GH Update Thursday 10/2/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/2/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Sam asked Elizabeth if she'd seen Patrick. Liz replied that she just missed him. Danny ran off, and Sam followed him. She found Danny in Jason's room, holding his comatose father's hand. Sam gently tried to coax Danny out of the room, but Danny refused to let go. Sam asked her son why he wanted to keep holding the man's hand. Liz walked in, and Sam filled her in. Sam explained that she was afraid to yell at Danny and trigger a tantrum. Liz lured Danny away with a piece of candy. Sam gave her a thumbs up, and Liz told her that she had lots of experience with stubborn little boys.

Sam and Liz both thought Danny's behavior was strange. Liz admitted that she also felt the need to stick close to this patient for some reason. Sam thought it was Liz's compassion for her patients, but Liz felt that there was something different about this one. Sam asked if Liz knew who he was. Liz replied that he was a John Doe. Liz hoped that the hospital would be able to release a photo of him once his face had healed up. That way he could have some company other than strangers. Sam took the man's hand and said that there must be someone out there who loved and missed him. She assured the patient that Liz was going to take good care of him. “I don't know what it is about you, but I want to see you get better” Sam said.

An alarm went off while Sam held Jason's hand. Liz checked on him and was surprised to see that his vitals were rising. It was unexpected since he was under such heavy sedation. Liz noted that he seemed to be fighting to come out of sedation. Liz thought it was possible that he might wake up. Liz decided to go get the doctor, and she asked Sam to stay and keep talking to the patient since it seemed to be helping. Sam explained that she had to go find Patrick. Liz told Sam she sensed that Patrick wanted to be more than friends with Sam. When Liz said that, another one of Jason's alarms went off. It wasn't a cause for concern, so Liz left. Sam had Danny say goodbye to the patient, then they left too. Liz returned to the room with a doctor, who told her that John Doe would soon wake up. The doctor left, and Liz stayed at the bedside.

Sabrina was pleasantly surprised when she ran into Patrick in the halls of the hospital. She hoped this meant he was back, but Patrick replied that his appeal hadn't been decided yet. He explained that he was looking for Sam. Patrick added that earlier, he'd helped Liz out by taking a look at the John Doe's scans. Patrick wasn't sure whether he would regain his full brain function or not, and he'd noticed that the patient had had brain surgery before. Sabrina was curious about Sam and Patrick's investigation into the accident. Patrick told her that they were working a new lead. Sabrina asked who they suspected. Patrick explained that they didn't have confirmation yet, and he was reluctant to say anything that could damage the suspect's reputation. Sabrina countered that as Gabriel's mother, she had the right to know. Patrick agreed, and he told her that they thought Luke caused the accident. Sabrina replied that that was impossible. Patrick told her that Spencer said Luke confessed to trying to hurt Emma. Sabrina snapped that Spencer was lying and that the person who did this was trying to hurt Gabriel, not Emma. Patrick told Sabrina he understood that she was trying to make sense of Gabriel's death, but they had evidence in addition to Spencer's word. Sabrina countered that Patrick had just said he hadn't confirmed anything. Patrick wondered why Sabrina was so sure that Luke was innocent, and he asked if she had a theory of her own.

Before Sabrina could answer, Danny came running up, with Sam following. Patrick told Sam that Sabrina had another theory. Sabrina replied that she overreacted and she asked them to keep her updated. Sam, Patrick and Danny got into the elevator, and Sam told Patrick about Danny's interaction with the John Doe.

Michael conducted some ELQ business in his apartment while he got ready for work. His bodyguard let Sonny in. Michael explained that he was on his way to work. Sonny announced that Michael wasn't going to work. Sonny was convinced that someone else would try and kill Michael, so he'd decided to send him away until Sonny could find and eliminate the threat. Michael pointed out that Sonny had already surrounded him with several guards. Sonny didn't think it was enough and he didn't want to take a chance. Michael argued that he wasn't ten anymore and that he didn't need to be sent away. “I can't lose you, Michael!” Sonny yelled. Carly arrived and asked why they were arguing. Michael told her. Michael had hoped Carly would tell Sonny this was an overreaction, but Carly was on Sonny's side. Michael assumed that they had planned to team up on him. Carly assured him that she had no idea that Sonny had planned this, but she approved. Michael told them that he had a life in Port Charles – he ran ELQ. Carly replied that Ned could run it until Michael returned. Michael explained that he was running ELQ because of AJ, and he didn't think he could just walk away any time he felt like it. Carly stressed that Michael was a target right now. She added that he killed a man in self defense and they couldn't tell anyone because he'd already been convicted of manslaughter when he killed Claudia. Sonny told Michael he could run ELQ by satellite from the Island. Michael asked what about Kiki. Sonny told him to take Kiki with her. Michael noted that they were double teaming him. “Yeah we are. But if it keeps you safe, we don't care” Carly stated.

