GH Update Wednesday 10/8/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/8/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Spencer Cassadine is with his dad at the Metro Court, explaining in great technical detail to the waiter, what he prefers to eat. Nikolas however clarifies that his son will be having fruit for breakfast while they wait for their dining companion. He apologizes for his son's extremely picky demeanor and when they are alone, tells Spencer he needs to be more polite. Spencer protests that he is nervous as he wants everything to go right. Nikolas then observes the headlines of the paper with a picture of Jordan Ashford and the accident that she took the rap for causing (which actually Ava is responsible for, regarding what happened to the anonymous John Doe patient). And he notices Ashford is not far away sitting alone at another table.

We then see Jordan texting Ava inquiring if she's ok and informing her she still has Ava's prescriptions pills (which Sabrina delivered to Ava's home not long ago, with her secret “plan” for Ava.)

We then see Sabrina in the visiting room of the prison waiting to talk to Carlos Rivera. The guards bring Carlos into the room and he rushes to hug her and express how happy he is to see her. He can see that she is not happy however and she admits she is there to talk to him about Ava.

We then see Ava in her new home she shares with Morgan, viewing a text message from Jordan where Jordan remarks that she had to leave Ava's drug with “that girl Sabrina” in the hospital when they last spoke after Jordan took her to the hospital, after Ava had her most recent contraction. Ava then notices Morgan bringing her breakfast on a tray and remarks how sweet of him that is. She tells him he need to wait on her since he is spoiling her. He then remarks that his dad is trying to kill her and the baby might be his so maybe she's entitled to a little spoiling. He then notices the headline with Jordan's picture and the story about her accident, having no clue about Ava's and Jordan's “arrangement” regarding the accident. He asks Ava if this woman in the picture is not a friend of hers'.

Silas goes to find Rosalie and gets straight to the point of why he wants to talk to her as he informs her she is fired. Nina enters and Rosalie asks her if she wants that. Nina does not know what to say. Rosalie hasn't a clue how or why Silas would suddenly fire her when up until now he believed Nina needs her for home care nursing.

At the hotel room in Amsterdam, Patrick and Sam wake up together in the same bed, although fully clothed and without having had sex. However, Sam is having a dream that they are taking off their clothes and having intensive and passionate, intimate contact when the alarm awakens her and brings her back to reality. She is obviously startled to have to switch so “abruptly” from the “reality” she is experiencing in the dream to the “here and now” before them in the real world. Realizing it was just a dream and she and Patrick are strictly there for business, she grabs her phone. Patrick awakens and can see she is very discontented and “disappointed” about something. He asks if she is ok and if she may have had a bad dream.

At the prison visitation room, when Carlos hears Sabrina talk about Ava, he has no clue what she has done. He only knows the theory he believes is true that Ava intended and carried out her threat to him by endangering Sabrina and her baby. He tells her how sorry he is that his “bad boy ways” that got him in his conflict with Ava caused her (Sabrina) to have to pay the price by losing Gabriel.

When Ava is with Morgan and they are talking and appear contented, she suddenly has a serious pain that worries her . Morgan rushes to her.

When Jordan is alone at the Metro Court restaurant, after texting Ava, Shawn sits beside her. Before he can say anything, she tells him that she's already told him and will repeat it again that she does not know anything about Ava's whereabouts. In response to that, he asks her if she is “done”. Assuming he has no other reason to talk to her, she replies yes. She hopes she's done with this conversation. He then tells her the reason he has approached her is because he wanted to thank her. Were it not for her informing him that Michael was in danger, he and his friend would both be dead.

When Silas informs Rosalie she is fired (when she has no clue that he's just discovered that Nina can walk), she “Graciously' protests that even if he does not like her, Mrs. Clay needs her as she can barely move. Silas looks at her smugly and indicates he's “on to” both of them. Nina then “awkwardly” protests that Rosalie is really good a cleaning and they can pay her for that. Silas is not interested in hiring her for that and Rosalie is equally dissatisfied with that.

At the Metro Court, Britt joins Nikolas and Spencer at their table as they have invited her to meet them there. She asks Nikolas what he wanted to talk to her about. He then explains that throughout the last few months he's been through a lot with Spencer first missing and then Lulu getting kidnapped and almost killed. Now that his son and his sister are home safe and sound and he no longer has these worries going on in his life, he needs to tell her something. She comments that it's been a rough few months for him. He tells her that throughout the whole time, there has been one very positive light in his life that is her. She has been there for him and he does not know how he would have gotten through his hardships without her help and emotional support. So, he tells her, he and Spencer have called her to meet them there today because they want her to move back in with them Spencer chimes in that he misses her and having her back would make all the time he's been grounded and all of the restrictions his dad has given him all worth it if she gets back with his father like they were not long ago.

