GH Update Tuesday 10/7/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/7/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan and Maxie were still on their date at the Metro Court. Monica's date, Judge Walters, walked over and asked if he could join them. Maxie sarcastically stated that she'd love to spend time with the man who kept her from her daughter. Judge Walters clarified that he ruled against Maxie in part because she lied to the court. He added that Nathan also lied. Judge Walters had read about Maxie and Nathan's brush with death, and he asked Maxie if she'd considered what her demise what have done to her daughter. Nathan felt that Maxie's ordeal had no bearing on her ability to parent. Maxie added that her daughter was always on her mind and that it wasn't her fault she was kidnapped. Judge Walters pointed out that the kidnapper was Maxie's fiancé. The Judge speculated that Maxie had ended up in that position due to making poor choices. Nathan thought the judge should take Maxie's current choices into account – she ended things with Levi and was picking up the pieces. Maxie added that she was moving on. The judge asked if she was moving on with Nathan. Maxie confirmed that they were on a date, but she explained that it was too soon to tell. Nathan added that it was their first date. The judge replied that it was also their last. Maxie snapped that the judge had no right to end their date. She added that she could do a lot worse than Nathan, who was a good person. The judge felt that Maxie was flaunting a relationship with a man who'd been willing to perjure himself. Judge Walters reminded Maxie that her case would be revisited at the end of the year. He told her that if she wanted to see her daughter, she'd have nothing to do with Nathan.

Judge Walters told Maxie that it was his duty to make sure the child had a proper home life. Maxie replied that her child would be exposed to a highly decorated officer. The judge countered that Nathan had defiled his badge with a lie. Judge Walters added that he'd been discreet and not mentioned the lie to Nathan's superiors. Nathan pointed out that he wasn't under oath that day in chambers, which meant that he never gave false testimony and hadn't done anything to defile his badge. Maxie added that Nathan was just trying to help her. The judge pointed out that Nathan lied. Maxie felt that most people lied. Judge Walters revealed that he'd checked in on Georgie and she was thriving with Spinelli. Maxie insisted that the baby needed her mother. Judge Walters replied that if Maxie wanted him to make changes to a situation that was working, she'd have to stay away from Nathan. He walked away.

Maxie wasn't sure that what Judge Walters had done was legal. She made plans to get Diane on the case. Nathan wasn't sure that was a good idea. Maxie asked if they were just supposed to let him dictate their personal lives. Nathan told her that if she caused trouble for Judge Walters, he'd keep her from Georgie. Nathan stated that he couldn't be the reason that Maxie couldn't see her daughter. Nathan hated to admit it but he thought they had no choice but to go their separate ways. Nathan walked Maxie to the elevator. She told him she had a great time until the end. Nathan replied that it wasn't supposed to end this way, and that this wasn't what he wanted. Maxie assured him that she knew. She got into the elevator alone.

Ned saw Monica sitting alone at the Metro Court restaurant, and he joined her. Monica told Ned about her date, and he was proud of her for putting herself out there. Monica explained that she thought that part of her life was over after Alan died, but Gail and Audrey kept encouraging her to go out with people, so she did. Ned revealed that he had a date too, with Alexis. Just then, Olivia walked up and asked if she could get them anything. Monica clarified that she wasn't having dinner with Ned. Ned asked Olivia to get him a table. Ned followed Olivia back to the bar. She was embarrassed about her assumption but he assured her that it was fine. Olivia groaned that every time she was around Ned she was saying something stupid or tripping over him at the gym. Ned didn't mind that because it made the work out more interesting. Olivia guessed that he was waiting for Alexis, and Ned confirmed it. Olivia had gone to see the movie that she invited Ned to, a few days ago, and she recommended that he take Alexis. Ned didn't think it was Alexis's type of movie, since it was a blockbuster and not foreign. Olivia offered to go see it with Ned, assuming that was okay with Alexis.

Judge Walters apologized to Monica for disappearing when he returned to their table. He asked if he could make things up to her by taking her on a second date. Monica agreed.

