GH Update Wednesday 10/1/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/1/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kiki goes to see Michael at his apartment and needs to know the reason why he has a guard at the door checking everyone who enters. Although she asks and needs to know, Michael does not want to tell her the reason why (an attempt was made on his life by an unexpected and unannounced guest last night.)

Julian is privately on the phone talking to Ava assuring her he need not know where she is as long as she is safe. He also warns his sister that “that boss of theirs'” is not too keen on either of them right now and did, in fact, have a guy attempt to kill Michael in his home just last night.

Morgan is at his home when Maxie comes by to see him. He is surprised to see her and doesn't want her to know his secret (Ava staying with him).

After Julian gets off the phone with Ava, making sure he is not “overheard,” he returns to his bed with Alexis who seems to suspect nothing at present.

Anna is talking to Robin on the phone in her office, asking her daughter if she really wants to go through with the divorce, assuring her she only wants Robin to be happy and getting off the phone. Nathan waits for her to get off her call while he gets a text from Maxie asking if they are still “on” for tonight as he's previously planned to ask her out to dinner with him. Anna asks him to come inside and asks what she can do for him. He replies he needs her to tell him why his mother is still in custody.

Sam takes Danny to the hospital for a check-up with Patrick helping her She tells him she thinks they should go to Amsterdam to hopefully ambush Luke. But first, she tells him, she has to get this little guy to his check-up. They smile at each other and he affirms that he and Danny are buddies now. The check-up is with Oncology, to make sure that Danny is ok after he needed bone marrow a while back. And the Oncologist to examine him is none other than Silas.

In the ICU, we see the “anonymous” man whom Ava ran over in the hospital bed. Elizabeth seem to somehow believe she might know him. Epiphany comes by, knowing Elizabeth is not on duty at this time. She asks Elizabeth if there is some sort of “connection” she has with this John Doe which Epiphany knows nothing about. Elizabeth replies she was there when they brought the patient in and she wants to be there for him now. Yet there is no “conscious” awareness on her part that this could be Jason Morgan. Elizabeth asks how he is. Epiphany replies it will be a long time before he wakes up if he wakes up. This man has been in surgery for 36 hours. People have been fusing together his bones, knitting together his internal organs and piecing together his face. She also remarks that this guy has had so much reconstructive surgery that his loved-ones could stare him straight in the face and not recognize him.

In the hospital lobby, Patrick asks Sam if she's sure he wants to accompany him to Amsterdam as he tells her he's pretty confident he can track down Luke on his own. They joke about who has had more “experience” being a “bad guy”. He admits he's concerned that it could be a dangerous situation for her. Yet, she is not worried and tells him she is willing to take a risk, to right the wrong that happened to Gabriel and all the people who loved him. So, she is going. Silas appears ready for his appointment with Danny. He looks coldly at Sam with Patrick.

At the police station, Nathan needs for Anna to tell him the status of his mother being held in police custody after the kidnapping at Crichton Clark. He tells her that Britt is getting antsy and has threatened to expose the police department if they violate her mother's rights and Obrecht might use her power as chief of medical staff to make trouble if Anna keeps her in jail. Anna asks why she should care about the “consequences” of arresting the woman who helped Crichton-Clark do their crime. She admits to Nathan, however, she realizes that he is only looking out for her and the department. He tells Anna she took a chance on him when she did not have to so he wants to do the same for her. She tells him she still believes he's a fine officer and has conducted himself admirably given this association with both of his “less than sane, less than law-abiding” parents. He reflects that he'd like to forget all about his “father”. It appears Victor is dead. And he'd like to put the whole Crichton-Clark situation behind him. He can sense, however, that there might be some sort of secret involving his mother that Anna is not telling him. She gets a visit from Jordan.

Maxie needs to talk to Morgan alone in his apartment and can see that he, more than likely, has “company” that he is not ready to reveal to anyone.

Kiki is able to see blood on Michael's carpet. He then reveals that a man tried to kill him last night. Hearing that, she is horrified.

While in bed with Alexis, Julian tells her that she has to call “preppy boy” (Ned) and tell him they are through and she has made the choice to be with him. She gets up, into her robe and tells Julian she has to call Molly. As soon as she walks into Julian's living room, however, she is startled when she sees Sonny unexpectedly. He tells her he is there to confront Julian and anyone else who is with him because of something that happened last night which he knows Julian is responsible for.

