GH Update Friday 10/3/14

General Hospital Update Friday 10/3/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan goes to Anna's office to drop off papers when he remembers Maxie turning him down for their date and stating she “cannot go out with him at all”. Dante then enters and can see Nathan is lost in thought. He informs his partner that he needs to talk to their commissioner about the situation involving Lulu's father.

Lulu is in the apartment looking at a picture of herself and her father, the real Luke Spencer. She declares that she cannot believe that her father would have caused Patrick's accident. She gets the door when she hears a knock and opens it to see Maxie. She's surprised but happy to see her best friend. Maxie can see that Lulu is not entirely “ok” when she sees her holding a picture of her dad.

Patrick and Sam are boarding a flight and traveling in an airplane to Amsterdam. He can see that she is lost in thought. She admits she cannot stop thinking about Danny and that “John Doe” patient.

Back at Port Charles, Elizabeth is talking to the unconscious patient encouraging him to believe he will be better soon and back with his family. Monica enters to examine the patient's heart.

Franco is looking at the recorded footage he has on his phone of Carly with Sonny, when Nina enters and asks what he is doing. She admits she is a bit “concerned” that he is spying and distrusting his girlfriend. They can hear Carly telling Sonny she's “glad she's alone with him”. He announces: “This is it.” He now gets to hear Carly tell Sonny what she really thinks of him. We hear Carly answer that question by telling Sonny he is a “son of a bitch”.

While sitting together on the airplane, Sam talks to Patrick about how it was so odd and it really struck her that Danny kept holding onto the hand of a total stranger in the ICU. One would only think the sight of a patient so fatally injured and covered in bandages would frighten a child. Yet, Danny would not let go and yelled “no” at her when she asked him to let go of the man's hand. And it took Elizabeth to bribe and distract Danny with a lollipop for him to let go. She knows her son can be stubborn and not afraid of much. But he's a bit “stand-offish” around strangers; a trait they know he got from his father. In response to that, Patrick remarks that Danny definitely was not “standoffish” around this patient.

Monica enters the ICU and talks to Elizabeth about her findings with the patient. She remarks that with the broken bones and his body so severely damaged by this accident, he's lucky to be alive.

In Anna's office, Nathan can see that Dante has some things on his mind and asks if he can help him with anything. He knows all they have been through having gotten kidnapped and surviving the explosion. He reminds Dante that he is his partner so he'd like to know what is going on with him right now. Dante then admits to Nathan that he and Anna and others have heard, and believe they have reason to consider Lulu's father as the local drug dealer, a suspect as the Jeromes' crime boss and very possibly the person who caused Patrick's hit and run accident.

Lulu and Maxie talk about Luke and the fact that he's been missing in action for a long time. She believes possibly her father is nursing a broken heart after Tracy broke up with him yet things just don't add up. Hearing that, Maxie remarks there is “a lot of that going around”. Hearing that, Lulu can sense that Maxie has some of her own issues going on and remarks that maybe Levi/Peter did a number on Maxie's ability to trust. Maxie then asks that they just refer to him as “the loser who should not be mentioned”. She first tells Lulu that that guy is not the reason she is there. Or, maybe he is. Because of him, her life is ruined. She knows it's her fault to have fallen for his garbage and his lies. She was convinced of his “wisdom” and that he was making her a better person. She hates to say it but when he's dead, he's still ruining her life. She then admits that she is there for Lulu to tell her whether she is making the biggest mistake of her life.

Nathan tells Dante that he realizes that since Luke is his father-in-law, it might be a “conflict of interests” for Dante to get involved in this, investigate Luke or testify against him. It's not that he believes that Dante cannot be impartial about this. But maybe he can go to Amsterdam in Dante's place. Right away, Dante can tell that Nathan has other “reasons” to get out of the country and not face something going on in his personal life. He asks Nathan if that might be Maxie.

Maxie admits to Lulu that she refused a date from Nathan.

On the plane, Sam asks Patrick what he might have found out about their anonymous patient. He tells her he could tell by the brain scans that this guy has had brain surgery before. Sam finds it very odd that it could have happened before the accident as Patrick says he could tell. And right away, that makes her think of Jason.

