GH Update Monday 10/6/14

General Hospital Update Monday 10/6/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court, Nathan sits alone at the table considering the “off chance” that Maxie will meet him as she's said she would not be there. He appears awkward, assuming she won't show up and gets ready to leave. However, as soon as he walks toward the elevator to depart, he sees Maxie enter unexpectedly. She is wearing a beautiful dress with her hair and make up done up to show she really wants to be with him. He tells her he thought she would not show up. She admits she thought she would not until she had a “change of heart”.

Franco declares to Nina that he no longer needs to spy upon Carly with a secret cam device, because he trusts her, he is startled to hear Carly's sudden conversation with Sonny. He is able to see that they have once gains slept together and Carly is declaring that she has cheated on Franco, yet again with Sonny.

In the ICU, Elizabeth realizes she has spent many hours tending to the unconscious John Doe-patient who seems to be making a miraculous recovery after a fatal accident (Ava running him over). As soon as she walks out, we see the guy open his eyes, awaken and reveal he is conscious and lucid. He appears ready to talk to her and very possibly like he knows her. Is he Jason Morgan?

When Nathan sees Maxie, unexpectedly at the Metro Court, he admits that he wasn't about to come and wait for her, assuming she meant what she said when she told him she would not be there. But, he explains, Dante motivated him to go there and have faith that she might change her mind. In response to that, Maxie admits that she had a very similar conversation with Lulu, which motivated her to change her mind and surprise him. In their conversation, he mentions the mother he grew up with Madeline, as well as his sister Nina.

Franco then throws a tantrum infuriated to, once again, trust Carly, only to be betrayed yet again. Nina is with him and is concerned about what is happening to him with this.

Elizabeth is able to talk to the “John Doe” patient. Not far away, Monica talks to Silas about Jason, the ties she had to her son, regarding his death, and the fact that his little boy lives on in Jason. She remarks that she's glad that Sam has moved on with him after the death of Jason. Silas realizes that Monica is unaware that he and Sam have since broken up.

Sam and Patrick arrive at their destination in Amsterdam. They knock on the door of a hotel room and are surprised to see Tracy enter. She is just as surprised to see them and demands to know what the two of them are doing there. She angrily tells them she can handle the situation regarding Luke on her own. He protests that he wants to get some answers about how his son was killed when he was run off the road. She tells him that she does not entirely trust the word of a highly imaginative 9 year old boy who implicates Luke. Sam also protests that they have to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

At the hospital, after Monica finds out that Silas is now single, she encourages him to consider getting “back out there”. She tells him he might be seen as “quite a catch” and could possibly find someone online. She admits that she has been encouraged by others to explore online dating. She first thought there's no way she'd consider that and didn't think she'd find what she's looking for that way. However, she is going on a date tonight with a very nice gentleman. He tells her he is happy to hear that but his situation is different. He is already “committed” to someone, he tells her; his wife.

When Nina hears Carly and Sonny talk about how he “deeply regrets” having sex with Ava on AJ Quartermaine's grave, she remarks what a low life slut Ava is to have done that. They are both further shocked to hear Sonny reveal, in his conversation with Carly, that he shot Michael's father, AJ Quartermaine.

Elizabeth holds John Doe's hand and promises to come back soon after she informs the staff that he has awoken.

Maxie sits at the table with Nathan, observes him in his formal wear and remarks that he “cleans up nicely”. She jokes about how she's observed him wearing “not much”. He tells her that he has chosen to dress casually recently but hopes she does not see him as an “exhibitionist”. He also remarks that he is very used to formal attire, up-scale restaurants and lifestyle having grown up as a Reeves, and knowing that as the “family way”. When the waiter asks if they want to order fine wines, Nathan reveals he knows all about the French pronunciation of the items on the menu items having grown up with it. Maxie remarks she cannot believe the two of them lived in the same apartment for months yet she had no idea he was a wine connoisseur or that he could speak fluent French. He tells her that is the very reason why he wanted them to get to know each other better. They talk about their favorite books, television shows and childhood habits and values. She admits that she used to spend a lot of time drawing and dreaming of being a fashion designer as a child, instead of doing homework. They talk about her previous job working for Crimson fashion magazine. She asks if he always wanted to be a cop. He talks about how his sister went into a coma when he was 5 years old. He promised his sister that he would make it right. He had to seek justice to find out who hurt his sister. Maxie asks if he still wants to be a cop although his sister is back and the truth has come out. He tells her he likes being a cop, working with Dante and Commissioner Devane. At that point, they both have positive thoughts and feelings and enjoy their evening together.

Nina affirms to Franco that she has found out for the first time that the famous Sonny Corinthos has gotten away with murdering his son's bio father and keeping a secret from his son about it, assuming that Franco's also found out about it for the first time. He informs her that he has known it for a long time but now, for the first time, he has proof.

Carly talks to Sonny about how she is not comfortable feeling this guilt about the secrets they are keeping from their sons regarding what happened to AJ. And, she tells him, the worst source of guilt she's living with is that she's cheating on Franco. Sonny asks her if she really knows Franco and really loves him. He tells her that they understand and know each other (he and Carly). He tells her that she can fight this all she wants. But this is deep love and nothing can touch it, Sonny tells her. Hearing that, she wants to pull away but changes her mind. And once again, they go at it.

Franco sits alone, sullen and shocked. Nina wants to comfort him.