Michael stated that he was an adult now, who could make his own decisions, but he agreed to go to the island, because this was a serious threat and he loved his parents too much to make them worry. Sonny and Carly were relieved. Michael packed a bag, and Sonny told him he'd only have to stay for a couple of days. Michael hoped Kiki would like seeing the place where he spent half his childhood. Sonny had a car waiting downstairs, and he told Michael he could pick up Kiki on the way. Michael said his goodbyes and left. Sonny thanked Carly for backing him up. Carly, (who was still wearing the Evil Eye necklace), told Sonny she was glad they were alone, because there was something she needed to say. Sonny guessed that she wanted to say she broke up with Franco because she realized she belonged with Sonny.

Kiki went home and called out for Morgan. He came downstairs and explained that he'd just taken Ava a late breakfast, since Maxie ate the first meal he prepared. Morgan told her Maxie apologized for the protest she and Levi staged at the Brownstone, then she asked for relationship advice. Morgan explained that he'd tried to tell Maxie that he was the wrong person to give her relationship advice, but Maxie had promised to stop talking and leave if he answered her, so he told her to follow her heart. The conversation shifted and Morgan asked Kiki how things went with Michael this morning. Morgan admitted he was putting Kiki in a tough position by asking her not to tell Michael that Sonny killed AJ. Kiki stated that keeping secrets from Michael had almost been a moot point last night because someone tried to kill him. Morgan was alarmed and asked if Michael was okay. Kiki replied that Michael was actually a little too okay. Morgan explained that Michael had already gone to prison for killing someone, even though he did it to protect Carly and Josslyn. Morgan was convinced that the cops would never believe Michael killed a second person in self defense. Kiki told Morgan that Michael was confident that Sonny had made it all go away.

Kiki revealed that Morgan's gal-pal Rosalie was there when it happened. Morgan assured Kiki that Rosalie wasn't his “gal-pal” after she told Nina that Sonny and Carly were hooking up. Morgan was concerned about what Rosalie had said to Michael. Kiki told him that Michael was still in the dark about everything. It was clear that Kiki was upset about lying to Michael about AJ's death. She suggested he might be able to handle the truth, since he didn't seem to be struggling with killing the hitman. Morgan believed that Michael was being so strong right now due to his parents' support. Kiki argued that this wasn't just about Carly and Sonny. It also affected her relationship with Michael. She admitted that it was her idea to hide Carly and Sonny's one night stand from Michael, but Kiki felt bad that they were also not telling Michael that Ava lived there and the truth about AJ. Kiki yelled that she was lying to Michael every time she saw him and that it took everything in her not to tell him that Sonny wasn't worth defending. Morgan was sorry that Kiki felt this way. He admitted that Sonny might deserve to have Michael find out. But Morgan reminded Kiki that the truth would also destroy Michael's relationship with Carly. Morgan had just gotten Michael back in his life, and he was afraid to do anything that might cause him to lose his brother. Morgan maintained that the truth wouldn't bring AJ back and that punishing Sonny wasn't worth hurting everyone else. Kiki wasn't sure what to think. Morgan begged her not to tell Michael the truth. Michael suddenly walked in, and Morgan and Kiki acted like everything was okay.

Nathan took Maxie into Anna's office so they could talk privately, then he asked her if she was going to go out with him tonight or not. Maxie replied that she thought about Nathan all the time when she was in her room at Mac and Felicia's. She thought about how good the shower smelled after Nathan used his brand of soap, the special coffee he always offered to make her, and the music he liked. Nathan promised to tell her all about his soap, coffee and music over dinner. Maxie announced that she couldn't go out with him. Nathan assumed that Maxie was physically and emotionally drained after her ordeal with Levi, and he assured her that they could reschedule. Maxie clarified that she couldn't go out with Nathan at all. Nathan was confused since he thought Maxie had agreed to give him a chance. Maxie explained that that was before she went to apologize to Morgan for the sit in. Nathan remembered that day, and he didn't see what was so bad about it – he and Maxie had gotten handcuffed together and been forced to walk home from the park. They'd watched the fireworks. Maxie pointed out that they weren't both forced – Nathan had forced her to do that because he was too embarrassed to tell his coworkers he lost the key. “So technically, it's like you kidnapped me too. Only you did it on a holiday, on accident.” Maxie added. Nathan reminded her that he'd told her she had beautiful eyes. Maxie admitted she thought about that night all the time that and the other nice things Nathan had done for her, like offering to perjure himself so she could get her daughter back. Maxie didn't want to jump into a relationship again. She noted that on NYE, she left to find herself and ended up making one of the biggest mistakes of her life and hooking up with Levi. Nathan insisted that he wasn't Levi and that Maxie knew him. Maxie replied that she didn't know Nathan at all. Nathan countered that they lived together for months. Maxie pointed out that she thought she knew Levi too, but he wasn't the spiritual and altruistic person he pretended to be; he was a homicidal person named Peter. Nathan replied that he (Nathan) wasn't all that spiritual or altruistic. Maxie told Nathan that he was the most altruistic guy she knew. Nathan conceded that he was a little altruistic when it came to Maxie, but he didn't think that was a bad thing.