Sabrina tells Carlos that while she has been believing that it was Ava who caused the accident that killed her son, she has heard a different story and theory from Patrick. He's heard that Luke Spencer threatened a boy named Spencer Cassadine who has a crush on Emma by telling the boy if he revealed a secret, he'd hurt Emma. So, now she is believing that this accident was not caused to hurt Carlos, hurt her or her baby. It was a threaten to Spencer Cassadine. Hearing that, Carlos tells her he does not buy that theory and doubts Luke Spencer would actually go through with doing that even if he threatened it to Spencer. He believes it was probably merely an empty threat only to motivate the kid to do what he wants and it did not result in the accident that killed Gabriel. Hearing that, she asks if he doesn't think it's also just as possible that Ava made the same empty threat to him that she did not actually carry out when she told him what she told him endangering Sabrina.

Ava is having contractions and cramps that cause terrible pain and Morgan asks if the baby is coming yet. She tells him no. It's way too soon. But she needs the pills that Jordan currently has.

Shawn tells Jordan that he knows that somebody gave her the information that Sonny's kid was in danger. So he bets it's Julian or someone who threatened Michael who told her that. She asks why she would risk what could happen to her if the crime boss knew she intervened, just to save Sonny Corinthos' kid. She replies she did that because of him (Shawn).

Nina finds out the Silas intends to fire Rosalie and tells her they no longer require her services and Rosalie asks Nina if she also wants that. Nina hasn't a clue how to answer that now that the secret is out.

When Sam awakens and appears discontented and “uncomfortable” to have been in a dream about having passionate sex with Patrick, while he is lying beside her in their “platonic” relationship, he asks her if she is ok. She tells him she's fine. She just guesses she's a bit jet lagged. He tells her he thinks he knows what is wrong and she can “admit” it. He knows it's weird that they are waking up in bed together and he tells her he should have gotten another hotel. She assures him it's fine and he should not be silly. They awkwardly converse about getting their day started and he asks if she needs to shower first. She tells him he may go ahead and take the first shower. Minutes later, Tracy appears and when she sees Sam not yet dressed she wonders what is going on. Patrick walks out of the shower wearing only a towel and Tracy concludes she knows very well what “went on” between them last night and what is the real reason they have traveled together.

When Sabrina tells Carlos he needs to consider the possibility that Ava could have lied, even after the fact to “take credit” for the accident, which she did not cause in order to scare him, he is really panicked to consider that that is a possibility. He concludes that maybe Ava did that just to “control” him. Hearing that, she tells him that if that's true, it changes everything. Carlos then assumes that when he told her, in their last conversation, that he's very certain Ava caused the accident, that he was able to convince Sabrina not to take matters into her own hands. She, however, admits that she did, in fact, take matters into her own hands with Ava.

At the Metro Court, Shawn tells Jordan he knows she has something going on that she is not telling him. He knows her too well and he wants to know what it is that she is not letting him in on.

Not far away, Britt asks Nikolas if she clearly understands that he wants her to move back into his home and asks if he means as a roommates. Nikolas hesitates to answer but Spencer answers for his dad telling Britt his dad wants to get back together with him. Both adults appear a bit awkward not knowing what to say while Spencer is clearly wanting to pull both of their strings. She asks if he really wants her back after what she did to his sister. He tells her he cannot speak for Lulu, but he's forgiven her realizing how hard it was for her to lose Ben, who is now known as Rocco, and for all she has done to prove herself. Spencer demands that Britt just says yes however she tells Nikolas she cannot with the fact that Elizabeth is still in his life. He affirms that he and Elizabeth are not seeing each other anymore and he wants to give it another shot again with Britt. She smiles and admits she was waiting and dreaming of hearing him ask her to move back in. Spencer cheers and expresses his joy.

Silas tells Rosalie that he will let her talk privately to Nina before she leaves their home and her employment with him. Nina admits to Rosalie that Silas caught her walking and could see she does not need a wheelchair just yesterday. Hearing that, Rosalie angrily asks her how she could be such an idiot as to let that happen. Nina then demands to know what she is bitching about, reminding Rosalie she has been “double-dipping” with the money Nina's been paying her to help with the scam as well as the salary Silas has been giving her. Rosalie reminds Nina that Silas believes Nina has no money. Nina affirms he's not going to hear otherwise from her (from Rosalie). Rosalie angrily tells Nina she did not even try to save her from getting fired and she does not feel “grateful” to Nina for offering to have her scrub her floors for them. Nina tells her she still has a job which is destroying Kiki by hooking up with Michael. Rosalie tells her, however, that she is not going to do that. She tells Nina her plan is not going to work even if Rosalie was willing to go through with it. She informs Nina that she went to visit Michael and a hit man almost killed them both. Nina does not seem really concerned and tells her that a smart woman would use that as a bonding experience. Rosalie tells Nina she does not want to play this game with Michael. He is a really good guy whom she respects and she believes he deserves better than that selfish twit, Kiki. Hearing that, Nina tells her at least she's encouraged to hear Rosalie saying that. She reminds Rosalie, however, that she needs to realize that her personal feelings about Michael are not of interest to the woman who is paying her. Nina also reminds Rosalie that Ava will be giving birth before too long. In the meantime, Rosalie needs to work on the plan with Kiki and Michael. Then, they will go after Ava. Rosalie then angrily reminds Nina that she knows all of her secrets so maybe Nina doesn't want to get so up on her high horse and Rosalie storms out the door. Silas then returns and asks if everything is ok.