Monica tells Elizabeth that she can see that whatever has happened to this man is not going to kill him or prevent him from recovering. Whatever this man has been through, she can see that his heart is in good shape. In response to that, Elizabeth remarks she wishes she could say the same.

When Nina lists with Franco to his recording of Carly with Sonny, she reminds him they just heard her call Sonny an SOB. She listens intently and asks if he's changed his mind about spying on Carly. He listens and observes Carly telling Sonny that Michael was almost killed because of him. She informs him now that they are alone, she can honestly tell him what is on her mind. That is a major reason why she cannot be with him and why she is marrying Franco. She tells Sonny she wants him out of her life and is furious with him. Franco and Nina listen intently Nina then takes his phone although he demands she gives it back. She tells him she thinks his spy cam has given him all the information he needs that Carly is not back with Sonny, that he can trust her and believe she is committed to him and Nina tells him she thinks he should let it go.

Sonny then reminds Carly that she chose him instead of AJ to be Michael's father. She knew the life he had from the start yet made the choice she did. He tells her they both know what this is about. She is trying really hard to convince herself that she is making the right decision when she knows as well as he does that she is not.

Maxie tells Lulu, right when Nathan tells Dante, about the kiss. Both Dante and Lulu are encouraged to hear about their respective friends kissing and want to know if they both enjoyed it. Yet, Lulu wonders why, if Maxie enjoyed it, did she turned Nathan down on his asking her out on a date?. Dante asks Nathan the same question. Nathan replies she told him she wanted to be “more responsible”. Maxie admits she wasn't sure she was ready to trust anyone again. Nathan informs Dante he told Maxie he would show up at the Metro Court just in case Maxie changed her mind. Maxie tells Lulu she's concluded she's not going to go. Nathan tells Dante he told Maxie what he told her although he's afraid she's made up her mind. Maxie concludes to Lulu that is why she came to see her best friend so that she can tell Maxie she's made the right decision. Lulu admits to Maxie she can't tell her that.

In the ICU, Elizabeth tells Monica she's sorry and realizes her issues are not Monica's concern. Monica tells her not to be silly, reflecting all Elizabeth has meant to her and to her family. She tells Elizabeth she's there if she wants to talk. Elizabeth admits she feels lost now that Jason, Ric and AJ are all gone. Monica then admits how she feels about getting AJ home only to lose him again. Elizabeth remarks it's not often that one gets that “second chance” in their life again.

On the flight, Sam talks to Patrick about how Jason had more than enough surgeries which Patrick performed. Patrick remembers what an uncooperative patient her husband was. She admits to Patrick she did not like him at first. He admits he did not like her. It was not her per say. He just had a problem with the women of Port Charles. All of these beautiful, smart quality women who fall for these losers and thugs. He tells her he hopes that was not “too harsh”. She then admits she was not exactly an angel when she first came to Port Charles. She laughs when she admits when she first met him she did not like him because he was a womanizing sexist pig with a God complex. He tells her he wishes he could deny that and while she laughs he tells her he knows she has been waiting a long time to tell him that and he'd like to think he has changed a lot. Sam assures him he has. They smile to each other and reveal they are happy to be together on this trip. Sam then remembers she has forgotten to call her mom and find out what might have happened when she went to talk to Julian, and if he's given her any information about Luke. She reflects she knows her mom's history of falling for dangerous men and that Julian has had this hold on her. But, she tells Patrick, maybe the reason she has not heard back is because her mom is at the office. Patrick concludes maybe Alexis is filing his divorce papers. Hearing that, Sam is surprised, having not yet heard that Patrick is finalizing his divorce to Robin. He tells her his estranged wife has sent the papers. He has signed them and very soon will be officially divorced and ready to move on.

In the ICU, Elizabeth tells Monica she is really sorry for not being there for AJ before he died when he needed her most. Monica tells her she realizes her son was drunk and in a crises at that time and there was evidence that cast suspicion on him for killing Connie so she does not blame Elizabeth for pulling away and having doubts about AJ. Elizabeth reflects about her history with AJ as well as their memories of Jason.