Maxie is persistent to talk to Morgan and knows it's not like him to be eating such expensive gourmet muffins for breakfast. He tells her they are for Kiki. She finds that hard to believe if he and Kiki are not back together. She helps herself to the muffins. Yet he still does not know why she is there. She tells him she wanted to apologize for making trouble the last time she was there.

Michael admits to Kiki that he does not want her to worry. He explains he had to kill the guy who attempted to kill him. He could have said self-defense but since he has a police record, his father thought he should intervene. Kiki then reveals that she does not trust his father (after what she's just heard about Sonny). She urges Michael to know that his father is not willing or able to protect him and it's because of his father that he almost got killed last night.

Julian gets up and discovers Sonny unexpected and uninvited in his living room. Sonny tells him he wants some answers starting with what Julian attempted to do to Michael last night.

When Jordan drops in to see Anna unexpectedly, with Nathan present and witnessing their conversation, Anna warns her that she needs to be careful while still under-cover. Jordan tells her in that case, it's a good thing that she is there under legitimate police business. She tells her she is there as a “citizen” dutifully following up on a car accident. They both know about the John Doe when Jordan reveals (off the record) that it was not herself that hit him.

In the ICU, Epiphany tells Elizabeth that she's been thinking all about how they really need Patrick reinstated because if anyone is going to determine the quality of life this patient will have, it's their suspended top neurosurgeon.

In the lobby, Silas smiles and greets Danny, happy to see him, yet also observing Patrick accompanying Sam and the little guy and asks if Patrick intends to join them. Patrick tells him no. He is just there to see the board about his appeal. As soon as Patrick goes off, Elizabeth finds him. She tells him he is just the man she wanted to see because she has a “job” for him.

Maxie admits to Morgan that she was falsely persuaded to be part of a “sit-in” at his place of work with Levi. Yet she found out that Levi was an imposter. He informs her he has not heard that specific bit of information about her ex boyfriend. She tells him she's sorry she let that guy bamboozle her into giving him and Michael and Kiki grief. He tells her apology is accepted and she may leave. She tells him she is not done yet. She has some major trust and judgment-call issues regarding her falling for and trusting Levi's cover as a politically correct tree-hugger who was really a homicidal thug. She now realizes she cannot tell the difference between “black and navy” and that is where Morgan comes in. She asks Morgan if she can “go on this date with Nathan tonight”. Hearing that, Morgan shakes his head, revealing he does not know what she is talking about.

When Anna and Nathan hear Jordan reveal that when Ava ran over a pedestrian she took the rap, Anna remarks that Jordan did the same thing when Julian shot Mickey Diamond and tells her she's making quite a habit for covering for these people. Jordan tells her she knows and it's mainly because she needs the Jeromes to trust her in order to bring down her operation. Nathan then inquires if the injury to the pedestrian was an accident, then why would Ava flee the scene? Jordan explains because she is running from somebody who is targeting her. Ava knows if she wound up in the hospital or police station, she would be a sitting duck. Anna then asks who is after Ava. Jordan replies it's Sonny Corinthos who is ready to kill Ava.

Alexis tells Sonny he has to get out of Julian's home. Julian tells her no. He can handle Sonny. Sonny tells her she does not want to miss this because things are going to get “really interesting” now. Shawn then enters and informs Julian he might want to know that his men are “in dispose”. Sonny then asks Julian to tell Alexis the most recent conversation they had. Julian does not reply and Sonny reveals that Julian threatened to kill him and end his family. He happens to know that Julian wanted to kill Michael and it almost happened last night. Hearing that, Alexis is shocked and demands Julian tells her if it is true. He protests to her that he had absolutely nothing to do with the attempt on Michael's life. Sonny tells him he has reason to believe that he is lying. Alexis looks at Julian to hear his response.