Silas is not certain what to tell Monica when she expresses how surprised she is to find out he is back with his wife. She admits that she is a little “out of practice” with dating since she hasn't dated since the Bush administration. Silas tells her that whoever this man is, he's lucky. Monica tells him that is really sweet and they both declare that they've known each other for a while and can now be on a first-name basis. Monica happily gets on the elevator to get to her date. Silas, however, does not appear happy, knowing something in his life is “incomplete”.

At the hotel in Amsterdam, Tracy wants to prove Patrick and Sam wrong with their suspicions that Luke sells heroine to kids, puts people up to causing hit and run accidents and that he's the crime boss. However, she admits that she does want to find out if it is, in fact, possible, that Luke is lying to her. She tells them that if her husband lies about the answers to the questions she will ask him, she will know. She promises them she will get the answers they need. In response to that, Patrick tells her that is good because if she does not, he will and his approach will be “much less gentle”.

At the hospital, Elizabeth calls in a doctor to find out the indication of the anonymous John Doe patient. They want to find out if he remembers his name or anything about his life. They guy then says: “Elizabeth”. She is really shocked to find out a “stranger” knows her name and appears to know her. We then see a blurry memory of Elizabeth and an “important person” in her life. She asks the patient if she is the Elizabeth he is talking about. He replies yes she is.

After Tracy goes to talk to Luke and leaves Patrick and Sam alone, he tells Sam he does not trust Tracy as far as he can throw her nor believe she can be impartial with Luke or get the answers they want. Sam tells him she doesn’t want him to worry about Tracy or rely on her and asks Patrick if he trust her (Sam). Patrick affirms he does trust Sam. A bellhop enters the room and informs them that although they intended to book separate rooms, they only have one room available so Patrick and Sam have “no choice” except to share a room.

Monica goes to the Metro Court to meet her blind date whom she has met online. It appears he's a judge. He's African American. He looks attractive. They go and sit at their table remarking this is the first time they’ve met in person.

At the other table, not far away, both Maxie and Nathan order. She chooses a vegetarian meal with Lentils. He reminds her that she has not been a vegetarian long, remembering how much she liked ribs on the one time they had dinner together. She then remembers the only “motivation” she had to be a vegetarian or vegan, was due to the “loser whose name they will not mention” who scammed her. She admits to Nathan that maybe, it would be a scam for her not to order the meats and foods she always enjoyed before meeting and trusting the “nameless loser”. She declares the very purpose for being with Nathan is to renounce all of that.

Franco and Nina are intently watching and observing Sonny's conversation with Carly from the spy cam device. She seems very concerned to see how devastated he is by what has just been revealed to him about his fiancé.

At the hospital, Elizabeth goes back to talk, alone to the John Doe patient. She assumes that he probably does not remember much. She still does not make the connection that she knows this man or that he could be non other than Jason Morgan.

When the bellhop tells Sam and Patrick that the entire hotel is booked with only one available room for them to share, she tells him that is fine although it appears to be awkward. She has a solution which is to share a room with Tracy. Tracy tells her no way. One reason being, she does not want her husband to surprise her and find a hit-man's widow with his wife. She tells Sam that she and Patrick have to find another option and shuts the door in Sam's face.

At the Metro Court, in their conversation about Levi, Nathan admits that he made as much of a mistake as Maxie did in failing to see what this guy was all about. He admits that Levi was a master manipulator with having her believing he supported all of these good causes. Yet again, Nathan affirms to Maxie, he likes her for who she is and whatever she wants to be if Maxie can accept him for whom he is. She smiles him and declares it's a deal.

At the other table, Monica sits with her dinner companion. She remarks she has never had dinner with someone she’s met on the internet. He admits he has Googled her and that the last time he went on a date, only NASA had computers and they were as large as this entire restaurant. Monica admits that since her husband died, she has not gotten out there nor considered having a social life. She was not willing to consider online dating until some friends encouraged her to explore it. She finds out that he is also widowed and since his wife died, he's buried himself in his work as a family judge. Judge Walters looks around and observes Maxie and Nathan. He recognizes them as he is the judge who denied Maxie custody of her daughter while Nathan attempted to go to bat for her, months ago.

Sonny, again, wants Carly to “admit” that she does not really love Franco. She may “want” to love him but that's all it is. She tells Sonny that the two of them (herself and Sonny) cannot have a future together.

At the hospital, Franco angrily walks out the door. Nina runs after him concerned but then turns around and sees Silas looking at her. She stares at him stunned knowing he can clearly see that she has scammed him about having a disability she does not have.

Nathan orders steak when Maxie orders a lentil pattie. They are happily together until Judge Walters approaches them and encourages them not to order dessert but just get the check and leave. He remembers that Nathan lied in court in order to help Maxie and there might be consequences with the two of them being seen together in public while her custody status is still pending in the courts.

John Doe remembers Jason's most recent conversation with Elizabeth, after finding out she hid that Danny was his child, her realizing he did not want for Jake to be his, and where she emotionally admits she is devastated that he prefers Sam and has not chosen to be with her.

Sam returns to Patrick and informs him that Tracy has always hated both her and Jason and wants to make their lives difficult. Patrick tells her in that case, she can keep this room and he will find another hotel. Sam tells him, however, she does not want him doing that and they can just share this room.

Silas catches Nina “redhanded” and demands to know what is going on. She is stunned to have been caught by him and has no excuse.

When Carly is done with her “encounter” with Sonny, she opens the door and sees Franco standing there.

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