Lulu clearly does not want Maxie to give up on Nathan and reminds her she declared that meeting him when she did was a sign from the universe that they have a connection. Yet, Maxie tells Lulu that when Levi held them hostage, she wanted to provoke him and make him jealous telling him that and going on about how great Nathan was. Lulu asks her if she did not mean that and does not value Nathan. Maxie tells her she is not certain about her judgment in getting into relationships or knowing if it's the right thing. Lulu tells her she knows that when she trusted Levi, she got her heart broken and is justifiably scared and untrusting. But Maxie can't hide in a corner for the rest of her life. Maxie tells her she believes that with her recent feelings for Levi, it's too soon to go out on a date. Lulu tells her that she believes Nathan is a great guy and she encourages Maxie to go out with him but it's her decision.

In Anna's office, when it appears that Nathan is discouraged about going to the Metro Court and taking a chance of Maxie not showing up, Dante encourages him not to give up or lose hope. He reminds Nathan of all he has put up with from Maxie yet has never given up on her once. Nathan responds that he couldn't abandon her when she was being lied to by that dirt bag con artist. Dante tells him that's his point exactly on how Nathan wanted to be there for her because of the kind of man he is. He tells him that being that same honorable man will come in handy when dealing with Maxie. She needs someone she can count on. She needs someone who will honor his commitment so he urges Nathan to do that and show up tonight.

Nina reminds Franco he told her that he affirmed that he will stop spying on Carly when she proves that she can be trusted. And, she tells him, it appears Carly has passed the test. She has proven she's done with Sonny and marrying him, she reminds Franco. He then admits to Nina she might be right.

Carly furiously reminds Sonny that he has gone too far with the most recent risk of Michael's life. She remembers and still has nightmares of when their was put in the coma after the shooting in the warehouse years ago. They remember they “mistakenly” slept together while in a mutually vulnerable situation then. Sonny tells her that they are stronger and better together than they are apart.

Lulu tells Maxie she may go out with Nathan or not. But she does not want her making her decision out of fear. Maxie then goes out the door appearing like she has a plan.

Nathan remarks that Dante he gives a hell of a pep talk. Dante tells him that is what partners are for and he departs and returns to Lulu.

On the flight, Patrick admits to Sam that it's kind of “coincidental” that they are both breaking up in their respective relationships. He affirms however, in case she has any questions, that this is strictly business so that they can get some answers. He promises he won't “kiss her or anything”. She tells him that is “good to hear”.

Elizabeth admits to Monica she made a serious mistake not long ago to find out that Danny was Jason's yet not tell him because she was afraid it would bring Jason and Sam back together after they'd broken up. She was worried and afraid of “losing” Jason after she'd just gotten him back. Monica sounds like she does not bear any ill feelings toward Elizabeth.

Franco wants to hang on to his phone device although Nina smiles and tells him she wants to take him out to dinner. She wants him to join her at the Metro Court., It will be a perfect way for him to declare he no longer needs to spy upon Carly, she tells him. He then agrees.

Carly tells Sonny if they go through with what he wants, yet again, they know all too well how it always ends. And this is going to be a disaster, she tells him. He replies maybe but it will be a beautiful one. He kisses her and she responds. It's clear they are going to sleep together yet again.

Dante returns to Lulu and they both talk about their respective conversations with Nathan and Maxie and they both know that both of their respective friends need encouragement with the uncertainty regarding their potential relationship.

Nathan is in a suit alone at The Metro Court at a table. The waiter asks him if he wants a drink or to order or to wait. He is clearly uncomfortable and staring at his phone. He then concludes he needs to leave. He knows he's going to be waiting for someone who will not show up. However, as soon as he gets up and looks toward the elevator, he sees Maxie arrive when the door opens. She's wearing a beautiful dress and her hair and make-up indicates she's made a lot of effort. They smile at each other.

When Franco concludes to Nina that he now trusts Carly and can officially remove the spy device from his phone, he hears Carly conclude to Sonny, after they've slept together, that she's cheated on her fiancÚ with him once again.

Patrick and Sam are ready to arrive in Amsterdam.

Elizabeth stays with the anonymous patient unable to leave although she is not on duty and hours go by. Another nurse remarks that she needs to take a break. Just as she gets up to stretch, the guy wakes up, opens his eyes, and looks around.

Franco then admits to Nina that he is devastated and overwhelmed by what he has just heard right when he was ready to trust Carly and believe he has no reason to spy on what she's doing with Sonny behind his back.

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