Maxie pointed out that Nathan didn't just move to town to work as a cop, like she'd thought. He came on a mission to prove Silas killed his sister. She added that he wasn't even really named Nathan West; he was James Reeves. Maxie also noted that Nathan almost slept with his sister Britt. Nathan looked uncomfortable and reminded Maxie that he didn't know she was his sister at the time. Nathan told Maxie that the things she listed were things she already knew about him. Maxie felt that she didn't know the little things that made Nathan who he was. She didn't think Nathan really knew himself either, now that he'd learned that his parents weren't who he'd thought they were. Nathan countered that he did know himself, and he promised to help Maxie get to know him on their date. Nathan told Maxie he knew she was beautiful, funny, loyal, kind and that when she made big mistakes, it was because she wanted to help people. He wanted to spend time with her and learn more about her. Maxie replied that she needed to be alone. Nathan explained that he'd been so excited about the date that he'd already made a reservation at the Metro Court. He told Maxie that he was going to be there, and she could join if him if she changed her mind. He left.

At the loft, Dante told Lulu that he'd just gotten texts from Tracy and Patrick letting him know that Tracy, Patrick and Sam all planned to meet Luke in Amsterdam. Dante told Lulu that Patrick needed to know whether Luke caused the accident. Since Dante needed to investigate Luke too, he felt that he should go to Amsterdam, too. Lulu understood Patrick's zeal to find out who caused his son's death. She felt that she and Dante could relate to the loss of a child in a way, after having had to give up their baby girl. Lulu admitted that Luke wasn't perfect and that he was MIA for large chunks of her life, but he was always there when it mattered. Luke had saved Lulu's life numerous times and he'd been there for her when the Quartermaines tried to prevent her from having an abortion. Lulu dismissed the evidence that Luke caused the accident or was the Jerome boss. She pointed out that the theory was based on the word of a child and a series of coincidences. “This person that everyone is talking about – this is not he person that I know and love. This man is not my father” Lulu snapped. Dante acknowledged that they didn't know anything for sure, but he noted that Luke hadn't been the same since he'd returned from Miscavige. Lulu countered that it didn't mean Luke had turned into a monster.

Dante felt that the best way to get answers was to go to Amsterdam. Lulu revealed that she wasn't going. Dante was surprised she didn't want to be there. Lulu clarified that she did want to be there when Luke cleared his name, but she didn't want to leave Rocco. Lulu remembered feeling hurt when Luke left her with her grandmother and she didn't want to do that to her son. Lulu walked over to the crib and looked in on Rocco. She told Dante he'd been fussy last night. Dante had heard. He'd gotten up to check on Rocco, and noticed that Lulu had already gone to comfort the baby. Lulu pointed out that they almost died at the clinic and they'd already missed out on a portion of Rocco's life. She didn't want to miss anything else. Lulu added that they made the choice to devote their time to Rocco instead of having another baby, so she couldn't just hand him off to Olivia and go on an adventure. Lulu assured Dante that she understood that it was his job to go on this trip. Dante told Lulu that he didn't want to leave her and Rocco, either. He confessed that he'd been terrified when he thought that the three of them would never be together again. Dante asked if she'd be disappointed if he didn't go on the trip to Amsterdam. When she realized Dante was staying home, she hugged him in relief. She was concerned that Anna wouldn't approve. Dante explained that Anna had plenty for him to do at home, like sticking close to Julian to see if there was a connection between him and Luke. Lulu was sure that Luke wasn't connected to a liar like Julian. Dante assured her he'd work to clear Luke's name.

Lulu stared at a picture of her with Luke. Dante called her over to Rocco's crib, because the baby was smiling in his sleep. They smiled as they watched him sleep, then they kissed.

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