At Michael's, Carly told Sonny they were doing the right thing. He wasn't convinced, so Carly told him that Franco was unpredictable and that he'd make a better ally than enemy. Carly opened the door to leave and was startled to see Franco in the hallway. She asked what he was doing there, and Franco told her that fiancé's intuition led him to believe he'd find her and Sonny at Michael's. Franco kissed Carly on the cheek and walked in. Tension was in the air as Carly explained that she ran into Sonny because they both stopped by to check on their son. Franco asked where Michael was. Sonny didn't think it was any of Franco's business, but Carly replied that they sent Michael away. Franco agreed that that was a good idea, since the last thing they needed was more bloodshed. Carly suggested that she and Franco go. Franco replied that he needed to talk to Sonny. Carly looked alarmed and asked why. Franco told her he wanted to talk about what was going on between Sonny and Carly. Sonny smiled, but Carly looked panicked. Franco told Sonny he knew Sonny tried to rekindle things with Carly and that Carly rejected him.

Franco noted that he and Carly were engaged, although he hadn't gotten her a ring. Sonny mocked Franco's inability to afford a ring. Franco continued and said he didn't believe Carly was over Sonny until she accepted his marriage proposal. Franco claimed he was now certain that Carly was over Sonny and that she loved Franco. Franco stated that he believed they could all move forward and live in peace, once Sonny apologized for kissing Franco's fiancée. Sonny apologized for Carly for having to marry the “degenerate.” Franco pretended to dial a fake phone and tell Michael that Sonny killed AJ. Carly reminded Franco that he promised he'd never tell. Franco replied that he wouldn't tell because he had no proof and because it would hurt his bride-to-be. Carly told Franco it would be best if they let Sonny be. Franco agreed. Franco stated that he just wanted to get everything out in the open. Carly insisted that everything was out in the open. Franco smiled and told her that they had a wedding to plan. He vowed to pull out all the stops and give Carly the wedding she deserved.

At GH, Nina came running down the hallway after Franco and came face to face with Silas. Silas confronted her about being able to walk. Nina reminded Silas that he'd seen her stand before, and she tried to cover by saying she was making progress. Silas countered that one didn't go from taking a few faltering steps to sprinting. Nina admitted she had kept something from Silas. Silas snapped that she lied to his face. Nina asked if they could talk in private. They went into the conference room. Silas sat in Nina's wheelchair and sarcastically asked if she needed it. Silas demanded an explanation, and he told her not to tell him that she'd been planning to surprise him. Nina explained that she lied because she was afraid Silas would leave her for Sam if he knew she wasn't disabled. Nina reminded Silas that his feelings of obligation toward her drove him and Sam apart. She added she and Silas reconnected as he took care of her. Nina said that when she started getting better she panicked because she didn't want to lose Silas. Silas noted that Nina had done the wrong thing, but he understood why she did it. He asked to know why she was chasing Franco. Nina told him that Franco knew she could walk and that he had urged her to come clean to Silas. Nina claimed Franco had told her that Silas loved her and that he'd understand. Nina added that she got scared and Franco ran out. She claimed she ran after him because she was afraid to lose the only friend she'd made since she got out of the coma. Nina asked Silas if she'd lost him. Silas assured her that she hadn't. Nina was relieved and she hugged him. Silas told Nina he was happy she could walk, but he wished she would have told him sooner. Silas's expression became one of suspicion, as he remembered Sam's theory that Nina had spied on Silas and Sam when they were on the hospital roof, then tipped off the reporter. At the time, Silas had dismissed the possibility that a wheelchair bound woman could make it up to the roof. Nina apologized and promised that there would be no more secrets.

In Amsterdam, Patrick and Sam realized that there was only one bed in the hotel room. Patrick was going to try and rent a room at the hotel across the street, but Sam told him not to. Patrick replied that the room wasn't meant for two. Then he stammered that it was meant for two people who were together, but he and Sam weren't. Sam smiled and replied that they'd just get a cot. She called the reception desk, but her plan fell through because the receptionist didn't understand the word, and Sam didn't know the Dutch word for cot. Patrick decided to sleep on the floor. Sam thought that was a crazy idea, but Patrick insisted that it would be great. While he was in the shower, Sam called her mom.

