GH Update Monday 9/29/14

General Hospital Update Monday 9/29/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dante asks Tracy if it's true that Luke is working with Julian against Sonny. She wants to justify and make excuses for her husband and tell Dante that she's sure there was a logical explanation to what appeared to be a yes to his question. Lulu also wants to believe that Dante is jumping to conclusions and the suspicion about her father is unfounded and not true.

Patrick, Sam, and Alexis discuss the same thing. He concludes to Sam that Luke is her father's boss. Alexis cannot believe that as she knows Luke to be a person incapable of such dastardly behaviors as this crime boss has shown. Sam realizes they must investigate all leads to find out if it's true or not.

Michael gets out of the shower. Rosalie is at his door unexpectedly. She tells him she needs to talk to him about an urgent matter.

Shawn is at the hospital on the phone about Ava's disappearance. Nina moves over to talk to him in her wheelchair and admits she could overhear him talking about attempting to find Ava Jerome.

While Morgan hides Ava at the brownstone, someone attempts to gain entry. He goes to the door and grabs Kiki. She demands to know why he grabbed her when she merely entered her home as she has done every day. Ava then reveals to her daughter that she is the reason why Morgan is guarding the door.

Franco is alone after proposing to Carly and her accepting his proposal. He remembers finding out from Kiki that Carly slept with Sonny and has been lying to him all the while with no intent to ever come clean to him about it. He represses his anger and rage and does not reveal to Carly that he is on to her. She happily asks him why he has to leave. He tells her he has to go to work. But, he tells her, before he does...he has something for her. He give her a necklace although she first assumes it could be a ring. He tells her he wants to save up for a ring which he can't afford now. She looks at the necklace, smiles and declares it's beautiful, although kind of creepy. He tells her it's called the “Evil Eye” and it's supposed to protect one from “misfortune” which he hopes will not befall anyone right now. She thanks him and holds him while suspecting nothing

When Nina overhears Shawn on the phone attempting to find Ava Jerome and hearing that Ava has “disappeared”, he “disappoints” her by telling her that that nobody has “made” Ava disappear right now. He won't answer her question, denies talking about Ava and walks away. Alone, she affirms if anyone would be responsible for making Ava disappear, it should be herself.

Kiki demands to know why Morgan wanted to prevent her from entering while Ava is there. Are they back together? They tell her no. She asks what is up. Ava admits to her daughter that it's for her safety. Morgan is protecting her from something.

Tracy brainstorms with Lulu and Dante about Luke's pattern of “uncharacteristic” behavior ever since he got rescued from the institution where he and Scott Baldwin were held captive. Lulu remembers the painting Luke bought for Tracy at the Jerome gallery.

At Sam's apartment, Patrick explains to Alexis that as much as he hates to admit that an 8 year old kid is their best lead, Spencer Cassadine tells them he saw an unidentified man with Luke talking privately about taking out Sonny. So he and Sam intend to give Spencer the picture of Julian to see if he can identify him from when he saw them at the stables. However, Sam thinks maybe the best way to find that out would be for her to go and talk to her father herself.

Jordan talks to Julian who informs her that “the boss” requires both himself and Ava to either kill Michael Corinthos or risk getting killed. Hearing that, Jordan is interested and confused as to why their boss (still not knowing who he is) wants Michael Corinthos killed. She reminds him this is not like the mess they both got involved in with Mickey. This involves and innocent kid and she asks Julian if he's certain that the boss has asked “Kobe” to go and kill Michael. He tells her it appears that way. She tells him in that case, they need to stop him. Julian asks why they would want to do something like that.

Rosalie tells Michael that “this” will just take a moment as there is something she wants to get off her chest. She tells him she wanted to offer him an apology for telling him that Kiki and Morgan were keeping a secret from him. He tells her no harm done and still seems to wonder why she is there.

Kiki asks Morgan and Ava why her mom needs protection and what she needs protection from. She admits to her daughter that “someone” wants her dead.

Carly goes to get her door after Franco has left. It's Sonny at her door.

While at the hospital waiting for art therapy, Nina sends a text to Rosalie asking her how it went with Michael. Franco enters and apologizes to her for getting angry the other day when she was merely the “messenger” of the truth regarding Carly's loyalty to him. She tells him he need not apologize. She understands why he felt the way he did and doesn't want him to lose hope in his relationship. However, he affirms that he knows the reality cannot be denied. He's ready to tell Nina more as she is the only person he knows whom he can confide in.

Sonny notices Carly's necklace and has a question after finding out from Michael that she is engaged to Franco. He demands to know what the hell she is thinking.

Kiki is shocked to hear her mom and Morgan inform her that somebody has a death warrant out on Ava. Ava informs her daughter that some men broke into her house the other night. She can no longer stay at her home. There are people after her. Hearing that asks if that would be people working for her uncle Julian. They affirm no. It has nothing to do with Julian.

Jordan cannot understand why Julian's boss wants Michael dead. And why is Julian willing to do it? He's Julian's niece's boyfriend. He tells her that everyone is this organization is going to have to make some very difficult choices if they want to survive in this organization. She reminds him that Sonny could ruin this organization and burn it to the ground if he chooses to retaliate. He protests this is out of his hands and it's what the boss wants.

