GH Update Tuesday 9/30/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/30/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Nina and Franco were at GH. Nina asked Franco how he could be sure that Carly wasn't still cheating on him. Franco revealed that the Evil Eye necklace he gave Carly contained a camera. The camera was attached to an app on Franco's phone, giving him the ability to look in on her any time he wanted to. “You're spying on your new fiancée” Nina stated. Franco maintained that he wasn't spying, he was being proactive. He pointed out that Nina was the one who told him Carly was lying. Nina explained that she thought he was going to confront Carly, not spy on her. Franco felt that this was the only thing he could do to find out whether Carly was finished with Sonny. And if Carly wasn't cheating, the wedding would go forward as planned. Nina wanted to know what Franco would do if he caught Carly cheating. Franco replied that, for starters, he'd reveal some information that would ruin Carly and Sonny's lives. Franco added that he could come up with some other things to do to them, but he hoped it wouldn't be necessary. “There's only one way to find out” Franco stated, as he turned on the camera in Carly's necklace.

Sam and Patrick went to the loft and told Dante, Lulu and Tracy that they thought Luke caused Patrick's car accident. Tracy snapped that the Luke Spencer she knew would never do that. Tracy told Patrick she was sorry for his loss, but it didn't give him license to make baseless accusations. Dante felt that they should hear Patrick and Sam out, but Tracy didn't think they had anything worthwhile to say. She told them that Luke regretted accidentally killing Jake, and she felt that it was ridiculous to suggest that he'd purposely put another child's life in danger. Lulu agreed that it couldn't be true. Sam gently assured Lulu that they wouldn't be saying this if they didn't have cause to. Sam relayed everything Spencer told her about overhearing Luke plotting against Sonny with someone the night of the engagement party, Spencer's attempts to warn his uncle Sonny, Spencer's confrontation with Luke, Luke's threat against Emma, and Luke telling Spencer he caused the accident. Lulu pointed out that her nephew Spencer had been known to stretch the truth. Sam explained that she believed Spencer because he'd seemed genuinely frightened. Dante asked who Luke was plotting with. Sam told them the theory that it was Julian. Sam and Patrick noticed the glance Dante and Lulu exchanged and asked them about it. Tracy told that she found Luke in the stables with Julian the night of the party. Lulu felt that this information raised more questions than answers. Patrick felt that there must be something to Spencer's story, otherwise Anna wouldn't be investigating Luke for some reason. Patrick knew Dante couldn't give them confidential information, but he hoped that Dante could tell them if the investigation had anything to do with the accident or with Julian. Dante explained that an undercover had spoken with a Jerome associate on the phone who sounded like Luke. Dante added that Luke was the only person who could give them answers. Just then, Tracy got a text from Luke – he was in Amsterdam and wanted to meet. “Well it looks like we're going to Amsterdam,” Patrick replied.

Julian put a stop to Alexis's attempt to seduce him and demanded to know why she really came to his home. Alexis asked him if Luke was his boss. Julian felt that he didn't have to answer to Alexis now that they weren't dating. Alexis conceded that Julian was no longer accountable to her, but she told Julian that she was asking on behalf of their daughter. Julian didn't understand what this had to do with Sam, so Alexis told him about Sam and Patrick's investigation into Patrick's accident. Julian was confused about what that had to do with him. Alexis yelled at him to just answer the question. Julian told Alexis that this didn't make any sense – he worked for Ric, so he couldn't be working for Luke, too. Alexis reminded him that at the engagement party...Julian interjected that she only invited him to the party to spy on him. Alexis ignored the tangent and explained that she thought Julian was going to meet with Ric at the party, but she found Ric with Cameron, which meant Julian could have met with Luke. Julian continued to dodge the question. Alexis told him that Sabrina and Patrick lost their son, and she urged him to give them a break by giving her an answer. Julian swore on his life, Sam's life and everything that was holy that he was not working for Luke Spencer. Alexis admitted she wasn't sure she believed Julian. Julian noted that all he could do was give Alexis his word. Alexis began to leave. Julian stopped her and asked why she came instead of letting Sam question him. Alexis explained that she thought she had a better chance of getting an answer from Julian. Julian didn't buy that. He asked if they hadn't had enough of pretending that they didn't care about each other. Julian confessed that he felt something when he saw Alexis last night on her date. Julian told Alexis that he knew she wanted to be with him. He asked her if she could deny that. Alexis responded by pulling Julian into a kiss. She peeled his shirt off of him, then he unzipped her dress and they kept kissing. Julian suddenly stopped things. He told Alexis he wanted her more than he'd ever wanted any other woman, but he wouldn't sleep with her only to have her leave, like she did last time. Alexis swore she wouldn't leave. They kissed again and moved over to the couch.