At the Jerome penthouse, Julian poured two glasses of wine, then he called out to Alexis that The Golden Girls was about to start. Alexis entered the room and expressed her surprise about his choice of shows. Julian explained that Lucas got him hooked on it. Alexis told him she couldn't watch the show because she was having dinner with Ned. Julian decided to go talk to Ned and tell him that Ned and Alexis were through. Alexis explained that she was going to go talk with Ned about them being better off as friends. She teased Julian about being jealous, but Julian replied that he wasn't jealous; he just didn't want Ned to get the wrong idea. Julian added that he didn't want to be separated from Alexis. Alexis assured him that she wouldn't be gone long. Julian pulled her toward him and they had sex on the living room floor. Afterward, Alexis told Julian she was going to go shower and then go see Ned. Sam called Alexis while Julian was in the shower. Alexis told Sam that Julian didn't meet Luke in the stables the night of the engagement party. Sam repeated what Tracy said about finding Luke and Julian in the stables. Julian walked in, and Alexis ended the call. Julian asked what their daughter said. “You lying son of a bitch!” Alexis spat, as she slapped the stunned Julian across the face. Julian asked what had gotten into her. Alexis called herself pathetic for ignoring the evidence and falling for Julian's lies. She told him what Sam said. Alexis yelled that Julian had sworn that he wasn't working for Luke. Julian insisted that Luke wasn't his boss, and he told Alexis she had to believe him. Alexis snapped that she believed Julian when he told her he was out of the business, but he'd been lying then and he was still lying now. She announced she was done. Julian insisted that it was complicated. Alexis replied that it wasn't. She yelled that they were through, then she stormed out.

Alexis rushed into the Metro Court and apologized to Ned for being late. She ordered three martinis from Olivia. Ned asked if she was working up the courage to tell him what she'd wanted to talk about. Alexis replied that the thing she needed to talk about turned out not to be important.

Back in Amsterdam, Sam got in bed, and Patrick settled down on the floor. It was clear that he was uncomfortable. Sam heard him tossing and turning and she told him to get in bed. “You want me to come up there?” Patrick asked. Sam replied that she wanted him to be comfortable and to get enough rest for their big day tomorrow. Patrick insisted that he was fine on the floor. Sam asked if he'd never shared a bed with a friend before. She told him that they were mature adults and that she couldn't think of anything that should stop them from sharing a bed. She asked if Patrick could, and Patrick remembered the time they kissed. He asked Sam if she was sure about this. Sam also had a flashback to the kiss. “Why wouldn't I be?” Sam asked. Patrick got into bed, and he admitted Sam had been right – it was better than the floor. They turned to face opposite sides of the room, and said goodnight.

Elizabeth sat at Jason's bedside, providing encouragement as he tried to remember things about his life. Jason remembered Liz saying that he chose not to parent Jake and that he chose not to be with her. In his memory, her voice was distorted beyond recognition. Jason told Liz he remembered a name – Jake. Liz was startled, and she asked what he meant by that. Jason remembered Liz crying and saying that Jake was being kept alive by machines. Jason wasn't sure about the significance of the name. Liz replied that Jake was a good name and that she once had a son with that name. Jason was curious, so Liz told him about Jake. Her voice cracked with pain as she talked about her son. Liz described the four year old as fearless and said she always kept an eye on him, except for the 30 second period in which he ran out into the street and was hit by a car. Jason gave her his condolences. Liz apologized because she felt that it had been unprofessional of her to be sharing that story and breaking down in front of a patient. Jason replied that he was glad he could listen. Liz joked that he was a captive audience and had no choice. Jason laughed, but Liz felt bad because it sounded insensitive. She stated that she'd just have to remember that there were other people named Jake. Jason admitted he wasn't sure it was his name, but it felt right, so he decided to go with it. He extended his hand, and he and Liz greeted each other by name.

Liz told “Jake” that they could give his name to the police. Jason didn't see how that was a good thing. Liz asked if he wasn't a fan of the police. “Is anyone?” Jason asked. Liz told him it would be the first step to figuring out who he was. She assumed that someone must be looking for him. Liz marveled at his progress – just a couple of days ago, they didn't think he'd survive. Jason thought it was strange to think of people he didn't remember being out there looking for him. Liz pointed out that they would be people he loved. It was getting late, so Liz had to leave. Jason asked if she'd be back tomorrow. Liz assured him that she would.

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