Kiki hears Michael talk about how he and Morgan grew up with body guards all around him. She asks if that is ok. He tells her his childhood was mostly great except for a few bad times. She reminds him that he killed someone last night. Doesn't that concern him? Doesn't he wonder what it would be like to have the life of a normal person? If he were not a Corinthos, wouldn't it be so much safer and saner for him? All the crimes and lies involved in being his father's son are not ok. He tells her that disowning the Corinthos name is not an option for him. She tells him maybe he should not be. He then wonders why she is suddenly being so judgmental about his father. Where is this coming from? Hearing that, she remembers, the previously night, hearing Ava reveal to her and to Morgan that Sonny shot Michael's bio father, AJ Quartermaine, has had an innocent man take the rap for it and Carly is helping Sonny get away with it. She remembers telling them she intends to let Michael know this about Sonny but Morgan urged her not to because it will “destroy” Michael. So she does not answer Michael's question about her sudden issue with Sonny.

Elizabeth tells Patrick they sure could use him in the ICU or OR. He tells her that unfortunately, he is under suspension until the board reinstates him. Yet, they both know that since their chief of staff is currently in jail, there might be a “way around it”. She tells him that there is a fatally injured patient who was hit by a car last night. She tells Patrick she knows he is the only surgeon who can save him or, at the very least, give her some prognosis about him.

As Silas examines Danny, he asks Sam if she and Patrick are a “couple” now.

Elizabeth brings Patrick into the ICU and Epiphany wonders what they are doing. Elizabeth shows Patrick all their findings of injuries to the patient. As soon as he sees the computer scans, he immediately can see something that appears very “significant” and familiar to him about this patient. He stares at him almost as if he knows him.

In Danny's exam room, Sam informs Silas that she and Patrick have been investigating the accident and they think they may know who put Rafe up to causing it. Yet she cannot reveal the name because it's merely a theory. Silas asks her why it is that she cannot tell him when Rafe is his nephew yet she can tell Patrick.

Patrick remarks to Elizabeth and Epiphany he can tell that their “John Doe” has had brain surgery before and “something” looks very familiar to him.

Michael asks Kiki why she is suddenly against his father. She tells him she is not against Sonny but is against the consequences of people being close to him. He tells her he loves his dad just like she loves her mom. He's not going to give up on Sonny and asks if she's going to give up on Ava. She tells him that being Ava's daughter never almost got her killed. He then reveals to her that not only was Shawn there when the guy threatened to kill him. So was Rosalie. Kiki is then very interested in how and why Rosalie was suddenly there along with Shawn. He tells her the point is that he and Rosalie would have died were it not for Shawn.

At Julian's home, in view of Sonny and Shawn confronting him in his living room, Alexis concludes to Julian if he is in fact responsible for what happened to Michael, then she does not think they should continue seeing each other. He protests to her that he watched his own son get gunned down in front of him and prayed by Lucas' bedside. He would never put another man through that. Not even Sonny. And he demands to know where Sonny got the information that he arranged the attempt on Michael's life.

Anna and Nathan ask Jordan how she knows that Sonny wants Ava dead. She tells them they just have to trust her. After hesitating, she replies because she happens to know the person leading the operation was Sonny's number one guy, Shawn Butler. At that point, Anna believes her and asks if she would consider testifying against Shawn when the time comes. When Jordan hears that, she knows it might not be that easy.

At Morgan's home, Maxie tells him that she is wondering if she should trust her feelings or consider having a relationship with her new friend, Detective Nathan West. She is not certain what to do. So she needs Morgan to tell her.

Silas smiles and is able to assure Sam that her son shows no signs of any recurrence of what happened to him a few years ago. He happily engages with the little guy and gets him to give a high 5 for having a clean bill of health, reflecting he still loves Danny. Sam admits she is eternally grateful to Silas for saving her son's life. She then tells him as soon as she finds out what is going on, she will keep in touch with him. Silas tells her maybe she can keep in touch anyway. She takes Danny with her. It looks like they may not be entirely over each other. Epiphany happily greets Sam and her son, remarking that this handsome young man looks just like his daddy. Sam asks if she might know where Patrick has gone. Epiphany then tells Sam she “didn't hear it from her”. But, she informs Sam, Dr. Drake is “not” in the ICU and “not” looking at their “John Doe's brain scans”.

In the ICU, we see Patrick with Elizabeth tending to the anonymous patient. He tells her that other than the scar tissue, there is no evidence of brain damage. She asks if that means the patient is going to be ok. Patrick admits he can't go that far yet. But it is his “unofficial opinion” that things could turn around for this patient. He reminds her that he can't promise anything unless he examines the patient, which he can't do since he's still suspended although they both hope that Obrecht stays locked up long enough for Patrick to have the chance to “work his magic” as a neurosurgeon. Patrick does remark to Elizabeth, that he can see that she seems to have some sort of “connection” with this guy whom she may not know. She tells him that she somehow knows this guy needs her help and she can't let him down.