Sonny was at Carly's talking to her about Ava. Sonny vowed to neutralize Ava, make her pay, and make sure she never told anyone what he did to AJ. Carly was concerned that Ava would tell Michael that Carly knew Sonny killed AJ and that Michael would turn on her. Carly admitted that Sonny was right – Ava had to be found and dealt with. Sonny assured Carly that he'd get Ava back soon. Sonny wanted to hang out at Carly's and wait for Shawn's call. He was going to make them coffee, and he started to reminisce about the times he'd wake Carly up in the morning with a cup of coffee. Sonny smiled as he recalled the beautiful smile she used to give him. Carly grew tense and told Sonny he had to leave. Sonny asked why. Carly told Sonny she refused to play this game with him, and she snapped that he knew why. Sonny went on a tirade about Carly marrying the “freak” who tormented Jason and engineered Michael's attack. Carly countered that Franco was sick.

Michael stood in front of Rosalie to shield her from Kobe, the Jerome hit-man's, gun. Michael wanted to know who ordered his death. Kobe decided to tell Michael, since Michael and Rosalie would soon be dead and unable to tell anyone else. But Shawn kicked the door in before Kobe could say anything. Kobe grabbed Michael and used him as a shield. Rosalie rushed to the other side of the room. Kobe assumed someone tipped Shawn off. Kobe suspected he knew who it was, but he wanted Shawn to explain how he happened to show up at just the right moment. Shawn didn't think it mattered why he (Shawn) was there. He told Kobe that all that mattered was that Kobe wasn't going to get away with this. Kobe felt that he was in control, since he was the one with the hostage. Michael promised Kobe that Shawn wouldn't kill him if he just left, now. Rosalie urged Kobe to take the deal. Kobe told Shawn that they were the same – hired guns. Kobe suggested that Shawn leave and let Kobe carry out his assignment. Shawn suggested that they let Rosalie go. Kobe refused. Shawn told Kobe that this only ended one way – with Kobe's death. “Yeah that may be. But I'm gonna take Sonny's kid with me” Kobe said. Just then, Rosalie ran for the door, and Kobe turned and aimed at her. Shawn pulled Rosalie toward to the floor, and aimed at Kobe. At the same time, Michael seized on the distraction Rosalie caused and fought Kobe for the gun. The gun went off during the struggle, and Kobe was killed. Shawn took the gun from Michael, then made sure he was okay. Michael was fine. Rosalie freaked out, and Michael tried to calm her down. He told her that everything was okay, but Rosalie cried that that SOB was going to kill them both. Rosalie asked if they should call the cops, and she worried that she'd have to testify. Michael held Rosalie and told her he'd fix it, then he had Shawn call Sonny.

Back at Carly's, Sonny pointed out that Franco had threatened to hurt Michael again by telling him that Sonny shot AJ. Carly argued that Franco had had a moment of weakness and that he'd promised not to say anything. Sonny didn't think Franco took promises seriously. Sonny took Carly's hand and noted that although Franco had asked her to pledge her life to him, he hadn't even bought her a ring. Carly pulled away and ordered Sonny to shut up. She stated that she and Franco loved each other, then she showed Sonny the necklace Franco gave her. She explained that it was an Evil Eye that warded off evil. Sonny didn't think it was working, since it hadn't warded off Franco. Back at GH, Franco had now turned on the camera and was watching and listening to Sonny and Carly's talk. Carly told Sonny to leave. Sonny asked for a kiss goodbye. Franco started to panic because Carly wasn't saying anything. Nina told him to calm down. Carly softly told Sonny that she was marrying Franco. Sonny still wanted a kiss. Before anything could happen, Shawn called Sonny. Carly overheard Sonny's side of the conversation, and she was alarmed when Sonny asked “What about Michael?” Shawn told Sonny that Michael was fine, but Sonny needed to come over.

Nina took Franco's phone and stuck it down her shirt. She refused to give it back because she felt that Franco should trust Carly, given what he'd just overheard. Franco conceded that Carly wasn't cheating at this particular moment. “At this particular moment, Franco, you're acting kind of crazy,” Nina said. Franco countered that Nina was pretending to need a wheelchair. Nina told Franco that, as his friend, she was urging him to stop now, before he went off the deep end and wasn't able to come back.

Back at Michael's, Michael gave Rosalie a beer and they sat down on the couch. He told her she saved his life. Rosalie thought it was the other way around. Michael pointed out that when Rosalie ran, she'd given him the distraction he needed to grab the gun. Michael was curious about whether Rosalie distracted Kobe on purpose or if she had really panicked. Rosalie admitted that it was a little of both. She'd felt that she had to do something. Rosalie's eyes kept darting over to the dead body on the floor. She asked Michael if people came over to kill him often. Michael replied that it hadn't happened in awhile. Rosalie told him he should post a warning, that way other people knew not to come visit him. Michael told Rosalie that he was sorry this happened to her. Rosalie laughed through her tears and told Michael that she'd thought his brother was the wild one.