Sabrina admits to Carlos that when she saw that Ava is pregnant, all she could think about was Gabriel. Because of Ava, she lost her baby. Gabriel did not get to live because of that woman and she was not going to let Ava have a baby when she could not. So, she admits to Carlos, she switched Ava's medication of something safe for the baby with another drug that would induce labor. She wanted the same thing that happened to her baby to happen to Ava's.

Ava is in terrible pain trying to breathe but not getting any relief. Morgan knows he needs to find Jordan who has the drug and so he goes to the Metro Court. Jordan sees him enter while she's at the table with Shawn. She then excuses herself to go and use the ladies' room. She goes to find Morgan and promptly gives him the drug to give to Ava (not letting Shawn know). They both suspect nothing about the drug.

At the other table, Nikolas tells Britt that it's final. He will go and pick up her things from Brad's. He leaves her alone at the table with Spencer.

At the Amsterdam hotel, Tracy spews out to Sam and Patrick that she now knows the real reason for them to “team up” and concoct their theory about Luke and go on this trip was to “explore” each other. In response to that, Patrick tells her not that it's any of her business but if he and Sam wanted that, they could much more easily “explore” one another back in Port Charles. Sam tells her that is true and even if they had, they have Tracy to blame for that because Tracy refused to share her room with Sam. Tracy then protests that she did not want her husband walking in on her and find a private investigator with her as well as the fact she did not want to share her room with Sam. She and Sam argue and Patrick tells Tracy he doesn't want to discuss this but would like to find out if she's heard from her husband by now, knowing she more than likely has not. She tells them she knows they have some excellent reasons to distrust Luke but she urges them to let her have some alone time with Luke. She reminds them that there is a such thing as innocent until proven guilty. She tells them even if their theory is true, she will have a much better chance getting the truth out of Luke than they will. She again asks them to forgive her for having just a little difficulty believing her husband is a crime boss who sells heroine to teenage kids and caused the hit and run accident that killed his child. He tells her that he can believe that it could happen so he is determined to talk to Luke himself. She tells him he can't until she has some alone-time with Luke. So will he offer her that?

At the Metro Court, Spencer tells Britt that he thinks he was able to successfully prove to his dad that he needs her in his life. He tells Britt his disappearance and Lulu's kidnapping worked perfectly in giving her a chance to win Nikolas over. She tells him that be that as it may, she cannot take credit and if Nikolas ever finds out about their little scheme to get her and Nikolas closer together, that will be the end of her relationship with Nikolas, for good. Nikolas returns to them, informs them that he has arranged to move Britt and all of her stuff into Wyndermere, but he asks them what did he miss.

Jordan asks Shawn why he wants to grill her and why he has a problem when he was able to make himself a hero to Sonny by saving Michael's life. He asks her why she wants to save Ava's life and tells her he wants to make sure they are clear that as long as Ava is still out there, he will not stop looking for her. She tells him she will not expect anything less. He tells her he will not change although he knows she wants him in her life. He walks away.

Sabrina cries and tells Carlos how her life was shattered when she lost Patrick on her wedding day. And then, the one thing that would make it all worth it was having her son. But then he died. He tells her that her son was innocent and did not deserve to die. She is a good person. She is a nurse. He tells her that no matter what kind of a person Ava is, he knows that she knows that Ava's baby is also innocent and he asks Sabrina what she did. Did she hurt Ava's baby? She admits she kept waiting to hear if Ava had been admitted to the hospital for pre-mature labor after giving her the drug. But she did not hear that. So maybe nothing has happened. She knows however, if Ava keeps taking the pills her baby could be born pre-maturely and be in as much danger as Gabriel was he was born pre-maturely.

Nina admits to Silas that she and Rosalie have gotten very close. Silas concludes he knows they have been close since Rosalie has obviously been helping her lie about being able to walk and he asks her how long they've kept this secret from him. How long has she been able to walk?

Spencer and Britt “bluff” to Nikolas about what they were talking about. Nikolas tells Britt he is really happy that she is moving in with him. She smiles and hugs him.

Tracy shows Patrick and Sam where she believes they can find Luke. She admits she does have suspicions that Luke has been lying to her all this while. She goes out the door and Sam and Patrick both remark they are concerned that Luke will break Tracy's heart.

Right when Carlos' visitation time is up, he tells Sabrina she needs to make certain that Ava's baby does not get hurt. Sabrina then immediately gets on her phone to call Jordan about the situation. Having not a clue what the medication is really for, Jordan tells Sabrina to “relax” and informs her she gave Ava the medication that she needs.

Ava continues to keel over in pain when Morgan returns with the drugs he got from Jordan.

Silas tells Nina that maybe she should go and visit her brother and tell him the joyous news. She then goes out the door. Silas obviously wants to get her out of the apartment before he makes his next move.

Sam is alone in the Amsterdam hotel room, seeing the “vision in her head” about herself and Patrick going at it in the bed. She gets a call from Silas. He tells her that he had to contact her and admit to her that he's just found out a “startling revelation”. She asks what about. He tells her he now knows she might have been right about Nina.

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