At Dante and Lulu's, he tells Tracy that he knows that the art gallery is a cover for the Jerome's and probably a cover for Luke's secret dealings. She does not want him to believe his father is a crime boss. Lulu realizes this would not be the first time as Luke has had previous involvement with the mob. Tracy reminds them that was decades ago, reminding Lulu her father worked tooth and nail to get out of that life. So why would he go back to it now? Dante replies that is what they are trying to figure out. Tracy raises objections, however.

Sam announces she has a plan to find out from her father whom his boss is although Patrick and Alexis tell her that accomplishing that is easier said then done. Patrick tells her she needs to realize that even if Julian believes he loves and trusts her and wants to give her reason to trust him, that may not be enough to motivate Julian to reveal the identity of his boss, given Julian's very strong and long-term connection to the mob. Alexis tells them that Julian may, however, reveal the secret to her.

Jordan tells Julian he cannot act “nonchalant” about killing Sonny's son. Michael has nothing to do with the Jeromes or Sonny's issue with him. He is a CEO of another company that has nothing to do with Sonny. Julian if she works for the organization, she has no choice except to do what the boss requires of them. She then goes out the door and gets on her phone to Shawn who is at the hospital and distracted with other things, tells her they have nothing to say to each other and hangs up. She tries to protest that what she has to say is far more important that his agenda with Ava but she knows she has to go and find Shawn as this cannot wait.

Rosalie wants to talk to Michael but he is busy and has no clue (and no interest) in what is going on with her plan. He tells her he needs to get to work and she may show herself out. She then gets another text from Nina asking how it went with Michael. She asks Nina to “give it a rest” realizing that there's not much of anything she can do with Michael at this point. When she gets ready to go out the door, she sees the new “loyal employee” of the Jerome's boss at the door (the guy whom Julian spoke to who identified himself as “Kobe?”). And he is ready to “enforce” what the boss has warned Julian and Jordan of.

At the hospital, Franco reveals to Nina that Carly slept with Sonny in his (Franco's and Carly's) bed.

Carly lets Sonny in and angrily tells him he needs to back off and not try to prevent her from marrying Franco, which she knows he will do. He asks if they have set a wedding date. She tells him next month. He tells her he knows that only a freak like Franco would want to get married on Halloween. He knows it is not “her talking” to want to do either (get married on Halloween or marry Franco). She does not respond to that comment but asks if he might be there to discuss something else with him. He tells her that he and Shawn have tried and failed to find Ava and she has escaped.

Ava affirms Julian is not after her. Kiki then asks them who is. Ava reveals it's Sonny. Hearing that, Kiki cannot understand why Morgan's dad would want to kill her mom especially when she is either carrying his child or his grandchild. Hearing that, Morgan agrees and admits he also has a difficulty believing his dad would want to kill Ava for no reason. Ava knows she cannot reveal the reason to either of them. Kiki tells them she knows of someone who can prevent this from happening; Michael. She gets on her phone to call Michael but they are both opposed to getting Michael involved in this.

When Rosalie notices Kobe enter Michael's house unannounced, she does not want to let him in without asking who he is, if Michael is expecting him and offering to “take a message” and let Michael get back to him as he is currently busy. He angrily tells her he does not like nosy women standing in his way. When Michael appears, Kobe lunges forward and pulls a gun on Michael.

Lulu reflects it does not add up that her dad is a crime boss. Tracy tells her “thank you”. Dante however, affirms they have to get to the bottom of this by contacting Luke and that Tracy is the only one who can do that.

While talking to Sam and Patrick about whether she can get the truth out of Julian, Alexis admits that she ran into her “ex” the previous day while she was with Ned at the Metro Court. Julian seemed bold, aggressive and persistent in wanting her back. So it's very possible he will reveal the answers they all want and need but cannot presently find, to her. Sam raises objections to her mom and tells her she does not want her going through with that right now. Alexis does not listen, however and goes out the door to find Julian.

Ned is at the boxing gym alone on the floor when he accidentally runs into Olivia who “accidentally” knocks him down and falls on top of him on a floor mat while distracted by texting. They are both startled and get up. She apologizes. He tells her it's ok and it's not every day a beautiful woman lands on his lap.. She informs him that she has signed up for gym membership and is considering martial arts. Now that her son and daughter in law are safe and sound and she doesn't have to stay and watch baby Rocco. He admits he wanted to join with Alexis. Yet he somehow realizes that maybe Alexis does not share his interest in the gym, may not be the one for him and not entirely over Julian.

Alexis attempts to “play into Julian's hands” and asks if she can come inside. She reveals she is angry and disappointed with him still and this is not a comfortable situation for her.

Dante tells Tracy that she is the only person who can get the information they need from Luke

Alone at Sam's home, she tells Patrick she is worried about her mom getting hurt. Even if she's in danger of physically from Julian, she knows how Alexis has been emotionally vulnerable falling for Julian and now breaking up with him. She asks Patrick if he “knows how hard it is to be in the room with someone you are attracted to....” and “ trying not to think about it?” Ironically, she may not be talking about her mom and Julian as much as about herself and Patrick.