Shawn was in the hallway waiting for Sonny. When Sonny and Carly showed up, Shawn took them into the apartment, then he and Michael filled them in. Carly was more upset when she found out Michael had been the one to pull the trigger, but Michael assured her that he was fine. Sonny asked how Shawn knew to come, and how Rosalie fit into this. Michael explained that Rosalie had been visiting when the hit man showed up. Shawn explained that someone tipped him off about the contract on Michael, and Michael added that he and Rosalie would be dead if Shawn hadn't arrived when he did. Sonny thanked Shawn for saving his son, then he used his foot to roll Kobe over so he could see his face. Sonny didn't recognize him. Michael told Sonny that the hit man had been about to tell him who he worked for when Shawn showed up.

Sonny had someone come get the body. They wrapped it in a tarp and carried it away. Sonny firmly told Rosalie that nothing happened here. He reminded her that Michael had saved her life. Rosalie confirmed this and called the shooting self defense. Rosalie asked if Sonny wanted her to tell the police that. Sonny replied that the police weren't coming because Michael hadn't killed anyone; there was no gun and no body. It was clear that Rosalie was scared, but she understood. Sonny told Rosalie that Shawn would take her home, and he added that if she needed anything, she could come to his office. Rosalie was sure she wouldn't need anything. Michael walked Rosalie to the door and he assured her that nothing was going to happen to her. Rosalie smiled and told Michael she believed him. She left with Shawn. Carly yelled at Sonny that this wasn't supposed to happen to either of their boys. Michael tried to calm Carly down by pointing out that it was over. Carly pulled him into a hug and cried that she didn't know what she'd do if anything happened to him. Sonny hugged Michael next, and he told Carly that he'd never let anything happen to his son.

Back at GH, Nina pulled the phone out of her shirt and told Franco that he didn't want to build a life with Carly on lies and subterfuge. “Don't you want to trust her?,” Nina asked. Franco did want to trust Carly, but he wanted answers more, so he grabbed the phone and saw Michael and Sonny hugging.

At the Brownstone, Ava told Kiki and Morgan that she knew Sonny kill Michael's dad. Neither of them believed her. Kiki spat that while Ava lied easily, she must be out of practice, because her story had a gaping hole in it – Carlos's confession. Ava replied that she gave Carlos an incentive to take the fall. Kiki wanted to know what kind of incentive could make a man decide to go to prison for a crime he didn't commit. Ava explained that Carlos was loyal, to a fault. Morgan asked how she could know Sonny killed AJ, and Ava revealed that she saw it happen. Kiki reminded Ava that she said she'd been in NYC. Ava clarified that she had been in NYC, but she got back that afternoon. She explained that after the shooting, she went back to the city and spent the night there to create a cover story. Kiki told Ava that she had to tell them exactly what happened. Ava replied that she'd spare them the gory details and just say that Sonny killed AJ in retaliation for Connie's death. Morgan argued that Sonny lived by a code and that he'd never break his promise to Michael. Ava said that AJ antagonized Sonny until he snapped and shot him. “He broke his promise and he's been lying to Michael about it ever since,” Ava said.

Ava apologized to Morgan and explained that Sonny had forced her to move into his house because he was afraid she'd disappear with the baby. Morgan wanted to know if Ava would have left town with what could be Morgan's child and not let him see him or her. Ava cried that Sonny wanted her dead. She added that the baby was the only thing keeping her alive and that Sonny planned to keep her locked up until she gave birth, then murder her. Kiki asked why Sonny hadn't killed Ava in the time between AJ getting shot and Ava getting pregnant. Ava said she tried to get into Sonny's good graces, but he'd always warned her that she was living on borrowed time. Ava added that Sonny was about to kill her in Puerto Rico before he found out she was pregnant.

The skeptical Kiki asked Ava if she could prove she was telling the truth. Ava swore she was being honest. Kiki shot back that Ava had also sworn Franco was Kiki's father. Kiki theorized that Ava was the one who killed AJ and that she was blaming it on Sonny because she knew Kiki and Morgan wouldn't help her if she told them that she killed AJ. While Kiki got into it with her mom, Morgan thought back to a conversation he'd had with his father. Sonny had told Morgan that Ava had goaded him into doing something terrible, then held it over his head. Morgan told Kiki about the conversation, and then he told her that Ava was telling the truth. Morgan was shaken. Ava dropped the bomb that Carly knew Sonny killed AJ, too. Morgan asked how Carly knew, and Ava explained that AJ had told her on his deathbed. Morgan remembered that Carly had been the only one in the room when AJ briefly regained consciousness. Kiki asked how Carly could keep that from Michael. Ava told her that Carly and Sonny decided to keep Michael in the dark because the truth would destroy him. Kiki was adamant that Michael deserved to know the truth. Morgan told Kiki that he'd normally agree with her, but this revelation would kill Michael and permanently destroy Michael's relationship with Sonny and Carly.

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