When Maxie demands that Morgan tells her what he thinks she should do regarding her dilemma with Nathan, with trusting her instincts or not, he tells her he is the very last person to give her advice with his own recent bad judgment and consequential trust issues. He tells her realizing that she just got over a relationship where she almost married a guy she later found out was an imposter and psycho, she has understandable hesitation to move forward. She doesn't want to get hurt or hurt another person. He's found that out in his own situation and knows too well what that is like and is all for “taking things slow”. He remembers how he jumped into that mess with Ava while vulnerable and got his heart broken. He talks about how people expose themselves to being hurt by trusting. She asks if that means he doesn't think she should go on this date with Nathan. He tells her she could make that choice. But what kind of a life would that be? When we close ourselves off to people and live alone, in fear, distrusting people, situations and ourselves with them? He tells her the worst days when one is in love are better than the best days distrusting and not allowing ourselves to love or be loved. She asks if he means she should go out with Nathan. Morgan tells her he cannot tell her the right choice to make with that. She has to decide because it's her life and only she will be affected by the outcome.

In Anna's office, Jordan asks Nathan if he could let her talk alone to the commissioner. He then steps outside the door so they can talk alone. Jordan tells Anna she “thinks it would be a mistake” if Anna put her on the stand to testify against Shawn. Anna asks if it's because of TJ's ties to him. Jordan clarifies it's because of the intimate ties she has with Shawn. Anna asks if she can “break it off” with Shawn. In response to that, Jordan asks Anna if she can, any more easily, “break it off” with Duke Lavery given Anna's similar situation and dilemma. Jordan admits that maybe she should just get out of her situation with Shawn. Anna realizes how that is easier said than done but warns Jordan of how she could really put herself at risk if she stays with Shawn.

Julian tells Sonny he is just grasping at any theory he can find because he (Sonny) hasn't a clue who is responsible for what happened to Michael and needs to pin it on Julian. He reminds Sonny that he is not Sonny's only enemy. Sonny has no proof whatsoever. Sonny reminds Julian this is not “court”. Julian then tells Sonny in that case, he needs to do what he came there to do. Alexis then demands both men shut up and tells Sonny they both know that Julian did not try to kill Michael. If Sonny really believed it, then he wouldn't waste any time having a conversation and would have already killed Julian. When both Sonny and Shawn do not respond, she dares them both to kill Julian. She reminds them that they would both be ending the only insurance policy for her grandson's life. She asks Sonny if he wants to gamble with Jason's only son. Sonny and Shawn do not respond when they hear that.

When Nathan steps outside Anna's office, Maxie comes by to give him her answer about their date for tonight.

Michael tells Kiki he just needs to explain to her that Rosalie did not mean to cause trouble when she came by before the unexpected visit from the guy who tried to kill him. She thought that Kiki and Morgan were keeping a secret from him and she was right. He still believes it was his and Kiki's big anniversary party.

Sonny tells Julian this is not over, adding he is so tired of Julian using his grandson to save his ass. He tells him sooner or later, he is going to find a donor match for Danny. We then see the anonymous, fatally ill, unconscious “John Doe” in the ICU, as Sonny tells Julian when he finds “a donor” it will be all over for Julian and he won't be able to hide behind Jason's son anymore. We hear him say that while we see Elizabeth staring intently at the unconscious guy in the ICU.

Not far away, Sam notices Danny running off and calls to her son to “wait”. Danny rushes into the room.

Sonny and Shawn leave Julian's apartment. He adds one more thing to Alexis, informing her she is fired as his lawyer.

Anna tells Jordan that if she is committed to uncovering this case, as she says she is, she needs to know that things between her and Shawn are going to get worse unless one of them budges. She reminds Jordan that Sonny is the culprit behind all of this.

Sonny then tells Shawn his next plan is to find Jordan and see what information he can get out of her.

At the hospital, Sam goes after Danny and follows him into a room. The little guy go up to the John Doe lying in the ICU bed, stares intently at him and holds his hand. Sam also stares in awe at the “anonymous” patient.

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