldn't discourage Sam from having a relationship with Julian, but she told Julian, that aside from family, they didn't know each other. Julian countered that they did know each other. He didn't understand how she could act like none of this mattered. Alexis replied that she could focus on someone who was good for her. Julian felt that Ned couldn't give Alexis what Julian could. Alexis agreed. She told him that Ned couldn't give her the terror of knowing her house had been blown up or the sinking feeling that she'd been duped again. According to Alexis, Ned could make her laugh and show her that she was capable of enjoying her life. She stormed off.

Rosalie listened to Nina's voicemail.

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