After Franco has revealed to Nina that he's proposed to Carly, she asks why on earth he would do that. Does he trust Carly? He tells her no way. He does not trust Carly as far as he can throw her.

Alone with Sonny, Carly asks how Ava could have gotten away and once again, Carly is obviously very attentive and concerned about Sonny's current issue.

As soon as Kiki informs her mom that Michael should be there to prevent Sonny from harming Ava, Ava tells her daughter Michael is the last person they need to involve in this. Kiki asks why. Ava tells her daughter she just has to trust her on this one.

Michael's phone is ringing while Kiki tries to reach him. Yet he is unaware as Kobe becomes violent and is not hesitating to go through with harming both Michael and Rosalie.

Jordan knows that Michael is in danger and rushes to the hospital to find Shawn, telling him this is an urgent situation involving a hit on Michael Corinthos as they speak. She tells Shawn he has to stop this before it's too late.

At Michael's, when he urges “Kobe” to let Rosalie go because she has nothing to do with this, the guy tells him as much as he'd like to, Rosalie has already seen him and he can't have any witnesses to identify him. He points the gun again at them.

Nina asks Franco to let her get this straight about his wanting to marry a woman he does not trust. Hearing that, he tells her she's a fine one to talk about trust issues with one's spouse and being upfront about it, given what she's revealed to him about her own situation. Yet he does want to share with Nina what his plan is with Carly.

Carly meanwhile, tells Sonny that she knows he wants to get justice for Connie. But he needs to know that Ava can have a lot of power over him and ruin his life if she's running free. She knows the baby has to be considered because it's either his child or their mutual grandchild. Carly then concludes to her ex that as much as she hates to admit this, if Ava and her baby disappeared for good, it would be the answer to all of their problems.

Kiki urges Ava to let her help her mom with the help of Michael. Morgan tells her if she does that, Michael will tell his dad and Kiki will be signing her own mother's death warrant. Kiki protests that Michael will not tell Sonny where she is. She knows that Michael has covered for her mom before and although Ava does not remember, Kiki reminds her that the night at Franco's art show, Michael had every opportunity to tell Sonny that Ava was Julian's sister but did not because Kiki asked him to keep his mouth shut. So, Kiki asks, what makes Ava believe Michael would not cover for her now? Ava replies because Michael is the reason Sonny wants her dead.

When Kobe gets ready to murder both Michael and Rosalie, Michael asks him if he has any idea what Sonny would do to him if he kills Michael. Nobody can escape Sonny and it won't be worth it no matter how much this job pays or what “incentive” he has to follow his boss. Kobe reveals that he is complying with the boss's demands out of fear of what the boss could do to him. At that point, Michael demands to know who he is working for.

Tracy is on the phone leaving yet another unanswered message for Luke, while at Lulu and Dante's house. She urges Luke to get back to her however and wherever he can so that they can discuss private matters. She tells him she misses him and loves him. Yet there is still no response. Dante overhears and tells her she did some “good work”. Lulu tells Tracy she appreciates it. Tracy adds she hopes they know what they've gotten her into.

Alexis admit to Julian that Ned is very nice. But “nice” is not all she wants. She still has the desire for a bad boy. And she wants him, she tells him as she moves up closer to kiss him. Julian, however, knows that this is not “real”. He knows this is “too easy” and asks her what she is up to. He does not believe any explanation she gives that she is not up to something.

Ned admits to Olivia that he doubts that Alexis would want to join him at the gym for a martial arts class. Olivia asks why, then did he ask her. He replies that he thought it might be good to have some changes in both of their lives. Olivia then asks him why he would be taking a martial arts class. They both admit that they (Ned and Olivia) have been a fan of boxing and movies about boxing. They both enjoy their new past time. She tells him that Alexis will not know what she is missing and is now confident that she and Ned can connect.

Patrick and Sam go to talk to Dante and Lulu. Lulu gets the door and asks if they can come back later as his is not a good time. But Sam and Patrick tell Lulu, Dante and Tracy that they have a very important and urgent matter. Sam admits it's about Lulu's father.

Alexis asks Julian, point-blank, if he is working for Luke Spencer.

When Kobe is determined to carry out his plan against Michael and Rosalie (or anyone who stands in the way of the boss), Shawn comes through the door with a gun ready to fight him.

Kiki and Morgan are both really fascinated to hear, and demand Ava tell them why it is that she says Michael is the reason why Sonny wants her dead. She angrily tells them this is not something she'd want to make up to tell them. Kiki asks her mom to tell her why Sonny wants her dead.

Sonny reminds Carly that Ava knows that he shot AJ. She wants power over the territory just like her brother does. She is probably going to go away and then come back and will do what she's always done which is make his life miserable.

Nina tells Franco she realizes that nobody can really tell if Sonny and Carly's encounter was a one-time thing or not and asks him how he will ever be entirely certain the answer to that. He tells her he intends to have a front row seat of everything Carly does from now until the day they get married.

Ava faces her daughter and Morgan, cries, and declares to them that she saw Sonny kill Michael's father.

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